Should Your Business Choose PPC or SEO To Drive Traffic?

By Guest Contributor on September 15, 2018

You know that your online marketing strategy is an essential part of the success of your business. There’s been the never-ending debate regarding whether SEO or PPC is the better option to bring you the highest amount of possible success and traffic.

However, it can be confusing to understand whether you should use PPC or SEO because each relies on a different set of resources, knowledge, and underlying strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pay Per Click (PPC) certainly have their own set of pros and disadvantages that will be broken down at this time. You will have the ability to see which practice is the best alternative for you and your traffic goals.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of SEO and PPC so you can choose the best online channel for your business!

Search Engine Optimization To Drive Traffic

SEO is a great way to improve your online presence and build a strong community with your customers. An Organic SEO strategy can help your business make more money in the long term while driving more qualified traffic with relevant content that your customers find valuable.

The Pros Of SEO

SEO does not depend on an immediate cost, but SEO is not free by any means. Developing a strategy, creating quality content, optimizing that content, and then publishing content can be expensive. It can require an entire team and substantial overhead, but overtime (6-8 months) SEO can begin delivering qualified leads to your site.

SEO can provide long-term benefits to your business because your content will live online and search engines will continue to serve your content to customers based on different searches. This means that SEO is based on the bigger internet strategy of your company.

The Cons Of SEO

The biggest con of SEO is that you either have to invest your time or capital into content and wait for results. It may take awhile to receive advantages that come from using Search Engine Optimization possible. Once you’ve bypassed that initial start-up period with results that are minimum, they will grow more and more.

Another con of Organic SEO is that your online success is at the mercy of algorithm changes that Google and other search engines make. You could be taking a look at an expensive and lengthy procedure when you’ve invested a lot of time at a website that doesn’t search engine friendly. Also you can’t predict how you will rank in search engines. You continue to do so, in hopes to continually process on the position and can stick to the guidelines.

Using PPC To Drive Traffic For Your Business

Pay Per Click advertising for small businesses is a great way to immediately drive qualified traffic to your website. Many companies leverage PPC into their sales strategy because PPC allows you to have more control of the various levers of commerce. You can make changes on keywords, ad copy, and other settings to see immediate changes to where your business ranks on search engines.

The Pros of PPC

PPC provides you with immediate results on search engines, and you can increase your traffic as soon as you optimize your PPC ads. While PPC can drive qualified traffic, each click will cost you money. This means you can spend a lot of money quickly, but PPC allows you to set a budget to keep your spend within a given range.

The Cons of PPC

Even though you can plan when using PPC, clicks may become expensive, and bidding wars can often occur. If your budget is exceeded, as you need to pay for each click, the advertisements are gone and so is the traffic which you would have received from the search engine. This means that your business needs to keep a close eye on your PPC campaigns to ensure you are maximizing ROI for your cost.

Which Should You Choose To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

The marketing channel that your company should choose is based on your budget, goals, and capacity. If you want to become a thought-leader in your industry and build a community around your brand, then you should focus on SEO. However, SEO requires you to have the capacity to create excellent content for your audience. You also need to give your SEO strategy about nine months to mature before you see results.

If you need immediate traffic that is focused on a specific audience, then PPC could be an excellent choice. While PPC will cost you for each click, this marketing channel is a great solution if you need immediate traffic and sales. You will need to keep an eye on the various settings in your account, and you will also need to optimize your landing pages, keywords, and ads to ensure success.

No matter which choice your business goes with, you should be able to drive qualified traffic and boost sales with a targeted internet marketing strategy. Review your capacity and business goals to choose the best approach for your company today!

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