9 Essential Features for Your E Commerce App

By Hopinfirst on December 6, 2018

Its fun to go shopping at times but when you have an eleventh-hour wedding to attend and there is no new dress in the wardrobe, it’s such a bummer.

Or maybe that time of year when Black Friday is around the corner and dying from stampede at the mall is your only phobia that’s holding you back from visiting that favorite store of yours.

But hey! These things are no-more to be bothered about.

Ever heard of Online Shopping?

Web designs and development have advanced so much in recent years that they now offer you to shop online? Pleasing – Isn’t it?

From Bath and Body to IKEA, you have them all with their online shopping stores where all you have to do is click, add to cart and checkout.

Painless right?

But sometimes, on those rainy days when sales are on and accessing their websites which due to heavy traffic tend out to go inaccessible. What sorts the issue out for us?

E-Commerce Applications or Shopping applications?

Never heard of them?

E-commerce is basically an application or platform designed for people to use it for exchanging/buying and selling of goods. Through these, purchasing or selling is just, say a click away.

Download Souq or Dubizzle and delve into how they operate.

Although they are somewhat similar to websites offering these features yet some of them are those that make them stand out. Essential features that make an e-commerce application unique.

We are sure you must be feeling puzzled here as to how can two things providing with the same facilities vary in features?

To end this confusion, we thought on elaborating to you some of the must-have features of an E-Commerce Application. Say these to be the meat and potatoes for our main course called E-Commerce.

Let’s begin?


#1. Register Yourself

Whenever you go shopping online, you need to put in details for the order to get delivered to. So is this step. Registering yourself with the application not only makes you feed your data in system forever but also make it much easier for you to log-in every time simply and get going with shopping. Oh! Also, for you to know, once they are aware of your details, they always send in push notifications for discounts. Got you!

#2. Social Media Integration

Can you recall while registering you normally have two options? One to either fill out all the details or Log in with your existing Facebook/LinkedIn Profiles? The second form of logging in to any platform is what we call as Social Media Integration. We all hardly know anyone today who is not using Facebook or Twitter or any other social media application. So, with an easy two-step data input it mounts off the burden from users’ shoulders. Nonetheless, filling out that lengthy form makes us easily annoyed, swiping off from the screen. This feature is one of those basic steps that make accessing to the application much easier.

#3. Push Notifications

Who wouldn’t want to stay updated about any new promotions when signed up for a new adventure? E-Commerce applications normally have a base feature of sending notifications about any new updates or promotion they have to offer to their loyal customers.

We know those beeps nudging on your phones about offers and discounts from various applications. This being one of the important features of applications not only keeps us updated but also decide before hand on budgeting wisely.

#4. Simple and user-friendly Navigation

It’s annoying when zooming in and out to fix a specific picture to your mobile screen size is what you have to do while viewing let’s say a specific catalogue. Thus, while developing the Applications it is ensured that they contain minimalistic content that is easily displayed, appears non-pixelated, simple and does not look huddled. Having the feature of developing a responsive layout is again a fundamental.

#5. Analytics

Why is an E-Commerce application developed? To Improve and enhance sales. Now, if you do not have an option to track what was the traffic or how much revenue was being earned through application buying and selling, you will not be able to mark its success ratio. Thus, integrating a feature that enables you to record the audience percentage, success ratio and usage percent is a compulsion. Having one that’s already a part of your application can help you get impressed by tracking your viewer record.

#6. Offline Capabilities

How frustrating it gets when just because of weak network you have to give up while being on the edge of ending your purchases? It’s always an add-on when your users’ can experience offline surfing and continue with their activities regardless of your network getting non-responsive. While developers look into other foremost features, making your website or application usable while offline is no less than an icing to your cake.

#7. Add t0 wish-list

Right-hand of users while surfing or scrolling down categories from which they tend to buy later – Add to wish list point does not only make it easy for them to tag without getting into the hassle of scrolling up all the way again to find what they were looking for previously but also compare if and when needed with other products that may have been added to the cart.

#8. Multiple Payment Options

How crampy it gets when with all your heart you have shopped for your favorite items and when on the verge of payment, it says Credit Cards not accepted or Currency Type ABC not accepted. Shopping Applications or websites should no matter what entertain and integrate – We emphasis Integrate and Entertain the feature of Multiple payments. This lets your customer enjoy the freedom of being able to pay via whatever mode they opt for. Be it Credit Card or debit or perhaps cash. Not only does it make it easier for them but for the applications too as they can easily feed in the data for future references if saved.

#9.  Easy- Checkout

Once through with all the formalities and shopping modes, it gets easier for if checking out is just a click away. Having innumerable clicks and information to input that too when checking out gets fussy. And God-Knows-When can it ruffle your customer so much that they simply shut down the application and shop-no more?

The above mentioned are just those Top 9 Essential features we believe are important for an e-commerce application. However, there are plenty more that if missing make an application incomplete.

With these not only can you being developers ensure giving your user a relaxing and fun experience but also be sure of yourself getting the best responses ever.

Just in case if you are a Web Designer or Developer, we believe reading these must have given you an idea on what can you integrate in your final layouts.

This article is contributed by Ezra Felix , professional web designer at WebbyGiants – website design company

How much does it cost to develop On-Demand Food Delivery App like GrubHub?

By Hopinfirst on November 22, 2018

In today’s world, everyone has a very tight and packed work schedule. The days of preparing food with ease are gone and people look for easier and effortless options to save their precious time. The perfect blend of technological advancement and industrialization is introducing a new era of modernization in the lives of the people.

In this fast growing economy, food delivery app development companies are growing day by day. On-demand food delivery applications like GrubHub, Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Postmates etc are capturing a huge share of the market with their magnificent and enthralling features.

Food ordered at the click of a button gets delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible. The days of standing in long queues at takeaways or waiting for hours at the restaurant for food are long gone with the advent of on-demand food delivery applications.

Cost of developing a food delivery app like GrubHub

Let’s talk about one of the most famous on-demand food delivery applications-GrubHub. GrubHub is an online food delivery app based in Chicago. It establishes a connection between the diners and the local food joints and restaurants. GrubHub has its branches spread over many nations and has around fourteen million active users and eighty thousand restaurant partners. The GrubHub application and website together connects the diners with around fifty-five thousand food joints in cities across The United States and England.

Diners can order either from the GrubHub app or the website. Both these options allow users to order food online, either electronically or through mobile applications.

How GrubHub food delivery app operates

The user is required to download the GrubHub app and get registered. If he/she is using the website, this step can be skipped. Upon entering your location, the on-demand food delivery app shows you the list of restaurants and food joints delivering in your locality. The application also has an option which shows a list of nearby restaurants that offer takeaway or pickup facilities.

Grubhub also provides the users with various filters that help them in narrowing down to exactly what they desire to have. These filters can narrow down the options to a particular restaurant, cuisine, dish or locality, thus making the process easy and effortless for the user. These filters incorporate alternatives like late night delivery, festival-oriented delivery, health-conscious food delivery, a specific cuisine related delivery and many more.

Also, to attract customers and gather their support and loyalty, GrubHub does not charge any extra delivery fees from its users. However, if a certain restaurant has a minimum order criteria or charges delivery fees for their distinctive services, the GrubHub online ordering system lets the customers know about it in advance. To maintain a sense of transparency, the users are well informed about the distance of the restaurant from their place and the approximate preparation time for the order.

These user-friendly, smooth and uncomplicated features make GrubHub one of the most sought after and popular food delivery apps in the market.
The payment methods are multiple and diverse and suit the needs of each and every user. The payment can be made using PayPal, Android Pay, Apple Pay or credit/debit card. Also, the feedback and reviews of the customers are given a lot of importance and these make it easier for the novel users to select and order from a particular restaurant.

Features of GrubHub App that determines the cost of development

The amount and quality of features determine the cost of development. Listed below are some of the remarkable and incredible features of GrubHub that make it unique:

 Rating, feedback and selection of restaurants:

GrubHuB presents to the users a wide range of food joints and restaurants to choose from and this gives the customers a large range of diverse options to make a choice from. The users are also offered several discounts and appealing deals, which is determined by GrubHub’s partnership with the restaurant. The customers can rate the restaurant that they chose depending on their experience with the quality of food that is delivered to them. Not only does this help the customer in voicing his/her option about a particular restaurant, it also helps others in making the right choice regarding a specific restaurant.

Comprehending the Price Structure:

With the help of GrubHub, the users can compare the basic rates of different restaurants. This assists the customers in choosing the restaurant that falls within their budget. GrubHub also offers a wide variety of deals and discounts to its customers that increase customer satisfaction and fulfilment.

Delivery Fees:

The delivery charges differ depending on your location, estimated arrival of your order and the minimum order required for free delivery. Disparate pickup options are accessible by the people to suit their convenience. This saves time and the order gets delivered according to the wishes of the user.

Information about the Restaurant:

Comprehensive and circumstantial information concerning each restaurant is made available to the people which makes it easier for the users to take a wise decision. Details such as the location of the restaurant and the feedbacks and reviews that it has received help the customers in choosing the right food joint.

Customer Service and Contentment:

It is essential for business associations to retain the trust and support of their loyal customers. The aim of business organisations is to not only sell their products but also establish a strong bond of connection with their customers. The success of an organisation is truly determined by the number of contented and satisfied customers it has.

These features make GrubHub one of the most trusted and popular on-demand food delivery applications of all times. The success of GrubHub mainly lies in the vast support and appreciation that it gets from its customers. It has proven to be one of the best on-demand application-specially for the people who cannot prepare their own food because of time constraints.

Determining the Cost of developing an On-demand food delivery application like GrubHub:

It is difficult to estimate exactly how much will on-demand food delivery app development cost a food delivery app development company.

Predominantly, mobile app development companies charge their clients on an hourly basis and this price differs from nation to nation. You can very well check it on sites like Clutch, Goodfirms, Upwork and others.

For instance, in The United States, a client needs to pay $100-$200, whereas in the European Nations, it differs and lowers down to $50 to $150. However, Indian app development firms do this at a much affordable cost ranging from $20-$50.

#1. The Discovery and Research stage is the most important phase while starting an on-demand food delivery application. This is where the design and development part of the application comes in and costs around 10 to 15% of the entire cost required building the application.

#2. The second step involves designing the application completely. This is done keeping the consumer and his/her convenience in mind. The cost range for this stage varies somewhere between 25-30% of the entire cost.

#3. The third stage is the application development stage where the makers get the primary insight on how the app will function. Designing the various codes, incorporating the important instructions for the food delivery apps is all carried forward in this stage. Just like the application designing stage, this stage also demands around 25-30% of the total cost.

#4. The final stage is the application testing stage. This is done by professional app testers, who scrutinize the various inbuilt codes and look out for possible mistakes in the functioning of the application. This stage needs a good 15-20% of the total cost which is given to the QA testers.

Signing off:

On-demand food delivery applications like Uber Eats, Dineout, Food Panda etc. are capturing the consumer market and are trusted and relied upon by millions of people across the globe. However, thorough research and consumer feedback and reviews are crucially important to develop a successful on-demand food delivery application as the consumers are always the top priority of all the on-demand applications.

This article is contributed by Sonal Mehta , Content Lead at SoluLab, a leading Enterprise Blockchain, Enterprise Mobile Apps and Web development company

Importance of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development

By Hopinfirst on November 21, 2018

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is something that plays a vital role in the mobile app development since there are millions of similar apps available right now and there is something that should distinguish one from the other. So, the one thing that can differentiate from using other apps from that one particular app is the UI/UX design. Clearly, an app that does not look good on the mobile screens or does not provide the required experience as functions expected, animations, color contrasts, themes, readability, usability, etc is something no one would like to waste their data to download them. A bad UI/UX fails to attract the users and thus degrading the quality of the app.

What is User Experience (UX)?

User experience (UX) is something that provides the feel of the app. As a layman, it is as simple as the experience of the user while using an app. A good UX design is a technique to enhance customer satisfaction and trust with the help of simplifying the usability and app interaction. Before finalizing the app design related to the specific industry, target market and the needs of the users, it is very important to do a proper research on it.

What are some important aspects of a good UI/UX design?

#1. The symbols and the icons used should be simplified and nowadays people are also preferring the material design and minimal design concept. This way, they shall be able to relate to the app and then use it more often. The developers can then deliver an exceptional experience through it.

#2. The simpler the better. If your app design is simple, you would not need to have to explain your app using manuals or something similar to that.

#3. A good experience comes when the user feels that an app can help them in the day to day needs except for having them waste their time to figure out how to operate it. Use simplified directions and updates that could enhance productivity in an extensive manner.

#4. The design of the app should be accurate. The contents in it must not be irregular. The app icon must be catchy as well.

#5. Consider the finger size and create the icons and menu buttons on your app accordingly.

#6. Gradients help in making the UI seem more natural. Try to find good web designing services that can provide the best app experience to your users.

#7. A good research will help you know about the time taken by a general user on a particular app and thus help you know about the type of experience you can provide to the user for the usability of your app along with providing a seamless experience.

How does UI/UX play a role in the development and popularity of the app?

It is really easy to understand if an app is successful or not. Human instincts say that an app having a great look makes way for more downloads and shares and thus makes an app successful. It creates an image of your brand and the design sets an expectation for the users who download your app.

The developer should be active enough to take continuous feedback taken in order to get responses and motivate them to make your app better and more successful.

There are numerous apps that provide seamless and satisfying user experience and boost the conversion performance. For example, there is a difference that people choose WhatsApp over apps like Viber or Telegram.

Clearly the most popular instant messaging service, WhatsApp is more popular because of the user experience and the user interface their developers provide. Thus, a perfect balancing of the UI and UX make the app successful and popular.

A good mobile application looks into the needs of the user. However, if the app is not built well with the user experience or the user interface that could make the user stick to the app, some other developer will identify and take advantage of that situation. Too much of graphics would slower the app usage. Also, too much monochrome would make it less appealing. Therefore, there needs to be a perfect balance of the look that would enhance the user interface and the functionality which would enhance the user experience.

It is also important to keep in mind about the competitors and learn from the features they lack. Reviewing your app from the users is the best practice to do that. Once a review is done, you can make a report of the changes needed to be introduced and the number of things you would need to enhance in order to provide a really good app to your users.

This article is contributed by Sunny Chawla , Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs a mobile app ui design company.

A Comprehensive Guide to Developing an On-Demand App

By Rahul Som on November 19, 2018

The future of mobile applications is really bright. According to a research the mobile app market is expected to grow to 80.6 billion by the end of the year 2020. This includes every other kind of applications including travel, social media, gaming, business, etc.

The reason behind this huge success is that the mobile app is better in every aspect in comparison to a website. First of all, it is much easier to use. The loading and response time are also much faster. Its interface is simple and thus can be used by people of any age group.

Nowadays there is one mobile app for every other task from ordering food to booking hotels, shopping for your favorite pair of shoes, tuning your guitar, etc. The total number of mobile app present in the Play Store increased from 2.8 million to 3.6 million in just a single year. This clearly proves the potential of the mobile app market.

What’s actually an on-demand app?

On-demand applications are those kinds of apps which fulfills the needs of customers or end users in real time. On-demand apps could be said to be a moderator between the end user and the service provider. It equally benefits both the two. The end user gets quality goods as quickly as possible on the other hand the service provider gets a huge number of orders from thousands of customers.

One of the best examples of on-demand apps is food delivery apps like Dominos or Swiggy. On-demand apps must be high performing and reliable as their main goal is to satisfy the customer need with high-quality goods or services in the shortest possible time.

From startup companies to enterprises all are working towards developing a powerful and efficient on-demand which is capable of handling bulk and bulk of orders simultaneously so that they can further boost their economy. That’s the reason why we have come up with a complete guide for developing on-demand apps. Here is how to develop an on-demand app you can rely on.

Identify your audience

The first step is to conduct a survey so that you can identify your potential customers. Think of the problems or pains faced by the people this will give you a good idea of which direction to head. Think of something unique and different from others.

Making a strategy

Once you are aware of this exact need of the people, then you can start planning what you are exactly going to develop. The developers can also create a rough prototype of the actual product to make it clear what exactly they are working on.

Decide your team

On-demand apps require a whole team. This includes the service provider, delivery team, customers support, etc. Therefore it is good to plan about all of them in advance.

Collaboration with third-party applications

In order to create a fast and reliable on-demand app, you need to make a strong collaboration with third-party apps like GPS, Social Media, and payment gateways. Without their help, you simply cannot run an on-demand app.
Social media is an optional part however it offers a wide range of benefits. As we all there is no better marketing platform than the social media and using it you can even double your sales and popularity.

Push notifications

Push notifications play a very important role. It keeps the user informed an engaged about what’s happening in the real time. No user is going to hold the phone as long as the order is delivered therefore push notifications keep them updated about the current location of the order or the estimated arrival time etc.

You can also keep your users or customers informed about the latest offers or discounts using it.

Ratings and reviews

Provide a rate and review option is crucial. Many people take the help of reviews to decide whether they want to make the purchase or not. Reviews written by users can also be used by the company to understand and make the necessary improvements if needed.

Customers Support

Customer support is another important part of an on-demand app. Solving queries and problems faced by your users is essential as it elevates the customer trust and hence a dedicated customer support team is an absolute necessity.
By following all these steps, you can create a high performing mobile app which will surely take to sky heights in the mobile app marketing field.

Things you must know about android app development

By Hopinfirst on November 14, 2018

Android app development comes across a vast collection of Applications developed for various purposes. Android Apps has acquired the market where businesses are more inclined towards the App when it comes about user experience. Therefore, it is considered as the most popular mobile platform available in the market.

Play store is introduced with new Apps on daily basis. That show how Android OS dominates the mobile platform market. Hence, businesses are looking for an Android app to develop their services with the current demand in the market.

As Android app development has become a popular option for businesses. With over 85% market share worldwide Android is still looking to create a competitive advantage.

Here are some aspects which should be kept in the mind before developing an android application for big business or a startup.

#1. User Interface

The user interface is the primary outlook of your App. To create the first impression, the App should bring a unique brand recognition to the market. Hence, for businesses to gain a strong place among millions of other apps should develop strong UI/UX of an android app.

To sustain in the market, it is important for an app to facilitate user interaction via User Interface. Therefore, the UX must be easy to use, simple and clear enough with a minimum click to approach products.

#2. Audience

For your developed Android app success, it is important to identify your targeted Audience. It is important to know the audience your business is targeting.

It is totally dependent on the audience and their expectations for an application. Accordingly, the features and functions of an application are built.

It is dependent on the factors such as age, place, business and many others. These are major factors that define your target audience and the purpose of the Android App development.

#3. Platform Choice

Platform for your app development plays a major role in your business. The most feasible app development platform options are an android app, web app, native app or hybrid app that you want to build for business. Android always gives a strong lift to business as it holds the user with its features.

Cross-platform is in a trend that supports a wide range of devices in the market. Many app development companies these are developing an application based on the cross-platform. This platform is beneficial from both perspective (business and developers) as it delivers applications without any issues.

#4. Open Source

Android is open source and doesn’t have any licensing fee or any additional fee using Android device manufacturers. The best part is that the developer community keeps on interacting with each other and also gives information about the upcoming versions of Android. Moreover, customization can be done easily in android applications. This helps the developers to upgrade the apps that help businesses to grow with time.

Hence, Android is very much compatible with the mobile manufacturer’s end. The faster development of Android-based mobile apps gives chances for businesses to integrate the updated features.

#5. Performance

When we talk about the performance Android has always met the standards decided. The customization of the android application to the advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) never let the preformation to hamper.

Thus it let the developers and businesses to visualize the high visibility in the market. The android applications hold a strong position in the market. The performance has never been the issued in the case of the Android app development. Therefore, rectifying any errors related to the performance of the application is easy. When it comes about the performance not to make your users wait too long for the process the app.

Why Android has advantages over their counterparts

Talking about Android app development it has distinct benefits. Business is looking forward to developing App according to their requirement. Therefore, understanding the peculiarities businesses can consider which one will work better for them. Here are some benefits that help business to develop their application on Android platform.

#1. Low investment cost: When it comes to getting an app in the Google Play store, Android app development has a low obstacle in acquiring a place in a play store.
Simple integration: Android makes integration with apps easily as the business upgrades with time.

#2. Multiple markets: Android applications can be deployed according to the market needs in multiple different ways. Thus it offers an option where the businesses don’t have to fix themselves into a single market.

#3. Easy implementation: Android app is mostly used all around the globe. The reason is due to its wide acceptance among the developers. The core programming language that it runs is on Java that is considered as the foundation of the app development industry.

Bottom line

Hence, if you are going for Mobile App Development then you should opt for Android app development. It is the benefit for Android-based smartphones which can enable businesses apps to reach many customers through Android mobile apps.

Author Bio. :- Jyoti Gupta is a digital marketing specialist at Quytech, a well-known Mobile app Development Company. At Quytech, you can Hire Android Developers to develop an Android app to grow your business

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