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By Guest Contributor on September 15, 2018

Do you know what Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is? Well, this booming structure or process in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is already present for more than a decade now. It is a business model where companies pay their advertisements only when these generate clicks. Hence the name of the model, Pay per Click. That is the basic concept of this business model. So far, many companies are falling for this new marketing strategy because of the key benefits it provides.

As SEO becomes mature, Pay per Click advertising is also gaining grounds in many companies. Lately last 2015, many marketing campaigns in the Social Media that focus only on PPC. It took the Social Media by storm having many netizens supporting this campaign.

Why do you think the number of companies that use Pay per Click advertising increase every year? It is evident in human psychology that people stay on a specific strategy if they profit more from it. Well, that is the actual reason why people stay with PPC. People appreciated the main advantages of PPC.

The Benefits of Pay per Click Advertising

For those who are eagerly waiting for clues as to what types of benefits PPC can offer their users, here they are:


  • Pay per Click advertising is low cost. The advertisement owner will only be charged by the website owner when visitors of the site will click the advertisement. This is way cheaper than paying a bulk advertisement package. Today advertisement packages are quite expensive, and there is a low probability that you can profit from it. With that, it is better to spend less for your advertisements on other websites. Pay per Click is the perfect opportunity to advertise more and spend less.
  • Pay per Click encourages meaningful advertising. Why meaningful? That is because advertisement owners only pay for each time an interested visitor clicks on the links. Each dollar spent for PPC means that the advertisement was able to bring an interested potential customer for the company.
  • In PPC, somebody gets to help the advertisement owner on making people notice the advertisement. The website owner will use help on making the marketing efforts. It is a mutual effort in between the website and the advertisement owner. For the website owner to earn from the click, he or she will bring traffic to the website. Thus, the advertisement owner did nothing but pay, and the website owner does the legwork.
  • In Pay per Click, you can impose a budget. The advertisement and website owners can agree on a daily and any periodic cap for the number of clicks generated. It is very convenient for the advertisement owner, especially if the company is on a tight budget.  PPC is also beneficial for the website owner. He or she can control the effort that will be done daily depending if the cap is reached or not.
  • In Pay per Click, the advertisement owner can view the results of the marketing campaign as early as the next day. That perfectly makes sense because they will be counting the number of clicks done daily. It is very convenient. Isn’t it? Though the speed of seeing the campaign results depends on many factors, the probability of having daily results is big.
  • PPC gives helpful data that allow advertisement owners to confirm the effectiveness of their other marketing channels. The advertisement owner will know the effectiveness of the used keywords through the number of clicks generated from it. That is just one marketing channel among the others that can also be helped by the use of PPC.
  • PPC allows location targeting. This applies to PPC. PPC campaigns can either be in national or provincial levels. This way, advertisement owners can know the exact location of their potential customers.

In the competitive world of online marketing, PPC advertising is an efficient business model that advertisement owners can depend on. What more can you ask for? PPC it is not only budget-friendly, but it also requires less effort from the advertisement owner. To add to that, PPC can be of help to other marketing channels the company manages. Pay per Click is a very simple business model. Fortunately, its efficiency is more than those online marketing strategies present in SEO today.

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