Innovative App Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

By James Tredwell on May 18, 2020

Being a Real Estate App Development Company is hard at this time. Almost all types of applications have been created, but you are not to worry. There are still some ideas that can work at this time. Ideas matter but what matters the most is the innovation that developers and planners can put into the application.

There are limited ideas but endless ways to make applications of the same type. Although when one brand does something all other brands follow them, the one who starts is often the one who leads.

There are many aspects of real estate business that are left unexplored. There might be some applications that people can find like them but they are very loosely developed.

Creative App Ideas to Grow Your Real Estate Business

This is an opportunity for the companies that are trying to make it big in the real estate app development market. This is why here is a list of ideas that can work for any mobile app development company that develops applications for the real estate industry:

  1. Property Information Application:

There are many applications that work as brokers in the real estate industry but there is no application that tells you about the properties in full detail. It is important for the consumers that they have proper information about the properties that are available for sale.

There should also be proper photographs and information available about all the amenities present close to the properties. The value of the property in the future depends a lot on how the area is and what is the scope of its development.

This is something that no application does properly. There should be an option to let users submit their properties on the application but there should be a system that makes sure that the users enter all the necessary details.

The users mostly just list the property and do not provide proper photographs or details about the nearby amenities. This is the reason why most people approach offices or real estate dealers rather than using mobile applications. This is something that can be explored and properly developed by a Real Estate App Development Company.

  1. Investment Regarding Property:

Real estate IT solutions companies can work on making an application that provides an option for investment in good properties. There should be a segment that shows the users the benefits of investing in a property and the profit scope of all the properties on the application. Investment in properties is something that will be the next big form of investment in the future. There can be an option where the users can find properties with a high growth rate.

Users should be able to know the conditions and future analysis of the area around the scope of that property in that area in the future. This is something that has not been explored properly. This has been done by real estate investment companies for a long time but applications have still not explored it in the way that they should.

  1. Repair Estimate Application:

There are many defects and problems with the properties people buy. It is something that can alter the real cost of the property. There can be an application that can provide features that will allow the users to know the repair cost of a property, even approximately.

They can then add the repair amount to the value of the property told by the dealer of the owner and know how much they will have to spend in order to take it to a proper condition.

This can save them from spending money on wrong properties that will take up a lot of money in repair after they buy it. Custom mobile app development companies can make applications like these and offer users something for their benefit.

  1. Locality Review App:

A mobile app development company uses the facility of location services for many purposes. When it comes to real estate, it is well-known that a good locality is as important as a great property.

Locality review applications come into play here. With the help of this app, a locality can be rated and scored on various factors such as weather, amenities, living, education, and distance from the main town, and many more.

Combining these factors will generate a general score or star rating of localities. With the help of these apps, customers can easily find out which locality is best suited for them. It makes the decision of investing in a real estate property clearer and easier.

  1. Digital Document Library App:

It is something that can collect all the documents of the users digitally. It often becomes hard to carry all the physical documents everywhere and hence these applications can eliminate the hassle.

This is something that has not been done by many applications. Mobile app development companies can explore this or integrate this with normal property applications to make it easy for the buyers and sellers to know if it is genuine or not.

  1. Real Estate AR/VR App:

With the help of augmented reality, imaginations can be turned into real images and animations. Augmented reality real estate apps will help in displaying all the information regarding any building or plot in front of the users.

It will increase the level of confidence among people who are willing to make an investment in real estate. This is directly related to an increase in conversions.

Another powerful feature of AR-powered real estate IT solutions is that customers can select and view the property on their own in their mobile devices. This prevents unnecessary or unfruitful physical visits and thus saves a lot of time and effort.


Mobile technology has developed a lot and is still developing at a fast rate. Its integration with various industries has multiplied its application. Real estate business when powered with mobile technology promotes a safe and secure revenue system. These objectives can be attained by custom mobile app development in which businesses can implement their ideas and reach more and more people in less time.

Author Bio :- Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking custom software development company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. I would like to share some ideas on Real Estate App Development and Mobile App Development etc.

How A Real Estate App Can Be Your Cheat Sheet To Success

By James Tredwell on December 17, 2019

Real estate business is growing like never before. With this growth, the behavior of buyers, as well as the seller, have also been changed in terms of their purchasing, renting or selling strategies. And this has been noted, not in particular one location but all over the globe. People no longer prefer to visit the property physically for the very first time. They would want a quick look at the apartment or a condo they are considering to buy or rent. And that could be only possible through fully functioned apps or websites.

On the other side, builders and realtors also understand how important it is to have their property listed on this online platform.

In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the mechanism of real estate mobile app like Zillow. I will guide you on how you could also make such kind of app for your startup idea. However, it’s not compulsory you must make an exact replica of popular property listing apps. You can also include your idea as well.

Without wasting our time, let’s get started with the online real estate business.

Before you go further, let’s check out some amazing statistics on popular real estate apps like Zillow and Trulia.

What Does the Statistic Suggest?

  • Around 80% of the home purchasing decisions are taken by seeing property listing app Zillow.
  • On average 186 homes are browsed through real estate mobile apps.
  • Zillow App has approx 160 million active users which is quite a huge number.

How These Real Estate Apps Provide Value to the Users?

As we have seen the statistics on the Zillow app, people are really in awe of these kinds of applications. They love the convenience and mobility provided by property listing apps. Whether they are hunting for buying their dream home or looking for affordable homes in their neighborhood to rent, everything could be done through just a few taps. They could even search for home loans and perfect lenders for their loans. In fact, there are a home loan calculators to find out how much buyers will have to pay including taxes and insurance at the current interest rates.

Developers also have found an option for selling their property at the right price. They find these apps to be other options other than hiring real estate agents for selling their properties.

These are just a few of beneficiaries who find real estate applications to be helpful for their respective needs.

What Makes a Real Estate Mobile App Successful?  

More and more startups are creating real estate platforms as a startup idea. Still, there are countries where such kind of platforms do not exist. Even real estate companies provide their separate apps which only lists their own property with some other functionalities. However, not all the apps could be as successful as Zillow or Trulia.

Let’s figure out what makes a real estate mobile app successful.

listings: For Buying, Renting, and Selling

Though it sounds too mainstream, it is one of the most preferable options to have in the apps. Even people use their apps to find the right property around their favorite locale. They explore the rental apartments as well.

By including listing categories in the app you could target buyers and sellers both. So when Builders have a complete project to launch he could easily register his new property for a sell. Whether it’s a commercial, residential or industrial you must provide a platform so that builders could approach you for listing their properties. Not only builders but you must also provide a platform for the homeowner to sell their app on your app.

Agent Finder

The buyer usually takes plenty of time to figure out how to find a perfect real estate agent. In fact, real estate agents are the ones who are aware of each and every new and old property because they have access to the private database where every listing is stored. By incorporating the find agent tab in your app allows local agents to register in your app. Most importantly, buyers who are a novice in purchasing the home could easily find an ideal agent for their ideal home. Users could find listings under each agent and rate and reviews them according to their past experience.

Easy Search & Proper filters

Since more and more people are buying and selling home online on the apps and web platforms, you might want to make your search options simple so that more people could search by their area, address, city, and zip codes.

Add multiple filters so that users could sort out a property as per their likings. Take for example, Trulia has a filter for properties, price, bedrooms, type of sale(new, resale, sale by owners, etc), bathrooms, year built, and more to give the perfect property prospects to the users.

Also, add a map of the location and how many properties are listed on that map. By doing so one could directly hover onto the point and know the price, and other detail about that property. Moreover, nearby attractions, restaurants, schools, levels of crime, and other important aspects could be useful to the buyers.

Loan options and Mortgage Calculator

Zillow has incorporated loan options for the users. In the Zillow, Users can Simply fill the price of the home, down payment, and details about the loan to calculate your mortgage payment breakdown, schedule, and more.

Buying a home from a loan is a tricky business. Adding a  platform for finding the fitting lender for the users could be more useful. Having a listing of local lenders and their performance for the past years makes the app more appealing. So by implementing this option, you make your app more valuable.

Implementing Advanced Technology

Since the advent of the Augmented reality (AR), every industry has been leveraging its benefits by implementing for their business. Real estate is one of them. People admire everything new, sci-fi and entertaining. So you could also add;

  • Interactive AR  catalogs and big boards.
  • Geo-tags to help find your properties on sale in the real world, so customers can discover it themselves.
  • AR implemented contact us and other call-to-action buttons.


People are investing in real estate more than ever. Providing them a seamless way to find the ideal property would eliminate the hassle happened during the search. Why don’t you start your own app with unique functionality and new technologies and add a new horizon for earning money? Builders too could leverage multiple benefits through real estate app development.

What are your views on these real estate mobile apps?

Feel free to express your opinion!

Top 6 Tips On Real Estate Web App Development

By James Tredwell on September 23, 2019

Many today are looking to sell or buy properties. And to do that effectively what better way is there than going online. The online real estate market has seen rising growths in the last 2 to 4 years. One prominent reason for that is the ease of buying and selling real state online. 

Although all this is very fascinating, undertaking a decent real estate app development project is not that easy. And if you are also looking to get such an app for your real estate business then you can contact a professional web app developer or a freelancer providing real estate app development. 

But don’t be stupid and jump right into the development process. Before you hire a developer or start developing your real estate web app yourself there are certain things you must know in order to get things done smoothly. 

Check out these top 6 Tips On Real Estate Web App Development and get to know how its all done.

Availability Of Sufficient Data

Now real estate is all about the number of options you can provide to your users. So it is important that you have a well-established database with proper information on property. If you don’t have one then we suggest that you first work on creating a proper database then go for a web app or site. Also, you can always collab with another real estate business if you don’t want to invest time in creating a database. 

Customize Your App According To Your User

It is important that you understand the real estate business and market properly before start building your web application. This will really help you out in  customizing your application according to the different types of user perspectives. For instance, a user who wants to buy a property will need a different interface than the one who wants to sell. 

So your web app must be compelling to both of these user bases. Basically, your application would be a combination of two application that are well established together. Also, you need to make sure that your users are able to easily shift between these applications.

Responsive Web Application Design

In this modern age, not all of your users are using the same device and operating system. So it is important that you make your application available to all of your customers or all this hard work is just waste. That is why it is recommended to go for a responsive web app design through various platforms that provide cross-platform development. With this, you won’t have to worry your user using different platforms(different browsers, operating system i.e android, and ios(majorly), desktop, etc)  to access your web application.

Faster The Better

A study shows that most of the web applications lose most of their customers due to slow loading speed. So if your web app has the same problem then its time that you work on it. A quick loading site is the first choice of every user as no one is going to wait around for more 5 to 10 seconds, for the website to get load every time they hit a new link. 

This can be easily achieved by reducing the size of high pixel images, through catching, with good hosting services, etc. Also, it is not recommended to make your site faster at the cost of quality, you will have to find a balance between the two. 

Add Filters

Different users are looking for a different thing and they must be able to find it easily. This can be achieved by using filters in the search option to help them look for what they want. 

Be Original And Brief With The Description

Apart from the images, the only thing the users look at, in order to get an idea of what they are getting themselves into is the real estate description. So make sure that your web app has a clear, brief and most importantly original description content.  

Author Bio:-

Merry Waren is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Node Js Development Services. I would love to share thoughts on real estate app development and Game Design Development etc.


Real Estate App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

By James Tredwell on February 21, 2019

Real estate apps make the hectic task of searching for houses and properties fairly easy. But for the success of any real estate, it must be loaded with some essential feature. In this episode, I am going to tell you some of the must-have features of a modern real estate app which make it a huge hit. So let’s start.

Essential features of a Real Estate App


A customization app is much more like by users. This is because a user can change the look and feel of the app interface the way they like. It doesn’t matter how easy and well designed the interface of your app is. It is the customization feature which always makes it better. In customization, you can allow the user to change the colour, font size, etc. Therefore make sure you add this feature to your app.


A map is another extremely important feature for a real estate app. A map makes things a lot easier as the user can easily find listed properties. With map feature, anyone can easily find the houses or flats they are interested to purchase. In order to add the map feature, you can take the help of Google map and navigation.


List feature makes searching for the desired property really easy. I mean viewing desired properties in the list makes the property hunting very efficient. Overall this is something which you just can’t miss.


Saving is another great feature which is very beneficial for the users. Saving feature allows the users to save their favourite properties in a separate list which can be referred to later. A user can click on the save button while searching for properties in a list. This saves that particular house or property in the favourite tab. Many real estate apps are adding a heart button for this task.

Push notification

Push notification is a crucial part of the entire modern app and it is a great idea to implement this in your real estate app as well. Push notification keeps the users informed and updated with the latest happenings. This option also allows you to inform the users about the latest deals and discounts.

Lead Generations

Lead generation may not be of any use to the clients, but it is a great feature for agents and brokers. Thus you can add this to your app and can make it better.

Cost estimation

Now let’s talk about the estimated cost of real estate app development. First of all for developing any mobile app you need to hire a team of app developers who will help you design a great app which performs better than your expectations. A professional app development team charges a really high price.

For adding maps and navigation feature, you need to take the help of Google Maps. Then there are several other charges. Now coming to estimated figures real estate app development can cost you anywhere between $1500 to $2500. The cost of app development largely depends on your location.

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