Tools to Display Live Twitter Feed in Events

By Guest Contributor on August 23, 2019

Businesses have many touchpoints through which they reach, attract, engage, and convert consumers into customers. Events are one such touchpoint where businesses present themselves to the audience in a social setting. 

Twitter’s aesthetics call for Twitter content to be displayed in events as a part of marketing for maximum audience attraction and engagement. 

And The possibility of reach and exposure to millions of daily users is alluring the businesses to integrate Twitter into their social media marketing strategies. 

And displaying a live twitter feed on digital screens is the newest & resourceful way to do it. 

Why display Live Twitter feeds in Events?

Twitter is one of the most engaging and interactive social media platforms with content relating to global news, pop culture, events, latest trends, unfiltered user-generated content, and most importantly for brands – the promotions. 

It is an excellent social media platform that can be combined with the events for productive and beneficial results for your event and the business simultaneously. 

Therefore, Twitter feed becomes essential for the success of your events.

Twitter feed is the aggregation of all relevant content relating to a hashtag or a topic and displaying it in a single feed. 

Here are some benefits of having a Twitter feed in your event at the display screens. 

  • Create a unique hashtag for your event and ask the audience to share their opinions, feedbacks, experiences, etc. using that before, during, and after the event. 
  • Display the crucial & influential user-generated content from Twitter in your events and enhance brand image & build social proof.
  • Spread awareness, expand reach & exposure of your event on Twitter & in an offline environment before & during the event. 
  • Encourage users to share more & more content about the event and amplify the engagement of the event.
  • Drive interactions & connect with the audience by encouraging them to share as a part of collecting feedback, QnA sessions, discussion, polls, and many more activities.
  • Track & analyze the sentiments of the audience, their experiences, and what they liked. 
  • Integrate entertainment by encouraging users to share their photos & videos. Display these visuals as a reward on your event display screens. 
  • Display real-time fresh content for better event engagement
  • Promote your brand and event through adding promotional announcements in the Twitter feed.

These advantages open doors to many more new opportunities for your business as it can lead to attracting, and conversions for your business. 

The Twitter feed can be made easily and simply by using Twitter aggregation tools.

Twitter Aggregation

Twitter aggregation is the process of aggregating content from Twitter using hashtags, profiles, lists, timelines and display these live twitter feeds on a digital screen or signage solution.

These tools give you the option to aggregate all-relevant content from Twitter about a particular topic or theme. 

It would be an intense, thorough, and labor-intensive task to collect & display content without the Twitter aggregation tools. These tools make your work easier, simpler, and effective with many additional useful features. 

We have listed the best Twitter aggregation tools that are both highly effective & efficient.

#1 Taggbox

Taggbox is one of the best Twitter aggregation tools that helps you creatively display the influential Twitter content in a twitter feed. It has key elements that help in enhancing the interactivity & attractiveness of your twitter feed.

It has the feature to fully customize your twitter feed with diverse feed theme options, adding a brand or promotional banner to your feed, designing the posts display style, its layout & colors, edit feed background, and much more. 

You can also moderate the content according to your needs & requirements. You can restrict competitors’ content, irrelevant content, and profane content from your feed and can even automate the process. 

Besides, it gives you additional features to show full-screen announcements, content play, custom posts, gets detailed analytics, show tickers, display content in real-time & many other customizability options.

#2 Hootfeed

Hootfeed is a dedicated twitter content aggregation tool that has been introduced by the famous social media aggregator Hootsuite. Hootfeed lets your display live Twitter stream on display screens in events. 

You can display full-screen Twitter feeds, content moderation & profanity filters, easy-to display & share with the audience interface, screen size adjustments to fit the variable display sizes, and increased feed customizability.

Increased customization allows you to design your feed in such a way that helps in driving maximum audience interactions & engagement. Hootfeed is an easy-to-understand & simple tool to use for your events. 

It does not require expert or technical knowledge to set up & can help you make your event successful. 

#3 Everwall

Everwall is a social media aggregation tool that lets you aggregate & display content from Twitter in a unified Twitter feed. Everwall was earlier known as Tweetwall. 

This tool has diverse options for you to customize your Twitter feed wall with different visuals, colors, layouts, etc. 

Besides, it has the option of displaying real-time content from Twitter allowing you to display fresh and unique content in your events. Its keywords & hashtag tracking allows you to see users with most engagements & interactions. 

It has an easy installation with the requirement of the display screen and the internet. You can also moderate the Twitter feed content based on your requirements.

Take Away

Interaction & engagements are the key elements of an event and they drive the success & impact for the event on the audience as well. 

With the growing trend of digitization and the influence of social media on the behavior of consumers. It is essential that you combine social gathering and social media together to get the best outcomes. 

Adding the digital attractiveness & engagement possibilities to your event through Twitter feed will allow the audience to feel more engaged, involved, and gratified. 

Also, it will help your event to get more reach & exposure on Twitter as well. This gives your event a multi-channel promotion in both offline & online environment

Displaying Twitter feed in your events will bring a new life to your event and will enhance the attendees’ experience.

How Technology Is Bringing a Change in E-commerce

By Guest Contributor on September 15, 2018

The technology trends are affecting the way business-to-consumer transactions are getting changed, helping the consumers keeping a track of online purchases.

Ubiquitous smartphones and social networking apps are changing the lives of people, all over the world, bringing about a transformation in the way they connect with their friends and others. Technology is also shaping the future on online transactions, the way it was previously done. Gone are the days of mindless online wandering by the consumers and thinking twice before ordering an item online, as there are many risks involved. We have hordes of consumers, who are making a beeline towards the numerous mobile ecommerce sites and the greatest advantage lies in the fact that the transactions are performed at a faster rate and at affordable prices.

It is technology that is helping the consumers to keep a track of the online purchases. The trends that are emerging are affecting the bigger picture and it is changing the business-to-consumer transactions as newer opportunities evolve, for both sides of the transactions. There are a variety of tools that are available to the consumers for locating stores, gauging prices, finding alternatives and availing coupons.

There is a revolutionary change in the way business-to-consumer transactions happen and these are:

Change in Consumer-Retailer Relationship

The rules of the conventional retail business is no longer existing. The brands are able to connect with the consumers, without the need to enter the shop or get attracted to the brand in the form of an ad. The brand now resides on the smartphone of the user and this serves the purpose of a constant reminder. The location specific notifications will access the consumers, almost everywhere, even when they are simply passing before your store.

More of Personalized Customer Experience

Technology is evolving the personalization standards. A loyal customer base is always needed by the businesses and these marketing techniques are making them possible. The technological improvements are bringing changes in customer services too.  The social media platforms like that of Instagram are used to get connected with the brands.

Grabbing Attention of the Consumer

The email notifications are getting replaced by the user notifications, at any point in time, unimaginable so far. Promotions used to be detected by the spam detectors and avoided can now grab the attention of the users. New sales and promotions are achieved now with the help of these new forms of notifications.

Dominance of the Smaller Businesses  

Global access to the brands of the smaller businesses are made possible with these online transactions through the ecommerce sites. The mobile ecommerce outlets of these smaller businesses are better than the corresponding ones from WalMart and others. The  ecommerce ecosystem is made buoyant with more and more startups that are cultivated throughout the entire breadth and width of the country. Additionally, starting businesses from home is also made possible with the advent of technology.

Extreme Convenience to the Retailers

The single most driving force behind the growing demand for e commerce activities is the convenience of the service. Automated vehicles and drones are allowing the retailers to tide over the challenges like that same-day-delivery. The use of technology is to resolve the delivery related problems and is already used by the retailers like Amazon.

Technology Trends that will affect the Business-to-Consumer Interactions

There are many retailers who are thinking about implementing latest technologies like Augmented Reality(AR) for their ecommerce counterparts. AR will bring a new dimension to the online transactions for the e commerce businesses. The consumers will not need to visit the shops, physically for a real-life experience, using this technology. It is a new way to discover the products that we need to buy. Autonomous vehicles are used by Google and Amazon for handling the challenges of the same-day delivery services, reducing the cost to a considerable extent.

Consumers are always on the lookout for ways that gives them the piece of their mind, while indulging in the e commerce and the mobile shopping. The priority of the retailers is not to increase the number of consumers, who are willing to shop online, rather improving the experience of the retailers.

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