How IoT Impacts Businesses?

By Guest Contributor on September 12, 2019

There are several IoT trends that you will get to see as it has become a vital part of everyone’s life. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the co-ordination of devices all over a broad spectrum in our day to day life.

There is a numerous quantity of data that roams between servers and devices that are continuously studying what people are doing and how they are doing it. After that, this data is utilized to make profiles that help us in making our lives better.

This delivers in the form of YouTube videos that might entice people on their smartphones and TV. Currently, the latest extension of the IoT has been introduced to everyone as technologies, like the cloud, become global which led to an increase in Internet of Things trends.

We all are used to our computers or laptops and smartphones being linked and sharing information. Now, we can jump from device to device without losing our stored data. This technology helps us in keeping our data safer as we can always watch over it to keep it safe.

Although, you must be wondering how the IoT trends will impact business exactly. It can lead to innovations that can help both owners and employees as well. The fixed connection which we can have to our internet is the first major innovation for the IoT in business.

One of the major roles of hackers is to find out about the sensitive information that has been transferred from private data storage to public broadcast points in transports. This permits us to regulate encrypted folder at any device and time.

Start-ups have begun to utilize remote working as a method to decrease cost and increase output without having the head of big office spaces.

It also drastically decreases food costs and other expenditures that can decrease funds of the company which could be utilized for the development. The Internet of Things permits the data to be stored and accessed everywhere which offers better freedom to owners and employees as well.

The Internet of Things also permits to communicate without any interference and regulate all the functions of a company. By utilizing automatic detection, a team leader can be informed when any kind of changes take place or comes in the pipeline so that they can stay alert.

This process takes place to make sure that you do not have to wait for traditional communication but can work flawlessly alongside the technology. Same goes for the day to day travel expenditures as cars can now be at the place where they have always been and the amount of gas they have utilized.

A process like these makes the managing process much simpler so that a team leader or director doesn’t have to be in all the places at once. Hence, the Internet of Things trends are all about smooth-running innovations and making their effect more intense. IoT will help us in making a world where we can always stay in touch and updated. This technology in business will fully streamline the production and make a much more effective work environment.

Transformation of Business World

Inventory Regulating and Tracking

IoT Technologies can help you in regulating and tracking inventory by offering you options that are controlled automatically.

IoT software and devices can be integrated into your warehouses and other storage places which can help in regulating inventory alterations while your staff can put their time in a more important and demanding task. These have a greater contribution to the growing interest of businesses in IoT trends.

Data Perception and Sharing

All businesses perform and expand with the help of collected and exchanged data, and the introduction of IoT has completely evolved how data is handled. Aside from providing more access to consumer data, IoT devices track and record patterns in which a consumer communicates with the devices.

This helps in making the devices smarter, which permit them to provide an improved user experience. Helping businesses alongside in interpreting that information for a better version and growth, this is why all the businesses are starting to like IoT trends.

Businesses utilize data to examine consumer requirements, buyer cycle, the scope for improvement & innovative inventions and processes for marketing & advertising. This data can be amalgamated, allocated and interpreted effectively with the assistance of IoT technology.

Production and Efficiency

With improved data about the clients and the market, the production of any business can be notably increased. IoT devices can be linked to each other and regulated to increase efficiency, which in turn has direct impacts on the production of the business.

More can be done in little time. IoT appliances and software permit workers to reach large-scale tasks more rapid and flawless fashion. The increase in production and efficiency will grow your profits simultaneously. Increase IoT trends has led to businesses adopting their technologies.

You just need to ensure that all equipment has a high-quality finishing and are checked daily to ignore adverse effects on production and efficiency.

Remote Work

With IoT technology by your side, you don’t need to be present at the venue to regulate work. If your business does not have to work with tangible inventory, then you can make the highest use of IoT technology as it permits your employees to associate and work remotely, and as per the sources, it has been proven that remote employees are happier and gives higher productivity, which will simultaneously make your business perform better.

Skilled Workers

The fact that IoT software and devices need basic information and the efficiency to commute with technology makes it compulsory for businesses to concentrate on workers who are skilled in staffing who can manage IoT technology well.

Hiring an individual who cannot properly utilize IoT technology will not only result in time and money wastage but also have a lot of negative effect on the production of the business.

If more businesses begin staffing of such people, more people will go for modern technology, which will also increase their value for future endeavors.

IoT technology has been indulged in the concept of smart houses possible, and now the era for smart workplaces has come.

Businesses that are adapting the change will see a better growth graph than the ones who are still confused about it. You should know where you stand and select accordingly.

These increase IoT trends have made it clear that the Internet of Things will be a game-changer for all the business in the future.

This article is contributed by Ananya Jain, Digital Marketing Executive in Tech Gropse Pvt. Ltd.:- Mobile Application Development Company.

Top 8 Reasons Why IoT is the Biggest Innovation for the App Industry in 2019

By Guest Contributor on August 28, 2019

Do you know every second, about 120 new devices connect to the internet?

IoT is empowering the business with its technological efficiencies. And, the app industry will have the most influence of these technologies.

Before we move on to know the top reasons why IoT is the biggest innovation for the app industry, let’s understand the basics.

IoT 101

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It is the extension of internet connectivity with physical devices. Generally, it is embedded with electronics, Internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware to fulfill the purpose. The devices, powered by IoT, can communicate and interact via the Internet. It also allowed remote monitoring and controlled over some processes.

These days mobile application with IoT is booming. Businesses want to offer ease to their customers by using the technology which requires minimal efforts to accomplish a task. This blog will give you the top reasons that indicate IoT is the future for the mobile app industry.

1). Innovative Connectivity Mode

It is easier to connect anywhere at any time with the Internet of Things. IoT enables any device to connect to the internet via the assistance of iBeacon, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This technology offers many connectivity options with different bandwidth, cost, reliability, range, and network-management features.

Now, it is more convenient to stay connected for remote businesses, and service centers with IoT powered technologies. Thus, companies are implementing the technology to remain connected with their business operations. Also, the wearable devices are in demand to take advantage of innovative connectivity. And, more and more businesses want to develop a mobile app that provides exclusive benefits of IoT.

2). Wearable Technologies

According to Statista, by 2020, there will be more than 1.1 billion wearable devices in practice worldwide. Thu number itself suggests that the mobile app must have the wearable device support to sustain demand. Notably, the healthcare industry requires this type of integration because it enables us to measure vital elements on the go.

Wearables have become a part of daily routine; be it a smartwatch, speakers, earphones, etc. The intention is to bridge the data exchange between two devices. And, people are using such apps that allow them to enjoy the benefits of wearable technologies. So, customers access to real-time data and engage in simulating the actions using the IoT device.

3). Enhance Customer Experience

In today’s hyper-competitive market, products and services are not the only key differentiations. Quality customer experience means a lot. Especially, when you are developing a mobile application, it’s crucial to deliver the enhanced user experience.

Thus, IoT service provider companies insist to use technology to optimize the customer experience. It helps to facilitate personalization in the app. IoT enabled app helps to deliver customized services to the customers. That’s why businesses are focused on developing a mobile app powered by IoT.

4). Foster Open Source Development

IoT technology allows app developers and app development companies to share their programs openly. So, it helps other developers to experiment with the code, and build their own IoT applications. With plenty of opportunities ahead, the growth of mobile apps is inevitable with IoT.

Furthermore, IoT opens the gateway for smart app developers to grab this opportunity and develop a robust mobile app. As an open-source Internet of Things brings in more transparency that creates an easier way for companies and app developers to collaborate to design a better mobile application.

5). Hybrid Development

As mobile devices are ubiquitous, you never know which platform your audience will use to access a mobile app. So, businesses are focusing on developing a hybrid app that features the IoT functionality. Generally, a hybrid app having an improved user experience for IoT devices to perform better is the need of the hour. The mobile app industry can anticipate consolidating the latest coding capabilities for hybrid platforms. Thus, users can interact with various multi-platform devices easily.

6). Ensured Security

IoT provides advanced connectivity that caters to security concerns. When devices are connected to a particular network and can be easily controlled by a smartphone, it opens it up to possibilities of security breaches and hacking. Besides, businesses faced challenges in adopting the cloud because of security concerns. But, with the IoT technologies, apps can be developed more securely.

7). Futuristic Approach

Internet of Things is the future of technology. It brings efficiencies to develop a smart app for businesses. And therefore, developers today spend more time towards developing an app that is adaptable while connecting with other devices.

The apps which not support the IoT functionality will face a competitive disadvantage in the future. As users prefer to perform more with ease, the assistance of technology like IoT is a must for a mobile app. So, the app industry should have this type of smart technology to retain more users.

8). Drive Efficiencies

IoT integrated mobile apps make the work simpler and automate business processes. As a result, it increases efficiency and productivity. With the integration, the mobile app development process offers user-friendly experience to the users as well.

Moreover, industries such as finance, healthcare, and retail need more operational management through a mobile app. Hence the businesses are focusing on creating an app that supports IoT technology. As per the study, the market size for IoT in the finance and banking sector is expected to grow over 2 billion dollars by 2023.

Whether a mobile app needs to promote efficiency or offer a more secure user experience, IoT can support all. As technology offers many advantages, it is in demand. In fact, businesses are adopting IoT mobile app to optimize performances. It means that mobile applications powered by the Internet of Things will dominate in the future. So, from now on, companies are emphasizing to develop smart mobile apps.

Hence, you should look for a robust mobile app development services so that you can end up with a successful application. Also, the dedicated developers should collaborate with the client to understand the conceptualization to design an app. A mobile app that is convenient to use generally attracts more users. Get in touch with the experts and get the customized mobile app powered by IoT.

This article is contributed by Jayaram Bhat, CEO of  Smart Sight Innovations – IOT Development Company.

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What is IoT? And Various IoT App Development Tools

By Guest Contributor on May 16, 2019

What is IoT

The IoT is becoming a more viable topic of discussion both in the workplace and outside of it. It is a concept that not only has the potential to influence how we live but also how we work. There are a lot of complexities about the Internet of things, but I want to stick to the basics.

The IoT refers to the number of physical devices throughout the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. It means the capability of IoT is to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer intercommunication.

IoT App Development Tool

The way Internet of Things is forging ahead in its capability to revolutionize numerous aspects of business and human life, we can say the impact of IoT connected devices is growing powerful.

Still, IoTapplicationdevelopers must explore tools that really consider the development process with acceleration, suitability and efficient learning. IoT developers have a splendid range of open-source tools and platforms to build excellent and goal-oriented IoT applications.

What are these tools and what should you know about them before you start with any of them?

Based on different development techniques and industry difficulties, here are top IoT tools that an IoT app development company can utilize to create strong applications:

1) Arduino

Arduino development kit is the best companion to emerging developers who aspire to be an established name in the IoT development field. Using these tools, one can build an interactive app suitable to IoT economy.

Arduino stands out in its ability to offer software tools to IoT novices and enables cloud-based system so that developers can easily share messages across the boards. The system comes with its own Arduino based programming language & works best for users who lack a substantial background in app programming and wants to make a name in the IoT apps market.

2) Tessel -2

If you are into building basic-level IoT solutions and prototypes, Tessel-2 is equipped with numerous sensors and modules. It integrates with a number of modules such as RFID, camera, GPS and the accelerometer and more.

Since Tessel hardware device can be programmed using Node.JS, Java developers with expertise in Node.JS have a great opportunity to develop IoT apps. Tessel is known for offering a robust IoT platform.

3) Home Assistant

Home Assistant is the perfect solution for developers who wish to master the space of smart home solutions and establish seamless connectivity between internet and living space of the house. Working on Python, Home Assistant suits latest IoT standards of IoT apps and is the best answer for interacting with digital hardware system for and tracking your device.

This tool can be also during internet outages and is reliable for data security. It is easy to use on Desktop and laptop, but it may not be the best option if you seek constant uninterrupted connection.

4) Canopy

The tool Canopy can be your suitable companion. The platform helps you clarify the process of creating an IoT cloud where Canopy itself is a heroic cloud relay between IoT apps and IoT devices. Canopy Cloud service is the server-side open-source element that you can run on any type of a Cloud platform.

5) Zetta

Developed on None.JS, Zetta is an excellent server-based platform that takes devices from the various brands to convert them all into API. Zetta is considered to be a pioneer in IoT mobile app development solutions and heavily uses the cloud in order to be accessible and operable virtually from any location.

The best part about using Zetta along with Arduino is that users can benefit from marrying the best of reactive programming with Web Sockets, which suits the requirements of data-packed IoT implementations.

6) Eclipse — IoT

Eclipse — IoT is perfect for an IoT app developer who is fond of building IoT hardware, Gateways, and Cloud platforms. This IoT tool holds a grand credit of holding a collaborative effort of many individuals and companies who are enthusiastic about the development and implementation of IoT technologies. If you explore the wide spectrum of services and projects performed by the Eclipse team, you will find that Eclipse IoT has the potential to help you enrich technical expertise.

7) Device Hive

Device Hive is a popular cloud-based IoT apps development framework that enables machine-to-machine communications and allows users to create and connect their application effortlessly.

Like Home Assistant, Device Hive is promising in creating an automotive system for your existing processes and is especially reliable for enabling smart home systems. This easy-to-use and handy, Device Hub empowers you with remote-controlled operations.

8) Losant

Losant is a significant alternative for developers who want to simplify the IoT application development system and get the most out of it. It could be your top-class platform that has the admirable capability to help you build IoT solutions with speed, efficiency as well as security.

9) Platform IO

Platform IO is another solid cross-platform IoT development tools that contain a build system with a library manager and IDE. You can either port the IDE on tops of the Atom editor or use it as an installed plug-in.

What makes Platform IO stand out is that it is compatible with more than 200 boards and offers an impressive debugging integration solution.

10) IBM Watson

Like to AI, IBM Watson is an API that enables IoT developers to use a host of cognitive computing features in IoT apps. This innovative tool can be provided to predict the future requirements based on the current analysis of data it monitors. IBM Watson not only simplifies the job of IoT developers with numerous services, but it also offers a competitive advantage by employing chatbots and their power to process, analyze and understand natural language.

11) Dronesmith

Drones are one of the most significant and compelling topics of debate in the IoT domain recently. It has an in-built airborne computer, known as Luci, installed in drones. Using Dronesmith, an IoT app developer can easily develop custom drones based on pre-defined specifications.


Essentially more businesses and consumers take an interest in smart approach also IoT-connected devices by observing the rising demand in IoT development. The main driving momentum for incredible IoT growth is given by the expanding community and open-source IoT tools. The complex IoT developers can utilize these tools and platforms to achieve their dream of developing IoT apps and transform their distant concept into reality.

This article is contributed by digital marketing professional, digital marketing professional at fusioninformatics- mobile app development company

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an IoT App?

By Guest Contributor on April 18, 2019

IoT, what do you understand by this word? Devices or systems that are connected to the internet and respond quickly to the human commands. Today, almost everything is connected to the internet and getting advanced to ease a variety of tasks. Let’s take an example of work, life, industry, transport and energy management, all these got highly influenced with the introduction of IoT app development.

Earlier, a global analysis stated that the amount predicted to be spent on IoT is estimated at around $235 billion for the year 2017. The prediction ratio was 22% more than the estimation of 2016. And since, the ratio has been drastically increased by each passing year. No matter what technology trend or report you adapt to make things clear among people, in upcoming time, IoT will be present everywhere and in the list of most promising technology list. This technology rendering the best applications and ensure that after some time people will experience a better and more connected world.

As the demand is picking momentum, businesses and most of the industries started developing IoT-powered apps to scale and groom their business operations. The aim of introducing IoT connected systems is to make them accessible and understandable for human beings. With such devices or systems, it has become fast easier for everyone to take complete control of process and operations running across.

There is a myth that IoT apps are expensive to develop! Basically, it costs similar, the only difference it bears is the features integration and the project length. Let’s move ahead with the same concept to wash off the misconception from individuals’ mind.

Cost to develop an IoT-powered app –

Before delving deep into the concept, let us tell you that to develop an IoT application, you need to outsource quality IoT application development services from a reliable technical partner. Unquestionably, they will ask for a hefty amount to develop the concerned app. But, that might ultimately depend on the type and features integration of system to be developed.

Ways that help you attain desired IoT application development:

  • App Concept

Do you have an idea of your app which is to be developed? Have you studied all the factors of it? To get this professionally, you also need to have knowledge of current market parameters. Conduct review & analysis the type of product you’re going to have after development. This makes you aware of the product requirement and lets you help prepare detailed documentation.

  • Proof Of Concept (PoC)

Basically, PoC is a report which is based on the app concept and deals strongly with the functionality of the final product. You can create it as you already got an idea of current market trends. It will give you an approximate idea of the app development cost.

What can be the factors affecting the cost of an IoT app development?

The basic factors include –

  • The type of app you want to develop
  • IoT app complications & functional intricacies
  • Features integration strategy for the app
  • Types of technology employed
  • Location covered by the app
  • A number of device connections

Besides, there are other factors that majorly affect the cost of IoT app development.

These are –

Hardware Integration

Hardware can be considered as the backbone of a system and that’s why known as the most important factor while estimating the cost of an app. The concept is here to predict the cost of an IoT app, thus hardware devices that involved with such app will be considered as the cost estimating factors. Hardware configuration is not that easy for an app. It’s the part where most of the production operations depend. Hence, it solely takes around 70–80% of development cost. Further, the cost may vary on the type of hardware your app is associated with.

App Infrastructure

It’s directly connected with the concept of networking frames an app is connected with. Here, to reduce your app development cost, you need to make your networking easy and less complicated. The support system can be categorized as –

  • Network

All the IoT applications work by using a robust wireless network and also interconnected with high-speed internet connections like the cellular network, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

  • Middleware

Middleware is the next powerful technology to setup app infrastructure which deals with the third-party gadgets installation to a network.

  • Cloud-based Infrastructure

Data center or storage is essential for every app to run faster and safer. It matters a lot while considering an IoT app development cost.

Size of the application

It’s the biggest challenge to determine the size of an IoT app. The features and functions might get extended in the future or during the app development. Evaluating the app size or scope of the work is the biggest factor which lets you know about the exact cost to develop an app.

Bottom Line:

Well! It’s tough to determine the accurate cost to develop an IoT app. But still, you may have a rough idea of startup investment. You can now gather the funds to start the app development. Always remember that the factors are the only way out to get you the knowledge about the cost aspects. The cost still might vary according to the type of project and requirements placed.

This article is contributed by Tom Hardy, IoT app developer at Sparx IT Solutions .

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How IOT will change web development trends

By Guest Contributor on February 23, 2019

With the rapid advancement of technology as well as changing needs of people and businesses, mostly new technologies are introduced and have been amalgamated to cultivate the lives of people with ease.

The recent enhancement in technology sector of the world has led to the emergence of such a technology, which is revolutionizing the lives of people is the Internet of Things (IoT).

In terms of Technological Innovations, IoT has captured the lives of people, by encompassing various sources into a single insight by providing IoT solutions to the industries, organizations, individuals and other sectors as well.

With the introduction of IoT, most of the technical domains have merged the concepts of IoT to catch the attentions of their target audiences, such as software development has gone through various alterations, including web development.

Moreover, many IoT Networks are going in rift with new challenges for web-developers including both backend and frontend development. How exactly IoT Systems are contrasted with traditional web-development without Internet Connectivity?

In this article we have explored the main circumstances comprising of IoT Projects to devise the various ways that have an impact on web development.

⦁ Significance of IoT in Web Development Agencies

It’s a common delusion you might experience that why we talk about IoT and Web Development Trends on initial basis, every person having a smartphone would possibly experience the concept at one step or other.

It’s expected that, businesses will flourish via blending of sensors and wireless technologies to oversee the buying behavior of the consumer.

However, the customers can better utilize IoT Systems in order to avail various products and to effectively utilize the services in a better way.

Similarly, the usability of sensors and analytics allows people to look after their physical and mental health, also you can control their Home Appliances Instantly. Likewise, the technical areas that might be impacted with IoT, more precisely would be Web Designing & Development, that would catch an insight of the IoT World.

⦁ Why IoT for Web Developers?

It must be understood that Web Developers tend to address complicated web services as compared to the traditional web services.

They have to intensely deal with big data, high-quality communication service modules, network & system security issues and adaptable user interfaces. It is essential for web developers to oversee various types of IoT systems.

⦁ Making a Proactive Team of Web Developers

In case of making effective team of web developers, it must be reviewed that for a web development service provider, it takes a detailed time frame to properly complete the tasks in an effective way. Sometimes, it becomes a complicated task, as the company requires proper teamwork coordination.

IoT is still an emerging trend for most of the people. Mostly companies try to find out the best possible strategies to accomplish their development tasks.

The second part that requires significance is the devising of approach development in terms of designing a website. Yet, it requires a lot of time period to analyze and deliver the best possible strategic decisional approach in front of the team.

⦁ Steps to make a proper development approach

It is recommended for web developers to maintain a planned approach for the development phase, the basic understanding and a generic outline must be followed prior to the development of the project.

Latest technologies related to IoT requires detailed understanding with the current scenarios dealt in accordance to the changing trends in technology. Here we have elaborated some important steps that’ll help you to established a proper approach for project development.

⦁ Research, analyze and gather complete requirements

Prior to the initiation of the development team, it must be kept under consideration that which type of skillset is required for making a development plan that could be successful in the future ahead.

Figure out the determined individuals in the organization and pursue accurate inventory of the mutual expertise of programming indicated by performing the process of SWOT Analysis, to gain effective facts and figures to properly complete the requirements.

⦁ Examine and Evaluate Challenges related to Programming

However, there exists enormous code snippets available online, albeit there is no industry that meets the required standards, it might cause multiple challenges related to coding which are faced by the development teams mostly.

By clearly understanding the programming challenges, the team can make a complete strategy and always be prepared to attain whatsoever procedure is utilized in that strategy.

It is also important for the Project Managers to understand the coding background and manage all the essential technical assets in the development team.

⦁ Enhance your development skills by on-job learning

To grasp people’s attention during a project competition, the development team are required to avail the opportunity of on the work learning while working on the project.

In a well-furnished web development company, the team members get assistance by working in pair of a team, in order to enhance their development skills by acting upon the principles of mentorship, attending on-board workshops and trainings provided to the team members of the concerned department.

⦁ Latest Trends in IoT Web Development

Certainly, the future of IoT is emerging, there are several languages that are market leaders in IoT Solutions Development. The recent news depicts that JavaScript, C/C++ and Java are known to be major rivals in the development of IoT based Projects.

Mostly, Java & C are widely used for Embedded System Programming, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. Significantly, JavaScript is mainly used for web development. Although 95% of the websites are developed using JavaScript, Furthermore, JavaScript might achieve a strong prominence in the development of Web-Based IoT Integrated Systems.


In this article, our detailed understandings and predication’s related to IoT are highlighted depending on the current trends in the dimensions of IoT based applications.

The dominance of IoT is emerging and significant contributions by the professionals of the concerned field are acclaimed worldwide. Though, IoT enabled devices rely upon uniqueness and reliability to provide a new edge in web development for proper utilization of IoT based web applications.

Hence, IoT is providing a cutting-edge insight for progression of the web development organizations.

This article is contributed by Michael James Thomson, Big Data Engineer at web experts — Web Design Agency in Dubai.

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