Laundry App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

By Rahul Som on February 13, 2019

In today’s world, everyone is busy with their workload and responsibilities and no one is having much time for time-consuming tasks like laundry. No doubt washing machines have made our laundry work a lot easier, but still, in order to use them, we need to spare a couple of hours from our daily routine which is not possible because of our hectic schedule.

That is where Laundry service comes into existence. On-demand Laundry services handle everything from collection clothes to washing and then delivering it back to our doorsteps.

If you own a laundry business, you can easily increase your customer base or expand your business with the help of Laundry app. A laundry app has a very bright future because people are getting busier each and every day. So a well-designed laundry app can really elevate your current business. In this article, I will tell you some of the must-have features of a laundry app and the estimated cost of app development. So let’s start.

Essential features of a Laundry App

Friendly user interface

A friendly user interface is absolutely necessary for a laundry app. This is because the app will be used by people of all age group including the older people. A complex interface will easily confuse your customer and they may not use your app in future. So keep things as simple as possible.

Order request and status

You must provide order viewing and management feature to your app. This allows them to conveniently check their order status and pending orders.

In-app assistance

In-app assistance is also a crucial feature of any modern app. It is also a very helpful feature which can solve the basic queries and confusions of your customers in a matter of seconds. So make sure you add this feature to your app.

Push notifications

Push notification keeps the users engaged and informed about the status of their order. Using push notifications you can also inform the users about the latest offers and discounts.
Split Payment

You can allow your customers to pay half of the amount of money at the time of placing the order and the remaining money at the time of delivery. This feature really encourages the user for using your app or service because they are not all bound to pay the entire money at the time of placing the order.

The estimated cost of app development

For a well-designed app which performs smoothly and gives a tough fight to its competitors, you need to hire a professional app development team. An experienced team of developers handles everything from designing the app interface to its functions, testing and more. But hiring a good team of app developers is never going to be cheap.
Not just that but you also need to pay for payment gateway, database management, navigation, delivery partner and other similar things.

Thus in order to make a robust laundry app which performs better than your expectations you need to spend anywhere between $10000 to $25000 depending upon your location.

5 Features need to develop the an innovative iPhone App

By Rahul Som on January 31, 2019

The iPhone has always introduced an era that created great interest among app developers and users with new features. The latest trends in the market are the concern to iPhone Mobile App Development and Design with the integration of Wearable Apps. It is important and necessary to stay updated with the new features specifically for the iOS app developers to offer the best user experience.

Hence, with new APIs and services apps of new generation gain power among the industry. Hence, app developers can improve the capabilities to Phone Messages, Siri, VoIP, Maps, Apple Pay and much more to provide enhance the experience of users. With every update, new features with better functionalities are added to make an enjoyable experience.

The trends keep on changing year after year, so the iOS app developers are very specific about the app updates and the changes. These trend changes have a major influence on the business or industry. When it comes to generating more profits or create the best ROI, users always trust iOS apps.


iOS apps always create rich, interactive, and powerful notification experiences. iPhone App development is full of new opportunities to explore more to boost the user experience.


Talking about the iPhone notification the users can view photos, listen to the audio, and also be able to watch videos from inside a notification. This enhanced the user experience with new feature such as user can view live information such as map updates in real time.

Screen Time

Tracking of time while using apps on your device is sometimes new that is introduced in the latest feature of the iPhone. The Screen Time app offers a better understanding of how much time you and your kids are using specific app. This feature offers a user to check and analyze the status tasks performed on a device. Using the Screen Time app shows you a daily and weekly report of app usage. This advanced feature enables users to regulate limits for you and your kids for specific apps and websites.

Augmented Reality Experiences

This is something that iPhone is taking the user experience to the higher level. Augmented reality is the new tech era experiences that can be shared in real-world locations and time. With this user can create and share AR art with friends. ARKit 2 able to recognize objects and convert it into the 3D objects. This also helps to recognize objects through your device that incorporate objects into augmented reality experiences.

Cutting-edge Performance

Performance can be checked on the basis of regular tasks such as typing on the keyboard and launching the Camera app. Therefore, the performance of your iPhone or iPad is improved that can be noticed by the user. This noticeable feature enhancement improves the overall performance of all devices, including iPhone 5s and iPad Air. The multitasking tasks are more responsive comparatively. The Control Center and swiping the various tasks appear to two times faster than before.

Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime calls is an interesting feature that allows users to have group text on the Message App. Users can join active calls from the conversation list. The conversations are more interesting that includes center tile and you can double tap on the person that you would like to see closer. A Group FaceTime session can be started from a FaceTime calls with up to 32 people at a time. Group FaceTime allows users to make users answer incoming Group FaceTime calls with video or audio.

Siri Shortcuts

Enhanced Siri digital assistant assists Siri suggestions as a new Shortcut app for the user. Siri suggestions are getting improved with every update where they can automatically suggest third-party apps. Based on the daily routines and schedule it offers the suggestion to the user. The advanced ability of the iOS App development includes a Shortcuts API, translations, celebrity facts, Photo Memories, password search, flashlight control, Find My iPhone and much more.

The cost to Make an App iOS Application

If you have decided to make an iOS application for your business this is important to know how much does it cost. The cost of making an app for iOS Application depends on the features that you want to include in your app. The cost also varies from the size of the application and the features that are integrated into the app as per the requirement.

Closing Thoughts

The iOS app developers are aware of the app updates and the changes made by the Apple company. Hence, they offer the same experience to the user with the latest App development features and services. To sustain in the market, the business-oriented developers release about 2.2 million iOS apps in the app store in 2018. The Apple App Store is full the trendy apps that keep on increasing year after year. To generate more revenue for business and best ROI businesses, trust iOS apps.

Author Bio.:- Colleen Jansen is a business marketing specialist at Quytech, Leading iPhone App Development Company. You can hire iPhone app developer to develop an innovative app for your business.

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile UX Design

By Guest Contributor on January 28, 2019

Mobile user experience (UX) is a systematic process which involves a series of designing an ultimate user satisfaction and loyalty by improving the durability, integrity, ease of use and utility gained between the consumer and the product proposed by the company. It inculcates a chain of stages mainly concerned with the product designing, branding and communicating to the users.

The process of designing curates various do’s and don’ts which should be followed while creating an app. For better understanding, some of them are highlighted here which eventually makes the process easier and compatible.

The Do’s

1. Proper Research work

Before taking up the designing work, the most important need is to identify the target audience and their specific needs. To determine the objective based on this research so as to fulfill the demand arising in the marketplace. The ultimate objective caters to the user experience which is derived after the successful research process.

2. Jotting down the mobile app features

After attempting the research work, it is necessary to adhere to the features which can be incorporated within the app for hassle-free user satisfaction. This entire process will make the users more aligned and create a consumer base. However, the new users might face problem due to enormous features present in the app. For that, crisp and clear features should be taken so as to make a significant impact on the minds of customers.

3. Make the text decipherable

Content plays a vital role in gathering an audience for any particular app or website. Validation of content depends on the standard font size which is applied and makes it mandatory for a better user interface experience.

4. Forecasting the expectations and demands

Forecasting using various tools like regression, questionnaire, simulation, and the moving average will create basic understanding about the project to be undertaken and what kind of app should be developed within stipulated time to reach the maximum number of users.

5. Feedback at every click

For every input, it is necessary that proper feedback should be given when the process is about to complete. Clear cut feedback will assure the users that the desired action was performed fluently. In absence of feedback option, the app will keep your user guessing whether the process is complete or unsuccessful.

6. Do away with confusion or chaos

It is always advisable to stick to minimization in terms of information. Too much information on the screen might complicate the whole experience. It is best to incorporate the necessary details that can indulge the users and let go the unwanted details which clog the screen space.

7. The lesser the typing, the better it is

Mobile users will agree with the fact that typing something on mobile is an error-making and tiring process. To avoid this chaotic situation, the smartest technique involves minimizing the field displayed on the screen which will eventually lead to gathering information which is relevant.

8. Testing the design

A real implementation of the mobile app will help to identify the unseen flaws associated with the app during the development stage. It often happens that the design looks appealing on a big screen but when it appears on a small screen mobile then it looks a bit clumsy. It is better to always check on real users to check the compatibility of the app on devices. Later on, considering feedback from every individual will lead to more consistent results.

The Don’ts

1. Design overpowering readability

Usually, it is seen that in an effort to create a highly graphical user interface, the readability gets affected. Hence, it is advised to incorporate some technical specifications in terms of font and contrast given to the content.

2. Avoid taking users to the browsers

It is often seen that the taking users to the browsers (chrome etc) might lead to reduced interest and conversion also. Always keep the users connected in-app all the times.

3. Don’t pop the notification to rate the app

Nobody wants to get disturbed while browsing through an app and any such notification relating to rate the app might distract the users. Once they become your repeat users then they will be more likely to give feedback.

4. Don’t ignore the taste and preferences of consumers

Consumer base proves to be an integral part of the success of any application. Neglecting such huge base by not considering their choice and demand will lead to unacceptance of the related application.

5. Don’t make users pinch-to-zoom

Users are more comfortable with the vertical scrolling sites rather than horizontal ones. Use specific media to apply different styling for different screens.

6. Avoid usage of too many buzzwords

Too many buzzwords or jargons might create a negative effect on the minds of the users and may lead to confusion at times.

7. Avoid complexity

If you are a first-time developer then it is better to incorporate simple content rather than making it more complexed one. Always design such apps which are easily accessible for the users for a better experience.

8. Users should not be kept waiting for content

One of the major negative facts is that users get frustrated while waiting for content. It gives a false message that the app is stalled and the user might not entertain it again.

On a concluding note, it can be implied that mobile UI Design and UX Design acts as a catalyst in deciding the future aspect of the app development. It all depends on the end users of the apps i.e., the consumers who are satisfied with the content provided on the screen. An attempt to create some creative, valuable and relatable apps for the target audience to meet their expectations. These do’s and don’ts will guide you to attain the benefit to build a promising application.

Must Have Features to Make Successful Ride Sharing App

By Rahul Som on January 24, 2019

If we just think about the time 5-7 years back, travelling by cab used to be the last resort whenever we had to go anywhere. Unnecessary high fares and driver’s mood were among many reasons which caused us to cancel the cab rides and resort to other means of transport.

Fast forward to the present time when cab booking has been made such an easy and handy service that hiring a cab ride is probably the first thing that everybody prefers these days as a means of commuting on regular basis.

To ensure that the cab booking is an accessible service for the consumers, many companies have gone digital and thus have their own apps which can be used by the people to book cabs and get all the related information.

So, let’s discuss about the must have features for a ride sharing app that an App Development Company would provide in the cab service ordering app.

1. A User Friendly and Interactive UI

This is the most significant feature for every app. The user should be able to comprehend the flow of the application without any hitches. Right from buttons to the content – everything must be really simple and practical to be understood even by such a person who does not know how to read. Emphasis on creating the app in as less cluttered form as feasible to provide a better user experience to the audience.

2. Real Time Cab Tracking

Visualization always boost a better experience to the consumers rather than plain text and since GPS is mandatorily integrated in the cab riding apps, it is feasible to provide the users a real time view of the cabs available in the nearby areas. Additionally, the users should be able to view their booked cabs to know the exact location and directions. This factor also ensures safety factor for the users as they can share their ride information with the loved ones who can track the cab’s route.

3. Map Integration

This is one useful feature for both the users and drivers. As soon as the user would fill in the pick-up location, the driver will receive the route directions for that place so that he can reach there using map even if he is not familiar with the area. At the same time, a user will know which routes are available to reach the destination so that they would not be cheated by the drivers who follow a longer course deliberately, thus developing a sense of trust in them.

4. Payment Integration

This is the most crucial part of a service providing app. The users will need to pay and since everybody prefer non-cash payment options, there is a need to provide integrated payment systems such as debit/credit card, cash and wallet payment among others. Robust confidentiality, integrity and security should be offered to the users so that they can make the payments for their rides with easy and while feeling secured about their information sharing.

5. User Profile

To provide more customized options to the users, the app should have a user profile and ask the consumers to fill in their details like name, contact number and e-mail address the first time they would use the app so that they can use the same login information every time for ordering all the rides in the future. This would also help the cab service providing company to offer the customized discounts to their regular customers in order to retain them. The section should also have an option to edit profile, in case the user would want to change their contact number or email id.

6. Notifications

Send timely notifications to the users about any existing offers and promotional codes that you have ongoing for them. Also, once they book a cab notify them about the cab number and driver’s details (name and contact no.) along with the estimated time that would take him to reach at the pick-up location so that the user can contact the driver with ease, if required. Besides, provide the users with the option to share the ride or split the bill, rate the driver or their riding experience, surcharge removal, taxi arrival, replies to their complaints, invoice and transaction history.

It is important that a developer thinks from the point of view of a user while developing service providing apps and the companies that have already worked on the cab booking apps would be acquainted with all the features that are required to be encompassed in such apps.

The availability of required technology and the skilled developers would ensure that your requirements are met on time within the precise guidelines. And since you are aware of the necessary features that need to be included in your ride sharing app, you would know exactly what brief to provide the app development company.

5 Things to consider before Creating a Business App

By Guest Contributor on January 6, 2019

A dedicated mobile application is one of the best ways to take your business to the next level. A mobile application offers a range of benefits to your business. First of all, it helps in streamlining all the business process, it makes things easier and safer, and an app can also help your company in getting information related to your targeted customers.

A well-built mobile app can be a great addition to your company’s list of utilities. No doubt a website is necessary for any business. However, it is even better to have a mobile app in addition to your website so that both can work in coordination with each other. An app is better is almost every aspect if you will compare it with a website. A mobile app is convenient and easier to use. Its loading time is negligible in comparison to a website. People of any age group can use it conveniently with any difficulty. It even provides offline access to many services which is not possible with websites.

If you are not familiar with business mobile app development, then you might find it very difficult. To make things easier we have listed five simple things to consider when you are planning to create an IOS app for your business.

Consider the cost

The first and most important thing in the list is to consider the cost. When it comes to designing and developing high performing mobile app, it is never going to be cheap. Quality always comes at a cost. Therefore before proceeding any further make sure you have enough money as you don’t only have to pay the developers but there are also many other costs.

Mobile operating systems are updated regularly to fix any bugs or issues present in the earlier version. Thus you will also have to update your app so that it works perfectly with the latest version of the OS. This updating process is again going to cost you a lot of money. This makes it crucial to plan all the related costs in the beginning.

Finding a suitable business app developer

Business app development is not an easy task, and all mobile app developers are not capable of doing it perfectly. Hence you need to find someone who is experienced in this field. When choosing an iPhone app development team ask them to see their portfolio. You can also ask what apps they have developed in the past. Also, ask about their previous clients and so on.

Do a complete survey and try to get as much information as possible. One of the best ways to know whether you have found a suitable app developer or not is to contact his previous clients and ask for their opinion.

Keep the interface simple

It never a good idea to overcrowd your app with a bulk of features. This will never going to help you or your company but will affect its success adversely. Adding lots of features to your business application will make it complicated and difficult to use.

A business app should be designed in a way that it can be used conveniently by the first time users. A user should be able to immediately know what the app is for and how he can use it.

So keep the user interface as simple as possible. You can also add customization options to further elevate the user experience.


An app should never be launched before testing it. Testing an application is a crucial step as it removes the bugs and other issues which might trouble the user. The first impression is the last impression. An app full of bugs and stability issues will make the user start hating it, and they will ultimately uninstall it. This will also create a bad impression of your company. You can save yourself from these things by performing a test of your final app.

The latest method of testing is to make two versions of the same app and distribute it between two teams.

Listen and solve the user queries

Nothing is perfect is world nor is a business app. There will always be some areas which need improvement. You can listen to the feedbacks of real user and the problems they are facing through the feedback option and can make the necessary changes in the upcoming versions.

Feedback option is also useful when it comes to helping your app users and solving their queries. This way you can create a better relationship with your targeted customers which will ultimately increase your brand trust and equity.

Listed above are the five most important steps which must be followed when you are planning for a business app for your company. These steps will definitely help you in creating a great app for your business which will take your business to the next level.

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