How Using Social Media Can Help Businesses Stay Ahead of the Competition

By Guest Contributor on April 1, 2020

At this point, ignoring social Media is like pulling out a flip phone in a business meeting and not understanding, ‘Why Simon gets all the new accounts?’

But the sad part is, most people still own flip phones, and some people always ask, ‘What can social media marketing do for my business?’ May GOD help these innocent, or should I say, ignorant souls.

Do you realize that 90% of marketers believe that social media has increased their business presence more than anything else? (As per

If you are still not convinced, then know that 66% of the marketers who spend at least 6 hours per week on social media get more leads than those who don’t use social media at all.

So, in a way, the more social media you use, the more leads you will get.

Here is how Social Media is helping businesses to get more leads than their competitors.

1. Social Media is a source of massive traffic

It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to or what is your target audience, a substantial amount of traffic and leads can be generated with social media.

Having access to unlimited customers across the globe helps a brand to get massive traffic on their website.

Whenever a new blog or an update is made on the homepage, it’s nearly impossible for all the customers to know about it. Inevitably, some of them will notice, but for the rest, you need to use social media to grab their attention and bring them on your site.

And when these posts are shown in the newsfeed of visitors and followers that are already interested in your product, the generated traffic will be highly targeted. It will not just boost traffic; it will attract the customers you need.

Generating traffic from social media is a science.

At times a single Reddit link might drive 20,000 visitors; other times, social media scheduling tools can help you to bring unexpected traffic on site. It would be crazy not to capitalize on such an opportunity.

2. Social Media will give an idea about your audience

The most fantastic part of Social Media is the amount of interaction they bring to the table. People nowadays share everything on their social media. Say, you want to know more about your target audience, read their tweets, or see what they are sharing on Instagram. You’ll get surprising insights about their daily lives.

  • What are their hobbies?
  • What websites do they visit regularly?
  • Which products they’re buying and why?
  • Which type of posts do they love to share?

These insights have phenomenal benefits. When you’re able to understand your customers, it will be easy to create relevant content and create ads that will grab the attention of these people. You can identify the pain points of customers and improve your product strategy.

3. Social Media Develops Brand Loyalty

A report by Texas Tech University revealed that brands that are active on social media have more loyal customers than those who are not.

Of course, it doesn’t take a mind of a genius to understand this simple fact that when brands interact on social media, they build rapport and a bond od trust. By giving out useful information to the customer, it’s easy to ask customers to subscribe or try out a new service.

This shows that one of the benefits of social media is that it brings brand loyalty. Customers will see your brand as a caring and value-driven brand. And in a competitive market, this can make a huge difference.

4. Social Media will increase your sales

The most logical reason that businesses use social media is that it brings more sales

According to, with more than 2.5 Billion active monthly users, Facebook is a first-generation beast. More and more CEOs and VPs use social media to make their buying decision.

It’s not a surprise that when you are in front of the customer, it will develop a level of trust, and an increase in social media presence will make it easy for the customer to buy from you. You have the chance to influence the customer on multiple points of the sales funnel.

You can engage customers through social media, give them exclusive discount coupons, and address their pain points directly via social media.

5. Boosting your website’s SEO

Search engine crawlers are smart, they exactly know which of the pages are driving the most traffic, so they ignore the rest of the pages. Inevitably, a killer content strategy is essential to increase your ranking, but driving traffic will help you to climb the ladder faster.

At times, it will only take re-sharing the evergreen content. When you keep sharing the accessible content on social media, it will bring more people to your website, and there is a good chance that your SEO will improve fast.

Talk from a standpoint of an SEO agency, where you are handling a dozen of projects, it is crucial to devise a content strategy for your clients’ that is best aligned with their goals. If the things look challenging to handle, you can always outsource SEO to the one that keep nitty-gritty details into account.

Finishing it up

There is fierce competition out there. If you don’t act smart and beat your competitors, it will be severe for you to survive.

There is no room for more words and less action. You need to get out there and listen to what customers want?

And the good thing about social media is that people genuinely share their problems on social media, which makes it easy for brands to capture their questions and devise a viable solution for them.

It’s not a question of choice anymore. If you are not on social media, you’ll be left behind, forgotten, and no one will come to your rescue.

To make those customers listen to your brand message, you must become part of their tribe. To go where they hand out, that is social media.

You need to be active on social media and let the customers know that you are there to solve their problems, to add value to their lives.

Author Bio :- Mary Warner is an enthusiast blogger. Her compelling research and communication capabilities exchange offerings that have value for the reader. Her passion for writing has been an ever-evolving affair. She loves to share her views related to latest trends in marketing, technology, ecommerce, and the like.

How Can Social Media Improve the ROI of your Business?

By Guest Contributor on March 12, 2020

Nowadays, it has become necessary to market your brand over online platforms. This is because most people like to do online shopping instead of going to the marketplace. Social Media is a very effective tool to engage with your current and potential customers and can generate huge ROI for you. Before discussing the benefits of social media for your business, let’s familiarize ourselves with the concept of Social Media ROI.

What Is Social Media ROI?

ROI is an abbreviation for ‘Return on Investment.’ It is basically the sum of all the social media interactions that generate revenue for your brand. This depends a lot on the kind of business goals and objectives that you have.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Related to ROI

Social Media can generate considerable revenue for your brand if the marketing strategies are on point. Below are some perks of marketing your brand through social media.


Social Media is the best platform to search for potential clients. People use these networks to search for something even as trivial as paying a bill. So, you can gain a lot of information from social media regarding people’s preferences. This can help you in effectively selecting your customer niche and hence generate more ROI through strategic marketing.

More Customer Engagement

Social media can help you to effectively build rapport among your customers. When you post a blog or an image, the customer or follower is likely to leave a comment. The quicker you respond to a customer’s comment or query, the better are the chances of that customer buying something from you. It is all about engaging your customers; the more, the better.

Opportunity to Attract New Customers

A constructive marketing strategy can help you in attracting a lot of new clients. If you invest enough energy and resources in your social media posts, then your current customers are likely to share it with their friends and family. And this, in turn, will help your brand get more recognition and ROI. Eventually, lead generation gets much improved by acquiring new customers.

Increase in Website Traffic

Your social media business account is not only a platform to entertain and engage your customers; it is also a means to increase traffic to your Website. On your Instagram and Facebook page, you can leave a link to your Website that will help in driving more traffic to it. This, in turn, will boost your business sales and generate more ROI.

Better Marketing of Products

As people are using social media to search for their desired products, social media can help these customers locate your brand. Just a few tools can drive the customer to your products and increase your sales.


Traditional advertising is costly and ineffective nowadays. As people are spending more and more time online, social advertising is the perfect choice for you. Social media keeps track of people’s search history and shows them the products/brands that might interest them. So, it is a much cheaper and effective means to display ads than the traditional one.

Brand Building

Social media is a great tool to make your brand more popular. As more and more people share your posts and videos, your brand gains more recognition and hence the chances of improved ROI of your business increase. Brand Storytelling on the other hand plays a vital role when taken up to social media.

Improved Customer Service

Social Media can help you in cutting Customer Support costs. When you post publicly regarding a customer’s concern and the solution, others can view it as well. So, this makes it easier for people to find answers to their questions on these platforms. A phone call or other traditional support means will not be required.

Better Human Resource Management

Whenever you are in need of a resource, you can use social media to advertise the opening of a position. You can save costs by posting it for free. Also, you can approach the candidates via their social media accounts and interview them online. This will help you in saving the standard recruitment costs.

Social Listening Tools

Social media can help you in gaining some intangible benefits as well. The tools employed by social media can calculate your brand’s recognition and sentiment analysis. This, in turn, can help you to calculate these qualitative benefits.

Measurability of Public Relations

Social media can keep track of your progress and your relationship with the public. This, in turn, generates an opportunity to come up with new and effective strategies to improve public relations.

Research Opportunities

Social media can also help you in knowing about the current and upcoming economic and social trends. You can make flexible strategies in response to these trends. This will save you both the time and costs of manufacturing unsustainable products and services.

More Opportunities for Business Partnerships

Through social media, you can reach other brands and build partnerships with them. This will help you in saving money and developing high-quality products.

Why Is It Difficult to Calculate Social Media ROI?

While the quantitative benefits of social media for your business are manifold, it is not an easy task to calculate those. Below are some of the reasons why businesses struggle to calculate social media ROI.

⦁ Unclear Business Outcomes: It is one thing to track customer engagement, it is another thing to understand its relation to your business’s ROI. Most brands start marketing without fully understanding this relation.

⦁ Lack of Skills and Resources: If you have an unskilled marketing team, they might not allocate adequate resources to measure ROI.

⦁ Inaccurate Metrics: While a platform might provide you a great opportunity for customer engagement, the metrics to measure it might not be that efficient on it.

⦁ Inconsistent Analytical Perspectives: If your team is not reporting truthfully and consistently regarding the metrics, then you won’t get a clear idea regarding the ROI.

⦁ The Data Sources are Poor: Activity from fake accounts can discount your efforts to calculate the social ROI.

How to Measure Social Media ROI Effectively?

Nothing can convince your audience of your worth more than the proof of your ROI. Therefore, it is really necessary to measure the ROI carefully. Here are a few ways in which you can do so.

Set Clear Objectives

It is important to set clear goals that a particular social media platform will help your business to fulfill. It will help you in making effective strategies to achieve these goals. If your business is an established one, keep a record of areas for improvement at work history so that you can set new benchmarks easily. By looking at your past performance, you can easily identify areas that need improvement. A smart objective setting exercise will make it easier to measure the ROI.

Know the Costs

Often, many organizations fail to calculate the total costs of social media marketing. This prevents them from calculating the ROI effectively. So, keep track of the costs of your premium platforms, their tools, the ads, and the written and visual content to easily measure the ROI monthly.

Calculate the Time

Time is as important as other factors in the calculation of ROI. So, know about how much time your team or employees spend to manage content on social media and your website. You can calculate the ROI through this formula: Profit / total investment X 100 = ROI percentage

Know about All the Social Media Metrics

It is very important to know about the right metrics that can give you an idea about the ROI. The likes, comments, and shares are all accurate indicators of your performance as a brand. Some of these metrics are:


This metric tells you how many people know about your brand. Two of the most common indicators under this metric are ‘audience growth rate’ and ‘reach.’ The former tells you about how speedily you gain followers on a particular platform. The latter indicates how much the audience has viewed your content since it went live.


This metric indicates how people are receiving your content. ‘Applause rate’ and ‘Average engagement rate’ are two common indicators. The former tells you about the number of likes and favorites your post has received. While the latter one tells you about the likes, comments, and shares.


This metric tells you about the number of people who visit your website and engage in some form of activity there like downloading a form or subscribing to the newsletter extra.


Customer satisfaction rates and customer reviews are two very important metrics to measure your business’s ROI. Good customer reviews will boost your brand’s rapport and help it in attracting more customers. Customer satisfaction rates can be measured using a numbered scale. Make it public so that more people know about the value of your brand and its products.

Social media marketing promises huge business benefits with very little capital investment. Back when I started my company, the first thing I did was diving into social media marketing. Within a month, I saw quantifiable benefits! Since then I’m convinced of its importance for businesses.

Author Bio. :- Yash Chawlani is a Digital Marketing Strategist associated with UnboundB2B, who specializes in SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Content Marketing.

How is Augmented Reality Getting Blend with Social Media in 2020?

By Guest Contributor on January 29, 2020

After a huge and widespread success, Augmented Reality is on the way to tailor social media. Definitely! It was quite important to set a trend of Augmented Reality among the common people who are not always sitting with AR Glasses or some other gadgets.

The trends of Augmented reality is extremely surprising as it is no more focused only on developing games and manufacturing heavy gadgets but the present includes social apps too.

On the first mass execution of AR in the Pokémon Go, the feature with Pokémon characters popping around surroundings went exclusively viral among millions of consumers in 2016.

This was a great kick-start for Augmented Reality app developers, in order to discover more applications like this – allowing users to tap inside a completely new realm.

To make Augmented Reality a part of life, developers worldwide experimented with AR using regular applications and including famous brands like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Coca-cola, Zara, Apple, etc. Undeniably, we can see this happening and the future of social media is becoming AR shaped.

In the race of technologies, Augmented reality app developers have wonderfully explored the digital areas using four key components – cameras, sensors, displays, and communication and processing systems, contributing the users with creative, memorable, and out of the box experience.

Now with this incredible technology, we all are visualizing filters, maps, icons, emoticons, tags, and so on into the screen frames. But do you know AR has got much more than these for marketers and brands? How? Let’s dig that out from the upcoming section of this article.

How is Social Media App Boosting up with Augmented Reality in 2020?

Slowly, we have entered into a time where social media content will get empowered by AR. While the gaming industry has been enjoying various benefits in this regard, business marketing has started to carry over through the advanced technology of Augmented Reality.

Several companies like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram deliver fresh and efficient ways to advertise their products.

Trade names have managed to adopt both AR & VR and boosting their audience engagement enormously at a global level.

Augmented reality is transforming the technique brands interact with customers on social media by linking it in our physical and digital creations. And in this section, we will search out to read in what manner.

#1. Perking up Brand Promotion by Custom-made Cameras with Filters

Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Snapchat have been trending these days with n-number of filters getting update every day. From common people to celebrities are going gaga about these social media platforms, and they are using them in the form of event, product or any category of brand promotions.

The filters are not limited to clicking pictures, but also to create videos. The videos are created in 360 degrees in order to increase popularity, sales, and ROI. Also, when connected to the internet, one can go online via camera to yield a real-time promotion.

#2. Urging towards Impulsive Shopping with Sensors & GPS

The Internet is flourishing with too many brands these days. Consumers find it easy to surf the products, which makes them easy to plan before shopping. This is another social media trend, brands will be able to attract the consumers by VR adverts to ensure and fit the “Seeing is believing” phrase into shopping.

It is true that advertisements are the strongest source of branding, but this will only be possible when buyers will be able to explore the products through images and videos on social media.

Sensors and GPS plays a vital role, as it bridges the real and imaginary world in which buyers have presented the look that they would like to view.

This definitely turns consumers’ interest in the brand once advertisements start to run on social media. With AR, it becomes really possible to grab the consumers’ attention and take social media to the real environment through which one can get additional data like location, texture, color, sound-effects, temperature and other properties of any product.

GPS specifically has been enabled in the maps, that will enable customers to navigate the distance and location of any place and get a 360-degree view of the spot before the visit.

The audience will be able to mark the places which they would like to set out, and one more interesting social media thing is that AI will spot the visiting places of the same interest. Isn’t it really fascinating, how you will be able to witness every location before you visit?

#3. Enhancing Ways of Product Engagement with Attractive displays

Social media has offered the most independent way to reach customers. Whether it’s a smartphone or wearable headset system, displays are the source that connects the real with the digital content.

For the customer engagement on any product, visuals and information are placed on the real world using displays or projection in order to create seamless AR experiences.

#4. Allows to Take Quick Decision via Communication & Processing Systems

Are you a person who doesn’t want to stand in the crowd, and get trial to decide whether the outfit is suiting you or not? If yes, then you need not worry now.

Now that customers can try and view products virtually, AR has optimized the apps via communication and processing systems.

These systems will process and interpret every small data to create the perfect AR experiences. Through real-time support, buyers will be able to receive suggestions in order to buy the product which will match the interest.

This high-volume feature will enable customers to take quick decisions and drive customer engagement for the brands too.

On Summing Up

The demand of smart technology is real and social media is at a fast pace to adopt more integrated, cross-platform presence, and machine-learning enhanced eye-catching marketing software.

Augmented reality app development companies have buckled up in 2020 to come up with novel and innovative solutions for social media applications.

This could be a wake-up call for brands this year to customize their apps with AR technologies to run their marketing campaigns on social media platforms.

Author Bio: Vimal Shah is the Co-Founder of Agile Infoways Pvt Ltd, a web and mobile app development company. He has 15+ years of hands-on experience in design and development and heads the key technical and management operations at Agile Infoways.

14 Steps For Facebook Business Page Creation Which Improve The Business Growth

By Guest Contributor on December 5, 2019

Your business growth reflects your growth without social media like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Business Page. When you have lots of consumers to connect, that means you are having a progressive business to share. Your business tactics, strong planning, and unique strategies help you to provide heights to your business. If you want to get the attention of more users, you require to create a strong vision that will reflect your business objective strongly and vigorously. In this technological world where an individual spends his average 5 to 6 hours on social media, then you must focus on these platforms that could be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. For that, you need to make a robust plan and create a dynamic business page.

In this article, you will find 14 tips to create a business page on Facebook. Because there are about 2.3 billion people log onto their Facebook account daily. Thus, it will be good for every business thinker to have their business profile on this platform. It is the right place to expand your services by grabbing the attention of millions of people at one shot. By following a comprehensive strategy to create a Facebook Page, you will enhance your chances to generate great leads and customers. So, time to build a strong business page and allow consumers to understand your products or services.

14 Steps to craft an appealing Facebook Business Page

1. Create a different profile for your Facebook Business Page

Create a different and unique business profile for your business page. If you choose a personal profile, you can’t access some advantages of some tools required for content creation, business insights, and paid promotions. Your personal profile describes your details instead of your business services that create more personal engagement. So, if you want to create a business page, make a separate business profile and make sure that you do not have an additional public or professional profile linked with that business page.

2. Try to avoid publishing misadventure on your page

Sometimes, it happens that people accidentally published personal content to their client’s social media accounts which totally change the story in seconds. Try to avoid these kinds of mishaps on your business page. For that, you can assign someone to check your Facebook Business page updates or do it yourself. When you have plenty of things to do, you require someone to handle your account precisely.

Ensure that you have provided proper training to those who are new to social media management. While sharing content for your brand, ensure that you will post it as your brand, and not as yourself.

3. Choose an appealing and engaging profile image for the page

While adding an image to your business profile, note two things are familiarity and scalability. When you want to glorify your business, you need to create a long-lasting and alluring visual impression on people’s minds. This is only possible with your choice for your profile image.

A profile picture visible at the left side of your Facebook Page and the thumbnail picture next to your posts in user’s feeds.  Facebook frequently changes dimensions of its pictures so work as per current requirements. The dimension of the image must be 170×170 pixels on desktop and 128×128 pixels on phones.

4. Select an attractive cover image or video to grab the attention

You must have to choose something attractive to engage your users and stick their attention to the page. Thus, use this space wisely. Ensure your cover photo is in 820×312 for desktops and 640×360 for smartphones. Video is another good option but keeps it between 20 to 90 seconds. Whether you choose videos or images, make it more interesting but avoid clutter. Make your element is interesting, appealing, and something funny so that people make more engagement.

5. Fill your “About” section carefully

“About” section of your page makes your profile more informative and vibrating. Explain your company profile and milestones in this section so that visitors will understand what your business is about when they land on your home page. Many options are available on the About section to add content and to optimize it for getting the best alignment with your brand. This section should reveal your company information, general description, and your story.

6. Add call-to-action (CTA) button

Use some advanced features to make your page more creative like CTA buttons such as “Book Now” or “Contact Us.” This will help you to understand the audience’s actions. Customize your buttons by linking them with the destination URL. CTA buttons allow more data traffic to your websites or more visits on your page that you want to promote.

7. Make your timeline interesting with photos and videos

Indeed, visual communication is more powerful and long-lasting than other interactions. And, visual interaction works like magic for business growth. Today, most people use various social media platforms to satisfy the hunger of knowing everything. If you want to show the actual look of your brand, then play with amazing photos and use some kind of video promotion. Another interesting feature of Facebook is live video. So, you should be bold for what you are going to show your users through live videos on your page.

8. Maintain proper timing and frequency of your post

Your time and frequency of your posts keep you in business. It is important how frequently you post on your Facebook page and what time you choose. Don’t be late for positing and making yourself updated because people wait for more feeds if they find them interesting. Use a social media editorial calendar to make your work easy and adjust it as per your requirements. Once you know the popularity of your posts, make a plan to handle your feed frequency and content more seriously for keeping yourself in business

9. Use promotional alternatives for more business

Sometimes, you get less engagement even completing all required steps. If so, don’t get panic. Because you can’t depend on content and posts only when you want to get more business.  Once you have done with all essential features, emerge your business using promotional services. Spend some amount and expand your reach so the more people know about your business. Use Facebook Ads to expand your business services and products.

10. Keep your vital posts at the top

While uploading new posts or videos on your Facebook page, your older feeds get dropped down in your Timeline. It doesn’t mean that your older posts are not important. If you want to keep the older post on the top for a long time, use Facebook “pin” feature to keep one post at the top of your page. Go with this strategy to promote other important things too like upcoming events, sale promotion, product launch, discount, etc. To apply this feature, open drop-down box in the top-right corner of your post on Facebook page and click on ‘Pin to Top.’ Note that you can apply this tactic on a post at a time.

11. Control targeting tools of your Facebook Business Page

Facebook helps you to choose your target audience using specific criteria such as gender, educational status, location, age, language, interests, and many more. Select small bulls eye mark at the end of the post and you can set metrics for the preferred audience. This technique allows you to choose to whom you are going to show your content.

12. Choose if Facebook users message you privately

Enable the message feature if you want your Facebook users to message you directly through your page. To activate this feature, select tab “General” on the left-hand column and seek “Messages” on the list of results. If you enable messaging feature on your page, it will help you to make better communication with your audience.

13. Respond to comments on the Facebook Business Page properly

Don’t forget about the comments if you want better communication with your audience. Make sure that you monitor and respond to comments timely and properly. Check your ‘Notifications’ tab (at the very top of your page) to get the daily updates. It is not necessary that you need to reply to every single comment but you will get what is happening on your page.

14. Check your Facebook insights

To get an understanding of where are you standing, analyze your effort for a better impression. You can use various techniques to examine your user interaction with your page and their diversion to your websites. Check your business page’s Insights to track the Facebook-specific engagement metrics and also the demographics of your Page audience. This will help you to make useful changes to your Facebook content strategy.


I hope you understand how to make your Facebook business page more effective and appealing. Make an interesting Facebook Business page and boost your business reach.

Author Bio: Alankrita Singh is an experienced content writer who has passion for writing diverse subjects and keen interest in women empowerment. Currently, she is working with to provide Online Assignment Help for students.

How To Make Your Social Media Posts More Engaging

By Guest Contributor on October 4, 2019


In the fast world of social media, it is important that you know your audience and understand what they are looking for when it comes to content, entertainment, and information. Many people think that the main purpose of social media posts should be to sell. This is far from the truth. All you need to achieve is getting people to want to find out more about you and your business. Simply put; social media is a great way of building meaningful relationships with your niche. Below I will give you simple tips on what type of content will do well on each platform; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  

Your First Job; Stop Them Scrolling

When it comes to social media users, you have to understand that people have a very short attention span. Exactly eight seconds, according to some researchers. There is also a lot of content on every platform, and you will have to grab the attention of your audience if you want them to stop scrolling. That is why video content does so well on most of the platforms. You have to get creative and have an engaging headline that will get them to stop and want to listen.

Your Second Job: Entertaining

People are not looking to buy anything when they are browsing social media sites. All they want to do is get inspiration, tips, and get entertained. That is what so many small and medium sized business owners get wrong. You will have to create content that is entertaining, informative, useful, and educational. Videos are great for personal branding. Giving people something to talk about and discuss, jumping on a popular topic is better than blatantly advertising your event. 

Your First Job; Entice Them

It is important that you include a call-to-action that creates the connection. It doesn’t have to be a sales pitch; simply something about engagement. When you create “value posts”, which means that you are giving out some helpful information, you can ask questions. You can also get people to contact you. However, be careful; when you are adding a “call-to-action”, you should not ask people to like or share your content openly, as social media sites will reduce your post’s visibility. 

Your End Goal; Add Them To Your Sales Funnels

The main purpose of social media is to add people to your sales funnels and follow up the initial contact. This doesn’t mean that you should be sending your signup links to every page possible. You will have to find a clever way of getting people to contact you and want to find out more. For example, you can mention in a comment that you have a free guide that answers their specific question. Once they are in your sales funnel, you an automatically nurture the relationship. 

What Content Does Well On Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest platforms out there. The lifespan of a post is just a few seconds. You will need to ensure that the first impression is the best possible. Twitter is also one of the platforms where curated content (other people’s posts and news articles) do well. At the end of the day, people want to get the best information possible as quickly as possible. If your feed is full of valuable content, they are more likely to follow you and get to see other posts. Twitter is also a hashtag-driven platform, and you will have to do your hasthag research to reach the right audience.

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook pages used to make a killing a few months back. It was when the company discovered that they were giving away too much free traffic when page visibility across the board took a hit. You really need to get a group set up. Facebook groups are still doing great, and you will need to make the most out of the engagement in the beginning. You can grow a group faster than a page, and there will be a great number of people who want to have a personal relationship with you and want to connect with you and your brand. Giving value is a must, though. Facebook groups with regular live videos and training units do really well. 

LinkedIn Content That Gets the Engagement

LinkedIn is one of the strangest social media platforms out there, and only a few people understand how it works. The rule of thumb is that the more engagement the post gets in the first few minutes, the more chances it will have to go viral. If nobody engages with it, it will get buried. A good tip is to tag people you think will comment on your post, who might be interested in the topic or happy to give their opinion. Infographics also do great on Instagram. 

Pinterest Post Tips 

Pinterest, just like Instagram is a visual platform. People are looking for inspiration and content for their posts. The good news is that everything (including videos) you pin will link back to your original post on your website. Just like on LinkedIn, infographics do really well on Pinterest, and they have the best chance to go viral, if you are not in the design niche. Of course, if you are selling products, you will need to feature them on related boards and create collections. However, if you are in the coaching and consulting business, for example, you can still post your PowerPoint slides and your infographics and get loads of traffic. 

Instagram Posts and Marketing Guide

It is important that you consider the demographics of Instagram. You might think that it is full of young female fashionistas, but in fact there are more young men on it than women. Nonetheless, you will need to entertain your followers and give them something to look forward to. If you shy away from IGTV and Instagram lives, you will never stand out. You will need to overcome your own misconceptions and put yourself out there. Short video articles also do really well on Instagram. You can turn your existing blog posts into engaging videos. 

Social media platforms change every day. Algorithms change every couple of weeks, and you have to consider your audience to make content stick and achieve your marketing goals. Automation is great, but it doesn’t replace manual engagement. Make sure that you choose a platform your audience is most likely to be present on, and focus on providing value before delivering the sales pitch. 

About the author:

Laura Farkas runs LMNts Marketing, a full service sales funnel agency. She works hands-on with business owners to ensure that they are able to achieve success through digital marketing. She works with UK and international clients in every niche, tailoring the sales funnel service to their needs.

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