4 Ways to Generate Leads With Social Networking

By Rahul Som on February 20, 2019

Your Internet marketing efforts range over many venues, from blogs, search engine advertising, and your own website. Social networks are a valuable addition to your Internet marketing roster, with Pew Internet reporting that 73 percent of adults use at least one social network, with Facebook taking the top network spot. Social media is the digital […]

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Laundry App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

By Rahul Som on February 13, 2019

In today’s world, everyone is busy with their workload and responsibilities and no one is having much time for time-consuming tasks like laundry. No doubt washing machines have made our laundry work a lot easier, but still, in order to use them, we need to spare a couple of hours from our daily routine which […]

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Building Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

By Guest Contributor on February 13, 2019

Social media marketing is a fantastic opportunity to build brand awareness and brand loyalty and it’s more relevant today than ever before. However, building your brand with social media is not as simple as just making some posts and watching the masses come soaring in to adore you. There is a process to success and […]

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5 Features need to develop the an innovative iPhone App

By Rahul Som on January 31, 2019

The iPhone has always introduced an era that created great interest among app developers and users with new features. The latest trends in the market are the concern to iPhone Mobile App Development and Design with the integration of Wearable Apps. It is important and necessary to stay updated with the new features specifically for […]

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8 Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile UX Design

By Guest Contributor on January 28, 2019

Mobile user experience (UX) is a systematic process which involves a series of designing an ultimate user satisfaction and loyalty by improving the durability, integrity, ease of use and utility gained between the consumer and the product proposed by the company. It inculcates a chain of stages mainly concerned with the product designing, branding and […]

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