What is the Future of Augmented Reality ?

By Guest Contributor on April 22, 2019

Augmented reality can be implemented in almost any industry to overlay a different reality onto pre-existing reality using various types of devices such as smartphones and smart-glasses. AR technology superimposes computer-generated images of a different setting to alter the user’s perspective of reality. This amazing technology works with other advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT). Pokemon Go opened the doors of AR to mobile gaming.

Are you confused between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

If you are not an AR/VR expert, you may think AR and VR as similar technologies. Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that submerges the person into a completely different scenario. On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) helps the users see an altered version of the reality on one’s mobile screen or smart glasses. User needs to wear a headset for VR to cover the actual environment around.

With AR, images are superimposed on the device, whereas VR is a whole new setting. AR can be used for driving, indoor navigation, and gaming. VR is mostly used for simulating scenarios like experiencing events, training, and more.

Where is AR going to be in the next 2-5 years?

Experts assume that the AR/VR industry will be worth more than $25 Billion by 2025. This figure shows that investment in Augmented Reality will be a wise decision.

AR has applications for almost every industry, from education to real estate, from healthcare to retail, and from manufacturing to travel and logistics. Doctors and medical professionals can use AR technology during surgeries to ensure accuracy.

It can provide you a glimpse of how your potential house or office would look, or will show the placement of furniture in your home. You can try an overpriced trouser or top from the comfort of your home and determine how it looks on you.

AR technology is in its teen years, but it continues to grow at a lightning speed. Several billion-dollar companies are investing in AR to deliver a great user experience.

Augmented Reality’s Insights into the Coming Future

#1. Combination of AR and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is required for Augmented Reality operations. It allows objects to be labeled and identified according to the viewer’s perspective. We use many social media applications today that use a mix of AR and AI. For instance: You may have seen filters like bunny ears or pig filter on Snapchat or Instagram. These filters are based on consumer-facing apps and engage the users.

Such apps cannot function if both AI and AR are combined together. We can expect more social media apps in the coming years.

#2. Scope of AR for Education industry

AR educational apps will surely transform the traditional learning procedures. Augmented Reality makes learning fun and engaging. Using this technology, information or data can be shared to a learner in real-time. Visualization and interactive lessons can help students learn the subjects in a better way. Safe work training can be provided to aspiring professionals. Medical students can practice heart surgery while astronauts can learn to operate a space shuttle without any risks. Students who wish to enroll in schools and universities can take AR tours to get an understanding of the campus.

#3. AR’s and Content Delivery across Social Media

We know that various social media platforms use AR-based advertising. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat already use AR technology to lure the users. AR is used for delivering interactive content across social networking websites. 2D content can be converted to 3D for better visibility and engagement. New markets for AR will shape up the social media in 2019 and the coming years. Brands and marketers will learn the new trends in AR and use this technology for real-world experiences on social media platforms. Let’s wait to see how this futuristic technology impacts the users via top social media networks.

#4. AR revolutionizing Automobile Industry

Autonomous cars have been a buzz word since the last few years. Automobile manufacturers all over the world are embracing AR and AI technologies to enhance safety and increase the production of cars and vehicles. Robots are making the lives easier by tackling manufacturing of automobiles. This not only streamlines the production process, but also increases the turn-around times and reduces cost at the same time. On the other hand, consumers can take a test drive of the car they are interested to purchase without leaving the comfort of their home. Users love to look at the car’s engine, see it from a driver’s perspective, and hear it in motion using their smartphones. AR-based test drives are the future of the automobile industry. Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Volvo, and Toyota have already started working in this direction to deliver awesome experiences to the users.

#5. AR transforming the Retail Industry

Apparel manufacturers and retailers are creating AR experiences to entice the users. When a user walks into a store, he can scan the picture of signage and get discount coupons. Another amazing way of implementing AR in retail industry is store mirrors. AR-enabled mirrors can help users try different outfits within no time and check the colors and design availability. Virtual fitting rooms are the hottest trends these days. Customers can try the outfits virtually without even wearing them. Even décor stores use AR by offering a detailed view of furniture using Augmented reality.

#6. How AR affects Real Estate?

Most of the realtors face the challenge of selling the properties. Compelling visual presentations of the properties create an immersive experience for the clients for a specific property. Gone are the days when users had to travel to have a glimpse of the property they’re interested in. Now, with the help of AR technology, users can visualize all the rooms and get a clear idea about the property. Virtual property tours can help real estate brokers and builders save a lot of time, efforts, and resources. Moreover, the clients can take more informed decisions of buying the properties.

The Takeaway

Technology experts consider AR to be the future as it is helping entrepreneurs and consumers ease their lives. Fun, interaction, and engagement are the three major reasons why augmented reality is becoming a popular technology luring millions of people worldwide. This future-ready, innovative technology brings in a lot of advancements in almost all the fields in the world. Xamarin can be used for building feature-rich AR apps. iOS relies on ARKit and Android relies on ARCore. Augment reality in your iOS and Android apps and engage the users. Be ready to experience many new surprises brought in by AR technology this year.

This article is contributed by Bilal Momin, co-founder and CEO of i-Verve Inc – Xamarin App Development Company

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How User Behavior Impacts E-Commerce Mobile Apps

By Guest Contributor on April 20, 2019

User experience plays a key role in e-commerce mobile application development. The modern mobile development company is required to keep tabs on user preferences and priorities in order to ensure the success of the mobile apps.

The main objective of mobile applications is to resolve any of the problems faced by users. This makes it necessary that mobile app developers diligently consider and understand what the potential users are looking for in the app.

User Experience and Behavior Play a Crucial Role in Enabling E-Commerce apps to Succeed

Why is Analyzing User Behavior Considered Important in Mobile App Development Process?

User Experience and Behavior Play a Crucial Role in Enabling E-Commerce apps to Succeed

The primary focus of any mobile app is providing convenience to users and rendering their processes easy. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept will not suffice in fulfilling the specific needs of consumers having different requirements and tastes.

Mobile apps will achieve the intended results only when developers provide user-friendly and easy-to-use features and functions. To be able to roll-out successful apps and sustain, entrepreneurs have to first understand the market. This necessitates minutely studying users’ varied needs and behavior to come up with custom mobile application development that satiates the needs of users.

What are the Effective Ways of Analyzing User Behavior?

Analyzing the following data helps understanding user behavior for designing and developing mobile apps for e-commerce:

Usage pattern: It is essential to understand how users tend to handle their mobile phones and what would be the convenient way for them. The following are a few of the statistics related to common mobile phone usage pattern:

  • Most of the people use their left hand for cradling the phone or using apps. Mobile application development, especially the design, must consider such facts in order to satisfy consumers.
  • While many of us tend to use portrait mode for apps, it is common that people hold the phone in landscape mode when it comes to viewing images and videos. Smartphone application development must offer facility for changing views in line with user preferences.
  • The mode of authentication that is being used for accessing the screen or the buttons is to be considered. While some may use their thumb, others may opt for using other fingers. Holding the phone in a hand is easy for a few, while cradling it proves convenient to others. Such data helps in adopting the right design strategy.
  • Placement of buttons for better interaction is another factor to be prudently considered while designing an app. Keeping buttons at places within the phone’s screen that is less accessible or inaccessible will hinder the success of the app.

Android Vs iOS – the Specific Development Preferences

It is imperative that mobile development services learn users’ interests and choices while they consider building an app for mobile devices. Android and iOS are meant for catering to the needs of different group of users. While Android is normally meant for the lower or middle income group of people, iOS is targeted for those who are prepared to spend money.

Since a major portion of the global population consists of middle and lower income group, Android app development naturally has an edge and attracts the masses. The selection of platform for building your app must be made after carefully considering the customer base. While Android would prove to be better for acquiring customer base, iOS app development will be lucrative if revenue generation is the agenda.

What are the Distinct User Behavior Differences that Influence the Choice of Mobile App Development Platform?

User Demographics

Android is seen to have a two-thirds market share globally. The major reason for this extensive reach is its popularity among lower-income population and the developing countries. In reply to this, iOS has gained popularity in USA, UK, and Japan. Statistics show that iOS customers tend to have higher app engagement generally. They are also more likely to spend more per application.

Factors such as location, income, and decisions about purchase have an impact on users’ actions related to in-app purchases and subscription enrollment. Such demographic variances influence users’ preferences about which type of apps they download as well.

Spending Behavior of Consumers

It is difficult to study users’ spending behavior with regard to buying apps or paying for in-app purchases. While app revenue is seen to grow over years, the gap between spending of iOS users and Android users happens to be huge. Analytics prove that revenue generated by Google Play Store is far less than that of Apple’s App Store.

Details such as on which product users spend more are very useful for e-commerce organizations that look for building their E-Commerce mobile apps.

The Role Played by Device Compatibility

There are certain device-specific differences between Android app development and iOS app development that impact user experience. This influences consumers’ decision about choosing their pick among the two. This is a major consideration of a mobile application development agency in choosing the platform.

iOS mobile development companies are required to follow stringent rules while Android developers are having a comparatively free hand. Android users are offered customization and freedom their devices provide. They can modify their mobile phones the way they want. But in the case of iOS, app development and verification process takes longer, but the app experience is consistent, intuitive, and more secure.

App Retention and User Engagement

There’s a lot of difference between individual users, especially in the way of engaging with content and viewing. The time spent by users on their apps varies between Android and iOS users. iOS users are seen to spend more time on their apps than their Android counterparts. Android users tend to take more time for opening notifications than iOS users.

More number of media users are included in the customer base of Android. They prefer utility, performance, better productivity, and anti-virus features in their apps. Performance of objectives such as purchase, reservation, and in-app purchase varies between iOS and Android. iOS is seen to outshine Android in user engagement front in the above-said categories. But in registration, Android leads the race. Such factors have an effect on selecting the platform for your E-Commerce app.


Each platform has its own unique characteristics and is capable of providing specific advantages. Effective decision making about which one to pick depends on the user preference and behavior and how they connect with your business. Mobile phone app development process is greatly influenced by user behavior, necessitating in-depth analysis of the same before starting the development process.

This article is contributed by Arul Karuppannan, Digital Marketing Strategist at W2S Solutions – Mobile App Development Company

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an IoT App?

By Guest Contributor on April 18, 2019

IoT, what do you understand by this word? Devices or systems that are connected to the internet and respond quickly to the human commands. Today, almost everything is connected to the internet and getting advanced to ease a variety of tasks. Let’s take an example of work, life, industry, transport and energy management, all these got highly influenced with the introduction of IoT app development.

Earlier, a global analysis stated that the amount predicted to be spent on IoT is estimated at around $235 billion for the year 2017. The prediction ratio was 22% more than the estimation of 2016. And since, the ratio has been drastically increased by each passing year. No matter what technology trend or report you adapt to make things clear among people, in upcoming time, IoT will be present everywhere and in the list of most promising technology list. This technology rendering the best applications and ensure that after some time people will experience a better and more connected world.

As the demand is picking momentum, businesses and most of the industries started developing IoT-powered apps to scale and groom their business operations. The aim of introducing IoT connected systems is to make them accessible and understandable for human beings. With such devices or systems, it has become fast easier for everyone to take complete control of process and operations running across.

There is a myth that IoT apps are expensive to develop! Basically, it costs similar, the only difference it bears is the features integration and the project length. Let’s move ahead with the same concept to wash off the misconception from individuals’ mind.

Cost to develop an IoT-powered app –

Before delving deep into the concept, let us tell you that to develop an IoT application, you need to outsource quality IoT application development services from a reliable technical partner. Unquestionably, they will ask for a hefty amount to develop the concerned app. But, that might ultimately depend on the type and features integration of system to be developed.

Ways that help you attain desired IoT application development:

  • App Concept

Do you have an idea of your app which is to be developed? Have you studied all the factors of it? To get this professionally, you also need to have knowledge of current market parameters. Conduct review & analysis the type of product you’re going to have after development. This makes you aware of the product requirement and lets you help prepare detailed documentation.

  • Proof Of Concept (PoC)

Basically, PoC is a report which is based on the app concept and deals strongly with the functionality of the final product. You can create it as you already got an idea of current market trends. It will give you an approximate idea of the app development cost.

What can be the factors affecting the cost of an IoT app development?

The basic factors include –

  • The type of app you want to develop
  • IoT app complications & functional intricacies
  • Features integration strategy for the app
  • Types of technology employed
  • Location covered by the app
  • A number of device connections

Besides, there are other factors that majorly affect the cost of IoT app development.

These are –

Hardware Integration

Hardware can be considered as the backbone of a system and that’s why known as the most important factor while estimating the cost of an app. The concept is here to predict the cost of an IoT app, thus hardware devices that involved with such app will be considered as the cost estimating factors. Hardware configuration is not that easy for an app. It’s the part where most of the production operations depend. Hence, it solely takes around 70-80% of development cost. Further, the cost may vary on the type of hardware your app is associated with.

App Infrastructure

It’s directly connected with the concept of networking frames an app is connected with. Here, to reduce your app development cost, you need to make your networking easy and less complicated. The support system can be categorized as –

  • Network

All the IoT applications work by using a robust wireless network and also interconnected with high-speed internet connections like the cellular network, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

  • Middleware

Middleware is the next powerful technology to setup app infrastructure which deals with the third-party gadgets installation to a network.

  • Cloud-based Infrastructure

Data center or storage is essential for every app to run faster and safer. It matters a lot while considering an IoT app development cost.

Size of the application

It’s the biggest challenge to determine the size of an IoT app. The features and functions might get extended in the future or during the app development. Evaluating the app size or scope of the work is the biggest factor which lets you know about the exact cost to develop an app.

Bottom Line:

Well! It’s tough to determine the accurate cost to develop an IoT app. But still, you may have a rough idea of startup investment. You can now gather the funds to start the app development. Always remember that the factors are the only way out to get you the knowledge about the cost aspects. The cost still might vary according to the type of project and requirements placed.

This article is contributed by Tom Hardy, IoT app developer at Sparx IT Solutions .

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Top 7 Useful Techniques for PHP Developers

By Guest Contributor on April 18, 2019

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and website developers across the world enjoy working with it. If you search online, you will find that a number of popular websites like Facebook and WordPress have been developed on the PHP framework.

PHP gives faster and reliable web development experience and that is why it has become the most used scripting language in the world of information and technology. One of the best parts of this programming language is that a developer can easily find thephp tips and tricks on how to use the language to build websites and here we have brought 7 useful php tricks for web developers.

#1. Keep Error Reporting Enabled

This is going to be one of the most useful php tricks to work with, as the error reporting feature can make the job easy for developers. If you want to handle the issues like the error, you can set the program to show the errors.

In order to set a setting, you have to replace the file naming php.ini when working on your project. If you include these two following lines at the starting level it will be quite easy for you to find the errors. These two lines are; 1. error_reporting (E_ALL), 2. Ini_set (‘display_errors’, 1). This code will help you to see all types of errors when you will be developing the website.

#2. Use PHP Debug

If you are looking for some useful information and advance php tips regarding your website development project, you can use the PHP_Debug, which is an open-source program designed to deliver useful information on HPH code required for debugging.

This tool can minimize the processing times of both PHO and SQL. You will be allowed to check the performance of the code you want and find several dumps in visual form. This can be a great experience for developers seeking graphical output than the results provided by print_r() or var_dump().

#4. Say Goodbye to the MySQL Driver

This is 2019 and most of the website developers are working with PHP7. If you were working with a web development project two years back, then we could talk about MySQL driver but it is 2019 and you have to say MySQL goodbye.

It is time to leave MySQL driver and look forward to work with the advanced ones. You can work with PDO extension and it will help you to establish connections between different managers’ database. Yes, you can definitely work with MySQL, but you may miss some features when working with a backdated driver like this.

#4. Prefer a Simple URL

It is better to come with a simple URL rather than a complex one, as this will help the audience to find it easily it the crowd. If you want to make the URL simple, you have to use the file .htaccess, as this is the best way to make the URL simpler for the users and the SEO as well.

This hidden file will help you to get plenty of Apache directives. This is one of the best tips a developer should follow while working on a project with PHP. The following code will help developers to make a clean and simple URL for their website. – 1. RewriteEngine On, 2. RewriteRule ^ ( [ a – zA – Z0 – 9 ] + ) $ index . Php? Page = $ 1

#5. Find out the Difference of Comparison Operators

This is one of the cool php tricks and it is going to help you a lot if you follow it precisely. You have to know the difference between comparisons. However, here you should know that a non-strict comparison can create problems for the developers working on regular and custom php development.

The comparison operator is also known as identical operator and it allows developers to perform a strict comparison between the values or variables. Remember, if both the given variables come with the same data, the operator will return as true.

Developers at the top php development company often use strpos() to make sure if a substring remains within the string. If such a thing happens, then the result can be negative. Here, you should remember that if you cannot find a substring within a string, it will return as false. However, the best part is this you can address this problem with a strict comparison.

#6. Be Aware of the isset() Problems

If you are ready to work with PHP, then you should have the knowledge of isset() function. This can be a game changer for you if can use the trick to develop a PHP website. Before you start working with it, you should know when isset() gives false and when it returns true. This simple knowledge will help you to gain many benefits from it and this will help you to learn php fast.

For example, if NULL comes with a valid value from the variable, you will definitely get a problem. Here, you should remember that a NULL character is not similar to the PHP NULL constant. If multiple parameters are delivered during the project, then isset() will respond with true provided all parameters are set.

#7. Use Tools for Testing and Optimization

It is better to use testing and optimization tools to test the stability and scalability of your web applications. You can use PHP Unit, which is a testing tool for PHP5 and it is quite easy to work with it. You can also use tools called Simple Test to check the functionality of your web applications.

If you are looking for a convenient unit-testing platform, the Simple Test will be an ideal option to work with. It is quite easy to work with Simple Test but if you are a newbie in this field, you can read tutorials to learn more about the testing tool.


These are some of the best and advance php tips and tricks you can use when working with a PHP framework. PHP is a basic programming language that can easily be used to develop websites. PHP framework paves the structure, where a developer can build a highly functional website. Developers who use PHP framework to build websites can deliver satisfactory outcome quickly. The framework allows developers at php development services to develop applications rapidly without even using too many codes.

This article is contributed by Maria Brown, Content Writer, Blogger and maintaining Social Media Optimization for 21Twelve Interactive – PHP Development Company in India 

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Tips for Small Fashion Brands to Establish a Strong Foothold on Instagram

By Guest Contributor on April 16, 2019

Top fashion brands have completely embraced Instagram and have accepted it as a crucial part of their marketing and promotion strategy. Even Tommy Hilfiger was compelled to come up with the idea of an ‘InstaPit’ at New York Fashion Week in 2016 itself, realizing and acknowledging the phenomenal popularity of Instagram. ‘InstaPit’ is where highly followed and famous Instagram influencers were given unobstructed access to the new collection so that they could take pictures galore.

Why have the top fashion brands chosen Instagram? There is no better platform for the photo-oriented fashion industry than the popular social media platform that is totally driven by pictures. It surely was a truly natural progression for top fashion brands to introduce their wares on Instagram. Top brands actually realized and understood the real potential of this versatile social media platform soon enough. Now, all smart fashion brands are unabashedly using Instagram to allow their followers a sneak peek at what is happening behind the scenes at most of these fashion shows. The Instagram followers thus, enjoy instant access to all the latest fashions on the circuit.

Instagram has been able to break the ice and the fashion world that was once exclusive and elitist has now opened doors to every one of us. It is, therefore, natural for small fashion brands to try to establish themselves on Instagram. They appreciate that fashion is certainly one of the largest industries on Instagram. Fashion brands receive nearly 102 comments and 16,616 likes per post on Instagram. Moreover, as per statistics, one-third of the total Instagram users actually have purchased a clothing item, they came across on Instagram. That surely is a tremendous achievement that is inspiring smaller fashion brands to set up their base on Instagram too. Here are some tips for people trying to start their own fashion company and establish a niche on Instagram.

Research Thoroughly about Your Industry

Do not simply jump on the bandwagon. Try to devote your time to do meticulous research about the fashion industry. Determine how the top brands established themselves. Understand their strategies for achieving success. Readout blogs, journals, publications, etc. associated with your industry. Try to learn about the present trends and the future scenario as well. Get in touch with an experienced fashion designer. Join various fashion discussions and clear your doubts about the industry. Once you are doubly sure that this is the career to pursue, take the final plunge.

Identify Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors surely is the best way of initiating your business and that is perhaps the key to success. Suppose you are in the designer apparel business then you must look for other key players. Try to understand their business model, advertising strategy, target customers, etc. Visit your competitors’ Instagram accounts and keep track of them closely.

Perfect Images

Instagram is the realm of splendid pictures. You are expected to come up with top quality content as that is the only way you could find a niche for yourself in this space. Experts believe that a high-quality picture would always have high resolution. Your images must necessarily tell a story and they must visually complement your theme. You may buy real Instagram likes by seeking professional advice from a reputed digital marketing company.

Research Your Hashtags Well

Hashtags are only 11 years old but they are an amazing tool that is used by most Instagram users worldwide to attain Instagram success. If you consider the instance of hashtag #love, there are more than 1,302,700,439 posts already tagged with this particular hashtag? So obviously, it makes no sense to promote your fashion brand with such a broad hashtag as your brand’s picture would get lost in the gigantic ocean.

The best way would be to utilize narrow long-tail hashtags for promoting your new and relatively unknown fashion brand. For instance, suppose you are a new luxury fashion brand. #luxuryfashion seems to have more than 1 million pictures tagged on Instagram.

However, #luxuryfashionlove, for instance, is having just 34,737 tags that are just right for you to get noticed and at the same time, you would not be lost totally in a crowd. Long tail hashtags mean low competition. Research your hashtags carefully and choose the apt ones.

Top Priority Should Be to Engage

Once you have actually mastered the hash-tagging art, you must focus your attention on boosting engagement. Engage with others using the same hashtag as yours. Like their posts and comment on their photos. Seek their permission to repost. Give them an official shout-out simply by tagging them and demonstrate your appreciation and love. This way, you could build a robust community by effectively engaging and connecting with all your potential customers.


As a small and new fashion brand, you must start your Instagram journey with a ready-to-implement marketing strategy. It is crucial to enter the competitive social media circuit prepared, understanding the rules that would be effective and knowing exactly what it would take to win!

This article is contributed by Walter Moorenotable management consultant and digital marketing expert at Stormlikes.

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