Laundry App Development

Dirty laundry is no more a filthy or inferior commodity. It is a billion dollar business where all sorts of technological developments and growth has taken place. Laundry App development is new lifestyle! It makes it easier for you with its quick, reasonable and reliable services. It is highly on demand these days because people do not have time and they opt for better lifestyles day by day..

Laundry is taken from your doorstep and brought back well cleaned and ironed. Who doesn’t like such easiness in life for reasonable money? This thought and demand led to the invention of many big laundry cleaning machines and associated products.

Technological developments are unavoidable in any industry. More the advancement in technology, more is the growth and development of those industries. The convenience of laundry business has also improved with the introduction of mobile apps. Laundry businesses running with laundry apps are much in demand due to its ease of use. There are options for pick-up and delivery, check the progress of the picked up laundry, easy online payment options, review and rating options etc.

Laundry app development companies are also in high demand due to this. Only skilled professionals can build and successfully deliver an app, especially laundry app.

Advantages of Laundry App

On-demand laundry service apps can boost your revenue and lead to business growth. Be capable of delivering the best services with expert laundry app developers.

One Tap Request Button

Don’t waste the user’s time in typing. With a click button, users can showcase their laundry requests.

Push Notification

Provide users with a push notification feature for notifying any details. This serves as a reminder and updates the laundry status to them.


Assist customers in scheduling the laundry services as per their time and convenience.

Real-Time Tracking

The laundry service app, allows users to track the real-time order status of their laundry.

Why choose us for Laundry App Development

While creating a laundry app, we always strive to make it easy-to-use, attractive and flawless. Each screen is designed pixel-by-pixel, keeping in mind of your ultimate business goals.

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    Fully Automated

    Our dry cleaning app is automated and handles all activities without needing any kind of attention from your side.

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    Order Management

    Keep clean records of the orders completed, historical orders, and other important data related to customers and laundrymen.

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    Cloud Storage

    Manage all the necessary data with clouds. Our app stores all the important data on clouds.

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    In-App Messaging

    With the in-app messaging feature, you can keep your service providers and laundry app users in contact with each other.

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    Dedicated & Experienced Team

    Our resources will only work for your project. So, you can gain full control over their time and usability.

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    Delivery on promised time

    We are known for timely delivery keeping the quality of work as per the client’s expectations.

Technologies We Used

Our teams of skilled, experienced, expert and knowledgeable programmers use current technologies which is required for developing laundry app and website.


Well, it varies as per the requirements of the app. As soon as you contact us, we will have a clear discussion regarding the required areas and points.

Currently, on-demand laundry services have become one of the largest marketplaces. This app allows businesses to let their clients book their laundry and make payments for getting their clothes picked up and bought back clean.

The following is the process involved –
Login and request for the laundry> Choose the date as well as time for picking the clothes> The admin receives the request> The admin checks whether the washer is available> The user’s request is accepted and an mail or SMS is sent as per the details available to the admin> The pickup person will reach the user’s place and pick the outfit or clothes> Clothes are transported to the laundry and they are properly ironed as well as folded just before getting dispatched> Clothes are then wrapped in a paper sheet and delivered to the customer.

Some of the major features of the laundry app are – Scheduling the convenient pickup and delivery option, Customer account setup panel, Laundry order tracking system, Promotional notification panel, Order history records maintenance, Online supported payment gateway and in-app payments, and Facility for multiple address options.

Of course, we do provide on-demand laundry app solutions that are similar to the demo app. We will modify the color scheme as well as the theme according to the client’s requirements. Furthermore, we might add some advanced features to the basic module as per your needs however, it will be charged additionally.

We will develop the laundry app based on your needs. For the minimum basic feature, it will take 3 months. If the requirement is for advanced features, it will take up to 6 months.

We will optimize it by creating an interactive logo, relevant content and attractive interface. Also, we will add keyword filled descriptions that are relevant to what function your app does. We will also use the best icons and competitor analysis along with SEO will also be done.

Yes! Nowadays many of us are hooked on social media for our day-to-day requirements. Whether it is search, entertainment or shopping, we use social media all the time. Boost your business and achieve your goals. Make use of social media for increasing measurability and focus.

As per the legal rules followed by most of the mobile app development companies, it is mandatory to sign the NDA for securing the mobile app idea. Even though it is not full proof, it avoids disclosing any kind of confidential details to others.

We often work on using advanced as well as relevant technologies on different platforms. For websites, we use the PHP programming language. For the Android platform, we use the Android Sketch paper, MobiOne, Android SDK Emulator, etc. We use the Xamarin and Appcelerator RhoMobile for iOS.

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