18 Google SEO White Hat Techniques For E-Commerce Website – A Rule of Thumb

By Guest Contributor on April 8, 2020

The SEO process is a great avenue to improve e-commerce websites in its performance online. It’s a powerful tool used and creates to provide innovative measures in making sure that these sites are convenient and accessible for online users.

The procedure of optimizing websites is generally influenced by SEO trends. Many SEO experts and specialists are likewise giving quality services which are an advantage. Like any other company, some lots offer SEO services that guarantee quality results.

With the global emergence of digital marketing, it is undeniable that the online market is now the trend. More people are leaning towards buying goods and services through the Internet.

Also, it’s not that hefty at all which is one of the factors being considered. Now, if you plan to establish your e-commerce website, then you have to know how to develop it through SEO.

To give you some thoughts, here are some techniques that are useful for you to use. Let this serve as your guide as well. Know more here.

#1. Do Some Blogging

If you’re thinking of what kind of content is useful to gain an online audience on your site, it’s safe to say that blogging is helpful for a starter. You write stuff about your site and what you aim to market online.

Generally, you discuss relevant information on your website. It’s great content and could generate higher search ranking as well.

Doing some blogs is beneficial for the optimization process. To give you a hand, you may want to consider to hire remote SEO specialist for the meantime for some tips and tricks.

#2. Make Use Of Header Tags For Sectioning 

For the purpose of staying organized, the use of header tags is advised for e-commerce sites that have tons of content. These tags are for various subsections within one article or page.

It’s a helpful way to keep your online audience or users go with the flow of your articles or any content for that matter. Also, header tags are beneficial when you have long write-ups. Keep your site organized and creative too.

#3. Image Optimization

You should put videos or images on your e-commerce site. Rather than solely focusing on articles alone, keeping your users interested is also through images or audio-visuals.

Make sure they’re relevant and organized as well. Go for the highest quality to ensure that your online users get the best details and experience while accessing your website.

#4. Catchy Titles For Web Content

Be creative. Go for the catchy titles. Opt to input something that could spark the interest of many people online. Since you’re an e-commerce site, look for creative ways to promote your name or the brand itself.

It’s an excellent tool for forming your online presence on the Internet or search engines. There’s a freelance SEO specialist that can help you know more.

#5. Keywords Are Important

The use of keywords is relatively essential in your site’s search ranking. These are used within contents or write-ups. For an e-commerce site, make sure it’s highly relevant in the article you are publishing. Better use your brand name, services or products, and location as a tip.

#6. Unique Write-Ups

Since you have to be creative in writing, don’t focus on one topic alone. As a way to promote, go for more. Know your users or target audience. Spark their interests by putting the common ideas in mind of a consumer.

It’s something that they can highly relate themselves to, so it’s an excellent opportunity to do. Look for SEO consultant home based for more information too.

#7. Speed Up

Always check whether your e-commerce site is running slow or not. It might affect your performance for online users. Avoid lags at all times. Since you are on a business, make sure it’s efficient and accessible anywhere and anytime. Seek for help if necessary.

#8. Video Optimization

As soon as you put images in your e-commerce site, it’s much better that you also use videos. In publishing video content, make it with high quality and use it as a promotional tool. It significantly contributes to the process of optimization. Know the current trends as well in video editing to make sure you’re in the flow.

#9. The Outbound Links

Use different links for your web content. It includes outbound links that increase or boost your search visibility. Don’t forget to use these for a better search ranking as well. As an e-commerce site, it’s best to hire online marketing expert on this one to help you.

#10. Avoid Broken Links 

The main goal of links is to help your target online audience to arrive on your website. As soon as they click the link, it increases the search visibility of your e-commerce site. So, it’s best to check whether the links are working. Avoid broken links as much as possible.

#11. Go For The Standard Format

In making or designing your e-commerce site, you should use the standard size or format of your page in terms of font and other details. It will help your online audience to have better user experience as well. Also, it’s an excellent tool for optimization.

#12. Opt For Increased Engagements

Make sure your e-commerce site is engaging. Let your online users comment or give suggestions. Provide sections for interaction as well. It helps your search ranking to increase and make it visible in various search engines, such as Google.

#13. No False Information

Don’t put any false details about your website. Use factual information only. It will add credibility to your e-commerce site. And once you gain the trust of your online audience, the easier it will be for your website to learn more visitors and increase search ranking as well.

#14. Safety And Security Of Your Site

Make sure that your URLs are all good to go. Before launching an e-commerce site, ensure that it’s all safe for your online users as well.

#15. Promote Through Infographics

In a digital age, use infographics. These are pictures digitally formatted to help inform your users online of the goods or services you provide.

#16. Use Social Media

Apart from links, you can also use social media sites to promote your e-commerce site. It’s a great opportunity and avenue as there are tons of users who access it online. You may outsource SEO expert to help you out.

#17. Put An Area For FAQ’s

It will help your online audience to get to know more about your e-commerce site and what you offer. It’s also the best form of engagement. Again, it increases your search visibility and ranking.

#18. Be Mobile-Friendly

Make sure that your e-commerce site is formatted with mobile features. It will help develop the level of accessibility of your page.

Final Word

These are great techniques that you may use for better e-commerce website performance. Use this as your tools as well.

Author’s Bio :- Cyrel Nicolas has been passionate in online marketing and been an SEO Specialist in the Philippines for almost 10 years. He is the owner of CyrelNicolas.com and helped hundreds of businesses across the globe to increase online brand awareness and organic traffic using effective white-labelled strategies.

A Comprehensive Guide on Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress

By Guest Contributor on March 16, 2020

You may hear about the Yoast SEO if you are a digital marketer or SEO professionals. Do you know what is Yoast SEO in detail? Well, your answer is no, then don’t worry. Today let’s talk in detail about it and clear all your doubts.

If you are working with a self-hosted WordPress site, then it is highly important for you to know more about it. Let’s dig deep and explore it so that you can use it for enhancing your online business.

Businessmen spend a lot of money on availing the web development services. And, hire the SEO experts just to enhance their business by introducing it with the help of an incredible website and getting a high rank.

But adding the Yoast SEO Plugin is without a doubt boost the growth of the business. Let’s move on and know more about what is all about this Plugin of WordPress.

First know what Yoast SEO is-

It is one of the most popular and widely used search-optimization plug-ins for WordPress. Founded in the year 2010, it has now really a big number of active installations and downloads.

It has approx 5+ million active installations along with the more than 202 million times downloads.

This is an incredible WordPress plug-in that helps to make your website search engine friendly as possible. Apart from this, the best part of this plug-in is that it is free of cost and easy to understand.

Yoast SEO for WordPress makes your website impressive and adds extremely wonderful functionality. In addition to this, if you want to add more features to your self-hosted website, then you can buy the premium Yoast SEO plug-in.

What can you do with Yoast SEO-

This is simple to modify and control the things in your websites such as-

• Control titles
• Meta Description
• Setting target keywords
• Tracking site
• Managing sitemaps & others

Let’s move further and explore how to download, install and use this amazing WordPress plug-in.

Installing & downloading the Yoast SEO Plug-in-

Installing the Yoast SEO plugin is really a simple process. What you need to do is to go to the site’s admin dashboard. There you have to look at the left-hand side of the screen for the option “Plugins” and click on that. An option i.e. Add New would come on your screen.

After clicking on the ‘add new’ option, a new page would open for you from where you can select the plugins of your choice. If you are not able to directly see the Yoast SEO, then type there in the search bar.

When you get the Yoast SEO plugin, then you have to click on the “Install Now”. WordPress will download and install it.

Then a message for asking to activate the plugin will appear on your screen. So, activate it and it would successfully be install and active on your website.

Now you have understood that downloading and installing Yoast SEO is easy. Let’s move further and know about importing settings from other SEO plugins.

Import Settings from other SEO Plugins

If you have already installed another SEO plugin on your website, then you can save your precious time by importing settings from that plugin. For the import and export option, you have to visit the SEO option and then choose the “Tools”. There you would get the import from other SEO plugins tab.

Setting up Yoast SEO plugins

For those who don’t have the settings to import, here is a guiding tutorial that will let them know what they have to do for the setting up to the Yoast SEO plugin on their website. Here are few points are mentioned for which you have to set up your WordPress plugin i.e.-

• General settings
• Webmaster tools
• Security
• Metas and Titles
• Homepage
• Sitemaps
• Date in Snippet Preview
• Archives
• Taxonomies and others

These are the options you need to visit for the setting up the Yoast SEO plugins.

Use Yoast SEO Plugin

When you are done with the installation and set up of the Yoast SEO, then you have to visit the admin dashboard and click on the “All posts”. Here you would see the column that shows a dot indicating the Yoast SEO which rated your website page.

It uses the almost easy rating system for a page’s SEO friendliness. There are 4 colors of the dot such as-


Red means that there is an important problem; Green means that page is good, Gray means that Yoast SEO Plugin doesn’t have information for the webpage and Yellow means that there is still a scope of improvement on your webpage. It becomes easy for you to manage the pages on the basis of their color dots. You can simply optimize your website pages and make your website more effective.

Benefits of Yoast SEO-

There are several advantages of the Yoast SEO which makes it one of the most popular WordPress plug-in. Let’s have a look at the major advantages of it for your online business website.

• You can use 5 keywords per page
• It increases the readability of your webpage
• Free advertisement
• Great from the point of view of the search engines search pages

Hope you have enjoyed this read and know the detail about it. Hiring Website development services and design services for your business website is a good decision but installing this wonderful plugin surely adds the extra point.

If you have not included it till now, then don’t think too much just add it soon and let your business website rock.

Author Bio :- Vivek Sharma is an SEO Expert with rich industrial experience and knowledge. Currently, he is working with the PNJSharptech computing service that offers varieties of services such as web development services, web designing, and SEO services to the customers.

How SEO Promote Your Company With Your Competitors?

By Guest Contributor on March 12, 2020

Those who prepare to establish their company with branding solution then make sure to access the marketing techniques that are guiding the internet. Internet marketing is the best solution to increase the sensation of your product and services.

Most of the companies were targeting their strategy to develop into a digital approach as it helps to increase the attention of your product and services.

By choosing the exact techniques to assure awareness and converting those into clients or customers will maintain a supportive business. Handling digital marketing is one of the important works to accompany the work process.

Hence this blog will offer the importance of SEO to enable the ranking position.

Unique Way to Adapt to Handling Process

Companies were trying to possess the site using the design patterns. By focusing on the design part will help to enable the requirement of the company to meet the goal.

Many techniques have to prepare while handling the design part as the design part is completely mean to develop the branding and the conversion part of the company.

Hence by adopting the SEO techniques might help the complete scenario of the website. The website plays the mirror part to raise the company position.

Hence by following the design guideline like compressing the images, offering quality images, etc will help the site and also you have to focus on the conversion part of the design. Make sure to focus on the psychological part.

It helps to decide the designing techniques for your website as the handling process.

It increases your Visitor

By using SEO terms will help the business to increase awareness. By choosing an adaptive feature will help to increase the awareness of the company.

Hence to focus those prospective you must try to manage the customer requirement and begin to implement on those cadders. It works fine to initiate the business.

Maintaining those works with appropriate technology is the gam-changer of the organization’s goal. Most of the companies would love to prefer their requirements in terms hence to fine those requirements by proper analyze helps a lot.

By assuring the requirement will help the system to manage the lead generation.

Manages Your Promotion

SEO is the best option to ensure work and increase traffic. Most of the advanced technologies getting introduced in the platform of the companies were focusing on the marketing part.

Especially were trying to increase the attention using outbound techniques. You may know that the website is an important player in the business.

Hence to increase the traffic and improve the business, one has to maintain the work effectively with suitable skills such as handling the social media platforms, etc.

Hence make sure to focus on the platforms that help to increase the attention of your sites. It helps a lot to increase promoting.

Easy To approach Conversion

Business is all about maintaining a profit. It is known that most of the companies would prefer to focus on content marketing. The important in content is to create the mechanism of the company goals to achieve the profit.

Hence by using suitable techniques in the part of the search engine will virtually increase the conversion.

Most users prefer to increase the searching rate by using the first page of the search engine. Hence to compete with the competitors and increase the ranking must try to use the guideline of the search engine.

This increases the conversion part of the business with appropriate goals.

It Controls the Consuming Nature

Marketing is all about maintaining the work aspect with proper conditions. To hold those work and run the way smoothly must try to make sense with the data. It means gathering the data that helps the work to attain the customer requirement will help a lot.

You can make use of tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, etc to increase the planning and focus on the platform to meet the customers. Most marketers were finding difficult while using their techniques on the business because they might lack in deciding factor.

Hence to avoid those mistakes certain tools might help a lot to reduce the time on thinking for strategy and on the action. It proves that using SEO tools will increase the business approach and decrease the time taken to decide.

Increases through GEO Awareness

SEO is a best practice to interact with the customers and increase the business. Do you have to focus on certain factors who are the customers?; where do they live, etc. This all centered to focus on a particular point called identity.

By adopting a suitable marketing strategy based on identification will help the company to increase its sales and profit. Most companies would prefer to increase their awareness part on their required location.

This might help to grow their business fast and increase their sales funnel. By using options on the structure of coding will help the website to score high and increase the attention of the corresponding companies.

Solve the Popularity Issue

SEO is the best option to create branding power. It has wide opportunities to enhance the work and increase the traffic of the site. Most of the time by using content will enough but over SEO, it’s all about using the tactics as much you can.

Make sure that you are focus on design and the structure of coding. By applying suitable techniques, the user flow get changes and improve the business model. Popularity can bring more sales by adapting suitable marketing techniques.

It all comes by using the SEO part as per the need of the company goals and the customer requirement. Hence make sure that your SEO can create a brand.

Know The Importance of Marketing

Marketing is an important part to consider, as it increases the attention of the company easier and easily profitable. Many companies were still thriving to increase the attention of the company through proper branding.

Hence by approaching suitable techniques will help to increase the attention of the company and create a brand much easier without spending too many bucks.

Author Bio. :- Adelina Casey is a creative content writer who works for Top App Development Companies. She explores new technologies and shares her knowledge through writing. She is amid the finest writers of the company. Given whatever topics on the latest technologies, she can write very well.

6 Cardinal Rules on How to Create SEO Friendly Content

By Guest Contributor on February 24, 2020

A good website can be a good source of income or a positive image for your company. The secret to accessing these advantages may be far off and would mean optimizing your page for search engines.

Many of the people doing search engine optimization may sometimes get it all wrong. For this reason, we find it necessary to talk about the rules of creating SEO content ranking your website highly on Google.

1. Be Original

Many websites feed on others for content. As much as you may want to please the audience you have with a constant supply of content, copying other websites may kill your content game. Take some time off to create good, informative, and entertaining content that presents you as an expert. A good content turns your website into an authority. This means that people will start linking back to your website when looking for content in your niche. The result of this is that your page will start ranking more highly as an authority site. So, how do you make your content more original when writing?

a). Take advantage of the audience’s emotions. When you tap into how your audience feels, then they start connecting with your content. Emotion can double the results of your marketing efforts through more shares and engagement with your content.

b). Share a personal perspective. People listen to a lot about what to do about multiple aspects of life. You need to make your audience to believe in what you are saying. You can do this by giving a taste of your experience. This is more original and makes your content more authentic and search-friendly.

2. Select High-Quality Keywords

Keywords can make you accessible on search engines quickly. Some people have, for a long time, been guessing keywords they think can make their content more SEO friendly. With the help of technology, getting the right keywords is easy. Several tools can serve such a purpose, namely the Google Keyword Planner and Moz Explorer, among others.

What these machines do is that you type the words you would prefer to use as keywords. The tools will, in turn, give you the appropriate keywords alongside their search volumes. All that remains is selecting the ones that fit the context of your content and improve your ranking just like that.

The thing is that even with a huge search volume, the keyword may not be the best for your content. The reason is that many people may be applying the same keywords to their content, making it hard to outrank them.

The one choice that also works well is the use of long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are a more specific search than shorter keywords.

3. Improve Your Content’s Readability

The idea here is to make sure that anyone that reads your content understands it. When trying to fit your keywords naturally within your content, you may make the content tight and unreadable.

Pay attention to how your ideas come out. The best solution is to read the statements loudly. If reading the content is hard, then you may need to rewrite the content. Moreover, adopt a more conversational tone when writing the content.

You can make your content more readable if you cannot figure out its readability by seeking the services of writers and proofreaders online. These people can help reshape your content in a way that is easy for the reader to decipher the content.

You could also use tools such as Grammarly to proofread your content and even check the content’s readability score. You may also need to choose an excellent translation service on PickWriters for your multilingual website.

4. Make your Title SEO Friendly

Before you get access to content online, one thing can make you click the link, the title of the article. An SEO friendly title means that the headline will be catchy. As good as your optimization of the content may be, you need to capture the mind of your reader so that they click through the title and read your article. So, how do you optimize titles of content online?

a). Have more than one version of the title. Brainstorm as many titles for the article as you can. Take your time to analyze the titles and decide which one could attract more readers. Ask multiple people what they feel about the various keywords.

b). Fit keywords into your title. As we said above, the title is also content to optimize. A good keyword could make the title more searchable and clickable by your audience.

5. Use the Right Content Management Tools

As much as your content is good and well optimized for search engines, it takes a lot of effort to reach a sell quality message. Some content management Chrome extensions could help in providing better content to your audience as a digital marketer. To make your content better, you can also put to use readily available tools on the Internet as follows:

Writing Judge: If you need to choose the best online writing service for your SEO articles, then an honest review of the service from Writing Judge is where you need to go.

One Text: Ensuring that your content is 100 percent is important. One text ensures that whatever you deliver has never shown up anywhere else.

Keywords Everywhere: If you are looking for a free keyword research and suggestion tool, you will find this platform more useful.

6. Stick to Current Content and SEO Trends

Multiple evolutions take place in search engine optimization and content marketing spectrum. You need to be up to date on the most recent trends for optimizing content. Pay attention to current SEO trends such as making content mobile-friendly and building brand with your content for backlinks.

Moreover, by improving user experience on your website by offering uncluttered web pages, formatting content properly, using optimized multimedia and enhancing page-loading speed.

Understanding the rules of SEO friendly content is important in delivering highly ranking content on Google. Adhere to the rules and choose the right tools, and you will be good to go.

About the Author:- Kristin Savage nourishes, sparks and empowers using the magic of a word. Along with pursuing her degree in Creative Writing, Kristin was gaining experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors. Now she works as a freelance writer at ClassyEssay.

Understanding Your Audience’s Mobile vs. Desktop Behavior for Better Optimization

By Guest Contributor on January 29, 2020

Earlier this year, Google announced that new websites will be indexed using what they call “mobile-first” indexing. This means that the search engine predominantly uses a website’s mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking purposes

According to Google, “Historically, the index primarily used the desktop version of a page’s content when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user’s query.” But now that the majority of users access the search engine using mobile devices, Google’s bot started crawling and indexing websites with a smartphone agent last July 1st.

Google’s mobile-first indexing is just one of the many changes over the last few years brought on by the ever-increasing use of smartphones. With the advent of these mobile devices, the way people use the internet and interact with content online has also changed.

In October of 2015, we first saw the effect of mobile usage when mobile Google searches surpassed desktop searches for the first time. A few years before that, in 2008, less than 1 percent of all internet traffic was from mobile devices. These are the kinds of information that you shouldn’t ignore, especially because the way people use the internet on their mobile devices is different from when they use their personal computers.

If you want to capture your online audience, then a mobile-friendly website is a must. But before looking for complete SEO services that will help you succeed at that, you must first have an understanding of how your audience’s behavior differs when they’re browsing on desktop versus when they’re on their mobile devices.

1. The Difference in Search Queries

One of the main differences between desktop and mobile users is what they search for. In a report published at MediaPost, audience insights firm clearly found that consumers look for assistance when searching on mobile. Search queries containing the keywords where, when, how, and why, indicate that mobile is more often used to learn how to complete certain tasks.

On the other hand, consumers use desktop for broader queries and to satisfy their curiosity for products or services. These insights indicate that people tend to use desktops for more time-consuming research, while they use mobile when on-the-go and looking for quick answers.

2. The Difference in Peak Activity Times

One of the most essential aspects of your marketing strategy should be about determining when your audience is most active. This knowledge can help you design campaigns based on when your target market is most likely to make a conversion online.

For better optimization, you must know when they’re active on mobile and when they’re using PC. As it turns out, people mostly use mobile devices to go online either in the morning, between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. or at night, between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Contrary to this, the use of desktop peaks during office hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

3. The Difference in Users’ Ages

The vast majority of the U.S. population—81 percent, in fact—are smartphone users. This is a huge increase from just 35 percent in 2011, according to the Pew Research Center.

When it comes to the age range, it’s the people aged 18 to 29 that make for the highest percentage of smartphone ownership at 96 percent. 30 to 49-year-olds follow at 92 percent. Around 79 percent of older adults aged 50 to 64 are smartphone users and about 53 percent of people older than 65 own a smartphone.

Meanwhile, about 74 percent of U.S. adults own a desktop or laptop computer today. Though no breakdown of age bracket comes with this newest report, in 2015 the Pew Research Center found that the age group with the largest percentage of computer owners is in the 30 to 49 age group, at 81 percent. They’re followed by 18 to 29-year-olds at 78 percent and 50 to 64-year-olds at 70 percent. Meanwhile, 55 percent of people aged 65 and above own computers.

These numbers show that, though the gaps aren’t huge, there’s still a difference when it comes to which age group is more likely to use which device. This insight is useful when planning campaigns so you’d know who how to optimize your site on mobile in a way that will convert your younger audience and what elements of your desktop website will turn your older audience into customers.

4. Difference Depending on the Stage in the Shopping Process

In 2018, research from Salesforce revealed that 87 percent of consumers begin product searches online before buying in-store. The report also says that 46 percent of shoppers prefer to buy at brick-and-mortar stores, while 53 percent prefer to purchase online.

Mobile devices, in particular, are useful to consumers when it comes to researching and making product decisions. In fact, 53 percent of e-commerce website traffic comes from mobile devices. However, when it comes to completing the transaction, people tend to switch to desktops. Traffic from mobile devices translates to just 32 percent of e-commerce revenue, while over half of desktop traffic (56%) translates to online revenue.

These numbers show that as customers narrow their search and near the end of their shopping process, they are likely to switch from mobile to PC. This may be because product descriptions and photos are more easily viewed and are clearer on a desktop. Of course, if your website is optimized for mobile through SEO services, your potential customers wouldn’t have to switch devices and you can focus your marketing strategies with mainly mobile devices in mind.

5. The Difference in What Users are Looking For

Different people have different needs. Understanding users’ motivations for visiting your website provides insights that may act as a foundation for how to effectively manage your content across devices. While one common goal of both mobile and desktop users is to search, they go about it differently on various devices.

Mobile device users tend to be more utilitarian. This means that they don’t want to spend time idling on your website. Instead, their goal is to get things done as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, desktop users are more open to other elements of a website, such as design. Testimonials, for example, may not support desktop users’ main need for information, but they are more receptive to it.

These nuances will help you optimize your website in a way that caters to the intent of users when they’re on their phones or browsing through their PC. If you want to further boost your business performance online, it’s advisable to look deeper into search engine optimization. You might be wondering— what is SEO? How does it work? SEO is what happens after you’ve understood how your audience behaves on mobile and desktop. It’s the application of data into practice. The goal? To direct and attract as much traffic as possible to your site which is possible with optimizing your website for search engines.

Why User Behavior Matters

These differences show that user behavior is highly dependent upon the type of device they’re using. Whether it’s mobile or desktop, it’s essential that you understand your target audience’s preferences then tailor your marketing strategy to meet these needs.

When executed properly, your tailored marketing strategy could get you a higher ranking on search engines.

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