Social Media Marketing Tactics to Build your Brand Identity

By Hopinfirst on September 15, 2018

Social media is a proven way to connect with masses as it helps to reach to people in almost every part of the world. Hence, it is an effective method from business’s perspective to engage with a vast target audience. Using social media, you can market your brand and stand apart from the crowd. If done in an effective and strategic way, you can utilize social media platforms for successfully establishing a new product and earning recognition.

These days, social media marketing is soaring with tons of adverts and promotional campaigns carrying information about different brands and ideas. In order to make your presence in this congestion, you have to employ some unique tactics that will help you achieve the target audience and persuade them for buying your products or services. By harnessing the power of social media, you can build a robust fan base who will turn into loyal customers.

Branding is an essential ingredient to generate long-term business. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc, help you unravel your brand to the worldwide audience who get opportunity to learn about it and its benefits. Thus, these powerful social networking platforms enable you to increase your brand awareness among the target audience or worldwide. You can utilize these platforms to the fullest to get better results by following some essential tactics as follows to build a strong brand identity.

Use appropriate number of hashtags

Use hashtags to join the conversation, but do not include too much hashtags, use only relevant ones. You can create a custom hashtag pertaining to your brand, but it’s wise to use commonly-used hashtags. Using a hashtag that relates to your brand makes sense as your fans and followers will automatically recognize your posts and content once shared on the social networking platforms. For instance #SamsungTips is a hashtag from Samsung which they utilize to share information and content about their products.

Convey brand value consistently

The key objective of branding is to generate a specific set of emotions and ideas in the minds of customers about the brand whenever he/she encounters it. Hence, a brand becomes strong when it conveys a clear message to customers and do it on consistent basis. By adopting a specific tone and format of language for all social media content to convey your message, you can accomplish this task.

Engage with audience to make a bonding

Your connection with audience should not only be limited to business. Extend your boundaries and engage with your audience on a personal basis. Through social media monitoring and direct response, you can make a one-to-one connection with audience to surprise and delight them. By delivering unexpected to your audience, you can make an emotional connection with them for instance, congratulating on customers’ anniversaries or other occasions helps you nourish a healthy bonding with your customers.

Update content regularly

Many well-known companies such as Disney, Coca-cola, and Apple, don’t need to remind customers of their existence as they are well-established brands in the market. But, others have to promote their brands repeatedly in order to get a strong foothold in the audiences’ minds. In this regard, regular update of fresh content makes a difference.

Keep interacting with your audience regularly so that your image in their mind won’t fade away. Connecting with your audience on a regular basis might be tricky only fresh ideas and content help you survive your identity.

Respond to your audience queries

One of the big advantages of social media for business is that it offers a direct line for marketing communication. You can establish and maintain a strong brand identity if you interact with audience address queries and help them find specific information relevant to your service on social networking platforms. It creates a deep bonding between you and your audience. In a nutshell, as a business owner, you should care about the feedback and comments posted by audience on social media.

Provide something valuable to your audience

The simplest way to grab attention of someone is by offering them something valuable in return. As in real life, it also works on social media, it means branded content should fulfill some consumer needs to get remembered. Quality content is core to this strategy, by providing unique, well-researched, and interesting article can help you catch attention of your audience and retain it for long time.

Be realistic and relevant

Social media is increasing at a fast pace and users are getting immense number of messages. To be unique in that cluster, you need to create something which is realistic and relevant to the interest of your audience. Hence, try to make you content entertaining, relevant to your brand, and importantly relevant to your audience to get a response.

Wrapping up!

Social media has opened a door to new way of marketing where businesses can connect with their audience directly and promote their products or services. Hence, it is great platform to establish your brand identity as it can reach to masses across the globe. However, to reach to your target audience effectively and influence them for your objective you need to prepare some strategies that will help you achieve this goal. With the tactics discussed in this post you may utilize the potential of social media to its fullest and ensure greater ROI by engaging with your audience. If you use social media wisely then not only you can build a strong identity of your brand in the minds of your audience, but you may also sway their buying decisions and get loyal customers.

This article is contributed by Jacob Colleen, digital marketing expert at Webby Central – Digital Marketing agency

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses

By Hopinfirst on September 15, 2018

With 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a powerful tool that you can use to promote your small business. It is a great way to connect with existing and potential customers, market new products & services, and generate sales.

Unfortunately, many small business owners do not pay enough attention to their Facebook business page after registration. Many entrepreneurs do not know what to publish on their Fakebook page & at what frequency. Several others are convinced that it is not worth the time and effort. For a successful Business Promotion on Facebook, familiarize yourself with these Facebook marketing tips:

#1. Your Business Goals

Before creating a semblance of a successful Facebook advertising campaign, just determine your goals and indicators with which you can analyse the success of your campaign. This will help you lay the foundation for Facebook marketing and achieve the desired ROI easily and effortlessly. Generally, Facebook marketing is done for-

Generating sales This will depend on whether your business is in B2C or B2B. If you are in the B2C business format, promote posts, products, and services. If you are in B2B, then you should use both types: advertisements in the form of posts and the right column, focusing on getting more leads, which you can pass through the funnel of sales and turn into buyers. Generate traffic to your website and convert them into leads.
Creating Brand Awareness Get more likes on your Facebook page by focusing on the target audience.
Boost the people’s engagement on your Facebook Page. Just use Facebook advertising with a link, photo/video ads to attract more attention to your posts. Your ads must contain a very attractive visual component of the photo and video. Target the social media audience based on interests, age, gender and behaviour/ habits.

#2. Create and Schedule Facebook Posts

If you publish posts on your Facebook Page regularly, a certain percentage of daily active Facebook users will get engaged with your brand. Just publish content for your target audience with a proper sequence if you want to use Facebook to generate the maximum benefits. Education and entertainment of Facebook fans should be the primary goals of Facebook Marketing. Add smiles to increase the number of comments and spreads by 33% and collect 57% more likes than the post without smiles. Always keep in mind that the interrogative posts receive more comments.

#3. Use Email Newsletters to Promote Your Facebook Page

Always keep in mind that Facebook allows you to create a custom audience based on your e-mail list. Therefore, create a .CSV or .TXT file with a single e-mail address for each individual line.  Click Audiences-User List and upload your file. With successful Email Marketing initiatives, you can make your Facebook Page go viral and increase its awareness as far as possible. You can use some good e-mail marketing tools for this purpose.

#4. Share Useful Content at The Right Time

You must note that every Facebook post has its conclusions. If you go into the conclusions of their posts, you can see the average time when your subscribers/fans/followers are online in great numbers. For example- if you are planning a queue of three posts, you should know the best time when the majority of subscribers are online and schedule your posts accordingly.

#5. The Use of Facebook Plugins

It is a very difficult task to perform Facebook marketing manually every day when you have a large base of Facebook Fans and Followers. So, installing a Facebook sharing plugin will help you to share contents easily on Facebook, to increase the visibility of your brand and the number of subscribers on Facebook easily and effortlessly.

#6. Facebook Pixel Remarketing

Any potential customer, who visited your website from any source of traffic, but did not make transactions, probably remain the phase of finding the best offer sooner or later. It is possible that they forget the first website they visited in the early stage of web browsing.

Always keep in mind that the Facebook Pixel will allow you to target people who visited your site earlier using Facebook ads. It is perhaps the best way for most of the traffic that comes from AdWords.

Just install Facebook Pixel by logging into your Facebook advertising manager. After this, install the Facebook Pixel code on your site. The process of data collection can take a day. So, return to the site’s traffic menu and select “people who visited certain pages of the site. Use those insights to create a list of people who visited certain pages of your site and target them from the next time to create more sales and leads.

#7. Regular Interaction with Facebook Community

Always keep in mind that the regular interaction and communication with your community on Facebook can build a strong trust, trust, and loyalty. Its most excellent result is the transition of subscribers to repeat customers and potential leads. Furthermore, Facebook can be used as a customer support centre to address their concerns quickly and offer the best possible solutions.

#8. Interaction with Another Facebook Page

As an admin of your Facebook page, did you ever communicate with another Facebook Page? If not, then be active and identify the pages your subscribers are following. Your comment to other pages will serve as a direct link to yours and help you to bring new leads, likes, and subscriptions.

#9. Images and Video Content

Always keep in mind that people love pictures and videos displayed on different Facebook Pages. It is because images and video content help people understand the subject matter easily & take the desired action. Several statics show that posts that include photos get 120% more involvement than usual and post with videos have 180% more involvement of users.

#10. Create or Join Facebook Groups

Create or join groups on Facebook to increase your page views and traffic, and make more business opportunities. You can create 3 types of groups on Facebook:


Facebook Groups Explanation
Open Groups Anyone can see who published the post.  Open Facebook groups are used to increase recognition, credibility, and interest in your brand. It also helps you to establish yourself establish yourself as an expert in a certain field and be in touch with other specialists to benefit mutually. Participation and interaction are the prime focus of such groups, not sales.
Closed Groups Only members of the group can see posted by other members. Such groups are great for supporting customers, solving their problems and answering questions.
Secret Groups Only members, its participants and the author of the post can see this group. Such groups are very effective for high-level discussions with confidentiality.


Final Words

In today’s highly digitized world, Facebook Marketing is important for the acquisition of new customers and business opportunities. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to meet your ambitious business objectives.

This article is contributed by Robert Sumner, writer with Media Fortress – Web Design and Small Business Marketing Agency

Five Top Trends and Tips for Social Media Marketing

By Hopinfirst on September 15, 2018

Social Media Marketing – What?

Nowadays almost everything especially technological innovation is getting more amazing and constantly come up with more features which we have hardly given any consideration

Technology can be only so efficient if it will be used in an appropriate way.  SMO is one of those platforms or languages which gives us a regard of some type but only when we know how to manage it.

Moreover, a community on the social media marketing is a wider idea that contains SMO and there is no such particular importance on it, however, I can complicate it in many circumstances but in brief community, social networks are the exploit of technological innovation to co-create community details, know, like, believe in.

Top Five Trends



Each system has its own value, positive direction, and bad points. Depends on you, your business and your focus on the market, you have to select the best relevant network. Given below are some of the most common networks.

*Facebook: Facebook or MySpace is the best place to display you. You can enhance item attention, bring customers and bring providers by publishing your useful and inspiring content in the Information Feed. Don’t neglect to customize your details according to the likes and dislikes of the audience or customers.

*Twitter: This is the best platform for client brand support and business development. If you get views from disappointed customers, analyze it by replying instantly, so that you can fix yourself and make them pleased to satisfy or acquire them. This way you can convert the pleased customers into reliable customers.

*LinkedIn: Most efficient for B2B community press promoters. Facebook, MySpace, and Tweets posted contents are more or less personal whereas LinkedIn is connecting professionals from businesses and companies all over the world.

*Google+: The best outcome of Google+ is that if your way of life on the site is impressive, your details will appear on top of the Search Engine results.

#2. Link to the customers

What makes clients go out and buy something? Aside from need, clients buy products because of performance, interest, style, to take a place out etc. Every business has a reliable fan program but enhancing it indicates being able to interest to the amazing industry. Group public networking allows companies to obtain essential symptoms about what clients want and the resources which allow this should be definitely used.

#3. Useful content

Create interesting content that will explain customer satisfaction and your business goals with video clips, infographics etc. Post your products using several strategies & techniques like in Facebook or MySpace, Tweets material, Google+ and LinkedIn at some time. Use amazing resources which help you preserving initiatives and boost contribution. Protect the public posting procedure in one program. It is good to get connected with a RSS feed and set up a described routine of the auto-tweeting updated contents.

#4. Image and video focused on public networking and websites will grow

Many people are gradually dependent on websites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Snap chat, Vine and more to express their concepts. Recognizable content, both photo, and video may become an important part of any future group social marketing technique. Above mentioned websites are starting up the opportunities for companies to connect with their clients in new and awesome ways. Like relevant groups, reach your targeted audience in public networking websites, also to gain visitors of your content both, video and image will need to be shareable. It will still have to be awesome and based on what you are referring to about.

#5. Communicate!

You don’t have to discuss everyone’s post or respond to everything which is being said on your information. It’s like in the actual world; how can we possibly come in contact with somebody without communicating?

Get engaged, respond to opinions, improve some exciting conversations if you have something to say and time allows.

Facebook Security Team Determined to Tackle Fake Accounts

By Hopinfirst on September 15, 2018


  • Facebook officials claim that its security team is fully determined to deal with “information operations.”
  • Facebook Inc reportedly has blocked almost 30000 fake accounts already in France.
  • The mighty Facebook has announced report based on fake accounts outspread.

Facebook Inc realized on last weekend that this is the situation of digital warfare for governments getting distorted public opinion in many countries and point out updated measures in order to fight what it calls “information operations” which is an obvious fact pops up as fake news.

Facebook catalogs well subsidize and understated efforts by the nations and organizations to escalating evasive piece of information and fabrication for geopolitical goals, according to the report and summary of response on its website last weekend.

These ambitions step ahead further than just spreading the lies stories to add more sensation- necessarily spreading the posts with the help of infinite means derived by the government’s employees or to those who are professionals in this business, usually use false accounts.  

Reuters has got an advance copy of all 13 pages report, Written by two former analyst cyber security firms Fire Eye Inc and Dell Secure Works, they are currently working on Facebook along with the Facebook’s (CSO) chief security officer.

The security officials would tackle information operations, said Facebook. They are considering these issues more lethal than the traditional hackers and scammers. All the fake accounts are bringing removed after pointing them and analyzing, the combination of machine learning and intelligence agency-levels analysis.

The new steps have taken by the Facebook officials after realizing that the fake accounts are running campaigns which mostly post commercial and political spam. The mighty social website has blocked almost 30000 accounts in France ahead of last Sunday’s first stage of presidential elections.  

After taking the French presidential elections as “case-study”, Facebook security team said the false accounts had spread stolen emails and other archives as a part of joint efforts, which The United States intelligence agencies have to ascribe to Russia. Other false accounts fired up stories the expanded on the material.

From there the biological escalation of the messaging and data by authentic pressure groups and a network was certain,” Facebook said. It stated its data “does not confuse” The United States director of national intelligence made their claim that Russia was responsible for ingress with the US election. The reports do not reveal the name of any other countries.

Fake augmentation:

The mighty social media website has faced serious criticism to restrain false news and has started an open warning about suspicious fake stories. In recent reports, the social media website Facebook tendon how to combat with “false information” and marked data collection, derived with the help of such tools and tactics as imposter accounts and password collection schemes.

The Facebook officials stated that the information operations had analyzed incorporate tactics such as artistically created friend requests sent through high profile names of real life people. These fake accounts sent requests when accepted; the fake identity is very useful for digging up all rabbit holes of a target.  

The information taken through fake identities can send convincingly web links running with malicious spy software or to map the digital networks if the target for further spying.

The Facebook analyst said it would be better to chase amplifier accounts regarding behavioral analyst that reveal signs of bogus accounts, like suddenly a rain of posting posts or back to back posting of same material, without regard the politics of the content.

Furthermore, it said that by Facebook, the techniques and tactics which have developed by our security personals include “like” in order to enhance the appearance of key postings, the certain communities which set propaganda though legitimate items and escalate inflammatory and racist and radical content.

The Facebook solid and striking response in perspective from November, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg banish the argument that the false stories on Facebook could have influenced the US presidential election “in any way” “ a typical insensible thought.”

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