The Future of Wearable Technology

By Guest Contributor on April 3, 2020

People from all over the world have started adopting technological advancements because it has helped them to enhance the quality of their life. Some of the industries, such as healthcare, fitness, transportation, fintech industries, are growing at a tremendous rate.

One of the massic innovations that are catching the attraction of various industries across the globe is wearable technology. This has resulted in the rise of wearable app developers.

In the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the utilization of wearable technology. People have started accessing different wearable devices, which include smartwatches, activity tracking devices, and hearing aids.

As of now, people are using a wide number of wearable gadgets, which includes smartwatches, smart bands, ID wristwatches, GPS devices, simulators, pacemakers, activity tracking devices, etc. Moreover, it is expected that wearable technology will have a great influence on the lives of people in the near future.

We can also soon expect wearable technology integrated into the fashion industry to display our identities, social status, & emotions or play a vital part in our bodies to improve cognitive skills.

Also, we would observe that various wearable app development companies partner with the manufacturing firm to develop wearables that are enhanced & minute in size. Also, these wearables make it easy for marketers to fetch user data without alerting uses, thereby saving the cost.

Now, let’s have a look at how wearable technology will have a great impact on different industries.

Wearable Technology Impact on Different Industries

Building Accessible Lifestyle Accessories

The accessories industry holds a desirable share in wearable technology. Classy wearables are technologies that look wonderful, along with providing their technological features. All the latest wearable devices are built with a blend of technology & functionality—for example, Apple devices.

Fashion Items

Different models & fashion bloggers are increasingly adopting this technology. In recent years, stylists & bloggers utilize this technology to leave more impact on style & beauty. Fashion decorating, tech jewelry, & some other services are reaching new heights in the industry.

Smart necklaces, smart bags, smart wristwatches, and also purses are used by people. One also has an option to change color to match the desired outfit that they are wearing. An outstanding feature present in the smart bags is that they provide the option to charge smartphones.

Miniature High Capacity Sensors

From the start of wearable technology, the size of wearable sensors is decreasing at a very fast rate. This tendency is going to increase in the near future, where we will see a lot of small-sized wearables with high memory capacity. The most interesting thing about these sensors is that they will be available at a reasonable price.

Moreover, these wearables will be able to comfy life in some ways, for example, identifying body language, and behavior changes in the population can result in crime & terror attack.

This will be helpful to enhance security because law enforcement will soon be able to identify crime prior to it occurring and thus take action instantly to stop these kinds of activities.

Also, miniature wearables will be widely used in the research & survey, as they help to save money. Research organizations, as well as the marketers, will be able to take benefit of miniature sensors, which can be useful to tracking consumer behavior while releasing new products or modifying the features of the products which are available in the market for a long time.

Transform Manufacturing Industry

Wearable Technology will play a vital role in the manufacturing industry and can leverage magnificent benefits. For instance, if the technology is utilized in the best way, then it can improve manufacturing processes, enhance productivity & efficiency & also increase engagement among the employees.

Here, managers can build different apps by approaching any company that provides wearable app development services as per their business needs.

By providing wearable devices and integrating their own wearable apps in it, an organization at the upper level can provide instructions to their employees & other staff members working at the lower level. This will help to enhance the performance of employees.

Healthcare & Wearables

In the healthcare industry, Wearable Technology can be used while building pacemakers, activity tracking devices, & modern hearing aids. In short, wearable technology can be useful to develop fitness trackers, smartwatches, ECG Monitors, Blood Pressure Monitors, & Biosensors.

With the help of these devices, patients will be able to check different things such as the calories burned, heart rate, sugar content, blood pressure, etc.

In the upcoming years, we can also expect wearable app development can be useful to exclude the requirement of heavy files as well as documents for all the patients. All the data will be available on the wearable app instantly.


In this ever-growing world of technology, internet research clearly indicates that there are a wide number of wearable devices available in the market. Some of the most popular wearables popular in the market include Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Amazefit, etc.

If you are looking forward to developing wearable apps, wearable widgets, or any other wearable OS features for your startup or an organization, then you can approach a professional wearable app development company. They will be able to deliver you the best wearable solution as per your business requirements.

How is Technology Impacting the Logistics Business?

By Guest Contributor on March 19, 2020

Technology is like a restless being, always evolving. This evolution of technology has pushed the boundaries of and changed the way the world does business today.

Today, technology has ensured that it can receive items from thousands of kilometers away in a day – something unheard of less than a hundred years ago. Technology has also improved the way goods are transported.

From faster trucks to better roads to improved productivity in supply chains, all of these advances have impacted logistics in one way or the other.

Here are some examples of how technology has impacted the logistics industry in the last few years.

Tracking packages

As recently as the 1990s, all customers had was an estimate of the delivery date and needed to wait until their packages were delivered, or make expensive phone calls to the courier companies to know the status of their shipment.

Delays were the norm in those days and were accepted with a pinch of salt. With the advent of the internet, customers can track their packages in real-time, ensuring that they know exactly where their package is at a particular point in time.

This brought about a revolution in the shipping industry as truckers could no longer delay shipments they carried without reason, and neither could companies forward these shipments as the customer always knew where their package was and the reason for the delay.

Now, with the advent of mobile phones, customers can track their packages at any time, without having to call or open a website.

Navigation and GPS

Many years ago, the possibility of a GPS-enabled navigation device was limited to sci-fi movies. Truckers would frequently get lost or end up taking longer routes, increasing frustration for themselves, the logistics company and their customers.

The advent of mobile and GPS-enabled devices has ensured that truckers can now travel to unknown locations with ease, with near-zero chances of getting lost or taking longer routes.

Transportation companies end up saving more by optimizing routes and ensuring that drivers adhere to speed limits and use faster roads. These devices also allow companies to track their trucks, ensuring that their customers know where their shipment is at all times.

RFID and IOT for inventory and supply chain management

Tracking inventory and shipments was initially a manual process, involving phone calls or manual labour. With the advent of RFIDs, containers and packages can now be tracked and managed autonomously, removing the need for manual labour and delays or errors in data entry.

RFID tags ensure that data can be transmitted wirelessly, without requiring any inputs from individuals at each scanning site.

Coupling RFID with IoT has been a boon for the shipping industry. With sensors built into vehicles and processes being manned autonomously, IoT and RFID have become the next revolution for the logistics industry by leveraging this data to provide meaningful information that helps reduce costs, eliminate delays and avoiding risks that mar the logistics industry today.

Automating tracking and monitoring has been made possible by IoT and RFID, eliminating the chances of human error.

Leveraging Social Media for outreach

The advent of social media has been a boon for the logistics industry. With increased customer interactions and real-time responses, logistics companies today are leveraging the power of social media to enhance their customer response times and provide immediate customer service. Using social media also enhances business visibility and builds brand value.

Drone powered delivery

With the latter now being used by tech biggies like Amazon, drone delivery is now a reality. Prime Air reduces wait times to under an hour for customers who usually had to wait a day for delivery or at least until the end of the day.

Although marred by regulatory measures, drone delivery is currently being used to deliver packages within warehouses from storage to shipment and reducing delays by up to 90%.

Autonomous vehicles for long-haul delivery

Autonomous vehicles have been made a reality by companies like Tesla. With logistics companies like Uber already venturing into the autonomous long-haul delivery route, the day is not far when we begin to see unmanned vehicles powered by IoT and the internet delivering shipments to last-mile locations.

Technology, as we know it today has been enhancing and revolutionizing the logistics industry to ensure faster delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.

This, coupled with unmanned vehicle technology has the potential to make deliveries completely human-error free.

As technology grows by leaps and bounds, we should soon see an automated pack, dispatch and delivery process become a reality.

Author Bio:- Shivam Gupta(Co-founder and Co-CEO at Volumetree) is a strong promoter of entrepreneurship having a demonstrated history of working with start-ups and companies across the globe, assisting them to execute digital solutions across different sectors such as Transportation, Healthcare, Logistics, Hospitality, and IoT.

How Car Rental App Development Assists Your Business to Grow

By Guest Contributor on February 10, 2020

From booking a table into a popular restaurant during weekends to hailing a cab- an on-demand app can work wonder. In today’s mobile-driven world where people rely on mobile apps for almost all daily tasks, on-demand apps come to make their lives more convenient and comfortable than ever. Hospital, hospitality, utility, transportation, and retail- the on-demand app development touches all the major industries.

Let’s focus on private transport. On-demand taxi-hailing apps have brought revolutionary changes in the way we used to move from one place to another. On one hand, these apps have made cab-booking easy, and on the other hand, they have contributed to the growth of several startups. For example, Uber has written a success story on the basis of its highly popular mobile app. The car rental service also works similar to the taxi-hailing service.

However, car rental services are aimed at providing cars for a longer duration as compared to cabs. It is, for this reason, the corporate sector uses these services more than individuals. Talking about the car rental app solution, you may find the feature corporate billing to provide discounted fares to the bulk orders from the company. Let’s understand the importance of a personal car rental app and how it can benefit your business.

Importance of Car Rental App Solution

A personal car rental app can provide convenience to app users with enhanced safety. As an owner of a cab services company, you can bring automation and make your business more customer-friendly through an app. It is possible to control all business activities ranging from monitoring the location to ensuring seamless execution of the app user’s request to rent a car.

Also, the customized car rental app can enable you to get the user’s valuable feedback and rating to earn a loyal customer base. You can also run a referral program successfully through an app and offer a plethora of features to the app users. It ultimately assists you to expand the business. Here are major business benefits of the car rental app solution with desired features.

Business Benefits of Personal Car Rental App

Car rental mobile app development services can build a robust app that offers the following benefits to your business.

Simplicity and Transparency – The on-demand app development focuses on bringing simplicity and transparency in the business. It can enhance the confidence of customers and you can get a loyal customer base that can boost revenue.

Enhanced value – The car rental app can unleash the potential of your business and enhance the value of your company in the market. With a seamlessly running on-demand app, you can get a competitive edge over peers.
Automation and Convenience- Car rental app development can bring automation in the business and enables you to offer a convenient way to book the car. Such an on-demand app remains handy for the users as they can get real-time tracking and smart searching facilities.

Personalization – It is easy to offer a personalized experience to your customers through a car rental app. You can readily send push notifications and personalized messages about special discounts and other promotional offers. Also, users can track vehicles through GPS functionality.

Improved Customer Services – An app enables your customers to reserve the car on a 24/7 basis. Also, you can readily resolve their queries in a real-time and stay connected with customers and drivers alike.

Growth in Business – It is obvious that happy customers contribute to business growth. What’s more, a personal car rental app solution enables you to understand the customer’s behavior and approach that further translates into improved services.

Competitive Edge – With a personalized car rental app, you can stay ahead of the peers and face the competition efficiently. You can have a competitive edge over peers who do not have apps.

Top Features of Car Rental App Development

A tailored car rental app has three different panels. Here we mention the list of key features for each panel.

Admin Panel

-Dashboard to control the entire process

– Reporting and Analytics

– Customer and Driver management

– Tracking of vehicles and ensure their safety

– Payment Management

– Location-based charges

– Vehicle Management

Driver Panel

– Job Management

– Route Map

– Chat with Admin

– Advanced Notifications

– Accept/Reject Order

– Transfer or Accept the request of other drivers

– Attractive UI

– Call and Chat services between Drivers and Customers

User Panel

– Simple registration and Booking Management

– Tracking and Communication with Drivers

– History

– Schedule Booking

– Personalized Notifications

– Payment Gateways

-Nearby Pickup Points

– Fare Calculator and Options of Cars

– Safety Features

Apart from these main features, the app users can get social media integration, chat support, and document upload, multi-language support, CRM integration, and other advanced features in the car rental application. However, the integration of advanced features can significantly increase the app’s complexity and it results in increased app development duration. You can hire mobile app developers to finish your project rapidly and exclusively.

On-demand app development company can give you more information about other benefits and cost of a bespoke car rental app. You can contact a reputed app development company with your app project requirements and get a free quote. Also, you should ask for flexible engagement models that can help you save bucks on development.

Finally, you should hire mobile app developers from India to accomplish your project at reasonable rates. Indian app developers charge between $25 to $40 an hour, whereas there European and American counterparts charge much more. If you assign the car rental app development project to an on-demand app development company in India, chances are fairly high that you will get a high-quality app in a cost-effective way.

Concluding Notes

As the on-demand industry is booming, the transportation sector grows, and the corporate sector braces for new challenges, we can certainly expect that car rental services are here to stay. The on-demand application service enables you to get a robust car rental app with desired features. You can count upon such an app to grow your business through increased revenue and getting a loyal customer base.

As a reliable on-demand app development company, we have delivered a few on-demand solutions across various industry verticals globally. Our experienced mobile app developers can address your business needs efficiently through integrating advancements of emerging technologies in the on-demand apps.

7 Reasons Why Lead Management Software is Beneficial For Small Businesses

By Guest Contributor on January 22, 2020

A small business owner is always looking for more ways to be productive and more efficient. Nowadays, technology has changed the vision of doing business. With the new additions, new practices are added. Every small business wants to grow in the business to earn the maximum profit in the market. By making small changes in the business takes your business one step ahead from the competitors.

Lead management software gives a new way of doing business. Sales Lead management software helps to do the tracking and managing perspective of the customers. Tracking helps to provide more sales and create more profit for the business. This software helps a lot in the business by increasing productivity, automate the workflow and eliminate the need for spreadsheets.

With different software choices, lead management software saves a lot of time and money. It also helps to reduce the complexity of doing work by providing ease. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of lead management software for small businesses.

Top 7 benefits of Lead Management Software for small businesses

Managing lead helping the company to understand the methods that are bringing the best point in the business where you can optimise different strategies for your sales to make it effective and efficient.

Lead management documents help to keep the history of interactions and experience with your company. By the adaptation, the change is a signal of how to lead your business. To get the right path lead management set the goals of doing the work. To increase your sales, here are some benefits to small businesses.

Let’s get started:

#1. Efficiency

Every business wants to improve the effectiveness of the business. No matter whether the business is small or large. But, with the use of lead management software. It gives tactics for better management. With marketing automation, it increases efficiency. By adding the feature of automatic service gives the option to book an appointment, paying online, setting reminders that encourage the customer and help to engage more people towards the business. By providing compatibility in the software make the lead management software better from others.

#2. Better customer relationship management

Marketing automation is a substitute for CRM. Both systems work with each other to build a relationship in the company. To maintain the long-lasting relationship with the client is the most important thing in the business. For better revenue, you need to generate better customer service. The tool helps to create online history, order information and the interaction with the company. The lead management software helps to store the data in one place in the bulk. By investing in the software, small businesses can bring more sales, and it gives a delightful experience to the customers. You can easily see the marketing and sales in one place.

#3. Saves time and money

Better management of time is very crucial for any business. Money and time factor are equally important in personal and professional life. Small businesses need better control for the work to earn profits for the company. Marketing automation can help to reduce routine tasks and manual work. Manual work is replaced with online work; it saves much time by doing this. By doing online marketing, the software gives a lot of options to do work even on different social networking sites. Whether the investment is large or small. Money plays an important role. Sale lead software meets every demand of the customer, and it is the software that will decrease marketing expenditures by relevant parts as you only focus on people who are very knowledgeable about purchasing your products or services. By providing the software at a reasonable cost makes the software more efficient.

#4. Scalability

Lead management makes everything very easy. Management software works according to the needs of the future. Because this software is adaptable, it makes everything easy for the work. This software provides prediction about the future by better analyzing the previous results and action. The sale management tool helps to increase the inflow and outflow of leads.

#5. Better salesforce

The lead management software provides the feature of customization. For any task, you need to enter the information, browsing attachment, scheduled task, view contact history. It gives the first free trial to the user. The business owner provides a clear vision to the company by analyzing the staff workforce and the status planned to complete the task. This software is an all-in-one cloud-based solution so that employees can access anywhere in the world. Which increase the overall productivity.

#6. Enables personalization

It is very important to reach the right person at the right time with the correct message. The automation allows you to send a personalized message which matches the specific needs of the customer. This feature always gives preference to the customers. It always sends reminders by sending SMS or by sending email and always makes them feel special and engaged.

#7. Increase average purchase size

The major benefit of lead management automation is that it helps to boost the purchase size. Whenever a customer finishes their purchase, the management software can recommend the compatible products, goods, or offer perks such as free delivery that will help to increase the revenue and eventually all benefits raise the purchase size of the customer that gives more benefits in business.


Above we have discussed different benefits for small businesses. This post has given a better understanding of automatic marketing and why sales lead management software is important for the business. Lead management software helps to improve marketing and builds customer relationship management.

If you have any questions. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!!

Author Bio:- Yi Ling Chen is associated with AppointEze, an Online appointment booking software for all types of industries. She assists business owners on how to grow their business through fully featured software.

Can LIVE CHAT Increase The ROI Of Your Business?

By Guest Contributor on December 14, 2019

From eCommerce to mCommerce, every business aims at increasing the ROI.

Even you might be in search of something to trigger your ROI, right?

But, the question is how to do that?   

Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go through a single feature named “Live Chat,” which can increase the ROI for your business.

Before going further, let us first get through some of the issues that lead to a drop in the ROI.

Facts Leading To the Drop-In ROI

Here I’m listing some of the issues faced by the user, which leads to a decrease in business ROI.

  • Delay or completely ignoring the problem faced by the user.
  • It is analyzed that approximately 70% of the companies disregard the issues faced by the customers, and 83% of the queries on social media go unanswered.
  • Some users will uninstall your app and will switch to other apps, rather than giving any reviews. So, you will not be able to get the exact reason for the decrease in ROI.
  • Reports say that 60% of the users reinstall applications. There is a 70% chance to sell your product to the regular customer in contrast to a new one.
  • No marketing person can help you increase ROI if your application has a bad UX/UI.

So, what can be the one-stop solution to the problems mentioned above?

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Most Trending Customer Engagement Tool

LIVE CHAT, Yes, you heard it right! Including live chat option on your website or application will increase the chance of customer conversion by three times.

Live chat is the most effective channel to keep customers engaged on your website. And, the best thing here is that live chat is easy to install, unlike emails or phones.

When you integrate the live chat on your website or application, it will streamline your customer support service and uplift your brand image.

On account of the above information, live chat can be considered the best tech upgrade for your website to increase the ROI.

5 Live Chat Tips That Will Increase Your ROI

1. Buyer Support Through Live Chat

As soon as a customer faces a problem while surfing an eCommerce website, they might abandon their shopping.

There will always be customers who need assistance while going through the buying process. Therefore, supporting them through a medium like live chat will decrease the abandonment rate for the buying process.

With the help of the live chat agents, you can provide the best buyer support and advice at any point in their online journey. Live chat feature in your eCommerce or mCommerce application will help you convert your troubled customers into confident buyers.

Yes, you might not get the troubled customers every day, but if you keep them ignoring, it will lead to a decrease in sales. By offering support to the buyers in this situation increases ROI.

2. Cross-Selling For The Products

As told earlier, it is not just about selling everything to the customers but a matter of providing a valuable service (which, in a way, leads to an increase in ROI).

A material conversation with a website visitor can let you know a lot of information about the products you sell. For instance, if a live chat agent is working on a wine selling website, they can analyze whether a customer was buying dozens of red or white wine for any special occasion. If yes, then they would also need some champagnes for toast and even some new occasion perfect glasses to drink from.

Such analysis with live chat can help you in cross-selling of products, increasing ROI. And cross-selling of products can be quickly done for eCommerce as well as mCommerce website.

3. Basket Abandonment

We already discussed basket abandonment, but here we’ll go through another part of it.

Consider, a customer faces an “out-of-stock” message or payment error, will they stay on your website? Obviously not! So, to avoid this bounce by customers, we can pop up the message to offer help without waiting for them to ask for the same.

It can be done with the help of a proactive live chat. Consumers get an invitation to chat live about the problem they are facing with the help of the popup. It will reduce the basket abandonment rates and increase ROI for your website.

4. A Perfect Product For Customers

Live chat not just acts as a customer support channel, it’s even used to encourage the online shopper to buy quicker.

Remember, selling via live chat requires a lot of skills from the live chat agents. When a customer comes to enquire about some specifications for their needs, the live chat agents have to make sure that the question is resolved and the sale is made.

These days, whether it is eCommerce or mCommerce, personalization is an essential part. As 73% of the customers prefer to buy the products from the business providing a pleasant shopping experience.

Providing customers with the information they need through live chat will lead to a significant increase in ROI.

5. Avoid Attracting New Customers

For most of the cases, it happens that your marketing team will focus on strategies for gaining new customers rather than working on the regular ones. But, it is noticed that more than 50% of sales come from regular customers rather than new ones.

Henceforth, with the help of the live chat, you can keep the regular customer engaged and solve the issues faced by them. It will directly lead to an increase in ROI. One tip here is to keep your regular customers engaged, or bring back the ones who left. Try to advertise the latest changes you made on your website and mention reasons to use your application.

Live chat becomes essential for eCommerce and mCommerce websites.

Live Chat- Increases ROI (The Best Investment from eCommerce to mCommerce)

After having a glimpse of live chat for your business, do you agree it can increase the ROI for your business? Live chat can increase the ROI for your website and even put a satisfied smile on your customers’ faces. You have paid a huge cost of app development, and henceforth it is essential to get the best ROI for the same.

Below given are some of the reasons to include live chat in your eCommerce or mCommerce site,

  • Supporting more than one customer at a time.
  • Co-browse and live chat can go simultaneously.
  • Live chat will decrease the customer support budget.
  • It is the most trending thing out on the web.

So, why do you need it?

It is observed that more than 60% of customers refuse to wait for more than a minute to get their reply. In that case, if you have a live chat option on your site, your chat agents can quickly come up with the customer’s need. Once you keep engaging your user’s through live chat, you’ll see a drastic change in the ROI of your business.

Sounds good, right?

The Parting Thoughts

We learned above that, live chat is not just all about customer service. It can help your business to increase ROI with customer satisfaction for the services.

Implementing live chat and having the right team of experts handling the conversations is essential. And the best thing here is you don’t need to add a single penny in your cost of app development. You just need to add a plugin for including live chat.

So, that’s all for the day! Did you find this article helpful for your business?

What are your thoughts on live chat?

Let us know!

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