10 Ways You Can Benefit from Smart Home Technology In 2020

By James Tredwell on November 22, 2019

We reside in the golden age of development where new technologies are coming up daily. With the expansion of these technologies, there comes better comfort, peace of mind, and convenience for consumers. Smart home technology is one of them. It allows homeowners to reap the perks of highly innovative technology that was not possible earlier.  This includes controlling things like lightning, security systems, and home temperature with the tap of a button, voice, or swipe of a finger. So, let’s check out the advantages of smart home technology and how you can reap them in 2020.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology refers to the equipment, systems, or devices that link to the common network controlled remotely or independently. This includes thermostats, lights, TVs, audio speakers, security cameras, home locks, etc. This allows you to:

  • Boost home security and privacy
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Save effort, time and money
  • Run your appliances better
  • Get home management insights

Benefit of Smart Home Technology In 2020:

1. Smart Doors and Windows

ENERGY STAR Qualified windows and doors allow users to less energy, and this saves plenty of money on your energy bills. It even lowers greenhouse gas emissions in the environment by lowering your carbon footprint. 

In fact, these smart doors offer protection from winter chills and scorching summer heat. These valuables also guard your important assets against deadly ultraviolet rays, thereby lowering fading up to 75%.

2. Smart Locks

Smart home and business owners know how essential it is to secure your investment the right way from unwanted intruders. A smart lock is another smart home tech for homeowners with busy schedules. They usually add style and functionality to a front door. The best part is that these locks have smartphone integration.

It means once the person has downloaded the application that works with a smart lock, he or she can lock and unlock the door remotely with one tap. Smart locks also allow you to authorize access for multiple people simultaneously by offering unique code for every person. For the installation of home security locks, it’s best to call professional mobile locksmith service.

3. Automation Sensors

Automation sensors for doors and windows usually have built-in cutting-edge technology that usually works with famous security systems. They are a cost-effective way to get high peace of mind when security is the main concern.

Sensors can be wirelessly connected or wired and send a signal to your security system. This helps you to get notifications on your mobile when someone enters and exits in your building. The best part is that the design does not interfere with the existing beauty of your doors and windows.

4. Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is the most famous lightning solution for gardens and households. It enhances a particular place with dramatic effects, thereby allowing homeowners to create multiple moods as per their emotions no matter the occasion. 

The effects are the same as stage lightning, where diverse colored lights are used to alter the mood of a scene. The most popular mood lightning is a dimmer switch. It allows you to control the glow and brightness of your lights at different times of the day. The nice part of mood lightning is that it lowers the electricity bill by reducing the amount of energy you consume.

5. Smart Coffee Makers and Other Kitchen Gadgets

There is nothing better than getting a cup of coffee in the morning. However, many times, it’s tough for us to get out of bed and make the ideal cup. Do not worry! Now it’s easy for anyone to brew coffee with their smartphone.

Smart coffee makers allow coffee lovers to control the timing of coffee instantly via phone. Whether you want to have cold brew, pods, or drip coffee, they offer convenience, control, or customization so that you can enjoy a perfect cup of Joe whenever you want. It means you just need to hit several buttons to select what kind of coffee you need. It is predicted that in 2020, people will have access to rice cookers that are connected to Mobile apps, Alexa, and smart crockpots.

6. Video Intercom

A video intercom system is an excellent add-on to your home security. Having high-tech wireless functionality, hands-free operation, and live video capabilities, intercoms allow you to see those who are buzzing your front door. As long as you get conned wirelessly to these systems, you will get live video and audio feed on your device. 

This helps you sleep soundly in the bed at night time. The biggest advantage is that modern video intercoms can be integrated quickly with existing systems. Furthermore, you can even set these systems in different areas in your home for better communication with family members or to have a check on your kids.

7. Smart Water Leak and Moisture Monitoring Device

Installing smart water leak and moisture monitoring devices is the best way to guard your home against high-cost damage from overflowing laundry tub, leaky water heater, or a cracked washer hose. 

8. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow homeowners to use energy more effectively by adjusting or turning off when it’s not in use. This avoids running AC in an empty room or leaving lights turned on in a garage overnight.

9. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Watching your entire house burned down is very frightening. But installing Wi-Fi-equipped smoke detectors in your home, you can save your life. They warn homeowners in case of fire or lingering carbon monoxide gas when they are busy or asleep.

Moreover, these systems not just prepare homeowners in the event of a disaster, but also help them save huge money on the insurance. Smart home detectors can be accessed via apps or mobiles, thereby allowing homeowners to remotely monitor emergencies, use voice messages to turn off the alarm, connect home devices, and get notifications.

10.Voice Recognition

The voice-command system at home is especially beneficial for seniors and disabled people. These systems allow them to do everything like turning lights on and off, lock doors, operate a telephone or TV via computer. This allows them to schedule all the vital tasks of the day automatically.

Wrapping Up:

Smart home technology makes the life of consumers easier and convenient. Obviously, who would not love being able to control everything like lighting, doors, downs sitting in your bed? Also, whether you are out of station or in a meeting, these smart devices alert you on the spot. This helps you to know what is going on inside your home.

In fact, the best part about smart home technology is that you don’t need to make a substantial initial investment to get it going in 2020. With every addition, you will actually be investing in safety, energy efficiency, security, and awesomeness.

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