List Of Most Popular Javascript Frameworks

By Guest Contributor on September 10, 2019

The market is growing with the involvement of advanced software and technologies. Currently, many tech giants are introducing their JavaScript frameworks for supporting development industry.

JavaScript frameworks remain one of the most prominent web technologies. Google’s Angular and Facebook’s React are trending in the market.

There are popular many JavaScript frameworks in trend. Statista states that JavaScript is the most popular programming language among developers in the current market since 2018.

JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries were launched every year to make developers work easier.

Among them become highly popular over time. The application development widely uses JS framework. Some of these frameworks have earned the name in developing many kinds of web and mobile applications.

Businesses in application development look for a reliable and secure framework to build their applications. There focus is to provide high performance in the application process.

Thus, developers look for a framework which features easy to learn and offer the best performance.

JavaScript is a highly multipurpose programming language which is used for building many types of applications.

Today it is used to build applications like mobile applications, desktop applications, and a lot more. This programming language is used to design interactive, user-interfaces for the appealing application.

What is a JS Framework?

JavaScript framework is an application framework which is written in JavaScript that guides the developers to alter the functions according to the need application development.

Website designing is also developed with the help of a JavaScript framework. The frameworks are highly used by mobile app developers and web developers to build powerful and high performing applications.

There number of JS framework in the market and it is challenging to opt for the best options among them. Therefore, choosing the best JavaScript frameworks from the so many available frameworks for your need is essential judgment.

In this article, we will go through the top JavaScript frameworks list of 2019. This will help you to find out the top and the best JavaScript framework for your amazing application development.



AngularJS is supported by Google. It is available as an open-source, used for building single-page applications. It is one of the recognized JavaScript frameworks in the market.

Companies like LinkedIn, PayPal, Freelancer, Hopscotch and many more use AngularJS. It is considered as a powerful front end solution, used to design and building dynamic web applications.

It provides a powerful combination of functionalities of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used for hybrid mobile application development.


React.js an open-source collection of popular JavaScript libraries released in 2013 by Facebook. React.js is a new framework soon became popular in the market.

JavaScript framework React JS has the best example of the effective user interface like Facebook and Instagram.  React.js framework is used to build these two social platforms for the smooth user experience.

Top companies like BBC, Netflix, Paypal, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Coursera, and Yahoo are using React JS. Like AngularJS, React JS is an open-source collection of popular JavaScript libraries, used for developing user interfaces of single-page applications. It is scalable, fast and easy to handle view layers for web/mobile apps.


Vue.js is another open-source used to simplify and streamline user interface design. This JavaScript framework is effective for developing and design a lightweight and two-way data binding application.

It was released in 2016 and is considered the ideal mix of Angular and React. This framework has a comparatively easier learning curve that is why it is known as the best choice.

Top companies Adobe, Grammarly, Behance, Alibaba, and Xiomi use Vue.js.  It is the fastest emerging framework that is considered an ideal JavaScriptin the market.


Node.JS is among the most popular JavaScript frameworks, provides a strong platform for application development. It can be used as an open-source framework to create server-side and networking applications.

Companies Walmart, Uber, Paypal and many other which are using Node.js. It offers cross-platform runtime environments.

Therefore, Node JS can run on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is a server-side JavaScript framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine.

This framework is featured with open-source libraries and the NPM packages, perfect for real-time collaborative.


Aurelia.js is a very advanced and developer-friendly framework. It is one of the newest JavaScript frameworks that make the process of site development extremely creative one.

It is promoted as the next generation UI framework Aurelia JavaScript framework is a collection of open-source modern JS modules scripted in ECMAScript.

It is designed using the latest JS standard, ES6 and has the ability to function in all modern web browsers.

Companies like Filee, Freska, Questionnaire, NOD Studios and more are using Aurelia.js. Versatile applications can be designed with the featured huge libraries as per the requirements.

Aurelia is the only framework in the market, which helps to develop components using plain TypeScript or JavaScript.


JavaScript is a highly versatile programming language used for developing many types of applications like Client-side, server-side, mobile applications, etc.

It is one of the core technologies of tech World along with HTML & CSS. Today, most of the websites and applications are being developed using JavaScript Frameworks.

The focus is on designing interactive user-interfaces and apps with amazing features with appealing functionalities.

The tech world is coming up with different application and JavaScript is used for offering the users the best experience.

Author Bio: Harry willam is a Business analyst at Quytech, a well-known Augmented Reality company. She loves to write and share about new technological trends in the domains of mobile, AR, VR and AI.

The Importance of Website Design and How It Helps in Making Business Profitable

By Guest Contributor on September 10, 2019

One of the most important things to have in mind when running a business is that a strong internet presence starts with a well-designed website.

After all, how can you expect people to buy your product or service if they can’t browse them or find your contact info online? In case you’re still not convinced, here’s how important website design is for your business and how it helps in making it profitable.

Sets the first impression

With most people now turning to the web when looking for a product or service to buy, for most of them, the first interaction they have with your business happens on your website.

As soon as they enter it, they start creating a picture of your business. Unless you manage to make a good impression within the first few seconds they spend on your website, chances are they’ll turn to one of your competitors instead.

Just think aboutit – would you stick around if you don’t find the website appealing or you can’t seem to find any buttons on it?

First impressions matter a lot in the business world and it’s critical to use your website for ensuring people fall in love with your company as soon as they stumble upon it on the web.

Improves your SEO efforts

Every modern business owner knows just how important SEO is.

If you want your business to survive, showing up as early as possible in SERPs is extremely important, which is why you should always keep stepping up your SEO game no matter what. Although the content you post plays the key role in how well you’re going to rank, search engines also care a lot about website design.

With that said, if your website doesn’t load as quickly as internet users want and your SEO fundamentals aren’t in tip-top shape, your rank will suffer.

The good news is that there are both web design agencies and SEO specialists you can work with and ensure your website is optimized for SEO.

Sets you apart from your competition

Business owners in all sectors know how important having a website is. This means that most, if not all, your competitors have one and in case you don’t, you’ll be left behind in no time.

But just having a website isn’t enough. If you invest enough in your website design, it can actually serve as a tool for consumers to differentiate between your business and your competitors.

They’re more likely to remember a company with a quick and good-looking website than the one they barely figured out how to use.

In order to truly distance your company from other business, you need to make your logo visible on your home page. That’s how people will later relate your business cards and other marketing channels to your website and decide to buy from you.

Builds trust with your customers

Consumers don’t only care about the quality of the product or service when making purchase decisions. This is the case, even more, when they’re browsing the web for what they need and are supposed to base their decision on the information they find online.

The way your website looks is guaranteed to play a huge role in it. Consumers don’t trust businesses with poorly-designed websites – as simple as that.

If they see you haven’t invested enough into your website or you keep it outdated, how can they expect you to provide them with a quality product or service?

On the other hand, if you manage to get your website design right, chances are they’ll start associating your company with trust as soon as they enter your site.

Helps create consistency

With so many businesses on the web, you can’t expect consumers to remember every business they find out about. However, the more they interact with your company online, the more likely they are to do so.

This is why you have to be consistent when it comes to your online presence. Well-designed websites include the same fonts and colour schemes on every page which helps internet users become more familiar with the site.

Moreover, if you use the same graphics on social media, it makes it much easier for consumers to remember your site and become loyal followers of your brand.

Therefore, it’s not all about making the website look good, it’s also critical to make sure it corresponds to your online presence in general.

Obviously, you can’t expect your business to stay afloat if you don’t have a website. However, bear in mind that just setting up one isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, you have to work with the best experts available and use responsive design and purposeful visuals to make consumers want to stick around and keep coming back for your product or service which translates into more profit for your company.

How to Convert Sketch to HTML?

By Guest Contributor on August 28, 2019

Photoshop has been leading the design world; however, there are some of the other programs competing in a similar space. Meanwhile, Sketch has been for a while and matching the expectations. If you find Photoshop tool is no more your preference, then offer Sketch a try.

Sketch works on Mac and is somewhat a cost-effective tool with the same functionalities as Photoshop. Also, it is entirely convertible to transform your final design into purposeful HTML. In this blog post, we will explore generating HTML from Sketch document.

How to Produce HTML from Sketch

Like a Photoshop document, Sketch can produce HTML in diverse ways. The conversion approach includes three of the methods – hand-coding, plug-ins, and software. Which means the plan you select for your project relies on scenarios and the budget in hand. Also, there are benefits and shortcomings in every approach.

1) Hand-coding

Hand-coding is the most excellent choice if we give preference to quality. If you are not proficient in HTML, then there is Sketch to HTML Conversion Services companies who can assist you. Also, many professionals focus on Sketch to Design HTML services.

  • Benefits

With conversion tools, there are some degrees of limited perimeters for better outcomes. However, there are no restrictions on the quality you can get through hand-coding. A professional company can Convert Sketch to HTML with following features.

– Have precise pixel conversion

– W3C Markup Validation

– Code with SEO optimization

– Compatible with different browsers

– Both Desktop and Mobile-based screen scaling

– Clean code that can be effortlessly adapted

– Swift loading times and much more to offer

  • Shortcomings

The only downside to this selection is the pricing. It is somewhat costly, but you can outsource this service with effectiveness at decent expenses. Also, if you are moving forward with professional projects, then the higher opening costs of manual conversions are valuable and worth it.

Keep in mind that cheaper and cost-effective services are not actually the same stuff. You will get a superior product with hand-coding, and you will reduce the project-related risks.

2) Plug-ins

Like Photoshop, even Sketch is well-matched with most of the related plug-ins. These tools help in delivering complete code with just a few easy clicks. Also, this is the opportunity for the exploratory designers who are even ready to work out on programming tasks.

  • Benefits

This option is the most affordable alternative. Many Sketch plug-ins come as a free option with some 3rd parts advertisements. For example, these advertisements comprise of a company logo popping up on your product screens. However, from those stages, you can opt for diverse subscription models.

  • Shortcomings

The 3rd party promotional ads are most of the times bit confusing. You are not really going to get a finished product out of this option. The plug-in will create a base, but you need to work out and adjust prior to the site’s readiness, which can take extra efforts. So if you don’t have the additional time or acquaintance to required coding skills, this can be a challenging alternative. Also, working for different screen sizes and quick loading can be a tough ask.

Plug-ins even turns the code full of complexities if not handled well. They are short of personal opinion and can create troubles in the longer run. So, making these codes workable can take more efforts and time compared to applying hand-coding techniques.

3) Software Applications

There are software’s other than plug-ins that can transform Sketch to code. You can use them by buying them online and download the complete program. Else, you can upload the required Sketch designs and further download the needed files. These options are different in pricing; however, it can more often than not surpass the outcomes through plug-ins.

  • Benefits

While high-priced than the majority of plug-ins, these software applications will still be less expensive compared to practiced services. It is a swift selection, and there is no intermediary required in the procedure.

  • Shortcomings

Same as the plug-ins, these software tools can make you left alone with unresponsive coding. And in most of the scenarios, there is no specialist recourse if some things go erroneous. Also, if your code does not work correctly, you cannot ask for any refunds. Sometimes, there are components of your design that don’t work in the way they should, but you are helpless and have to alter the plan.

Key Takeaways

There are a lot of conversion companies out there, but only some of them can provide you precise, quality, and timely services. Pixlogix is a reliable company if you’re looking for a service provider with a sturdy background in both design and development services.

This article is contributed by Meshur Ahir, Digital Marketing Strategist at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd – Sketch to HTML services company

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How HTML5 and CSS3 help to develop responsive real-world websites

By Guest Contributor on August 23, 2019

Whether you’re a comprehensive learner to website building or have some knowledge with HTML5 and CSS3, this Enormous Deal is just perfect for you. With the help of project-based education, you’ll put together a fully-functional, receptive web site when you’ve done this course. You’ll even learn how to obtain free resources, how to use the current cartoon and eventually enhancing your website.

And, you can introduce a new occupation in a world-class Web Development Company by just learning HTML and CSS. You don’t need a college degree or any paid software, the entire thing can be instructed for nothing with free programming and a couple of times of your time. This course correspondingly starts with my full CSS Masterclass e-book, as an additional reward!

This complete course is planned to take you from a learner to a CSS skilled in instruction to make you for a job as a web developer.

Don’t boundary yourself by those dreadful site-builder tools. They are cool tools, but eventually the boundary your imagination. The Knowledge of CSS you’ll be able to release your imagination!

Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 you Must:

  • Acquire how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to design and code a real-world website.
  • Project-based knowledge – upon the course conclusion, you will have a totally efficient landing page.
  • Master website building for receptive design, so that your effort looks excessive on desktop, laptop or smartphone.
  • Flawless course for learners with no coding knowledge.
  • Extra skills learned – gaining free images, fonts and icons, making up-to-date animation properties with Query, and enhancing your closing website.

Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can admission this course
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Improvement deadline: exchange your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required
  • Text editor required

Why is this course so unique and popular?

1: The course is totally project-based

Together we hand-code a flawless and open greeting page for an imaginary business that I made up only for the course. Well ordered, you will know increasingly more HTML5 and CSS3 features, from learner to dynamic. These are the freshest web technologies, utilized by every site in the globe. At that point, we even can add some jQuery to the mix.

This immense arrangement will explain all these present reality abilities to fabricate genuine world HTML5 and CSS3 sites. This will allow you to concept any site you can envision. From the whole scratch.

2: You will not just learn how to code

Coding is great, but it’s not the whole thing that matters. That’s why we will go through the whole procedure of building and launching our website scheme. This comprises designing, coding, planning, writing fresh and prearranged code, website optimization, best practices, and so much more.

Designing is really, really significant. Have you seen all these attractive and current websites lately? Great! Because I will display you how it’s done. And not just in philosophy, but also in repetition. This is the one and the only course on the marketplace which efforts on both coding and scheming, together.

3: You walk away with a ready-to-launch website

By the last of this course, you will have a complete, prepared to launch a website that looks good on any computer, tablet, and smartphone. And then, you get the whole code and all the pictures and graphical assets that is planned for especially for the course as a free download.

4: HTML5 and CSS3 relaxed and fun

With the right direction, HTML5, CSS3, and receptive web design are really easy to study and use in the actual world. With a group of accidental lessons and YouTube videos? Not so much. That’s why I organized this training around a cool and whole scheme that’s fun to code.

We must know about

  • Easytoshadow and hands-on web progress with HTML5, CSS3 and some jQuery.
  • The confirmed 7 real-world ladders from the whole scratch to a fully functional and enhanced website.
  • Easy-to-use web design guidelines and tips to make your website stand out from the crowd.
  • How to get and use pictures, fonts and images to make your website shine — all for free.
  • Receptive web design: study how to generate websites that work attractively on all screen sizes.
  • How to using jQuery for super cool properties like animations, scroll effects and “sticky” navigation.
  • Enhance your website for good rapidity presentation and for search engines (SEO).
  • How to present your website for the world to get it.

This is what you get:

  • Lifetime admittance to my HD quality videos. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, when you need it.
  • English slogans for students with hearing damage.
  • All speeches are downloadable to make your education knowledge even better.
  • Downloadable code and strategy properties for the whole scheme. You can save this code as a preliminary opinion for your own projects.
  • A free obliging provision in the course Q&A when you have queries or get stuck.
  • Free admission to my e-book “Best Incomes for Web Design and Growth with HTML5 & CSS3”

In our basic HTML tutorial, you will learn each and every point in a very simple manner with the help of tutorials. There are lots of ways to learn HTML as a beginner. You can study it from text info with having coding instances or you can study from videos. Code Wizz delivers you all HTML info in the text as well as videos.

More About HTML

The main thing that you have to retain in attention is that HTML is used for creation plan and CSS is used for strategy or set the Layout. You can find dissimilar methods and plans to learn HTML but at Code Wizz, you will discovery sole plan learns basic HTML or HTML tutorial. If you have a previously design website and necessity to progress your design by using some newest update methods, then you can discover key at Code Wizz.

Our HTML tutorial is specifically planned for the web designers and web designers from where they can recognize HTML and CSS with the transitory description along with examples. The lesson will give you huge info about HTML so that you can effortlessly start it and develop an expert in it.

If you are a learner in HTML, then you must have known about some basic information about text editor, notepad. And also known about How to generate directories in the system and how to save the records on PC. If you have information about all these, then you can effortlessly grasp the HTML fundamentals deprived of any difficulty.

This article is contributed by Ved , web developer at pnjsharptech-Web Development Company.

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Main Characteristics Of The Interaction Design Of Mobile App

By Guest Contributor on August 21, 2019

At present, it is quite common to have touch devices. Mobile devices, in particular, have become quite popular due to their great functionality and size. As the technology progresses little by little and the tactile devices seem to have come to stay, it is essential for top app development companies to know about the interaction design to create fluid navigation and optimal user experience.

What is interaction design?

Interaction design refers to the design of interactive products, environments, systems, and services. The term was coined in the 80s as a response to the new challenges of interactive interfaces.

The interaction design focuses on the user. For this reason, it is essential for top app development companies to conduct research on users and understand their needs. Although this type of design focuses on the user, a balance must be found between the user’s expectations and objectives, as well as technological progress.

Designs must have an objective

One of the major principles of interaction design is that it must have a purpose. These objectives are related to the needs of the user, that is why the designers must have a clear idea about the characteristics, habits, and preferences of the users.

Some of the tools that are usually used to understand users are the following:

  • User profiles: They are used to have a broader view of users. The profiles don’t only include general but also specific data such as the activities you do in your free time, your interests, goals, etc.
  • Development of scenarios: Together with the profiles, they are used to create a kind of simulation of the moment in which the user will interact with the product. Developing these scenarios can be helpful when making a design decision.
  • User experience maps: These maps are used as a record of the user experience based on the context of an interaction. It includes, not only the general data, but also the circumstances of the user’s interaction and possible emotions.

The interface should be simple to use

Usability also plays an important role in interaction design. In any digital product, usability is a desired and necessary characteristic. After all, if the application is not easy to use, it is likely that there are not many people willing to download the application and use it daily. The interaction design considers the usability of the interfaces so that they are easier to understand and users can learn to use them without difficulties.

You’re probably already familiar with usability and everything that it implies. After all, you probably have a smartphone or a tablet. If so, you should have a few applications installed. All these applications remain installed on the device because they facilitate a task and are simple to use. One of the best ways to learn about usability is to perform an analysis on the applications you have installed on your mobile.

The learning process must be fast

Web pages usually use certain family interaction patterns so that the user knows how to navigate the page. In applications, this same principle is used and mobile gestures are used so that the user can handle the application more easily. Because you get used to certain mobile gestures to control the device, you expect to also use them in the application. Many developers use mobile gestures known by the user in their application. In this way, the user learns to use the application more easily.

In certain occasions, it will be necessary to teach some additional gestures to the user, so it is never a bad idea to post a tutorial or small tips that guide the user the first time they use an application.

Take into account the interaction patterns known by the user when creating an application. It is also helpful to study other applications and verify how fast the learning process is and what is done to make this process simple.

Visual indicators should be used

Established practices and interaction patterns are very helpful to top app development companies when creating an interface. However, the visual aspect of the interface must also be taken into account. In this aspect, there are also certain characteristics that users associate with certain typical elements of an application. For example, the fact that a hamburger menu is used in an application. Although this icon can have different styles and colors, in essence, it never changes. This happens because if the icon changes, the user may no longer recognize it as a hamburger menu.

These visual clues are important to improve the user experience and to make the user’s adaptation process easier.

The response time must be reduced

Response time is one of the main characteristics of a good interaction design. As you should know, response time influences the user experience and is an essential factor. If your application has a great interface design that is easy to use and understand, but the response time is not adequate, it is likely that users decide to stop using your application.

It is also important to make the user understand when an action has been completed or is in process. These two practices greatly improve the user experience and could even be considered as necessary measures for the application to be usable. If the application does not give certain information about the actions that are being carried out, the user will not know with certainty if said actions have been completed or not.

In conclusion

Interaction design is a practice that will become more important as new technologies progress. It will be useful to learn the basics of this type of design so you can create incredible interfaces for your users.

This article is contributed by Ricky Brown, content strategist and marketer at App Development Companies.

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