How To Deal With Fake Reviews on Google Business Page?

By Guest Contributor on October 17, 2018

Nobody denies that Customer reviews on the site are a great tool for business promotion & increasing sales. However, getting actual feedback from real people is not an easy task. Most people tend to avoid giving reviews after receiving products and services because they simply don’t want to do this. So, entrepreneurs & full-time marketers fabricate fake reviews in order to increase the weight of their company’s profile on the internet & gain more business opportunities.

As a matter of fact, fake negative reviews are left by competitors and detractors to undermine consumer confidence in a particular brand and snatch their customers. It is very easy to leave a fake review on Google Business page.

As such reviews don’t correspond to the truth, visitors don’t believe them. Always keep in mind that eliminating fake comments is expensive for affected businesses as the process itself is laborious and cannot be automated. So, how to deal with fake reviews on Google Business Page? Let’s go through the below-mentioned points carefully to find the answer.

#1. Fake Comment Reporting

You can contact Google My Business through different means, such as phone service, email support, Twitter, Facebook. Nevertheless, there is no way to get GMB representatives to look into the user reports about businesses they do not own. Let’s supposed that your competitor is engaged in mass spamming and his/her website in raking very well in Google’s SERP.

You have no way to complain about a violation to GMB employees because they do not allow you to file complaints against competitors even if they breach all the recommendations of the Corporation.

Google My Business is the only forum to post a problem like this. So, If you have a competitor with lots of paid comments, you can easily get them removed by making a post on the form & providing the necessary evidence of their falseness. It happens in care cases as overloaded forum members can’t deal with the huge number of spam complaints.

#2. Correct Existing Algorithms to Prohibit Unnatural Patterns Reviews

Some organizations (such as hotels and restaurants) have a large number of customers located outside a particular area. So, in this cases, the share of fake reviews is 99.9%. So, algorithm possum continuously fights with the business listings that contain spam. So, when you can get reviews on Google my business, be careful. Check the user profiles that don’t have an enterprise and leave comments on your website regularly. Sometimes, Google removes the fake listing automatically. But, the profiles of people who left reviews remain intact. Other companies can keep using them to make fake reviews against your brand and drive customers away.

#3. Terminate User Support

Suppose that many customers claim that reviews posted on your website are fake. By studying the profiles of all those people who make reviews, the obvious traces of spam is not revealed at all the times. In such cases, it becomes impossible for people to delete the left comment. Always keep in mind that it is almost impossible to identify someone online. The matter comes down to the user’s word against yours, but Google almost always takes the side of the client who wrote the review and behave accordingly.

#4. Track & Warn Companies That Make Fake Reviews Against Your Brand

There are many websites that allow you to find services on the local market to study the rating of companies that provide them. This helps customers to make an informed decision. The tag function of Google My Business notifies customers of a suspicious review and helps them to deal with it every possible manner. You must also track and warn individuals/companies that post fake reviews against your brand to mislead customers and gain an unfair advantage.

#5. Dealing With Negative Reviews

Always keep in mind that Google does not fulfill your request to remove negative reviews at all the times. So, do not crumble in numerous regrets and make it clear to customers that you understand the depth of the complaint and want to correct the problem.

For this, You can promise a free exchange of goods, the opportunity to use your service again for free or guarantee a full refund in rare cases. All these will strengthen your reputation in the eyes of potential customers. It will be clear to customers that you are ready to cooperate and appeal to people with negative experiences using your product or service and don’t just delete their reviews.

Ask people to leave their details so that they can be contacted later on. If a negative fake review is found on social networks, you can send a complaint to the administrator of a particular community or mark a negative fake review as an insult, without forgetting to respond to the comment in a proper manner.

#6. Answer Customers Questions Properly

When entrepreneurs work hard to build a quality and customer-oriented business, rivals tend to destroy your business with fake reviews. Never tolerate any fake review on the Internet related to your activity or organization. Use fake reviews to expose the culprits & communicate with customers and solve real problems. Contact your subscribers and followers and tell them how objective your competitors are. Constant communication with customers clears a lot of confusion and they become able to identify fake reviews about your brand.

#7. Identify Fake Reviews Actively

There are many ways to identify Fake reviews problem. There are many people who leave comments in a fairly narrow time interval. Such reviews are often fake. A group of fake people use the same content for posting reviews. It is possible that several people working together or one spammer using multiple user logins to make fake reviews on your website. Identify fake reviews instantly & delete them ASAP.

Final Words

Negative/ Fake reviews create a negative perception of your company. Large firms and corporations also depend on the views of consumers and the business opportunities generated by them. A potential client looks for negative reviews to see how you solve problems. However, fake reviews can damage your business up to a great extent. Use the above-described ways to deal with fake reviews on Google Business Page.

This article is contributed by Jack Calder, Web expert at Stellen Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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