Is Android More Secure Than iOS?

By Guest Contributor on April 14, 2019

With the phones we carry around with us being nothing short of mini-computers, they become a tempting target for hackers. That’s something that is of great concern to all of us. After all, how much information do we have on our phones? We do our banking, communicate with one another, take photos, and so on

With all that in mind, it’s clear that we need to protect our data from cyber criminals. The next logical question is, “Which mobile operating system ranks as the most secure?”

In this post, we’ll look at the main two contenders in the market – Android and iOS – and see which one offers better protection.

Remember the days when cyber criminals primarily focused attacks on laptop and desktop computers? Times seem to be changing. Today, cyber criminals are targeting smartphones and tablets more often. And if this is true, then it begs the question – Which mobile operating system is more secure, Android or iOS?

We have to be upfront here about something – it’s not a simple question to answer. There are strengths and weaknesses with both systems.

The Difference in the Code

There are those that will say that iOS is more secure because the code is not released to app developers. Those owning these devices are not able to make changes to their phone’s coding at all. For this reason, it’s harder for a hacker to identify weaknesses to exploit.

Android, on the other hand, is based on open-source coding. That means that anyone can change the code. If you want to, you can alter it on your phone. This could allow greater customization but, if you’re not careful, also leave weaknesses for hackers to exploit.

The Difference in the Number of Devices

It’s true that hackers are more likely to look for vulnerabilities in Android operating systems. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing as 72.23% of devices globally are powered by Android. The wider scope of devices and manufacturers make it easier for hackers to find vulnerabilities.

Not all manufacturers put the same amount of effort into making sure that their hardware is secure. That’s one area where iOS definitely outshines Android.

Now, before you tear off to exchange your nice new Samsung for an iPhone, there’s more to it than that. Because of the number of different Android devices, there are a lot more targets, but that doesn’t mean that no one is trying to beat iOS-based devices.

Hackers are equal-opportunity criminals and will look for opportunities wherever they can.

Neither System Offers Complete Protection Against Phishing Hacks

Sometimes they do this using an app that has malware embedded into it, but there are other tacks they can take as well. Phishing attacks can affect both Android and iOS-based devices.

Security Updates

This is one area where iOS is one step ahead. Both systems issue updates on a regular basis, but iOS tends to make a bigger deal of it. The best bet in both instances is to ensure that your phone is set to update automatically. That way, you won’t miss anything.

How to stay safe on Android and iOS

Many users find Android attractive because it is a more open operating system. This means, though, that you need to be more cautious. But keep in mind, you also have to be cautious with iOS.

Consider all the apps you download. Downloading a rogue app is the easiest way to infect your Android phone, tablet, or wearable device with malware or a virus. The same can be true for iOS. That’s why it’s important to download apps only from reputable sources.

Your best bet? For Android, stick to the Google Play store. Google Play features countless apps. You really have no reason to download Android apps from any other location. If you do venture outside Google Play, you could likely increase your chances of downloading an infected app. The same goes for iOS. It’s best to go to the Apple App Store.

Dealing with the App Store

With mobile devices, apps are a great way for hackers to get users to willingly download malicious code. Both the Google Play Store and Apple Store review applications before allowing them to be listed. In this respect, though, Apple is a lot stricter.

Android takes another knock in the department because it is relatively simple for users to change the settings on their phones to allow downloads from unknown sources. This means that users can download apps from outside of the Play store. It renders the Play store’s reviewing process somewhat obsolete.

Final Notes

Overall, Apple’s more stringent controls make iOS a safer operating system for the following reasons:

  • Users cannot change or customize the operating systems on their phones.
  • The Apple store is a lot stricter when it comes to accepting apps to be listed.
  • Apple is the only brand to use iOS. Android is used by a range of manufacturers, and not all of them take as much care as they should to create hardware that’s harder to hack.

This article is contributed by Nick Galov, Hosting Expert and Content Manager at

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App

By Guest Contributor on April 12, 2019

Most of us have looked for mobile app development cost calculators or have asked the question, how much it costs to make an app for your business.

However, there is no one answer to this question, because there is no fixed price for building a mobile application.

Considering when you are buying a product or service, whether it’s a bike, a smartphone or salon service, they all would charge you differently depending on a number of factors. It’s the same way with mobile apps. How much it costs to make an app for your business, will depend on what you are trying to achieve through it.

Moreover, you cannot expect to create an exceptional app for a small amount of money, on the other hand, spending a lot of money doesn’t always mean a successful mobile app.

Think of it as spending a fortune on cooking supplies won’t help make you a good chef if you can’t cook. Similarly, spending a lot of money on developing your app, won’t automatically make it a success if you don’t know how to run a business.

You will have to consider a number of things to know how much it costs to make an app for your business. The main factors that affect the cost of your app are:

How your mobile app gets built?

Who is building your app?

What you need your app to achieve?

Identify the type of mobile app you are building

If you want to build a basic app, you may be able to get it done under a few thousand dollars. Few examples of these apps can be the pre-installed apps on devices, like a calculator, timer and calendar.

However, the cost of your app rises as complexity in the app increases. So, if you want your app to have features like real-time GPS or sync with the internet, it is going to cost you more. Complex apps are also more expensive to build because there are other factors that play a part like extra design costs, back-end development, architecture, security, and testing.

Furthermore, it is crucial that you have a clear category for your app. Apple App Store, asks you to pick a primary category for your app that describes it the best. Few examples of these categories include:

  • News
  • Education
  • Music
  • Photo & video
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & fitness
  • Travel
  • Social media
  • Sports
  • Games

Once you decide the type and category of app you are going to build, stick to it, otherwise, the cost may rise quickly. The upward shift in the cost can easily take $10,000 up to $50,000 if you keep on adding features that change the app category. So creating a social media app that also offers games as well as help users file their taxes, is not a good idea.

Another point to think about is if you want to create a native or hybrid app. Since native apps follow specific guidelines for certain platforms, they usually offer better user experience. Hence, building a highly-functional, native app may cost you close to $100,000 rather than $10,000. On the other hand, building hybrid apps are relatively less expensive.

Understand the development process for your app

You will need to hire a developer or a number of developers, who can create your app with all of its complexities. The higher number of developers you hire the higher it is going to cost you.

Hence, if you want to keep your app under $1,000 then you may have to outsource the job to an app development company. However, in the U.S. you may just be able to get away with building your app for a few thousand dollars. But, it would have to be a simple app. Outsourcing can also be a great possible option for you. Some people prefer to find a reputable mobile app development company overseas and outsource their app for a relatively lower cost.

Who is building your mobile app?

The complexity and location are not the only factors, there are also the types of developers that you could hire, from a freelance developer and a small app development company to a big corporation. Depending on the type of developers you go for, the price to build your app is going to change. There are reasons for this difference in the pricing structure for different app development options.

From the above development options, freelance developers would be the least expensive option. If you want to build your app within $10,000, you are likely to find a freelancer who will be willing to take on the job. However, you have to keep in mind, a freelancer may not be able to offer the best of the business services.

If you plan to hire an app development company, the size of the company will impact the cost of the app. But, they might have more experience and proven track record, which means they can change relatively more for their services.

However, big corporations often charge you much higher for the services they offer, probably because they have professional teams of developers, designers and in other creative areas who work on your project.  These developers have a great experience, they are highly qualified and are considered some of the best in the industry. But, you have to pay for the top-notch services, big corporations often charge around $100,000 for building a mobile application.

There are many factors that will impact the cost of building your app, however, it makes sense to hire someone who has experience of building similar mobile apps. On the other hand, you also have to understand that while trying to create your app within the range of $1,000 and $10,000, you may have to work with a developer or a small agency with limited experience.


We know there are many different factors that affect the cost of building your app. It depends on the type of app you want to build, who is building the app and how it gets built.

But, after reading the article we can say that building an app isn’t cheap, $1,000 is the bare minimum and can’t get you too far. However, having $10,000 to spend on your app can definitely get you started on the right track and build a functional mobile app.

However, having a budget of around $100,000 will make it much easier for you to build a feature-rich, highly-functional mobile app with a better chance of success in the market.

This article is contributed by Joaquin Suazo, Senior Marketing Executive at TekRevol – mobile app development company

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Why Developers Can’t Get Their Eyes Off ios App Development

By Guest Contributor on April 11, 2019

When the first iPhone was introduced in 2007, little did most people know that the small and lightweight handled device will rise to become one of the world’s most popular smartphones. Thanks to the revolution of iPhone app development and its continuous upgrades, iOS has remained the most stable and popular mobile platform for app development.

Initially, iOS mobile app development was designed to enable an efficient combination of 3 common products including a breakthrough internet, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a revolutionary mobile phone. While these components are still largely visible in modern iPhone app development practices, many more advanced features have since been added.

Currently, over 2 million iOS apps have been developed and deployed to the Apple app store. These apps have tremendously transformed the way people communicate with friends and family and have also influenced the way people do business with customers. When it comes to business, many people refer to iOS-enabled phones as the most successful consumer device ever to be created. Today, many top app development companies have adopted iOS app development to help enable enterprise relations which cut across various industries.

Since introduction, but iOS devices and iPhone app development have undergone a series of refining and simplifying processes that have greatly contributed to making the product largely popular on the market. While the phone has continued to maintain its rectangular slab of glass for quite some time now, it is, however, interesting to know that there are more features that are still attracting designers and developers to look towards adopting the platform even more.

Why consider iOS app development

Many top app development companies are focusing more attention on the iOS platform because it tends to provide an enhanced enabling environment for more advanced features such as the smart home and virtual reality. As a result of these improvements, app developers around the world are working assiduously to make iPhone become an essential part of customers’ lives.

Today, any individual or business organization can choose to hire dedicated developer to create appealing and functional mobile applications for iOS. Aside from its aesthetic value, these apps have gone a long way in helping to redefine the way people live, work, entertain, and communicate in the real world. Obviously, the standard has been set for mobile computing and it is quite interesting to know that things are just getting started.

Whether you are looking to hire dedicated developer or you simply want to get involved in the app development process yourself, it is important to first consider why and how iOS app development can be relevant to your project.

This post is designed to relate and explain why many app developers and top app development companies cannot get their eyes off iOS development. Below are some helpful points to enable you to understand the alluring features of the iPhone and the iOS platform in general that have continued to attract more developers to its world.

The cloud

Apple was one of the first mobile companies to find its way to the cloud. Initially, it was difficult to understand how things were done. But in recent times, things have taken an entirely new look. Now it seems very simple and easy for iOS users to connect and relate with cloud services right from their mobile devices. Thanks to the introduction of the dynamic cloud assistant known as “iCloud,” anyone can hire dedicated developer to create iOS apps with viable cloud-storage options.

Currently, there is a growing number of apps on the store, adopting this technology to enhance app functionality and user engagement. This feature has not only helped to improve storage but has also enabled users to properly organize things (such as phones and videos) right on their mobile device. Many top app development companies have managed to provide a meaningful solution to accessing files by relying on the cloud.

Augmented reality (AR)

In recent years, the makers of Apple have been showing deep interest in augmented reality. Basically, they are looking to take iPhone app development to the next level. When it comes to adopting AR technology, the iPhone has more interesting features than any other device you can ever think of. As revealed by the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple is building its devices in such a way that they can effectively use their dual cameras to sense depth.

Like some other mobile device companies that have already begun showing a keen interest in the technology, modern iPhones are now been built with advanced cameras to not only improve photo and video output but also enable augmented reality technology. This implies that developers can now think toward using the iOS platform to develop and improve their stance on the application of such technology for mobile use.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Gone are the days when you need to type in commands or instructions to make your phone perform certain tasks. Now, it is interesting to see how people can simply get things done right on their mobile device in real-time by simply talking to their gadget. Today, many organizations hire dedicated developer to help them create applications that can be able to understand context and act according to voice commands.

With the recent release of iOS 9, it is evident that Apple has done much in helping to integrate AI and machine learning into its services. Basically, this implies that anyone can be able to effectively adopt these features to develop a more ambient and helpful iPhone app for both personal and business use.

This article is contributed by Melissa Crooks, Content Writer at Hyperlink InfoSystem – mobile app development company.

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7 Tips to Hire a Professional Developer to Create iPhone Apps

By Guest Contributor on April 10, 2019

People are crazy about iPhones, and when it comes to the iOS application, things are not very much different. Talking about the visually appealing, easy to use and bug-free iOS application, it requires very efficient hands in the developing unit. It is very difficult to survive in this tough competition in the iOS app market where already more than 2.2 million apps are present.

For their survival, top companies hire ios app developer.  As far as Apple is a concern, they enhancing their product versions day by day, looking at this situation it is very important to hire a professional developer who is adaptable and well experienced in this.

Now let us jump into some key tips that every iOS app development company should focus before hiring a professional developer to create Apple iPhone apps.

#1.  Technical Expertise

For the success of every application, it is the key requirement that the team who is developing the application hold sharp technical skills, and have the ability to deliver the assigned task within the stipulated deadline.  Objective-C, multi-thread, etc. are some of the key skills that should be there in the developer, and it helps the company in hiring the well-suited and competent iOS developer.

#2. Ready to grasp and use new ideas

Talking about an application development is very important to hire someone who is an ardent soul to take the developing work to all new heights. In addition, it is important to hire those persons who are a quick grasper, enthusiast to learn new thing and energetic as well. Use creative mind in searching for new ideas and implement those ideas in developing the app. Developing app is not just about coding; it also needs to create a well-defined functional design for good user experience.

#3. The development cost of an application

Cost plays a very significant role in developing an application. Best practice for a new start-up is to go for the cheap and best option. In the growing stage, it is safe to go with these options like the youth who are talented but have a lack of experience.  It is always a good practice to finalize the whole budges and pricing details with a developer before starting work on a particular project, and it helps the company to determine the final cost of the application in the App store.

#4. Timeline of the Development

It is essential to make the whole timetable of the whole process, which is divided into different stages, and indeed, it plays a very important role in iOS app development. The very first step towards developing an application is the discussion period. It is very important to spend a good time on the requirements of the application and the idea. It makes the very clear picture of application in mind.

Secondly, it is very important to make a blueprint or mock design of the application for better understanding. Lastly, then begin the final work on the application that will increase the efficiency and minimize the chances of mistakes.

#5. Communication and Presentation ability

It is important to understand here that communication and presentation plays a very important role in iOS app development because communication is necessary during the whole process with the team. Also, the presentation requires where the developer need to present their new ideas with the team.

#6. Hire a good team player

One person cannot win a war alone. Similarly, iOS application development is not the work of a single person. Before hiring anyone make sure that the person hiring is a team player and comfortable in working with a team.

#7. Previous Experiences and References

The first and foremost step for hiring iOS developers is by reviewing the profile of a person.  This process includes work experience in a previous company, information about their previous projects, etc. A company can also ask for references about their previous organizations and assure that they worked there. It is also important to determine the coding standard of the developer also whether they can develop code without crashes.

Try to collect feedback from the previous clients what they think about the work of the developer? It is very important to review these feedbacks from the previous clients to get more information about the work and experience of the developer.

These above-mentioned key tips can help and assist the company before hiring iOS app developer and provides an overall picture of qualities that should be checked in developer before hiring for iOS app development. The inclusion of more screening process to hire developers can also lead to choosing of the best and deserving candidate for the company.

Also, when it is about developing an iOS application it is very important to choose only the best for the project, so choose wisely!

This article is contributed by Alex Jone, HR at Alliance Recruitment Agency provides dedicated ios app developer to companies looking for ios app development.

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5 Secrets of Grocery App Development

By Guest Contributor on April 8, 2019

Do you know mobile E-commerce sales accounted for 32.5% of the entire e-commerce sales in 2017? Not only this, but the number is constantly growing as well. Mobile sales are anticipated to account for 54% of total e-commerce sales by 2021.

This statistical data clearly indicates that mobile-driven apps and sales made via online platforms are definitely on the rise. As a result, several domains of commerce are expressing interest in exploring more of such avenues, and the grocery business is no exception.

According to eMarketer, 18.0 million US adults use grocery apps. Now that Grocery apps are drawing attention, ambitious entrepreneurs are roping in advanced technology to earn the desired level of profits. Here are the benefits of investing in Grocery App Development.

#1. Helps you to track consumer behaviour

Consumer behaviour is undeniably one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to determining maximum ROI for your business. With a constructively developed grocery application, the entrepreneurs can gauge consumer behaviour. Advanced grocery apps must contain separate sections for ratings and reviews, personal suggestions and the likes.

This, as a result, will make the entire process transparent. Progress can be monitored based on real-life stats and improvements. One can implement client feedback in order to improve the quality of products and leverage the potential of timely suggestions by the users without significant delays.

#2. Allows you to organize your grocery products accordingly

The primary purpose of a mobile application is to streamline products and services by including a diverse range of services under one roof. This is to improve service longevity, client footfall, product management, growth tracking and the likes. Most importantly, this is one innovative way to attract your target customers and rope them in to purchase grocery products with reliance.

The idea is to bring forth the entire collection of your grocery products in a single tray. An attractive virtual store will ensure a steady flow of client footfall. In today’s world of competition, every business house strives for success. Success comes to the businesses that are organized, focused and caters to the clients in accordance with demand and market trends.

#3. Helps your target customer enjoy economic advantages

Price is indeed one major concern when it comes to online shopping or business transactions. This is exactly where a constructively developed grocery mobile app can come into play. Making purchases through mobile apps eliminate the pain of visiting the retail shop and spend bucks on travelling and other additional costs. Imagine sitting back at home, and ordering your groceries via a mobile app. It would only take a single click and your users can simply have the items delivered at their doorstep. Isn’t it convenient and cost-effective at the same time?

Furthermore, one can introduce coupons, slashed price rates and other goodies exclusively for the customers using the grocery app. This, as a result, will only improve the growth graph of your business and usher in economic advantages for the users.

#4. Ensures ease of payment for the target customers

Developing a grocery app includes many aspects and ease of payment is certainly one of them. A well-developed grocery app shall look into such details and foster convenience of digitised payment via smart money transferring apps and secured gateways.

When your users find out that the payment gateways and the process observed by your app are trustworthy, they would naturally develop feelings of trust. This can result in an improved rate of conversion in the near future.

#5. Well-built content in the grocery apps plays a major role

A well-developed grocery app must display quality content, designed in accordance with the consumer taste and purchasing behaviour. While you can always rope in professional ghost writers for the job, you need to keep track of your users as well. You can have a separate base of buyers looking for groceries for cheap. The trick is to come up with contents that can attract a wider base of audience, so that each one of them can find the product descriptions to be relevant and reliable.

Apart from textual content, short videos and promotional clips can be included in the application as well. This will only make the platform more interactive for your target users. They should have enough reasons to use the app. Thus, merely listing your grocery items in the application isn’t enough. You got to work on the aspect of interactive content as well.

Words of Wisdom – Key Functional Areas

Academic assignment expert and former professor Stuart Stevenson recalling his first-time experience of shopping grocery items online pointed out a few loopholes.

I have found the fonts used in the grocery app too difficult to read. As a result, I had to experience eye strain while navigating the site. Secondly, the user interface wasn’t seamless enough and kept lagging. Moreover, the complete list of all available grocery products wasn’t included in the inventory.

If we are to take this instance as an example, then here are the key areas one must consider. Take a look.

  • Make sure that the font size is in sync with the readability norms.
  • Keep the interface lightweight, simple and user-friendly.
  • Include a comprehensive list of all available grocery items in the app.
  • Create and maintain a backend admin panel in order to manage your online grocery business seamlessly.
  • Keep the prices real with no hidden costs.

Now that you know about the crucial aspects associated with the functionality of a well-developed grocery app, take your time to implement helpful strategies for a satisfactory rate of conversion.

Here’s wishing you a fortune!

This article is contributed by Shirley Brown – mobile app developer and online academic writer associated with an assignment writing service named MyAssignmenthelp.

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