How Do You Hire an iOS Developer?

By Guest Contributor on September 15, 2018

Due to the tremendous growth in mobile use for meeting different personal and professional needs, iOS app development companies are trying to develop mobile applications to multiply their business volumes by leaps and bounds and strengthen ties with existing & potential customers. It also helps them to maintain the efficiency and high productivity of daily business activities. So, the demand for the developers of iOS-applications is constantly growing with each passing day.

To create software for iOS- two main programming languages-Objective-C and Swift from Apple are used extensively. Experts who are familiar with these technologies are always in high demand in the job market.

With the growing popularity of iOS Applications, there is a higher the competition among companies to hire talented iOS developers who develop quality products and help them capture more shares in the market. Some organizations can afford to develop the application on their own, others rely on third-party iOS developers to keep up their business. How to find a good iOS developer among the crowd of many options? Let’s read some of the most useful tips mentioned below:

  1. Define Your Needs At First

    Always keep in mind that iOS app development takes place in several stages. So, you need to have at least the basic idea about the design and functions of your app, its type, audience, goals, etc, before looking for an iOS developer. This enables you to find a suitable individual for meeting your needs.

      2. Post Your Requirement on Online Resources


 The global internet is the best place to find a competent iOS developer you are looking for. You can make a default search on    Google (or on alternative search engines) and get several results for that. Go through different suggestions, select some profiles to make a comprehensive comparison and make a smart decision. LinkedIn is a business based social networking website which is perfect for finding reliable mobile application development companies in Australia and other parts of the world. You can post your requirements on different online portals and get contacted by a good number of iOS developers.

    3. Compare Different Profiles From All Angles

compare different profiles

After selecting a few profiles of iOS developers, you need to examine their talent and expertise from different angles in order to make a smart selection. Some basic parameters are explained here below:


Brief Explanations

The sufficient Knowledge of iOs Development technologies

An iOS developer should have a fair understanding of the following technologies:

  • A Git code repository technology,

  • Familiarity with iOS 10 and newer OS versions,

  • OpenGL or Metal, iOS graphics APIs,

  • 2D and 3D graphics frameworks,

  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines,

  • UI and UX design experience,

  • Frameworks and APIs like Foundation, UIKit, and CocoaTouch,

  • Apple’s Xcode IDE and

  • Objective-C, or the Swift 3.0 programming language.


The word “professionalism” in business communication refers to a quality in iOS developers. They stand for good knowledge of the iOS app development industry, the right approach to decision-making, reasonable choice of effective actions, knowledge, and consideration of diverse experience, control of the situation at the workplace. So, choose an iOS developer who adopts a high level of professionalism in his/her communication with clients.


Experience matters a lot when you are looking for an iOS developer that can create amazing iOS software and make it sell like a hot cake. Choose a candidate who has at least 8-10 years of experience in the iOS app development industry.

Work Samples

While dealing with a particular candidate, ask for his/her work samples. This will let guess about his/her actual potentials and make an appropriate decision accordingly.

The Ability to Fix complex issues

iOS software and apps often behave strategy and they have several issues and problems. Just find out the iOS developer is competent enough to solve complicated issues of iOS software and apps or not before making a decision.

  4. Prefer Quality To Price

Always keep in mind that finding a talented iOS developer is as difficult as choosing a diamond in a pile of stones. So, be careful and assume that a high price does not necessarily mean high quality. However, You need to have a definite budget before you start searching an iOS developer. The actual cost of the work depends on the complexity level of the application and the fees of the iOS working with you. The quality of the application should be the most important goal of your company. If you end up choosing an inexpensive mobile app development company Melbourne, you are guaranteed to get a headache, a lot of bugs in your app and an uncomfortable user interface. So, better find an iOS developer that can provide high-quality app and software development services at affordable price tags.

  5. Communicate With The Former Customers of The Application Development Company

Always remember that Everything should be exactly the same as when hiring a new employee after seeing an advertisement. If an application development company is smart enough and places favorable reviews on its website, don’t fall for this bait in any way. Analyze the company’s activities and ask for a list of its clients to conduct an inquiry.

If possible, talk to its former customers and hear their experience. This will help you to get a detailed knowledge about the mobile application development companies in Australia and know if they have the skills and experience that you need. Learn more about their successful and failed projects and make a right choice accordingly.

  6. Test drive

Do you buy a car without a test drive or purchase a house without looking at a few options? No, not at all. Just apply the same approach while hiring an iOS developer. Find the developer of similar applications and spend some time on a small “test drive”. For compliance with the standards, use your own enterprise application. If you have any criticisms or doubts about the operation of applications, discuss with the developer and make a smart decision accordingly.

  7. Search For the best warranty offer

Always remember that iOS developer’s confidence in his/her work does not always lead to good results, but it matters a lot. if you have a choice between several prospective developers, check their warranty offers carefully. These guarantees can cause the developer to have a more responsible approach your task, keeping within the budget and the deadlines and even offer a lifetime guarantee that they will fix any errors found in the application during use.

Final Remarks

The demand for iOS apps and software is increasing rapidly. These tips are helpful to find a good and competent iOS developer or company easily and comfortably.

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