Tips to Improve Backlinks Pointing to Your Website

By Guest Contributor on January 4, 2019

Link building is one of the key SEO strategies. It is a key factor that determines your standing in the SERPs for which you need to constantly improve backlinks leading to your webpage. If you have bad quality links, it does not only pull your ranking down but you can also be penalized for this.

The rules and skills required for link building have been changing and if you are not able to keep up with it, you may not be able to appreciate the value of this technique and give up on it. That would be a mistake. The right way to go about it should be constantly learning and improvement of backlinks. Here are a few ways, which can prove helpful:

1. Ask for Backlinks

If you have been facing disappointment from your backlinks, it is time to start with some fresh backlinks. You can remove the old ineffective ones and ask for fresh backlinks. A good place to start this is your contact list. It could be your friends and acquaintances who are administrators of their own websites or have a blog of their own. They can always offer a backlink to your webpage or blog. But, it is important to ensure that backlinks come from a relevant source. Do not try to get backlinks for perfumes from a technical webpage or blog. This could be harmful to your business. You should request for the links to be a part of the content rather than a footer or sidebar for better results.

2. Focus on Building Relationships

Good relationships can take you a long way in link building. A healthy give-and-take policy would prove helpful for both the parties. Along with your existing contacts, you will need new contacts. You can source these from the blogs, forums and social groups belonging to the same niche as yours. A digital agency can help you get such relevant contacts too.

The first step to build a relationship with the right sources is to visit their pages and leave behind some relevant and interesting insights or comments. Active participation on these platforms will help you build contacts, which can be very useful to improve backlinks in quality.

3. Testimonial in Exchange

Providing a website with a testimonial for the services is a great way to help the recipient build customer trust. For you, it could be a great opportunity to get potential traffic with a backlink to your page. This method proves to be much more effective than sending requests for a backlink via email. Also, this is a beneficial move for both the parties involved.

4. Have Your Own Blog

You can improve backlinks and great quality ones from a blog of your own, but you will need to keep the blog alive and kicking. If you start a blog but do not post regularly, the blog will do you more harm than good. Write regularly on topics relevant to your industry as well as your clients. Keep the posts up to date, useful and interesting. This will help you establish yourself as an authority. This will not only help increase the traffic to your blog but also get others linking to it. You can have all the links you want from your own blog. You can also create great guest posts for others.

5. Choose Your Listings Carefully

Don’t list your website on just any of the many directories available online. You will end up paying for the listings and not get any real value from them. Choose your directories after careful scrutiny. A good directory should not only provide a link to your website, but it should also provide useful information to the consumers looking for services similar to yours so that they are able to make an informed decision.

It is important to get rid of the bad quality backlinks before you start afresh on a hunt for improved links. Take help from experts to take the first step and follow the tips listed above to get better backlinks. This will help your website gain more visibility shortly down the lane.

Author bio:- Micheal Anderson is a digital marketing expert with Techmagnate, being a blogger he likes to share his articles on various aspects of digital marketing services such as ASO, Video SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing for link building.

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