5 Brilliant Facebook Campaigns & How They Worked

By James Tredwell on July 13, 2021

Facebook is one of the most expansive, wide-reaching social networking platforms boasting nearly 2.8 billion active monthly users. Everybody wants to be on Facebook. Especially when it comes to marketing, Facebook kills it with great ad campaigns. 

Every social network platform goes through continuous changes in its algorithms and demographics. Facebook is no different. In such instances, the marketers get stuck when marketing on social media networks such as Facebook and become skeptical about their future on the platform.

Usually, the marketers dread the following thoughts such as: 

  •     Will all my posts get dumped, and if not, how can I be sure of that?
  •     How about giving up reaching the target audience organically and settling for ads on social media networks?
  •     What kind of ads will give the most wanted boost to our bucks?

The answer to these questions lies in assessing what kind of marketing usually works for some top brands today?

So, friends, it’s time to reassess your approach to Facebook and come up with some mind-blowing campaigns that will give a push to your business.

Some of the brilliant campaigns on Facebook that roll out awesome ads are given below:

1. Grammarly 

They have done branding without spamming or using the story of one of their users, which is no doubt a fascinating story, and have elegantly pitched their product in the storyline. It is done so that it seems natural and even makes the product complementary to the storytelling.

Their goal was to make Grammarly a brand. They implemented this campaign in a way that appealed to a larger audience using a storytelling approach. Creatively they have used a video with an optimum length of around two minutes. And the video provides an empowering message towards the end – ‘” Write the future”. It is a nice closure to an inspirational video.

The result was that the campaign reached five million-plus people creating awareness towards the brand. Their CPM was 76%, while the view rate of the video increased by 33% compared to other sales campaigns, making them successful in creating brand awareness.

2. Adore Me

This lingerie brand celebrates women of all sizes, shapes, and colors. They created Valentine’s Day campaign by focussing on ‘loving yourself or self-love’. Instead of using the same old cliche Valentine themes revolving around in-love couples and dressing up for your beloved, Adore Me focused on empowering women to celebrate by paying attention to themselves.

The brand created customer-centric content for real women and leveraged it to the maximum with messages of empowerment towards women’s bodies. They customized every social post on the network to create content that could match the real idea of the campaign, and the brand resulted in 226% more leads for purchase through their Valentine’s Day effort, and that too at a 6% lower CPM.

3. GoPro

This brand very successfully has asserted the power of social media contests. To promote their HERO09 black camera, GoPro launched a $1 million challenge, which was a third annual contest in line. The campaign invited fans to share their unedited and best GoPro footage, and the winners would be receiving an equal share of $1 million from the brand.

The challenge was an instant success, with more than 29,000 people from around 125 countries submitting their video clips shot from HERO09 black camera within 80 days. The brand compiled 56 of the submissions in a short 2 minutes clip which was a part of #GoProfamily and published it on Facebook, which now has over 664,000 views and still counting.

Once the competition was closed, the brand continued their scheduled posts on Facebook with some of the best-featured quotes from the winners. They even provided short clips and links to Q&As that went through behind the scenes.

The brand’s motive was to immortalize and give back something good to some of their biggest fans for their creativity.

4. Promo by Slidely

Remember that cute kid ad on Facebook? Well, the brand has used a conversation campaign. This campaign is intended to convince their users to act on their business website, and for that, they need to sign up for a trial. Creatively they choose to use a video clip. 

But it was not in the usual format of being serious and boring. Promo took an unconventional approach to have a B2B sales video using a super cute, funny kid. It was a bold and intelligent approach for Facebook ad campaigns.

As far as the text was concerned, they used an attention-grabbing tagline. Then the brand introduced the problem and also presented the solution to the problem. By doing this, they kept the readers glued to the screen wanting more, and finally, they addressed the potential objectives.

What did they achieve? The results are that the cute smart kid received a lot of attention. The ad got around 2.20 million views, 594 comments, 509 shares, and 4.20 thousand reactions. Want anything more?

5. Owlet Baby Care

The brand’s mission was to keep the parents relaxed, worry less, and enjoy their journey of parenthood by keeping the babies safe. The Smart Sock Baby Monitor, their chief product, helps monitor the baby’s heart rate and oxygen level when they are asleep and notifies the parents in case of any emergency to check on the baby.

Edison’s research showed that around 81% of moms are using Facebook as their social media platform. They thought of leveraging the demographics of Facebook, especially in the age group of 25 to 34 years old, which was a perfect age to become a new parent.

Their campaign got a straightforward 6% high returns on their spending towards the ads, 60% lower CPM, 19% higher-order response, and 55% higher CTR.

The campaign was a thumb-stopping and extremely creative ad with the backdrop of the pandemic. The brand tried out pastel colors for a sky at night background plus animated illustrations with smooth scrolling options and highlights of the product. They also included a call to action button of ‘Shop Now,’ which could lead the potential customers to the brand’s website.

Achieve your marketing goals by learning from some of the best Facebook ad campaigns rake in more bucks. However, running a Facebook campaign may be more difficult than it used to be, yet the strategies laid out above are reasonable tactics for brands of all sizes and shapes.

Author Bio. :- Ankit thakor is a marketer by trade and a football player by passion. He is a Saas Marketing Specialist at SoftwareWorld. He specializes in using compelling content to capture consumer dollars for world-class SaaS brands, including Zoho, Freshworks, ClickUp, and more.

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