6 Top Strategies for Boosting the Social Media Presence of Your ECommerce Store

By James Tredwell on November 1, 2021

At present, over 3.6 billion people use social media, and this huge figure is expected to reach over 4.41 billion by the year 2025.

Social media was designed to socialize and connect with people. But the surge in user count inspired businesses to enter the unexplored territory of social media.

Today, businesses cannot think of ignoring the power of social media.

Take a good look at the following statistics to understand why? –

  •   On average, people use social media platforms for 145 minutes daily.
  •   Around 54% of people on social media use social media to research products, and 71% of people are likely to buy them via social media referrals.
  •   39% of customers trust brands only after interacting with them on social media platforms.

Below is an image that depicts the activities of social media users leading to brand building and engagement.

These numbers illustrate how social media presence can impact the success goals of businesses.

Whether you are new to the world of social media or want to improve your strategies for achieving better results, this blog has got you covered.

#1: Post Engaging and Informative Content

Creating high-quality content that adds value to the users helps in establishing a positive brand image.

More than that, it acts as a catalyst in winning the trust of users.

To ensure the best ROI, you must begin by researching the latest trends in social media content. There are plenty of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, floating in the digital space. It can be overwhelming to choose the right platform for your eCommerce business.

First and foremost, you should identify your target audience and the platforms they use proactively. For instance, more than 50% of Instagram users belong to the age group of 18 to 34 years. By these statistics, we can draw the given conclusions –

  •   Most users on Instagram are youngsters.
  •   The prime focus of Instagram is sharing image content.
  •   Video content, stories, and reels are secondary types of content on Instagram.

So, to engage users on Instagram, you need to create images and write text along with relevant hashtags to reach a wide range of audiences.

When in doubt, reflect on the given questions and then begin the content creation journey.

  •   Who is your target audience?
  •   What content works best for the platform?
  •   What type of content are your competitors sharing?
  •   How can you create content that adds value to users?

Be realistic and post informative content consistently as it helps not only in engaging the customers but also in retaining them.

#2: Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

A social media influencer is someone who can influence the decision and thought process of customers as they interact with your brand.

But the question is how?

Social media influencers have an extensive number of dedicated followers. Their recommendation or feedback about your eCommerce store can boost brand awareness and even fetch you customers in the long run.

A recent report stated that 14% of social media users between the age group of 18 to 24 years and around 11% of millennials bought the products based on influencer’s recommendations.

The number of followers are crucial but when collaborating with an influencer it’s wise not to go only by the number. More followers don’t necessarily relate to success.  

Sometimes, influencers with fewer followers might bring the Midas touch to your eCommerce services.  

For instance, here’s the profile of Hailey Knott. Although she has just 4000+ followers on Instagram, she has been approached by renowned brands like The Body Shop for product endorsements.

There’s no hard and fast rule for choosing the right social media influencer for your brand. Generally, influencers are categorized as follows –

  •   Nano-influencers – Influencers with 10,000 followers or fewer on social media.
  •   Micro-influencers – Influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers on social media.
  •   Macro-influencers – Influencers with 100,000 to 1 million followers on social media.
  •   Mega-influencers – Influencers with 1 million+ followers on social media.

You can give preference to the niche of the influencer’s audience and collaborate with the one that resonates with your brand personality and ethics.

#3: Respond to the Social Media Comments

One of the primary goals of setting up a social media profile is to reach out to the audience.

Interaction with your customers can play a pivotal role in making your eCommerce business stand out.

When someone leaves a comment on your post, it gives a picture of what’s going on in their mind. If customers are happy with your services, they may leave positive and nice comments. On the contrary, upset customers may write not-so-nice things.

You must acknowledge their views and respond in both cases.

Reciprocate the positive comments with positive words of gratitude. In case of negative comments, here’s what you should scrutinize –

  1. Inspect if they have misunderstood the meaning of your post. 

Write a humble reply to clarify what your post is trying to convey. 

  1. Understand if they genuinely had a bad experience with your brand.

Begin by sincerely apologizing. Ask the customer for complete details of the issue so that you can address their problem.

  1. Analyse if they are trolls who are intentionally spreading lies or rumours.

Trollers are attention seekers. They write something nasty to grab your attention. It is natural to lose patience while dealing with trolls. But you must keep in mind that your brand’s identity is dependent on what you do! So, ignoring them completely could be the best response.

#4: Leverage Short Form Video Content

Videos of babies playing with dogs, food recipes to try in lockdown, fitness videos, and a lot more! The trend of short videos has taken social media by storm.

When it comes to the social media marketing of eCommerce brands, the trend can be leveraged to boost brand visibility.

84% of social media users have admitted that they invested in a product after watching a brand’s video. There’s a plethora of platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels – that you could try for your eCommerce store.

What can you do to create an effective short-form video exactly?

  •   Make videos of not more than a couple of minutes.
  •   Promote and publish UGC – User Generated Content that the audience can relate to!
  •   Create videos that add value to your customer’s shopping experience.
  •   Share informative tutorials about using the products.
  •   Consider the ‘What is in it for me?’ (WIIFM) factor from the audience point of view.
  •   Post videos of your staff to form a human connection. For instance, behind-the-scenes videos can help make your social content more relatable and effective. 

Short-form videos are quick and easy to consume. Try to come up with new themes that reflect your brand values to take advantage of this trend.

#5: Invest in Interactive Online Ads

Social media advertisements are becoming a staple in the world of digital marketing.

What are the advantages of investing in paid ads? They increase the number of visitors on your eCommerce website, boost engagement ratio, and drive sales.

Unlike organic posts, paid ads on social media can help you reach a wide range of target audiences within no time.

Besides sustaining traffic, it hammers your brand’s name in the minds of social media users that can make you popular effortlessly. 

To identify your target audience, you can use various filters and settings that can help you connect to the audience with better chances of liking your brand or even buying your products. You can target people by their gender, hobbies, location, age, and other interests. 

Here’s a snapshot by the Pew Research Center to help you understand the concept.

Small businesses and startups who are short on a budget can benefit from social ads because of their flexible pricing. The price is decided as per the length of the campaign. You can measure the success of the campaign by the impressions and conversions you get by the end of it.

#6: Don’t Miss Out on Social Media Analytics

The guessing game doesn’t work on social media. 

Believe only in the numbers you see.

By that we mean, stay laser-focused on your goals and track your activities with smart analytics tools like –

  •   Sprout Social
  •   TapInfluence
  •   HubSpot

These tools can help you identify your best and least performing content and give a clear picture of your social media presence through various metrics.

For instance, these tools can help in tracking metrics such as impressions, referrals, response rate, response time, and most importantly conversions.

The insights derived from such analysis can help you make more informed decisions.

To Sum Up

Being in the eCommerce industry, you must have a strong social media presence to foster the growth of your business. We have outlined these strategies by precisely evaluating the current trends on leading social media platforms. 

We’re sure the tips and tactics shared above will help you set actionable goals for your eCommerce store and up your social media game.

Go ahead and implement these strategies to take your venture to the next level. 

Author Bio

Aanya Rachel is the Content Manager at The Address, a coworking space in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, experience, and extensive research in this field. She writes on a wide range of topics related to coworking, the growth of remote workers, startups, and real estate.

Instagram For B2B Brands: How To Increase Brand Reach And Discover New Opportunities

By James Tredwell on August 4, 2021

Are you wondering how to build an engagement rate for your Instagram Business account?

Instagram is one of the great platforms that offer businesses to promote a brand or product globally, acquire a loyal following, and develop a circle of people that upholds your business.

That said, let us check different ways to level up your brand reach and gain new opportunities.

1. Write up a Perfect Bio

Writing a clear bio must be the first step after business profile creation. It will help you get more new followers. To increase your following, they have to feel why to hit that “Follow” button instantly. A perfect Instagram bio must speak about your business straight to your potential audience.

That way, you could impress more followers connected to your brand and are likely to convert into your customers. Instagram allows you to jot down up to 150 characters in your bio. Coming up with a brief and thorough biography could be a challenging task even for experts. 

2. Include Fun Element on your Posts

Although Instagram stories and in-feed posts take time and effort, you can always add some fun to creating them. When you share content with fun factors, you get auto likes on Instagram, also comments and shares, which help you build brand awareness, gain engagement, increase sales. You are free to create unique ideas to post content.

3. Follow a Schedule

A business person better knows the worth of time and money. Do you spend hours a day exploring through pictures, writing captions, or placing hashtags, etc.? Or spend just one to two hours in a day to schedule your Instagram posts for the whole week? 

Studies show correct posting times on the platform. There are no such rules to post content at the same time or same day. Initially, ensure what you want your audience to see? That lets you know what exactly to post rather than scrambling over the internet for ideas.

Don’t stress anymore! For that, you have to post consistently at the time that suits you and feels comfortable to you. Scheduling posts on Instagram lets you save time, create attractive captions, and decide on a perfect feed.

4. Add Location Tag to your Post

To improve your brand exposure and gain engagement, you have to use location tags in your posts. A lot of studies say that posts with location tags acquire a great engagement rate. To discover products or services nearby, people look for businesses that are local on Instagram.

Fortunately, Instagram provides the best feature for businesses, location tags. When someone is looking for specific content in their neighborhood or town, they will discover yours, and that’s a perfect way to get connected and begin communication.

 For instance, if you share a story from a party, festival, or reunion, try tagging that location using stickers. Your story gets featured on the respective location’s page for stories.

5. Respond to Direct Messages

Responding to DM’s is essential!

Maintaining a good relationship with your followers is essential, as they put effort into texting you. Small or big business doesn’t matter; always make sure to allocate time to listen and respond to their comments and feedback.

That simple act of response from you towards followers shows that you give importance to them, which helps build community, trust in the brand, and increase communication. Make them aware that you have heard, reply with a sorry, and make that right.

More the comments, shares, likes, and DM’s to your posts means the more it would get ranked as quality content, and it gets featured to a broader audience on the explore page.

6. Initiate conversations with Stories Stickers

Engagement on Instagram is not limited to just comments and likes; instead, it considers engagement from stories, people following your brand hashtag, IGTV views, etc.

Stickers on Instagram Stories play a vital role in motivating people to chat and post opinions with you. Question Sticker lets your followers know about your brand or gain information on your products. Besides, it’s a great way to ask queries to your followers,

Since opinion from followers matters, you could use poll or vote stickers that help understand their views related to your products or services.

7. Create Relevant Hashtags

Many changes took place on Instagram since 2010, yet one feature hasn’t changed at all Instagram hashtags. Using relevant and targeted hashtags on posts and stories is a great way to get observed by new people on Instagram. And, this absorbs high engagement, additional followers, and new customers for the business.

Hashtags on Instagram perform by grouping and categorizing pictures & videos. Branded hashtags provide an excellent way to look for brands or products on Instagram. Your loyal followers may start using your brand’s hashtags to their posts, display products, or communicate with you. Remember to check tags for your branded hashtag to don’t miss out on responding to every post that includes it. 

As hashtags, used to find products or services, the perfect ones will put you in front of the target audience, although they haven’t seen your profile before. Bear in mind, Posts from private accounts won’t appear publicly on hashtag pages,

  • Hashtags can have numbers but no spaces and special characters.
  • Instagram lets you add hashtags just to your posts and not tag others’ pictures or videos.
  • You could place up to thirty hashtags on a picture or video post and ten on stories.

You will have to define goals to get the best out of using hashtag marketing. Suppose you want to build engagement, then you need to understand those hashtags that drive new audiences to your business. It is vital to use your branded hashtags on every post you share. Create hashtags for,

  • Promote products
  • Updates on products
  • Contests
  • Sponsored events

8. Analyze your Analytics

How would you measure the effectiveness of marketing on Instagram? Do you know how it communicates with overall marketing strategies?

Understanding what content or post works best and what doesn’t is a crucial part that helps improve engagement rates. You could use tools on Instagram to analyze post-performance, check comments, and scale the likes count received by your posts. Acquiring new followers and increasing likes must be a continual aim that needs time and a well-planned strategy.

Instagram analytics lets you find:

  • The number of visits to your profile in the past week.
  • The count on “Taps” your profile or specific posts received within a week.
  • Number of “Website clicks” followers made right from your account in a week
  • The total number of “Get Directions” or mobile calls received from your Instagram profile.

9. Edit Short Captions

Have you known that Instagram lets you type up to 2200 characters in captions?

Whatsoever, it is not necessary to utilize all characters to create post captions.

Data says that it is good to write captions of less than ten words and to incorporate fun emojis in them. How the audience engages with your content is one of the criteria that your post performs in the Instagram algorithm.

So, how would you extend the time spent by folks on your posts? Type appealing and compelling captions. It is an excellent way to tell your audience about the product and brand goals, mission, or anything you cannot convey with a one-liner and some emojis.

10. Use Right Photo Size on Instagram

Instagram offers many options to post content, from posts to stories to IGTV clips. Each type has different image guidelines that you have to follow. Nothing is more frustrating than posting a photo that gets trimmed off or not uploaded the way you intended. Ensure that your pictures are perfectly sized and attractive, as studies suggest that bright images tend to obtain more likes and dull ones.

Some standard Instagram sizes are,

  • Profile Pictures – 320*320 pixels
  • Square Pictures – 1080*1080 pixels
  • Portrait Pictures – 1080*1350 pixels
  • Landscape Pictures – 1080*566 pixels
  • Stories/IGTV – 1080*1920 pixels

11. Place a link in your bio.

Inserting a clickable link in your Instagram bio is crucial as it takes followers to other helpful content. Your primary goal is to drive traffic to websites or other content you share. As you know, having a link inside captions doesn’t allow followers to click on it; that’s why you must add a link to your bio, one link that directs them to an external website, generating possible leads for you. 

Adding a link to the biography is easy; move on to your profile, tap “Edit Profile” in the Website textbox, place the URL, and save the changes. If you want your audience to visit your website, sign in for newsletters, check your blogs or get insights into your business, then consider placing a link into your profile bio. Make sure to inform the audience of the purpose of the link and that it is available in your bio. 

Final Thought

To spread brand awareness, gain opportunities and build engagement to your business, you have to incorporate these methods in your Instagram strategy!

Author Bio:- Sarah James is a Content Writer at VoxCorp with more than 8 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. In her free time, she loves to talk with her friends about food, travel, and ancient culture.

How To Advertise on Instagram Effectively

By James Tredwell on July 13, 2021

Influencers, perfect pictures, and interesting short videos. If we want to describe Instagram in a few words, maybe these would be them. According to statistics, the number of Instagram users will exceed the number of Facebook users by 2023, and today the social interface may have a user camp of more than 1 billion. And the huge number of people promises great opportunities when it comes to an advertising campaign. Let us see how you can take advantage of the opportunities provided by Instagram.

Why Instagram?

As already mentioned, the platform has huge potential. It has basically all the features like Facebook, we should not be surprised at this either, since we are talking about the page in Facebook’s hands. 

What is important to know is that the site is still primarily used by younger and middle-aged people. Of course, it is becoming more widespread among elderly people as well, but we recommend that you consider the two ages mentioned above if you want to advertise on Instagram.

In terms of features, the choice is quite wide, as you can perform data analysis on-site, get up-to-date data on the performance of each of your posts, and even manage interactions in an up-to-date way. Sounds good right? But that is still nothing, let us get to the point.

Instagram, if you viewed it from a marketing angle, can also be a kind of gathering place. A collection point where you can find your target audience perfectly, for an affordable price. We always prefer to use the best VPN services such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN to build any business reputation in other countries also. Recently we have bought NordVPN using with NordVPN discount which made our purchases so cheap for us.

The average cost per click (CPC) on Instagram is between $ 0.20 and $ 2. This means that in the best situation, reaching 1,000 people who are actually showing activity will cost $ 200 on this platform and in the worst case, your costs will be $ 2,000.

Of course, the price will depend on your goal and the specialization of your target audience. Reaching a specific target group has been always a bigger job and as a result, your costs will be higher. But where else could you reach so many people for this money?

Preliminary analyzes

Let us say you want to promote a product on your website using Instagram. In this case, be sure to look at which parts of your website that perform best and attract the most attention. This is necessary because if a particular CTA (call-to-action), figure, or any other element had an eye-catching power in your online store, it will also catch your target audience in the form of an Instagram ad.

You have two options for this:

1. Heatmaps: 

Heatmaps are used to assess how website visitors or actual customers use the site, or to assess how successful each element of the site has been. The use of heatmaps is in its heyday today, as we are talking about a very useful data visualization tool that provides very valuable data.

We encourage you to look at which CTA, color, figure, or shape is most frequented on your page and be sure to use it in your Instagram ad.

2. User reviews: 

Nothing is more valuable than getting the information first-hand. Dare to ask your online store’s users. Ask them about their positive experiences, but do not forget to ask about feedback on negative things.

With this information in mind, you can learn about the needs and attitudes of your customers or visitors, which will allow you to run a fully customized advertising campaign on Instagram. By the way, this information can be useful later in the optimization processes on your website or in the development too.

Be creative

Perhaps in the case of Instagram, the most important thing is to be creative. This is because the stimulus threshold for people on this platform is quite high. Every day, they come across perfect pictures and videos that make them sensitive to mistakes. Here are some tips to help you break through the barrier of attention:

Do not be average

If we look at Instagram, we can usually see simple edited images. They are not built around a particular design, just an image that shows a product, a human figure, or a brand with perfect quality.

Be more unique than that. Unfortunately, as mentioned, you have to break through this barrier, otherwise, your campaign will be half as successful as it could be. To do this, you have to create something unique, eye-catching, but also non-intrusive.

Nowadays, to stand out on these platforms, you also need to use some external software. Here we now think primarily of Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator as perhaps the two most popular image editor programs.

Although the two programs are different in their function, we recommend that you use the two applications in combination to edit your content before publishing. For example, if you got a result during the preliminary heatmap test that the blue buttons perform better across your target audience, you might have to place that color or even the specific button to your content with the help of Illustrator because this software works with vector graphics which have a high quality.

If you want to edit the image itself because it has a poorer quality or you want to improve something on it, we recommend using Photoshop. There are plenty of articles and videos on the internet on how you can use this software, so do not be scared, you will have an easy job and even your Instagram ad will be perfect.

Creative content

Now that we have discussed how to make good advertising material for Instagram, you are sure to wonder if it is okay, but what should I do? What is good content?

We recommend that you post to Instagram at regular intervals before your ad campaign so that a portion of your target audience can already find you which will increase your organic reach later.

As for the content, in this “preparatory” stage, try not to just post a picture of a topic smoothly. Make your popular image elements revealed by heatmaps or polls appear here already. You will also need to strive for this during your advertising campaign.

If you are already there to run Instagram ads, pay attention to the following:

  • Choose what your goal is. This is necessary because Instagram will use your settings to determine which people will see your ad. 
  • If your goal is to have as many reactions, comments, or even saves on your post as possible, we recommend the engagement option for you.
  • If you aim to get more people to your website, you may want to choose the traffic option, as this will get your ad to people who are more willing to click on the link to your page.
  • In our opinion, the most important setting is to increase conversions. If you want to see more purchases or any user action on your site, we recommend the conversion option, as it can reach people who are willing to buy.

Create content that is different from previously shared content. If you have only shared 1-1 specific images so far, try to produce paged posts. A well-structured paging post performs 30% better than average content.

Never deviate from the image of your business. Your visitors and customers alike will recognize you about these elements, and those who do not yet know about your business are the perfect start to facing your business’s values.

The importance of CTA

Call-to-action is one of the most prominent parts of Instagram ads, as in all social media ads. You also need to tailor the CTA to your goal because this will be the part of your ad that conveys the message.

The CTA should always be clear and understandable. Here, too, you can use your creativity and break away from the usual words. For example, if you want to increase the number of purchases on your website, break with the text of “Buy it now” or “Add to cart”. Instead, use the words “Try it today” or “I’m trying now.”

If you are creative, that ad will also be appreciated by viewers, so it does not matter how you put it. If you are brave enough, you can bring a little humor in it, but you have to be careful with this because the situation can easily turn back and there is a chance someone will sideline you or just not take humor in good name.

When talking about CTAs, it is important to note that you have to place them in a conspicuous place. If you have an opportunity, highlight them from the background, helping to make them visible. However, be careful that your highlight color is not too flashy and does not strike the background color too much as this can have an alarming effect that can create uncertainty in people.


Advertising on Instagram as you can see is a very complex process. It is much more difficult to assert yourself on this platform and achieve the desired goal than such as on Facebook, as we can only rely on visual and video materials here, as only 50% of users read the written material.

Using heat maps will go a long way in helping you select the right items for your Instagram ad, giving you even a sense of your company’s image. In addition, collecting user reviews is recommended.

Remember your goal, build your ad campaign on that this will avoid unnecessary costs and failure. 

We hope we could help you!

This article is contributed by Adam Kiss– the Content Marketing Manager of Capturly.com

7 Ways Using Social Media With Paid Traffic Can Help Your Chiropractor Clinic.

By James Tredwell on June 19, 2021

For any chiropractic clinic to thrive, new patients need to be brought inconsistently. After all, you can never have too many patients. Chiropractors do not have time to research and try out new ways of advertising to potential patients. A trial and error approach is useful but can require a ton of patience. Do not go blind into your marketing and advertising efforts. This guide will give chiropractors some useful tips that take the guesswork out of driving paid traffic to your clinic. Thankfully, with the use of digital advertising, the ability to find these desirable potential patients has never been easier. Capitalizing on the tips in this list will give chiropractors a leg up on their local competition. That is what is most important in this business. How can your chiropractic clinic stand out amongst the local competition? Continue reading this guide to find out how.  

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the best social media platform for chiropractic advertising. Their ad manager is not only user-friendly, but also extremely useful. Being able to generate leads and traffic from your ideal patients is a breeze if you spend a little time setting up your ads. Facebook’s ad manager will allow you to find your ideal audience using demographic, geographic, behavioral, and interest targeting. This allows you to really narrow down and try out audiences that you think will convert into patients for your chiropractic clinic. Facebook also provides a dozen formats for your ad to display. Match up the content you want to show off with whichever ad format looks best. Use these ads to show off and promote services that make your chiropractic clinic money. Brand awareness is useful, but paying for awareness that does not immediately offer paying customers looking for your services is risky. Facebook allows you to track the effectiveness of each new ad you create within your overall campaign. Use this data to improve each ad and better target potential new patients.

2. Don’t Boost Posts on Facebook

Facebook provides much better targeting options to promote your posts if you use their ad manager tool instead of just boosting your current posts. Boosting your posts is much easier to do, which is purposely done by Facebook. If you take a little more time to fill out the more detailed targeting information through the ad manager, your posts have a better chance to convert traffic to your chiropractic website. When you are able to precisely track and target a specific audience on Facebook, you can find which audience is best for your chiropractic clinic. If you are simply boosting posts, you will never be able to narrow down exactly who is a potential new patient. Boosting limits you to advertising to one audience at a time, which is a big waste of time. You will be stuck waiting on each audience targeting results to come in before you can even move on to targeting a new audience. Also, boosting posts does not even allow you to choose device targeting, which means you are missing out on focusing on mobile users specifically. People are more likely to convert when they are using their mobile devices because desktops are primarily used for working. Do not waste your money on people who will not convert. 

3. Instagram Advertising

Similar to Facebook, Instagram is also very useful to advertise on. That is because Instagram shares the same advertising tools as Facebook. If you are now familiar with Facebook advertising, Instagram will be a breeze. Similar to the above tip, you will also want to avoid boosting your Instagram posts. Creating new posts for ads is the way to go on Instagram. Utilizing the advertising features on Instagram Stories is an excellent way to guarantee your ad is seen. Both Instagram and Facebook offer numerous ad formats to use, so play around with what works best for your Instagram audience. However, the biggest difference in the two sites is the age demographics to consider. Facebook has a much older age range of users and Instagram has a much younger audience. Consider this when targeting and creating ads for each platform. It is still useful to target the younger working professionals on Instagram, so do not skip this social media when deciding on what platforms you want to advertise on. 

4. Create visually appealing Pinterest ads

Pinterest is commonly used by an audience who is seeking inspiration and advice or are looking to purchase. This creates a unique advertising opportunity that is more streamlined to bring your ad to the most appropriate audience. For instance, someone may be searching for “back pain relief” on Pinterest, and the results will show varied but related results. These results can include recommended stretches, equipment that aids in relieving back tension, and even an advertisement for your chiropractor clinic. Pinterest ads are displayed as results to search queries, so you will be more likely to reach your target audience as they are actively searching for related solutions or services. Pinterest is an extremely visual medium, so using an attention-grabbing image is the first priority to showcase your clinic. As with the other major providers for digital advertising, you can customize your budget, target audience, and other ad features, and eventually review your ad’s analytics.

5. Advertise on Linkedin

Another major social platform, primarily targeted towards working professionals, is LinkedIn. There are four types of ads that you can choose from on LinkedIn: Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Text Ads. Sponsored ds are displayed naturally in the LinkedIn feed just like other posts. Message Ads are shown in LinkedIn messaging. Dynamic Ads personalize the ad to a LinkedIn user’s profile data such as photo, company, and job title. Text Ads are simple PPC or CPM (cost-per-impression) ads. Just like the other advertising platforms, you will be prompted to define the objective of your marketing campaign. Some objectives to choose from are brand awareness, consideration (website views and engagement), and conversions. Again, you will be asked to select your targeting criteria which essentially filter down to your target audience. You can also set your budget and the schedule for your ads and be able to view your campaign analytics to optimize the performance of your ads.

6. Hire influencers to promote your services

Influencer marketing is a growing form of digital advertising. Influencers are people who have a dedicated online following who trust their opinions and values. This is especially beneficial in reaching a younger audience. Many influencers can be found on Instagram and TikTok. Basically, you pay them to mention or show your chiropractor clinic in their posts as promotional content. They will be explicit that it is a sponsored advertisement, and they will describe the benefits of your services to their audience, often based on personal experience. Marketing this way is also very mobile-friendly since most influencers post digital content that is most easily consumed through phone apps. Do your research to find influencers who discuss topics within your industry and find the most influential individuals. The budget for this type of marketing varies greatly depending on the influencer’s expected compensation which often depends on the follower count and views of their posts. Sometimes the influencers will even be represented by a talent agency who you will need to contact. Once you have determined your budget, you will need to determine your goals and messaging. You will provide the influencers with basic talking points to accentuate what you want them to emphasize. Typically, influencer marketing is more hands-on than the other automated advertising options, so be prepared to have conversations with your chosen influencers to make sure that your agreement is fully understood and to make sure that they stay on schedule and on message.

7. Boost your reach with Twitter ads

Twitter is a main form of social media for many people, including potential new patients for your chiropractor clinic. The most beneficial result of advertising on Twitter is that your ad will promote your desired message. This is often used in publicizing a specific service or introducing your practice to potential patients near you geographically. You are in control of your message, budget, and certain audience options. To reach your target audience, you can refine based on geography interests, similar followers, or various other filters. This method of advertising is popular for boosting exposure for your chiropractor clinic, gaining new followers who can become potential customers, and reviewing the results of your ads with the analytics features.


To recap this guide, social media marketing and advertising offer several ways to drive traffic to your chiropractic clinic. Finding new ways to stand out from the local competition is extremely important in such a competitive market. Utilizing social media as a part of your digital marketing efforts is a great way to find potential new patients. Advertising on social media platforms can be especially beneficial in reaching your target audience based on features such as location or topics of interest. Make sure you are reviewing and tracking the results of your social media advertising campaigns. Adjustments will be necessary and can help you further find new patients. This guide can be a great start to your digital marketing efforts, and should help chiropractors use paid traffic for their chiropractic clinic.

Bio.:- YoYo Fu is the owner of YoYoFuMedia, a Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO agency. The agency regularly doubles, triples, and even 10X the revenue of their clients. Their client ranges from local healthcare to 8-figure revenue e-commerce Shopify stores.

15 Impressive Ideas For Business To Strike Through Instagram Reels

By James Tredwell on June 1, 2021

You have clicked the right option to know more about reel’s ideas for your business or brand on Instagram. Instagram reels are the newest trending feature for every business owner to utilize it.

Here, we have gathered 15 impressive Instagram reels ideas to spark up your business or brand on Instagram.

1. Instagram Reels

It is the new trending feature to engage high with your present audience and get a massive audience for your content. If you use Instagram reels for your business or brand in an effective way, you can reach more people on the platform.

According to the platform, an Instagram user gets a notification if their reel content is featured on the Explore page. It is chosen by the platform to make users discover more entertaining content to motivate them. If you need to do that, you want to grab an objective.

2. Behind The Scenes(BTS)

These video contents are more attractive because every person likes to get the natural face of a brand or business. An excellent BTS reel video content can be any bloopers or a video of product-making steps shared in the stories and feed.

For instance, Reels video creator and a famous photography artist, Jordi Koalitic, shared behind his perfect photography skills through reels on the platform.

3. Re-Introduction

The audience likes Instagram story content. Business accounts on social platforms want to keep social factors where users connect to their customers personally. Showcasing the teammates behind the business or brand is a great move and telling how it started is the perfect way to receive more audience.

For example, Marketer Natasha uploads perfect re-introduction reel video content with her fans.

4. BVA(Before vs. After)

It’s a great Instagram reel idea to showcase BVA video content since it clearly shows results. Every person in the world wishes to see the result, and so this content type receives abundant reel likes on Instagram that reach a wider audience for your content with stunning visuals. 

For instance, Blankslatereno’s video content perfectly shows their products in a raw manner and the exact final products. This content type with perfect visual factors brings more audience to your reel section.

5. TAT(Tricks And Tips)

Tips & Tricks video contents are more popular though it contains learning values or unknown info for the viewers. Share your thoughts and knowledge with your audience by uploading TAT video content to attain vast people and providing more knowledge to them.

For example, Sugar Geek Show brings reel videos more perfectly about how to decorate your recipes with simple tips, which gets enormous engagements for its stunning visuals.

6. Accept Challenges

It’s an excellent way to merge with the platform. Various challenges are happening daily on many social media. Dance video contents are the most famous one, and it is used to integrate with other video types for brand or business promotion.

For instance, an Instagram reel expert, Harrison, published perfect dance challenge video content that makes everyone inspired on the platform.

7. Work With Sneak Peeks

Most brands and businesses use influencers to showcase their product sneak peeks. It is the perfect way to grow a platform for every business and brand.

Grab the right influencers in your industry to publish sneak peek reel video content with showcasing your new products. A perfect giveaway is also welcomed if it relates to your promotional campaign. 

For example, Halys world is an influencer that brings collaborations with small and big companies for marketing and promotional purposes.

8. Merge With Latest Trends

Merging with the latest trends is a perfect idea to get a spark in the huge crowd on social media. Promoting services or products with famous trends is the perfect choice to get massive potential customers. Utilizing the trend strategy to your reel video contents sets the best opportunity to get featured on the Explore page.

For instance, Christopher uploaded reel video contents on the platform to showcase his every collection at his best.

9. Fashion Reel Contents

If you work with fashion content right, it is fun to get massive people to your reel content. Bringing fashion shows with a great twist is a great way to grab more views.

For example, Louis Vuitton publishes reel video content on the platform with stunning fashion collections.

10. Food Reel Contents

These reel contents are more interesting, and it’s a superb idea for every small business and brand that runs the restaurant or food shops. You could showcase how to cook favorite food recipes or how to decorate your food products brings the best way to grab more audience to your brand food-related contents.

For instance, Pura Indonesia, a cook, showcases food cooking contents to show how the product is excellent.

11. Travel Reel Contents

Travel reel video content is the most effective way to get an audience for your industry. And you don’t want to post travel-related stories simply; you can also upload traveling recommendations and tips from your experience or about any travel destinations.

For example, Savi and Vid produce stunning reel video content about their traveling spots. It’s a perfect fit for every brand or business that is related to travel agencies.

12. Evergreen Contents

Repurposing video content is the perfect way to showcase brands and businesses to new fans and provide a simple review of your latest content that they are less interested in getting in.

For instance, Brian and Dayna introduced their Insta page with an evergreen video reel. Consider micro-influencers to make this marketing campaign more effective.

13. “How-to” Contents

Tutorial or “How-to” video contents are the special ones that every audience wishes to watch on Instagram. The Reels section on the platform is the perfect slot for them if you have the right concept on how to bring your content.

For instance, the stunning photographer Kiel James Patric takes a lot of snaps about his life moments. 

Tip: The reel video content of “How-to” on the platform with some food or any materials might bring more likes and views.

14. “Do It Yourself” Projects

DIY is abbreviated as Do It Yourself. It’s the type of Instagram reel video content idea if your business or brand sells artsy crafts or products.

For example, Hometalk is perfect for showing storages transforming into a marvelous tank. 

15. Product Highlighting

You could attach Instagram shopping to your Instagram reels. Do live shopping on Instagram just like other brands. Only a few worked on this reel content, so you can utilize this to bring more crowd to your products.

For example, Marissa is an excellent example to utilize the reels on the platform for her business. She uploads her products and brings an excellent caption to get more attention from the audience.

Bonus Ideas

Employee And Community Spotlight

UGC(User Generated Content) is the best way to represent your products. Share the customers’ posts on your profile whenever they post content about your brand or product and provide a giveaway or any discounts for them to purchase more of your products.

For instance, Fenty Beauty is perfect for showing customer’s content on both reels sections on Instagram and TikTok. Don’t forget to post repurposing reel content in the right way.

Bring a Listicle

The listicles are a great way to make your content go viral. Bring up a list of your favorite places, events, TV shows, etc. If you are on the holidays, you could utilize the contents to maintain contact with your customers. Let every person on reel know the spectacular places that you are landing.

For instance, Erica produces more Instagram reel video content on holiday trips and contacts more customers. Each thing is based on your industry.

Every Day In Life

You could post whatever in the reel video section about your day. Merge professional and personal sides of your business or brand. Upload an interview reel with your employees or post unique things with your fans.

For example, Tom Daley, a famous Instagrammer, uploads his every morning and shares the positive points with his followers. Don’t forget to bring your reel more simply.

Answer Every FAQs

By answering every question of your followers, you could reach your brand for a massive audience. The reel video content of FAQ on the platform is just like a story content or normal video, but you should fit the reel into the correct time slot.

For example, Scout Paramotor produces various FAQ video contents answering their follower’s questions.

Teaser Reel Contents

Show to the Instagram reel about your next uploads on YouTube, Your website, or even another social media network. Bring teaser video content with stunning visuals so you could grab more audience attention to your content uploading in the future.

For instance, Singapore Guidebook always provides teaser video content and attaches Call To Action(CTA) so that every audience visits their YouTube network for the entire video content.


Reels on Instagram is the newest trending feature on the platform where most of the audience spends a lot of time rather than the story section and regular feeds. Take advantage of Instagram reels to bring up your brand or business in the crowd of social media audiences. 

Promote your products or business through Instagram reels so that you could reach more people than posting your products on a story or feed. Don’t waste time, bring up your reel, and monitor the success.

This article is contributed by Mary Kyle  – is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen.

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