Top 7 Useful Techniques for PHP Developers

By Guest Contributor on April 18, 2019

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and website developers across the world enjoy working with it. If you search online, you will find that a number of popular websites like Facebook and WordPress have been developed on the PHP framework.

PHP gives faster and reliable web development experience and that is why it has become the most used scripting language in the world of information and technology. One of the best parts of this programming language is that a developer can easily find thephp tips and tricks on how to use the language to build websites and here we have brought 7 useful php tricks for web developers.

#1. Keep Error Reporting Enabled

This is going to be one of the most useful php tricks to work with, as the error reporting feature can make the job easy for developers. If you want to handle the issues like the error, you can set the program to show the errors.

In order to set a setting, you have to replace the file naming php.ini when working on your project. If you include these two following lines at the starting level it will be quite easy for you to find the errors. These two lines are; 1. error_reporting (E_ALL), 2. Ini_set (‘display_errors’, 1). This code will help you to see all types of errors when you will be developing the website.

#2. Use PHP Debug

If you are looking for some useful information and advance php tips regarding your website development project, you can use the PHP_Debug, which is an open-source program designed to deliver useful information on HPH code required for debugging.

This tool can minimize the processing times of both PHO and SQL. You will be allowed to check the performance of the code you want and find several dumps in visual form. This can be a great experience for developers seeking graphical output than the results provided by print_r() or var_dump().

#4. Say Goodbye to the MySQL Driver

This is 2019 and most of the website developers are working with PHP7. If you were working with a web development project two years back, then we could talk about MySQL driver but it is 2019 and you have to say MySQL goodbye.

It is time to leave MySQL driver and look forward to work with the advanced ones. You can work with PDO extension and it will help you to establish connections between different managers’ database. Yes, you can definitely work with MySQL, but you may miss some features when working with a backdated driver like this.

#4. Prefer a Simple URL

It is better to come with a simple URL rather than a complex one, as this will help the audience to find it easily it the crowd. If you want to make the URL simple, you have to use the file .htaccess, as this is the best way to make the URL simpler for the users and the SEO as well.

This hidden file will help you to get plenty of Apache directives. This is one of the best tips a developer should follow while working on a project with PHP. The following code will help developers to make a clean and simple URL for their website. – 1. RewriteEngine On, 2. RewriteRule ^ ( [ a – zA – Z0 – 9 ] + ) $ index . Php? Page = $ 1

#5. Find out the Difference of Comparison Operators

This is one of the cool php tricks and it is going to help you a lot if you follow it precisely. You have to know the difference between comparisons. However, here you should know that a non-strict comparison can create problems for the developers working on regular and custom php development.

The comparison operator is also known as identical operator and it allows developers to perform a strict comparison between the values or variables. Remember, if both the given variables come with the same data, the operator will return as true.

Developers at the top php development company often use strpos() to make sure if a substring remains within the string. If such a thing happens, then the result can be negative. Here, you should remember that if you cannot find a substring within a string, it will return as false. However, the best part is this you can address this problem with a strict comparison.

#6. Be Aware of the isset() Problems

If you are ready to work with PHP, then you should have the knowledge of isset() function. This can be a game changer for you if can use the trick to develop a PHP website. Before you start working with it, you should know when isset() gives false and when it returns true. This simple knowledge will help you to gain many benefits from it and this will help you to learn php fast.

For example, if NULL comes with a valid value from the variable, you will definitely get a problem. Here, you should remember that a NULL character is not similar to the PHP NULL constant. If multiple parameters are delivered during the project, then isset() will respond with true provided all parameters are set.

#7. Use Tools for Testing and Optimization

It is better to use testing and optimization tools to test the stability and scalability of your web applications. You can use PHP Unit, which is a testing tool for PHP5 and it is quite easy to work with it. You can also use tools called Simple Test to check the functionality of your web applications.

If you are looking for a convenient unit-testing platform, the Simple Test will be an ideal option to work with. It is quite easy to work with Simple Test but if you are a newbie in this field, you can read tutorials to learn more about the testing tool.


These are some of the best and advance php tips and tricks you can use when working with a PHP framework. PHP is a basic programming language that can easily be used to develop websites. PHP framework paves the structure, where a developer can build a highly functional website. Developers who use PHP framework to build websites can deliver satisfactory outcome quickly. The framework allows developers at php development services to develop applications rapidly without even using too many codes.

This article is contributed by Maria Brown, Content Writer, Blogger and maintaining Social Media Optimization for 21Twelve Interactive – PHP Development Company in India 

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How to Secure Your Word Press Website?

By Guest Contributor on February 24, 2019

We have heard this issue some many times from internet users. Security is the biggest issues for various bloggers and influencers very often. If is very usual that your website can be hacked by someone. Some day you wake up in the morning and you want to publish an article on your blog when you open it in your browser, you are shocked. You find your website hacked.

What will you do now?

These kinds of trouble are faced by many bloggers. But main question is that how to secure a website or a word press website.

Word press is the first priority of most of hijackers in their hit list. Because there are lots of free themes which are used by many bloggers and they never do upgrade them.

Another reason is that word press is an easy target because of its “WP Admin” panel.

So here are some tips to protect your word press blog and make it secure in every form. Eventually you need to pay very good attention on the following points. So that you aim of visiting this page could be complete.

In this internet world, lots of bloggers are used word press to run their commercial website. Most of them don’t know enough about advance security features. They only focus on content marketing and SEO.

This guide can help you a lot in case if your words press is hacked.

Find Good web hosting services

First and power step to protect your website is to buy flexible web hosting service to host your commercial blog. You need to find a web host which offers you multi-layer security features. Website owners try to find cheap web hosting and they don’t concentrate at quality web hosting features. When they buy a cheap web host then they actually buy low quality host which don’t have essential security features.

In this case you need to get better hosting plan which have necessary security features.

Stay focus on theme

Although, word press offers you highly secure and professional theme but there can be lots of issues with free word press themes. So in this case we want suggest you to go for premium theme. These kind of themes designed by highly professional web developers.

WordPress offers these themes after getting many tests. Premium themes are consistently updated by developer and they also provide you support when you will face issues.

Free themes are crack version of original theme and they can be hacked easily so you don’t need to buy them.

Install Security Plugin

Word press plugins are easy targets to hack and extract important data. In which, you have to update tool and plugins regularly. Having lots of plugin not only can harm your website but also these can be responsible of less security. Use only limited plugins and you need to up-to-date them on every day.

If your website and plugins have not been updated for long time, these are the big holes into your website which make your site unsecure. So you need to pay attention on them.

You have to install tools and plugins from a legal platform. Don’t download any kind of tools from an unfamiliar source.

Create strong password

I see it often that various bloggers use simple password to access in their blog. Highly advanced hacker can easily crack these simple passwords. If you are using simple these passwords like name123 or name@456 so you need to be aware and change it as soon as possible if you want really protect your website.

It is necessary to use complex passwords which contain special characters. You must not include your name, family name and other related thing which are related to daily routine.

Use SSL Certificate

Secure socket layer is important for every type of website. This certificate offers them encrypted connection in order to protect website and transaction. Google also give priority for those websites which use SSL certificate.

This SSL certificate is mandatory for every website to protect secret information related to your users and other personal details. If your website is using credit card features and other transactions process, you must need to buy a SSL Certificate.

This article is contributed by Neeraj Sharma, Content writer at hostnetindia – offers web hosting, Linux cloud, shared hosting, Reseller hosting and dedicated server.

6 Benefits of Hiring a Web Designing Expert

By Guest Contributor on November 28, 2018

A carefully created and professional looking website is liked by all segments of society as it helps people gain the desired knowledge and make decisions easily and quickly.

When you wish to take your business to the WWW with a sole intention to increase the brand awareness, and reach out potential customers and sell more products, your website must show professionalism and the information searched by visitors.

This is possible only when you get in touch with a professional web design company or an individual web designer. They benefit you in many ways.

Let’s have a look at the top 6 benefits of hiring a web designing expert now.

#1. Experience & Knowledge Matters A lot in Web Development

When you tend to have a stylish and trendy website that stands out of the crowd, satisfies the parameters of different search engines, easily meets the rapidly changing needs of the Internet audience, then you need the assistance of an expert web designer or SEO company.

It is because only an experienced and well-informed web designer can keep a close eye on changing trends in web design, SEO, the user behavior. These things are necessary to create faster, eye-catching, professional & user-friendly websites.

These days, many people use different CMS systems to create websites with the help of pre-made themes and plugins. Always keep in mind that using predesigned themes and plugins don’t help you create websites you dream of. You necessarily need to customize those themes and extensions and reshape them as per your needs. Only an experienced web designer can do this. So, hiring website developers makes sense when you have to create professional websites.

#2. To Deal With Website Errors ASAP

The availability of multiple content management systems, free themes, plugins, & extensions have enabled even non-technical persons to create makeshift websites in a great hurry and join the world of online business. Such websites don’t stand in the rat race because they contain several errors. Generally, non-technical persons have almost zero or insufficient knowledge of different types of website errors. So, when such problems take place, they become panic and desperately look for Professional Web designers to do the troubleshooting work.

You must keep in mind that website errors must be solved as soon as possible. If you remain ignorant towards those problems, they will affect the SEO ranking of your website and the business generated by it. Moreover, flawed websites invite intense criticism from search engines and people alike. So, it is always advantageous for you to keep an experienced web designer or developer in your team. He/she can easily track different types of website errors within a few minutes and solve it immediately.

#3. To Save Your Hard-earned Money

You must know that the successful creation, operation, renovation, migration, and maintenance of a website comes at a great price. From time-to-time, you need to spend dollars on website domain purchasing, server, themes/plugins, extensions, firewalls, antivirus, etc. Website design and development is an expensive affair.

If you contact professional web developers for different web design services, it can make a big hole in your budget and jeopardize the financial well-being of your organization. So, it would be better to hire a Professional Web designer on a fixed monthly payment and keep using his/her expertise for the development of supervision of your website at all the times.

#4. Services on Demand

We all know that the profitability and popularity of websites are determined by its uptime and the services offered by it to the targeted audience. 100% website is a dream of many site owners as their sites are exposed to various types of online security threats, sudden technical errors, updates in themes and plugins or CMS, Google updates.

All these activities greatly determine the business generated by your website. During the crisis time, the assistance of a professional web designer helps you to keep the things under control and help visitors find what they are looking for. Experienced web designers always provide different types of services on demand to ensure 100 website uptime and keep business opportunities falling in your way.

#5. Innovative Ideas keep Flourishing

In the digital word, only those companies get the ultimate success that keeps inventing innovating ideas to present useful information to customers and help them make transactions one after another. Big IT companies, such as Google, Facebook, Yandex, Amazon, etc, are successful because of their innovative ideas. You will be surprised to know that people around the world have different tastes and preferences. A company that sells products and services must always invent innovative ideas to communicate with customers and make more business opportunities. This is possible with the help of a Professional Web designer.

#6. 24*7 Website Performance Monitoring

Website performance monitoring is essential to keep your business alive and stay in the competition. Always keep in mind that the better the development process is, the less often the performance problems will appear. But, it’s a fact that they cannot be avoided completely for the banal reason. Proactive website monitoring includes two things- (a) Active notification of problems & (b) Clear action plan for localization and troubleshooting. It is always convenient to build a notification on a ready-made monitoring system. You can perform this work easily with the help of a professional web developer.

Final Words

The Internet audience loves only those websites that help them find useful info easily and make decisions quickly. A professional web designer helps you to create trendy, information-rich, and trendy websites in an easy way and keep a close eye on its performance & usability for the targeted audience.

It is essential because customers, partners, competitors come to your site every day to monitor the pulse of your company. There should not be a single outdated line on the site and you should rejoice website visitors with fresh information every day. All these are possible if there is a well-trained and experienced web designer. So, hire a professional web design company and take your business to a new level in a few days. Good luck.

Morris Edwards is a digital revenue growth specialist and a web designer of Awebstar- Best Web Design and Development Company Singapore. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to get his new articles and updates instantly.

7 Important Things to Consider Before Building a Website

By Guest Contributor on November 15, 2018

Building a website is not an easy job because you have a lot of things to consider. Without having proper knowledge, you are likely to mess up things. Undoubtedly, your website serves as the touch point and it has to be perfect. Here are the seven most important things that you need to consider while building your website.

#1. Define your objective:

This is the first thing that you need to do because, without a defined set of goals, it is almost impossible to have your site constructed. Having the right objective would mean getting answers to the right questions like what you want to achieve. At this juncture, you need to discuss, analyze, clarify and strategize

  • You need to answer “who, what and why”
  • Consider the measurability aspects like how much traffic you expect and how much you want to spend
  • Create actionable plan
  • Keep things feasible and realistic
  • Have a timeframe

#2. Define your target audience:

Ultimately, you would create a website for your customers, right? That means you have to define the audience group and understand their behavior. Use social media analytics to find out about your audience behavior. At this juncture, you should consider looking at their content consumption habit because this will help you in crafting your content strategy later.

If you look at the above image, you will discover that it explains where the customers are, how they purchase and what kind of content they consume. This will help you in getting things more streamlined.

#3. Choose a domain name:

Since your business name is important for your success. The domain name will help you your customers in finding your product and service. For instance, as fashion house the domain name is more appropriate than a name that does not speak your business idea. At this juncture, you need to consider a few names and search for availability of the domain name.

#4. User-friendly:

Since Google and other search engines are keen on giving their users a great user experience, you need to have a site that is user-friendly. Undoubtedly, user-friendliness would mean having a site that is accessible on the all the mobile ecosystems. That is not all! Actually, you also need to build a site that is fast.
That means the website should open in less than 7 seconds. Apparently, this will help you in getting the preferential search engine page ranking. You can use various tools to get the speed of your site.

User friendliness would also mean having a clean site that is easy to navigate and find the products. Ensure that you do not go overboard with visual ideas because you have to also maintain the functionality aspect top. You should never look at the website from only an aesthetic viewpoint. Undoubtedly, this demands you to have great designers who can maintain a balance between visual aesthetics.

You have to consider your product or brand line while creating the website. For instance, if you are creating an e-com site, then you must and should consider having a site that makes your users find the products easily and that demands you have the right layout.

#5. Have a great content strategy:

The content strategy plays a vital role because the new age consumers are content savvy. However, they want informative and high-quality content. But content strategy should go beyond the confines of the website copy. In fact, you should entail SEO, social media optimization and integration.

You must find out what kind of content your users generally consume. That information can be found if you look at the social media analytics. In addition, you should also sit with your team and discuss to gain more insights into your customers content consumption habits.

#6. Promote your website:

You should not create a website just because it is important. Undoubtedly, it’s important but it does not make sense if you cannot promote. The web universe is way too cluttered for your site to be visible. Therefore, you must have a great promotional plan.

You have to have promotional plans for both offline and online platform. Make sure that you run PPC ads, organic SEO and AdWords. You should also consider promoting your site on social media sites.

When it comes to off-line advertisement, you must consider promoting your website on your business cards. A great PR strategy must be in place to promote it. More than 30 percent of e-commerce transactions take place on cell phones.

#7. Consider hosting:

Since you need a hosting service provider that can handle your site’s traffic, you have to get the best hosting. All, you need to do is to find out about various hosting companies and look at their offers. At this juncture, you need to identify the operational mode. For instance, if you want to manage the site on your own, then you must get a hosting plan accordingly. Some people prefer the hosting service provider to maintain it. In brief, you must speak with your technical team to identify your own requirements.

Over to you:

The above-stated points should be considered while building your site but then, you also need to find out whether you want to build a site using your in-house team or you need to find a service provider. If you do not have the technical capability, then you should consider hiring a service provider.

But you need to be careful when you search for the service provider because not all the service providers offer the best quality work. Before hiring the service provider, you should and must look at their previous work sample.

By following the discussed facts, you can build a great site. So, ensure that you approach web building process analytically. The web world is highly agile and fragmented and to succeed on that platform you should have a great site. Now, you should be ideally in a better position to build a perfect site and gain competitive advantage.

This article is contributed by Smith Andrew, Jr. Content writer working with Ranking by SEO.

6 ways to Make your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

By Guest Contributor on September 15, 2018

Studies are showing how consumers are spending more time connecting to the Internet through mobile devices compared to desktop computers. This trend has already been taken into consideration by internet giants, opting them to advise that mobile-friendly websites are going to get more ranking points. This mobile-first index is an important shift in search engine optimization, and must really be taken into consideration by businesses as they maintain and develop their websites.

To help you in ensuring that you do not get left behind on this shift in website development, we will be sharing 6 effective ways on how to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly. The following tips can help you easily make your site significantly friendlier for mobile users.

#1. Images, CSS, and HTML optimization

There are basically two primary considerations in making your site mobile-friendly: designing your site to fit a smaller screen while keeping it visually delightful and making the most out of objects without causing performance issues on less capable devices – in short, it’s balancing user experience and site performance.

Images, an important element for any website, should be optimized for mobile. Of course, images should be smaller to ensure that it will look fine on a small screen. There are tools that can help compress images to a smaller file size. You should also control the use of images, and that you should remove photos that do not exactly add value to your pages. Remove unnecessary photos that could just weigh your website down. and Even then, the photos that will stay on the site should be lightweight. You should also consider that most users browsing through mobile would more often use cellular data, and it would cost them a huge amount of their data allocation if you retain a number of high-resolution images.

It’s also recommended that you compress the HTML and the CSS of your website in order to keep your page running smoothly on mobile. If not optimized for mobile, the page would have design and performance issues on handheld devices. Make sure that you tweak your settings so that everything works perfectly. It would be great if you make use of a trusty cashing plugin that can help you out.

#2. The Help of Responsive Plugins

There’s a wide range of plugins that can help improve your site’s functionality on mobile devices. Here are some plug-ins that you should consider using to improve your site’s mobile-responsiveness:

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

This plug-in helps provide themes for your mobile website that is different from what would appear on desktop web browsers. First, it detects whether the visitor is using a mobile device or not, and would alter the design to your desired theme.

Call Now Button

A straightforward plugin, it adds a mobile-integrated call button on your website, which can really capture the attention of mobile users. This is very helpful in raising customer call-ins for inquiries, setting appointments, or basically just to bring customers in touch with your business.

Cornerstone Page Builder

This plug-in provides a lot of ways to include various elements to your website.

Dynamic Widgets

It helps you manage widgets on mobile sites and allows you to choose for what pages on your site these widgets would appear so that the overall performance of your clients’ phone won’t be affected

Favicon by Real Favicon Generator

This makes your mobile site flexible to the screen size to make sure that it runs smoothly across various mobile devices.

Max Mega Menu

This plug-in manages the menu of your mobile website. This feature helps make your mobile site easy to navigate, considerably improving the experience of your site’s visitors.

Mobile app Plugin

If you want to easily transform your website into a mobile website or create mobile app out of your website, this is an excellent plug-in that you should consider using.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

This keeps your photos looking great while keeping file size manageable, ensuring that your images would load quickly on mobile devices without compromising quality.

WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin helps you come up with a great mobile website and has a number of themes that can help you set up your mobile website.

WP Touch

It ensures that visitors using mobile devices will be directed to your mobile site. Your mobile site would also adjust to the screen size of the device that being used.

Plugins are very helpful especially when keeping a mobile website smart. Make sure that you make use of decent plugins and that your site works smoothly.

#3. Pop-ups are a no!


While it is understandable that popups are marketing strategies, they must not lead to a bad user experience, especially on mobile sites. That is why these should be taken down for mobile websites. Popups and interstitials that cover the whole screen are already bothersome for desktop computers, but it is even worse if on mobile. Sites that make use of pop-ups and interstitials loses points from Google, so make sure that you avoid making use of these in your mobile website.

#4. The use of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project makes mobile content load faster. Google sets optimization standards that greatly improve the loading speed of an optimized site. The fast loading, coupled with standardized formats, improve the customer experience to a great degree.

An “AMPed” site will surely be mobile-friendly the way Google wants a site to be. Furthermore, AMP websites are expected to rank higher in the results page. So, aim to have your website abide by AMP standards.

#5. Full-Fledged Mobile App Consideration

Earlier, a plugin that can help transform your site to an app has been discussed, which is vital because mobile apps are also evolving in a fast pace. There are mobile apps for various needs, and having a dedicated app for your site is a brilliant idea.

While some businesses only have websites, a number of businesses maintain both mobile website and mobile app. While doing the latter is an added challenge, it’s quite rewarding as the app version of websites are more engaging, and could help you improve the user experience of your customers without being limited by any web browser.

Mobile Friendly Test

Google has a mobile-friendly test which can help you assess which areas of your mobile website will need more work. You may also make use of Google Analytics which provides you with the ability to determine what kind of mobile devices your visitors use. This can help you prioritize as to what device you will need to optimize best.

Make sure to utilize this helpful tool to determine what you need to do to make your site mobile-friendly.

#6. True Shift in Search Rankings

With Google’s mobile-first index, being mobile friendly is a necessity for business that are engaged in websites. While the SEO is not revolving on only making your site mobile-friendly, it is a significant factor for ranking.

Our tips above can help you step up your mobile-friendliness game so make sure that you spend time in adding the above tips to your website management initiatives. SEO now heavily involves mobile-friendliness so make sure that you are not left behind.

Perhaps the best way to conclude this is that WordPress itself is finding ways to help WordPress sites more compatible for mobile. Your actions plus that of WordPress itself can work hand-in-hand to help you reach the desired goal in the search engine results pages.

Author Bio:- A true expert in web design and mobile app development, Kenneth Sytian is a web designer in the Philippines and owner of Sytian Productions. His no-nonsense approach to design and a decade of solid experience is a winning combination for his clients.

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