Travel app development

A 2016 research shows that 70% of travellers did their travel research on their smartphones. This was two years ago and we have already become more accustomed to our handy smartphones than bigger screens when it comes to conducting transactions. From shopping online to booking our next getaway, apps make everything easier.

Developing a travel app

The travel industry is big, its prospects endless, and so is competition. So travel application development requires you to be careful with the choice of features, the amount of information, and the level of user-friendliness that you decide on.

Studies show that a majority of travel app users are millennials. Technology comes naturally to them but there are many users who still like to see a predictable design so that they can easily navigate through the app.

As a travel company you must have deep understanding of the strata of audience that you are mainly focusing on before you proceed with your travel mobile app development.

Features of a travel app

There is a gamut of features that you may want to include and yet keep your app user-friendly. Some of the most common features that your users may like to see in a travel app are:

  • Booking service and hotel recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Travel organizer
  • Taxi services
  • Navigation
  • Translations
  • Weather information
  • Local emergency services

These are some of the most common features that a travel app should ideally include. Innovators are looking for more ways to increase user experience by adding features like a travel journal through which they could take photos, record audios and even keep a written account of their journeys.

Why do we need a travel app at all?

Apps make life easier. They help users go through tons of information in a more organized and in a smooth manner. Think of hunting for a hotel by going through website after website and not having the ability to compare prices and amenities? Travel apps make things like these possible.

Then they take a step further and send in notification to you when your journey is due. They organize your tickets and reservations and if needed help you make spontaneous reservations while you are in your travel location already.

You can go through helpful advice and reviews left by other users and enjoy traveling with fewer stresses about being in a new place with few people who may know your language.

For companies, providing these features to their users helps them stay on the edge of competition. This is why you must consider travel application development for your business. – It’s about making a difference

Hopinfirst is passionate about new technologies, innovative of integrating several helpful features in a travel app and is a keen follower of the market trends to stay competitive. We set up clear project milestones and identify the most performing solutions for your travel app requirements before creating a blueprint for the app.

We make a difference by understanding your passion and beliefs and aligning your goals from the app with our travel mobile app development process. By conducting thorough testing procedures and sharing a detailed plan for the app development process. We believe in involving you through the process so that the app development journey is not just our team’s our yours, but ‘ours’.