9 IDEs That Are Perfect For Java Application Development In 2019

By Guest Contributor on September 19, 2019

For Java developers, a wide range of tools are available for any kind of Java application development. With the growing demand of Java programming language in several types of app development projects, whether mobile or web, the accessibility of a large number of tools, frameworks, and integrated development environments are necessary. But the point to notice here is that not every IDE is perfect for all types of app development work. A careful analysis is very important before selecting a tool. Here we have discussed the most popular used IDEs that make life development work easier for the developers. No matter whether you find Java simple, tough or powerful, these tools are perfect for every purpose. One of the best ways of ensuring that the right Java Application Development tool is selected to conduct deep research regarding the features and functions of the tools. So, let’s take a look at the tools used by the developers in 2019.

1. NetBeans

NetBeans is a free, open-source tool that allows building desktop, mobile and web applications for every industry.


  • Support latest Java Technologies

  • Compatible with fast & smart code editing

  • Simple & Smooth project management

  • Fast UI development

  • Provide support for C/C++ and PHP developers

2. JRat

JRat is the abbreviation of Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit. It is simple to use, open-source in nature. It has the functionality to monitor the application’s process time and performance.


  • Files can be easily transferred to any location on any PC

  • Allows remote view and support website Redirection

  • Modifying system files is simpler than ever

  • Screenshots can be taken to keep a record of the issues on the client’s device

3. JUnit

JUnit is an open-source testing platform for Java programming language. It is important for the test-oriented development and deployment.


  • Load databases with a specific given set of data

  • It provides annotations for test classes before or after every test

  • It offers support for writing and running tests

  • Provides affirmation for testing desired results

  • Writing of codes become faster, which boosts the quality

4. Apache Maven

Apache Maven is a software Project Management Tool and works on the Project Object Model concept.


  • Simple setup of the project that follows the best techniques to get a new project or module in a few seconds.

  • Permits easy writing of plugins with the help of Java

  • Immediate access to the latest features with very few additional configurations

  • Release management and distribution publication

  • It permits the usage of a central repository of JARs

5. Clover

Clover is a renowned Java tool for creating code coverage reports from the unit tests. It can be run as a plugin in Ant, Eclipse, or Apache Maven. It is also used to gather coverage data of the integration tests.


  • It is an Open source and frees to use Java tool

  • Simple to use as it offers on-the-fly byte code

  • Full coverage and metrics for the latest test run

  • Inline annotation highlight statement-level coverage

  • Test optimization makes it seamless to run the test suite before check-in

6. VisualVM

It is a tool for merging command-line JDK tools. It offers lightweight profiling features. It is designed for both the development and production time purpose.


  • Both local and remote Java Processes are displayed

  • Track Process Performance and Memory

  • Visualize Process Threads

  • Take and Display Thread Dumps

  • It can provide basic information about the crashed Java process

  • Boost Profile Performance and Memory Usage

  • Helps to gather insights of Core Dumps

7. Gradle

Gradle is a project automation tool. It is based on the features of Apache Maven. It also serves as the default tool for the Android OS.


  • It has a remote cache with simple management tools

  • Gradle Wrapper has feature to execute Gradle on devices where it is not installed

  • It supports both multi-project and partial builds

  • It has the functionality to easily adapt to any structure

  • Its smart classpath helps to avoid unnecessary compilation when the binary interface of the library not customized.

8. Groovy

Groovy is a strong tool with static-typing & compilation skills. It is aimed at improving the developer’s productivity.


  • Concise, and readable syntax

  • It easily integrates with any Java program to build a strong & robust application with powerful features

  • Smoothly integrates with Java and other third-party libraries

  • Flexible syntax with advanced integration & customization

  • Amazing for writing short and maintainable tests

9. Eclipse

It is an open-source tool for Java developers. It provides modern features, a large number of modeling tools, development frameworks and Java testing tools.


  • Model-Driven Development

  • Simple and smooth integration with JUnit IDE

  • Provide full detailed reports to developers

  • It is simple to customize. In addition to the Ctrlflow Automated Error Reporting Server

  • Eclipse is considered as the best tool for the JEE application development projects

Wrapping Up:

These tools are not just for the development work but work as the gateway to build applications that boost developers’ productivity. But before selecting a tool, it is important to analyze the application business requirements in a proper manner. Thanks for reading this blog post! If you like these application development tools and agree that developers will get a huge benefit from these tools, then simply share this post. If you have any suggestions or questions, please drop a note below.

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