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6 ways to Make your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

Studies are showing how consumers are spending more time connecting to the Internet through mobile devices compared to desktop computers. This trend has already been taken into consideration by...

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How to Stop Hotlinking on a WordPress website step-by-step

What is hotlinking? Pirates have long since stopped looking like Johnny Depp on an old fashioned ship.  The internet houses thieves everywhere.  Internet image piracy is known as “hotlinking”...

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How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Site?

Favicon stands for Favorite icon. It is the tiny image which represents your website in a browser’s favorite menu, tabs and wherever else it is represented visually. Even a...

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How Technology Is Bringing a Change in E-commerce

The technology trends are affecting the way business-to-consumer transactions are getting changed, helping the consumers keeping a track of online purchases. Ubiquitous smartphones and social networking apps are changing...

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