Importance of Chatbot for your business website

By Guest Contributor on October 30, 2019

A chatbot is programmed to work independently from a human operator. A chatbot can answer your questions formulated to it in natural language and act like a real person. It provides a response based on a combination of predefined scripts and machine learning applications.

Chatbots are being used in NLP it is a technological process that allows computers to derive meaning from user text inputs. In the view of chatbots, integrating NLP means adding a more human touch. We need chatbots because they are a more qualitative solution in minimum effort.

With chatbots hitting potential customers is easy by offering required information irrespective of the day or time. Bots are less prone to errors, hence the better customer experience can help to establish a better brand. Chatbots are convenient and many customers suggest them over calling a representative on the phone because it tends to be faster and less invasive. They can also save money for companies and are easy to setup.


A chatbot is a computer program that fundamentally simulates human conversations. It allows a form of interaction between human and machine communication. Because of chatbot any user could ask the bot an inquiry or statement. A chatbot interacts in a format similar to instant messaging. Chatbots ease the pain that the modern industries are facing today. Chatbots are gaining more popularity and they are bringing new ways that how to run business marketing.


Chatbots are already on a whole new level with booking several appointments including medical, service and government, flight booking queries. The Chatbots have a scope in every corner where mass conversation exists. A Chatbot can identify the user’s internet address and it can understand the user’s request. You can improve the customer support process with the help of chatbots. They can be programmed to give an automatic answer to repetitive questions and forward the request to a real person when a more complicated action is needed. So the agent focuses more on important cases rather than on the easy questions. You can start a conversation with each customer regarding any issue, any time of the day.


Nowadays it is important to keep your customers engaged with your business. Chatbots don’t bore the clients with unnecessary information and keep the client flowing by maintaining the conversation. Chatbot can convey a message to the customer and client according to the business term. Rather than hiring an individual for a task like this. Chatbots ease out the complexion when it comes to public dealing privately. A chatbot would engage with multiple users at a given time without any delay or task error.


With the collection of simple questions, you can improve your services and products and then you easily optimize your websites by adjusting low converting pages. Companies can track the command and response given by their users to the chatbot. Chatbots, being a program, could be easily being taken down but that is not the case. Chabots are strongly encrypted and are not so fragile of a program. They can easily resist the flaw which is being inducted into it. Chatbots ensure the privacy of the users it is dealing with and also of the users it has dealt with, who’s recorded it can hold up to a long period of time.


Because of a chatbot, you can ask the necessary and related questions, persuade other user and generate a lead for you. Because of the chatbot mechanism, people restrict themselves to prime and useful, quarrel-free talks, but people can ever stay so calm with a human officer of the same reputation. Due to this, the queries are limited to only approachable and to-the-point friendly F.A.Qs.


It allows your business to scale up its operations to new markets without having to worry about multiplying income requests to be handled. By chatbots, you can easily achieve your market goals by improving marketing ease via chatbot. Chatbots can be your manager, your modifier, your marketing officer or it/ they can be your entire line up of your business workmen that you require.


Chatbots are much cheaper and faster when it comes to creating a cross-platform app or hiring employees for each task. Chatbots can easily take place or replace humans working at feed-back. Departments and review places. A bot is an easy and important replacement of a human as a bot can engage with more people at a single time than a person. They don’t require a monthly raise and neither do they need vacations or holidays. Such a beautiful program it is which inhibits useless pay distribution to workers which apply less effort but requires more time.


Being present on the messaging platforms. Chatbots are being used in Artificial intelligence like machine learning and natural language processing. There are some messaging platforms support bots like Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Kick, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber


IBM Watson chatbot

– Amazon Lex chatbot

– Live Personchatbot

– Dialog FlowChatbot

– Bold360 chatbot

– Microsoft Bot Framework

– Botsify

Many other chatbots of different varieties integrate with all the popular social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Badoo


– Global chatbot markets are expected to grow exponentially between 2018–2023 — Credence Research

– 85% Customer interaction will be managed without a human by 2020 — Garter

– 32% of executives roger that voice recognition is the most widely used AI technology in chatbot business.

  • 6 billion connected devices will proactively ask for support by 2019 — Garter


A chatbot is a service powered by a set of rules and some of them are using sophisticated NLP (natural language process) and ML system to produce conversations and act as a conversational partner. When you bask a question the chatbot will response based on the knowledge database available to it at that point on time.  Chatbot can easily operate the conversation program and translate your language according to your conversation. We need catboats in our business because they save time. Chatbots can provide an answer faster than humans. The importance of cahtbot will remain the same in the future because it is evolving and chatbots are more intelligent as well as human than ever.

Author Bio: –  Jessica James is a senior content developer and a blogger who loves to share her views on diverse topics. She holds great knowledge and experience of technical and creative writing and is currently associated with a renowned web development agency in USA named @USAWebDesignExpress

Which CMS is right for you – Drupal vs WordPress?

By Guest Contributor on October 22, 2019

Building a website, or web application using a content management system (CMS) has multiple benefits: little or no programming required, you have visibility of site’s content, timely update, and basic administrative tasks. But when it is about customizing a CMS-powered site, a developer’s skills can turn a basic, out-of-the-box site into a totally unique, powerful website. In this blog, we’ll compare two renowned CMS platforms, WordPress and Drupal, to help you make a decision.

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress slowly transforms itself from a blogging platform to a robust framework that’s powered by HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, themes, and plenty of plugins. WordPress developer performs theme customization, installation, and migration to build an engaging website. They perform timely version & plugin updates. Renowned websites including TechCrunch, Walt Disney Co., and LinkedIn blog are all powered by WordPress.

Introduction to Drupal

Drupal is a powerful CMS, some consider it as a framework that lets users to launch, customize and scale websites and applications. It is the most recommended CMSs for enterprise-level projects. It’s powered by PHP and also requires little to no programming experience to implement a low-level functionality. Drupal’s extended functionality comes from the additional modules that build off of its Core package. To take benefit of all these functionalities, you’ll need help from Drupal experts. Websites that are powered by Drupal comprise of The Economist,, and some US government sites.

Before discussing the differences, let’s talk about the similarities of both CMSs.

Free and open-source. With WordPress CMS, you will need to manage hosting and domain work, but the software is free to use. You have to pay for the Premium themes and plugins. Drupal is free, as well, with similar back-end configurations.

Require installation, setup, and hosting. Unlike Wix and Squarespace, both these CMSs require a download, installation, and set up of hosting and domain.

Mobile responsive themes. Drupal mobile websites perform better when running on a mobile platform while a WordPress site requires an additional step to run on a mobile platform.

Excellent SEO features. SEO features are not platform-specific; it’s more developer-specific. Drupal can be more complex, if not properly handled regarding SEO, on the other hand, WordPress makes a bit easier to do. Overall, WordPress’s technical SEO result is exceptional.

The point of differences between the two CMSs are:

Drupal is complex. It takes a bit of expertise to get used, but it’s definitely a better option that WordPress for larger projects and enterprise-level websites. WordPress is simple to learn and use and it has options to manage admin features if you need them.

Version updates are performed differently. WordPress code gets an upgrade, once the database updates happen in the background. Because WordPress updates are released on a regular basis, it is a great feature for beginners. Plugins do need to be updated regularly, though. Drupal updates need expert guidance and because they don’t comprise a code update, the process is time-consuming. In some cases, the whole website needs a redesign for an update.

Drupal is secure. Drupal is known for its advanced security and reporting, which makes it valuable for big enterprise websites having more animation elements. A few third-party services provide WordPress security elements but note it is more open to hacks if plugins are not updated on a regular basis.

Mobile responsive. Drupal mobile websites perform better when running on a mobile platform while a WordPress site requires an additional step to run on the mobile platform. WordPress has a native app for making the website mobile responsive. Drupal does not need that but has a responsive mobile admin dashboard.

Wide Range of functions. Both CMS offer a streamlined installation, can be specialized through additional extensions. While WordPress’ major focus is to offer services for the development and management of the blog articles, while Drupal is more concerned with community and social publishing applications. Drupal supports diverse multi-user functions right from the initial version. WordPress only supports settings for user roles and rights.

Who is the winner?

At the end of the day, the requirement of your business is the clear winner. And, in reality, the people who are exploring your website. When your team is implementing a CMS that suits your style and business needs, the results will be reflected in the user experience. Whether you like to deal with things from a high-level perspective, or if you are more interested in the creative domain, the choice is up to you. Taking serious consideration of what you need is how you’ll make the right choice. If we analyze the above points, Drupal is far superior to the WordPress CMS because it is more secure, advanced, mobile-friendly. Drupal needs more effort to get the best from it and make use of its amazing features.

Author Bio –

Aayushi Gill has great experience in Drupal Technology. She works with Drupal India – a renowned Drupal Development Company. She loves to share her knowledge with all about the latest tips, trends and best practices.

Top 5 Usability Testing Tools For WordPress To Improve Website UX

By Guest Contributor on October 11, 2019

What is the biggest factor that guarantees a website’s success? Most of you will say it is functionality. It is not an incorrect answer but what if the visitors are not able to use the functions.

This means that a website needs to be usable in order to be successful. Usability can be affected by numerous other factors.

You need to assess an interface on various parameters to ensure it is optimized for usage. Here we are presenting a list of some of the best usability testing tools for WordPress websites.

These solutions will help in effectively evaluating your website and ensuring it provides a good user experience to visitors.

Deploying these tools will help you understand how the audience is perceiving your interface and allow you to know the necessary enhancements that must be made.

1. Optimizely

One of the best services that you can use to effectively analyze your WordPress interface is Optimizely. It is a leading experimentation platform that offers solutions for a wide range of industries. The service provides a dedicated product for web experimentation.

You can use the service to run A/B tests on the frontend to identify the best option for a page. It has a handy feature called Exclusion Groups that lets users run multiple experiments on the same page.

Optimizely has a dedicated plugin for WordPress users that helps them test headlines. They can run A/B tests to find the best headline for a post or page. The plugin allows them to conduct the experiment right from their admin dashboard.

They do not need to separately log in to their Optimizely account and check a headline’s effectiveness right in the Edit screen itself. The service offers a range of useful features like cross-browser testing, mobile testing, and user segmentation.

2. Crazy Egg

Are you looking for an easy-to-use solution to evaluate your freshly-created interface? New website owners who do not possess in-depth technical knowledge can find it difficult to evaluate their interfaces on different metrics.

Such users can try Crazy Egg which is a well-known UX assessment tool. The service offers a 30-day free trial and you only need to enter your URL to generate a heatmap. This chart uses color-coding to signify how users are interacting with a website.

The visual representation helps in easily identifying the locations that are witnessing high levels of activity.

Like Optimizely, Crazy Egg also offers you a plugin that will add the service’s tracking code to your website.

This allows the service to analyze your traffic and provide you with valuable results. The product has an A/B testing feature and an editing tool.

This means that you do not need any other solution for making modifications to elements like fonts and color.

3. LambdaTest

Today’s users are not dependent only on desktops for surfing the internet. There is a wide variety of handheld devices that are being used for accessing the internet.

Moreover, visitors are using different browsers to access and view websites on different devices. The next entry on our list of the top usability testing tools for WordPress websites will help you in evaluating the cross-browser compatibility quotient of your interface.

LambdaTest enables webmasters to run live tests of websites and web applications on the latest versions of various mobile and desktop browsers.

It is available to WordPress users in the form of a plugin so that they can make the evaluations from their installation’s dashboard.

The tool takes full-page screenshots of posts or pages on the different browsers. This helps users in viewing and comparing the results and identifying the areas which need improvement.

4. Usersnap

Usersnap is an effective service that helps in tracking bugs in different kinds of digital products and websites. Its classic version allows teams to collaborate on the same platform where they can view, share, and discuss bug-related issues.

All reports are generated along with screenshots right in a browser. Visual indicators like star ratings, NPS scores, and smileys help in easily understanding customer behavior. The product offers a 15-day free trial after which users will have to choose a monthly or annual paid subscription plan.

Usersnap provides a dedicated plugin to WordPress website owners. They can add the service’s widget to their website and then view the bug reports and get feedback related to website issues.

Every report is accompanied by annotated screenshots that can be used by designers as well as developers to make improvements. The product also provides some extra details like browser version and device screen size.

5. UsabilityHub

Website design is important not only for creating an attractive layout but also because an efficient design always supports effective functionality.

UsabilityHub is a powerful remote testing platform that can help WordPress users identify design issues in their projects.

The service offers an extensive suite of tools to understand how people are using a website. Webmasters can run click analysis to know how visitors are interacting with a layout to complete tasks.

The service creates an innovative click cluster heat map so that you know the areas which see heightened activity on a page.

You can generate valuable feedback from your audience by running design surveys and knowing exactly what they want.

Combining this input with analytics reports will help improve website UX by quickly identifying the changes that need to be carried out to align the interface with users’ requirements.


Website owners need to constantly assess their interfaces on a variety of parameters to ensure their optimum performance.

These usability testing tools for WordPress websites will help webmasters in evaluating their properties and running experiments to discover new strategies.

Author Bio

Brandon Graves is a senior web developer at HireWPGeeks, a renowned WordPress web development company. He is a website migration specialist and is master at converting HTML to WordPress. Brandon keeps experimenting with new UX tools and shares his thoughts on various blogs.

10 Best Paid Themes To Use For Websites in 2020!

By Guest Contributor on October 10, 2019

What is the one prominent change that you have noticed over the years? Take your time and think about it, and also, the fact that you are here means you know what websites are and you are probably thinking about making one for yourself. Which also means that you have seen the great evolvement that has taken place in our lives from our day to day schedule to big concerns like profession and business?

Now, coming back to the initial question, the biggest change that people went through over the period was technological development which affected almost every part of our life. Everything became smart, our cars, our watches, our phones, and even our houses! This era is run by technology and being online is a requirement.

So how does it concern with having a website? The answer is simple if you want to have an online presence and be connected to the world apart from social media; a website is your one-stop solution. Even if you are someone who has a traditional 9-5 job this is important for you because learning about websites can help you in glorifying your resumes.

How can you have a website and how will it benefit you? 

This is not a big issue having a website is now an easy task, there are multiple videos available that you can learn from and above that there are thousands of websites online that will guide you in making a website for yourself.

All you have to do is search and look for the right website builder and even if you aren’t aware of the technical terms still you will be able to make one for yourself. This will relatively save your cost of hiring a web design agency for your work and will benefit your knowledge.

Moreover, having a website will help you professionally by identifying your presence in front of customers, competitors, and the rest of the market. No matter what your job is your website will help you build proper links that can benefit your career greatly. (Look at how bloggers have made proper earning source for themselves through websites.)

As we have developed the value of web sites so let’s move ahead and see what are the trending web templates for the upcoming year.

1. Wunderkind

The investment that you will do in any web design company could be saved when you will put a very little amount in this web developing template. It is based on ‘Bootstrap’ and gives quite an efficient look to your websites. If you are a beginner then it is a great way to start as this web developing site will help you design a website that will look smooth and up-to-date.

Besides, it gives the touch that is good for you especially if you are a business owner and has templates that can be used for a different niche. It has a video playing display and everything that you would want at first glance.

2. Gillion

Powered by WordPress it is a web template that is especially focused on writers. As WordPress itself is a writing and blogging site, thus, this web template is a boost for the bloggers and e-magazines who want to take their venture a step ahead. Being easy to understand it also helps the beginners to start, so for those who have a passion for writing and want to have a blogging career can use this.

It also has vast options for customization which you can do without worrying about technical jargon or steps. It has several colorful themes that you can choose from and it will help you create what any affordable web design company would promise.

3. Porto

One of the most prominent web templates for 2020 is Proto designed Okler Themes it is one of those which all sorts of web design agencies use as well. It is best for HTML and has a variety of styles and designs that you can use according to your needs. Porto also favors customization, hence, the money you will pay to a web design company would be saved with little effort and time invested in this template.

4. FinWin

Moving ahead if you are looking for just the starting page and don’t want to get into the hassle of a web design agency then FinWin is just the right option. This is a one-page web template that is the best pick especially for beginners whether they are looking to create a portfolio for themselves or launch a website for their business.

It comes with all the necessary coding that you need to design a web page and moreover, the variety of templates gives you the option to choose and work from. The best part about this web template is it is easily accessible on all the devices, hence, no issues whether you are working from a phone or a computer.

5. The Na

Another WordPress programmed web template that we have on the list in The Na, now as unique as the name is so is the programming character of this website. It helps in generating horizontally scrolled templates that will help you in getting the attention to your target market.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a career as a web designer and want to join a web design company this will help you build a creative portfolio. Otherwise, if you are trying to build a website for your business this template will help you attract customers and you can also generate more leads. It may look costly but it’s a good investment.

6. Jevelin

This one on our list is the jack of all trades or better to say of all web designs if you ask, this is probably chosen by best web development companies as well. The reason being it works extremely well for all sorts of market demands, so if you are looking to launch a website for your cake shop or your tech blogging this is for you!

The efficiency that this web designing template would give will give the pro web designers a run for their money (no kidding!) It has multiple pre-designed templates and multiple options for customization that you can use to create a web site that will amaze others.

7. Canvas

Programmed by semicolon web another web template that could be used for one-page web designs or even multiple page web design is Canvas. It is programmed to cater to the need of businesses and blogs with demos and templates designed specifically for each.

If you are someone who wants to begin their website regarding their business can go and search up their templates regarding your niche and you can even use it to start a blog. It will do the work that any affordable web design company would do, hence, it will save you the money you can invest somewhere else.

8. Shield

For all those who want to start a web design agency but are hesitant in paying hefty amounts to professional by hiring them should look out for shield. As the name suggests it will shield you against various costs. It is one of the best one-page web site templates, which caters to all the current trends and provides a very efficient result.

Furthermore, the user-friendly experience will let beginners do the task what experienced web designers charge good money for. It has a variety of themes and colors for the single pages websites and as it can be operated on different devices and programs it is surely the best bet to work on.

9. Benri

What is greater than a web template that will make your work look like one of those done by the best web development companies? It may look expensive but it certainly isn’t as it saves the cost of your time and approaching those expensive web design companies.

With its array of features that you can enjoy like visual composers and hundreds of already made demos, it becomes your one-stop solution to all your web designing problems. Moreover, at its rather affordable cost, it gives you quite a greater experience.

10. Divi

This one on our list is a favorite of many web designers and not many web design companies will confess but they also use this web development template. It is what brings benefit to not only the beginners who are hoping to initiate their web development career but is also used by various professionals at multiple web design agencies.

It has a variety of themes that a designer and any business owner can use to develop a distinctive and artistic website. Moreover, it can be considered as your ultimate problem solver as it provides a fast and efficient result that you might have been looking for all along.


These are ten out of multiple web design templates that are going to make hype in 2020, as the last year of the decade approaches you should be well-aware of the trends that are about to make it big in the web designing industry. Each of these templates offers all the qualities that well keep you updated with the latest development and will help you in designing a praiseworthy web site.

So, now the time that you will spend searching for a web design agency is gone it’s time to make one!

Author Bio:– Bryan Fernandez is a professional brand enthusiast. She also love’s to write blog niches related to brand marketing and design, currently working as a brand manager at a web design company in USA!

List Of Most Popular Javascript Frameworks

By Guest Contributor on September 10, 2019

The market is growing with the involvement of advanced software and technologies. Currently, many tech giants are introducing their JavaScript frameworks for supporting development industry.

JavaScript frameworks remain one of the most prominent web technologies. Google’s Angular and Facebook’s React are trending in the market.

There are popular many JavaScript frameworks in trend. Statista states that JavaScript is the most popular programming language among developers in the current market since 2018.

JavaScript-based frameworks and libraries were launched every year to make developers work easier.

Among them become highly popular over time. The application development widely uses JS framework. Some of these frameworks have earned the name in developing many kinds of web and mobile applications.

Businesses in application development look for a reliable and secure framework to build their applications. There focus is to provide high performance in the application process.

Thus, developers look for a framework which features easy to learn and offer the best performance.

JavaScript is a highly multipurpose programming language which is used for building many types of applications.

Today it is used to build applications like mobile applications, desktop applications, and a lot more. This programming language is used to design interactive, user-interfaces for the appealing application.

What is a JS Framework?

JavaScript framework is an application framework which is written in JavaScript that guides the developers to alter the functions according to the need application development.

Website designing is also developed with the help of a JavaScript framework. The frameworks are highly used by mobile app developers and web developers to build powerful and high performing applications.

There number of JS framework in the market and it is challenging to opt for the best options among them. Therefore, choosing the best JavaScript frameworks from the so many available frameworks for your need is essential judgment.

In this article, we will go through the top JavaScript frameworks list of 2019. This will help you to find out the top and the best JavaScript framework for your amazing application development.



AngularJS is supported by Google. It is available as an open-source, used for building single-page applications. It is one of the recognized JavaScript frameworks in the market.

Companies like LinkedIn, PayPal, Freelancer, Hopscotch and many more use AngularJS. It is considered as a powerful front end solution, used to design and building dynamic web applications.

It provides a powerful combination of functionalities of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used for hybrid mobile application development.


React.js an open-source collection of popular JavaScript libraries released in 2013 by Facebook. React.js is a new framework soon became popular in the market.

JavaScript framework React JS has the best example of the effective user interface like Facebook and Instagram.  React.js framework is used to build these two social platforms for the smooth user experience.

Top companies like BBC, Netflix, Paypal, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Coursera, and Yahoo are using React JS. Like AngularJS, React JS is an open-source collection of popular JavaScript libraries, used for developing user interfaces of single-page applications. It is scalable, fast and easy to handle view layers for web/mobile apps.


Vue.js is another open-source used to simplify and streamline user interface design. This JavaScript framework is effective for developing and design a lightweight and two-way data binding application.

It was released in 2016 and is considered the ideal mix of Angular and React. This framework has a comparatively easier learning curve that is why it is known as the best choice.

Top companies Adobe, Grammarly, Behance, Alibaba, and Xiomi use Vue.js.  It is the fastest emerging framework that is considered an ideal JavaScriptin the market.


Node.JS is among the most popular JavaScript frameworks, provides a strong platform for application development. It can be used as an open-source framework to create server-side and networking applications.

Companies Walmart, Uber, Paypal and many other which are using Node.js. It offers cross-platform runtime environments.

Therefore, Node JS can run on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is a server-side JavaScript framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine.

This framework is featured with open-source libraries and the NPM packages, perfect for real-time collaborative.


Aurelia.js is a very advanced and developer-friendly framework. It is one of the newest JavaScript frameworks that make the process of site development extremely creative one.

It is promoted as the next generation UI framework Aurelia JavaScript framework is a collection of open-source modern JS modules scripted in ECMAScript.

It is designed using the latest JS standard, ES6 and has the ability to function in all modern web browsers.

Companies like Filee, Freska, Questionnaire, NOD Studios and more are using Aurelia.js. Versatile applications can be designed with the featured huge libraries as per the requirements.

Aurelia is the only framework in the market, which helps to develop components using plain TypeScript or JavaScript.


JavaScript is a highly versatile programming language used for developing many types of applications like Client-side, server-side, mobile applications, etc.

It is one of the core technologies of tech World along with HTML & CSS. Today, most of the websites and applications are being developed using JavaScript Frameworks.

The focus is on designing interactive user-interfaces and apps with amazing features with appealing functionalities.

The tech world is coming up with different application and JavaScript is used for offering the users the best experience.

Author Bio: Harry willam is a Business analyst at Quytech, a well-known Augmented Reality company. She loves to write and share about new technological trends in the domains of mobile, AR, VR and AI.

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