4 Ways to Generate Leads With Social Networking

By Rahul Som on February 20, 2019

Your Internet marketing efforts range over many venues, from blogs, search engine advertising, and your own website. Social networks are a valuable addition to your Internet marketing roster, with Pew Internet reporting that 73 percent of adults use at least one social network, with Facebook taking the top network spot. Social media is the digital age’s version of word of mouth advertising, and knowing how to generate leads from your social media profiles is essential to creating a well rounded Internet marketing approach.

Media Fit for Social Networks

Consider your media options when you market on social networks. Instead of pouring money into an expensive commercial or informational video, consider creating media with socially connected tools. Forbes recommends looking at Vine, Instagram, and other services to create and host your marketing content. The challenge of this form of lead generation and sales is creating either a relevant clip in a limited time span, or choosing to focus on the viral or humor route and hoping that it brings enough recognition to your company and brand to create qualified traffic.

Social Network Advertising

Social network advertising opens up avenues to place your ads in front of a large audience, but the question is whether you get enough lead generation to make it worth your while. Adobe reports that Facebook click through rates have increased 275 percent. Much of the increase can be attributed to ads that are within the Facebook newsfeed, instead of placed off to the side of the content. You also pick and choose the demographics for Facebook advertising. Generating home insurance leads, for example, is a much simpler process if you target the age demographic more likely to own a home instead of renting. This method allows you to spend your advertising dollars in the most effective fashion.

Social Media Engagement

Learn the etiquette and rules of each social networking platform, and apply these lessons in conversations with potential customers. While it’s great to use social networks as a way to support existing customers, don’t overlook the potential use as a lead generation tool. Follow relevant industry hashtags, post about news that interests your demographic even if it isn’t strictly relevant to your business, and build up connections with your network to continue growing your brand awareness. Utilize hashtags to your benefit for visibility or for organizing group discussions on a platform such as Twitter.

Social Media Monitoring

Get a heads up about a viral marketing success coming your way, or a public relations disaster by using social media monitoring tools such as Sprout Social. These tools make it easy to interact with your potential customers and clients by steamlining responses, allowing you to schedule content, and letting you know who is mentioning you across multiple social networks. You want to cover as many relevant networks as possible, so this type of tool is also useful for keeping your profiles organized and active.

Building Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

By Guest Contributor on February 13, 2019

Social media marketing is a fantastic opportunity to build brand awareness and brand loyalty and it’s more relevant today than ever before. However, building your brand with social media is not as simple as just making some posts and watching the masses come soaring in to adore you. There is a process to success and there are also some things that should be avoided.

So let’s take a look at what you need to do to build your brand successfully:

Use Custom Social Media Design             

A custom social media design will do more to build your brand awareness, help you stand out in a sea of profiles and show that you care enough about your accounts to spend that little extra time and effort on it. Nearly all social media networks offer some type of customization and those who previously did not are now making the change, due to popular demand.

When you use custom social media design, it’s also important that you maintain a common theme across all networks and it also helps if this design matched or complements your website design.

Practical tip: Consider hiring a professional graphic designer experienced in social media design to customize all your themes to match.

Interact and Engage Your Community

Once you have created accounts, you need to build a community. It’s not as simple as just expecting people to come by and chat. You need to give them a reason to participate. This is where it becomes very important to interact and engage your community. Your social media accounts are not your sounding board to blast info to the masses. Rather, they should be a community of like-minded people who come together to share ideas, opinions and interesting chat.

Take the time to ensure the content you’re posting is relevant and useful to your community. Invite them to join in or to submit their own content and ideas. Keep them involved in the process and they will keep coming back.

Practical tip: Recognize community members who frequent your social media and be sure to tag them, thank them and reward them (when possible). They will appreciate that you appreciate them.

Make Your Fans Center Stage

Social media helps you to nurture and strengthen the relationships you currently have with your fan base. If you want your customers to be loyal, you need to show them mutual respect and concern. So ask them questions, invite them to share and take part in your community and show them you appreciate when they do. Asking your followers questions shows you care about them and you’re inviting them to share their lives with you. No matter what product or service you offer, when they choose you, they are inviting you into their lives. So making your fans center stage shows that you equally care about them.

Practical tip: One way to recognize your fans is to do a ‘fan of the week’ contest and offer a small prize, a discount for your services or some other kind of recognition and thank you.

Be Consistent and Transparent

Trust is key to creating brand loyalty. If customers do not trust you, they won’t return and they certainly won’t tell friends and family about you. One top method of building trust is with consistency and transparency. You need to be open and honest with your social media communities. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Never give them a reason to believe you are being anything other than completely honest.

Practical tip: Don’t delete posts unless they directly violate your rules or the site’s rules (such as hate speech or vulgarities). Deleting posts makes the readers think you are censoring them or hiding certain information, especially that which might be negative.

Wrapping it Up

Every company dreams of that loyal fan- the one who is dedicated, passionate and praises the company far and wide. When you want to build a satisfied fan base like this, you need an excellent product or service, combined with extraordinary customer service and with some savvy social media marketing, you can push it all to the next level.

Social Media Metrics To Analyze Your Marketing Strategy

By Guest Contributor on January 3, 2019

If your brand has a presence on the internet, you have to know the most important social network metrics and how to analyze them to take their advantage.

In order to obtain good results in social networks, you must have achievable objectives. Depending on these objectives and the social network, you must develop a strategy and manage your social networks. But how can you know if your marketing strategy suits your business? For this, there are metrics of social networks which you must know and learn to measure.

In this post, we will talk about the most important metrics of social networks and how you can take advantage of them.

Social media metrics

There are many metrics that you can measure in your activity in social networks, but we will specifically tell you about the 8 that we consider the most important and how you should analyze them correctly.

1. The size of your community

This is referred to as followers, fans or contacts in different networks. The number of people that you can reach is a good metric that you must always consider. There are some companies that only seek to increase their community through any means, but is this really effective?

The more followers or fans your brand has, the more the possibility to make your messages visible. The main objective should not be to seek followers without an objective but to expand the size of loyal fans.

You should also look at the users who leave your community and stop following it. It is important that this figure does not exceed the number of new members in your social network. If not, you should rethink a new strategy.

2. The scope of your publications

This metric helps us to know the number of people who have seen the publications. How is it calculated? You will think that it is only based on the total number of followers on your page who have seen a certain publication. This is not the only thing that is measured. It includes other users who do not belong to your community but may have seen your content.

Therefore, it is important to get your community to share your content to achieve greater reach and visibility.

3. Engagement of the community

The engagement is the interaction of users with our contents. Depending on each social network, the users’ interactions get different names such as “like” and retweet. You should always post contents that will encourage your community to interact. You can start a challenge where the winner will get a prize.

4. The Click-through Rate (CTR)

This metric is useful to know the effectiveness of the links that you insert in the publications.

This is probably one of the most important metrics to take care of if you want to receive visits to your web page.

5. Mentions of your brand in networks

Thanks to this metric you will be able to get different information:

• The popularity of your brand.

• The type of audience that talks about your brand.

• If your community is interested in a specific type of content.

• If your followers like a product or service.

• If there are users unhappy with your brand and the reason for this situation.

6. The ROI

More brands are now advertising in social networks. The return on investment (ROI) is one of the metrics of social networks that will help you to know if your advertising campaigns are profitable or not.

Calculating the ROI is as simple as dividing the benefits by the investment. Here the complex thing is to know how to measure the channel that produces sales or conversions. That can be monitored by apps developed by app developers.

7. Type of content

You may have noticed that some of your publications get better results than others. Something as simple as including a photo, a link or just text, can make the community more attracted to one publication or another.

It is important that you study the publications that achieve a higher CTR and engagement.

8. Social traffic

This metric will help you to know the percentage of visits to your website that come from social networks. If your ultimate goal is to divert users to your platform and you are not getting it, you should rethink your social media strategy.

Some metrics tools for social networks

To know the metrics of social networks you have different tools at your disposal to get this information. These are some of the best know metric tools, but there are more of them on the internet.

• Hootsuite: without a doubt, it is one of the most popular. Both to program content and to analyze it. With it, you can analyze the most important social networks.

• Buffer: this is one of the most popular tools. It is very intuitive due to its clean design. With it, you can also analyze the most used social networks.

• Agorapulse: focused specifically on Facebook, but it is certainly one of the most complete to analyze this social network.

• Metricool: with it, you can analyze some of the most important social networks, in addition to visits to your website or blog.

• True Social Metric: apart from providing you with different metrics of social networks, it analyzes which topics work best with your target audience.

• Mix Panel: is more focused on mobile networks and Apps, whether they are Spotify, Airbnb, and other brands. In it, you will find heat maps, user tracker by geolocation and many other options.

• SumAll: more recommended to analyze social media strategies in a medium or long term.

Some of the most important social networks for businesses, such as Facebook or Twitter, have internal tools which you can use to obtain these social media metrics.

My final recommendation for you to choose the best tool that suits you is to analyze different aspects before making a decision or another:

• The price.

• Different payment plans (and what each one includes)

• Social networks that can be analyzed with this tool.

• The information you want to obtain from each network.

• The number of users allowed to use these tool.

These are all the metrics of social networks and some of the best tools to analyze them. Remember that to achieve the objectives that you have proposed, you must propose a strategy based on the results you are getting.

Author Bio:- Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in New York, USA & India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers.

Top 10 Secrets To Creating A Social Media Marketing Plan That Works

By Guest Contributor on December 27, 2018

Ever since social media took over the internet, to say many were thrilled would be an understatement. It opened many opportunities for individuals, groups and even businesses. Many use social media to get in touch with family and friends, connect with new people, stay updated with trending topics and current events, share photos, videos, opinions, and contents, even to just spare time and for entertainment.

For entrepreneurs, it became an excellent platform to promote and grow their business. With billions all over the world using the different social media sites every single day, these became one of the go-to sites for companies who wish to succeed. According to statistics,  the number of active social media users will reach a staggering 3.02 million users. This is the very reason why owners of big and small companies, as well as digital marketers, need to include social media in their digital marketing campaigns.

However, basic social media know-how is not enough to succeed in your business venture. Yes, anyone can create their pages in the different social media platforms, but not everyone can grow their followers, gather enough engagements and make conversions. What you need is a concrete social media marketing strategy, and we’ve picked ten of the best ways for you to formulate one like a pro.

First, Determine Your Short-term and Long-term Goals

The first step is to know what your objectives are and creating short-term and long-term goals. Generic goals won’t do as you need to be as specific as possible to make betters plans to achieve ultimate results. It would be best to keep the SMART principle in mind when determining your goals.

Know Your Customer

Next, you need to know who your customers are, what they want, what they need, how they currently behave, and what social media sites they are using. Be as specific as possible when naming your target audiences like their demographics, their age bracket, location, and the like.

Know Your Competitors

Know who your competitors are, where their location is, what social media sites they are using and study their tactics. This will give you pertinent data as to what you can do get ahead of your rivals.

Create Social Media Pages

Now that you know where your target audience and competitors are, it’s time to create pages in those networks. But, before you go on creating accounts, make sure to take one step at a time. You don’t need to create a page for your business on every single social media sites. Start with the ones you know and usually use like Facebook and Instagram. This way, you’ll already have an idea on how it works and not be overwhelmed with a large number of pages you need to manage all at once.

Make Due and Diligent Research

Social media marketing trends vary and changes often, so make sure to make due analysis, see what you can include in your marketing campaign, see what competitors are recurrently doing and if their efforts are paying off. In short, analytics and the latest trends will matter once you start your social media marketing campaigns.

Be Creative when Creating Contents You’ll be Posting on Social Media

Creative, original and engaging contents are what you need to publish and share in your social media pages to attract followers and get better engagements. Make sure each post is useful, high-quality, well-written and is something that your target audiences will want to find on their newsfeed.

Align Social Media Marketing Efforts with Your Content Marketing

To get the best results out of your social media marketing efforts, one needs to ensure to make it work with your content marketing strategies. Make sure to use a tone that your target audiences will find easy to understand, the posts you will write are useful and engaging, your posts and websites are optimized and to respond to comments and feedbacks accordingly.

Optimize Contents

Just because you managed to publish great-quality contents, your job is as good as done. This is what rookies in the field of SMM usually do. However, a good digital marketer knows that optimizing your content for search and sharing is how you can win in this type of digital marketing. Make use of visuals like images, graphics or even videos, and be sure your posts are easily shareable. Lastly, don’t forget to engage with your audiences to build trust, credibility and good relations.

Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

The number of followers and engagements are not the only things that will let you know if your marketing efforts are paying off, but the amount of traffic you get from social media to your website and how much conversions you make. So, make sure to link your posts and shares on Facebook, for example, include links that will lead your target audiences to your landing page. This way, you create and drive traffic to your web and increase your chances of converting site visits into revenues.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing Tools

There are tons of tools available that can help you with your social media marketing efforts. For example, you already have lots of posts you plan sharing to your social pages. You can use tools that let you automate and schedule posts to save time and energy. To make better contents or see how your campaigns are doing, you can use tools that can help you find in-demand keywords, trending topics and one that lets you check your analytics. Some tools are free, some needs payment to enjoy the full features. You can find one that will enable you to make the most out of your SMM efforts dream a reality depending on your budget and marketing needs.

These are ten of the best ways that every digital marketer needs to keep in mind to create social media marketing strategies that actually work. Remember that in SMM, the number of likes and followers may look rewarding, but the determining factors for your success are the number of engagements and convertibles you get from your marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing Tactics to Build your Brand Identity

By Guest Contributor on September 15, 2018

Social media is a proven way to connect with masses as it helps to reach to people in almost every part of the world. Hence, it is an effective method from business’s perspective to engage with a vast target audience. Using social media, you can market your brand and stand apart from the crowd. If done in an effective and strategic way, you can utilize social media platforms for successfully establishing a new product and earning recognition.

These days, social media marketing is soaring with tons of adverts and promotional campaigns carrying information about different brands and ideas. In order to make your presence in this congestion, you have to employ some unique tactics that will help you achieve the target audience and persuade them for buying your products or services. By harnessing the power of social media, you can build a robust fan base who will turn into loyal customers.

Branding is an essential ingredient to generate long-term business. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc, help you unravel your brand to the worldwide audience who get opportunity to learn about it and its benefits. Thus, these powerful social networking platforms enable you to increase your brand awareness among the target audience or worldwide. You can utilize these platforms to the fullest to get better results by following some essential tactics as follows to build a strong brand identity.

Use appropriate number of hashtags

Use hashtags to join the conversation, but do not include too much hashtags, use only relevant ones. You can create a custom hashtag pertaining to your brand, but it’s wise to use commonly-used hashtags. Using a hashtag that relates to your brand makes sense as your fans and followers will automatically recognize your posts and content once shared on the social networking platforms. For instance #SamsungTips is a hashtag from Samsung which they utilize to share information and content about their products.

Convey brand value consistently

The key objective of branding is to generate a specific set of emotions and ideas in the minds of customers about the brand whenever he/she encounters it. Hence, a brand becomes strong when it conveys a clear message to customers and do it on consistent basis. By adopting a specific tone and format of language for all social media content to convey your message, you can accomplish this task.

Engage with audience to make a bonding

Your connection with audience should not only be limited to business. Extend your boundaries and engage with your audience on a personal basis. Through social media monitoring and direct response, you can make a one-to-one connection with audience to surprise and delight them. By delivering unexpected to your audience, you can make an emotional connection with them for instance, congratulating on customers’ anniversaries or other occasions helps you nourish a healthy bonding with your customers.

Update content regularly

Many well-known companies such as Disney, Coca-cola, and Apple, don’t need to remind customers of their existence as they are well-established brands in the market. But, others have to promote their brands repeatedly in order to get a strong foothold in the audiences’ minds. In this regard, regular update of fresh content makes a difference.

Keep interacting with your audience regularly so that your image in their mind won’t fade away. Connecting with your audience on a regular basis might be tricky only fresh ideas and content help you survive your identity.

Respond to your audience queries

One of the big advantages of social media for business is that it offers a direct line for marketing communication. You can establish and maintain a strong brand identity if you interact with audience address queries and help them find specific information relevant to your service on social networking platforms. It creates a deep bonding between you and your audience. In a nutshell, as a business owner, you should care about the feedback and comments posted by audience on social media.

Provide something valuable to your audience

The simplest way to grab attention of someone is by offering them something valuable in return. As in real life, it also works on social media, it means branded content should fulfill some consumer needs to get remembered. Quality content is core to this strategy, by providing unique, well-researched, and interesting article can help you catch attention of your audience and retain it for long time.

Be realistic and relevant

Social media is increasing at a fast pace and users are getting immense number of messages. To be unique in that cluster, you need to create something which is realistic and relevant to the interest of your audience. Hence, try to make you content entertaining, relevant to your brand, and importantly relevant to your audience to get a response.

Wrapping up!

Social media has opened a door to new way of marketing where businesses can connect with their audience directly and promote their products or services. Hence, it is great platform to establish your brand identity as it can reach to masses across the globe. However, to reach to your target audience effectively and influence them for your objective you need to prepare some strategies that will help you achieve this goal. With the tactics discussed in this post you may utilize the potential of social media to its fullest and ensure greater ROI by engaging with your audience. If you use social media wisely then not only you can build a strong identity of your brand in the minds of your audience, but you may also sway their buying decisions and get loyal customers.

This article is contributed by Jacob Colleen, digital marketing expert at Webby Central – Digital Marketing agency

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