5 Simple Google Adwords Methods That Drive Leads

By Guest Contributor on December 18, 2018

Google AdWords is a great way to generate more traffic for your business. According to experts, on spending $1 on AdWords, your business can earn an average of $2 in revenue.

Paid ads offer 56% more profit than social media, which is nearly 44% ROI. However, paid ads are expensive, so you need to be sure that your search meets comprehensive needs.

If you’re not able to get the expected results from your investment, we have explained below five Google AdWords methods that help to drive more potential leads.

Regardless of the industry, you’re working in you can target and reach an audience inspired to purchase products or services from you by understanding customer search patterns.

Read below five simple Google AdWords ways that help to drive more traffic to your business.

#1. Optimize quality score

Quality score is essential for various good reasons. As per the Wordstream, Google rewards high quality score companies that have higher ad positions and lower CPC. To improve your quality score, you have to stop targeting wrong and old keywords, instead focus on matched keyword phrases. Make sure your ad target on this match type.

#2. Smartly Optimize For Mobile Platforms

These days, most people use mobile devices to conduct searches. To generate more traffic, you must use all the platforms that Google AdWords offers for running an ad campaign such as Google Ads for mobile. You must understand the effect of mobile on PPC advertising so that you can creatively optimize.

#3. Defeat your competitor’s ads

Like any other industry, AdWord campaigns also have competitors. If your competitor’s ads are performing better than yours, you must figure out their secrets to outsmart their ads. With SkyFu, you can find out your competitor’s best performing keywords for organic as well as paid ads.

#4. Use Google display networks for running cheaper LinkedIn Ads

 LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network platform. As per the Sprout Worth, nearly 90% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to run ads and generate potential traffic. This platform benefits B2B advertisers because it is more relevant for building connections with like minds in the industry.

#5. Accelerate Google Ads campaign

As per the Hubspot, bids on bing bring lower results and are less competitive for a set of keywords than Google AdWords. By leveraging your Google Ads campaign on Bing Ads, you can easily generate more traffic and target a new audience along with maintaining your CPC low.

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