5 Definite Ways Through Which Chatbots Can Revolutionize Digital Marketing

By James Tredwell on September 15, 2018

Remember Isaac Asimov, the celebrate sci-fi author? It’s true that his robots have still not taken over the world (at least for now they still haven’t; can’t say what’ll in future though). But one of their distant relatives has already brought a topsy-turvy change in world of digital marketing.

I’m talking about chatbots.

These chatbots are considered the latest buzz by almost all digital marketing professionals. That’s because it’s the closest you can get to employ an automated bot at affordable prices.

Chatbots are undoubtedly unique but what makes them unique? What makes them so special that most marketing professionals are crazy about them? Why are they changing the world? Take a peek.

  1. Your customer support gets fully “automated”

To be honest, this is the best benefit of these chatbots: A completely automated customer support.

Automated customer support is more than capable of sorting out your headaches that usually crop up when the customer load increases with the passage of time. So how does this work?

When any customer of yours contact you through an online customer service portal, e.g. an online chat platform, your chatbots can act as your first line of assistance. All these bots are more than capable of handling all basic queries related to services/products.

By deploying chatbots as your first line of assistance, you are saving your human power for the more complex problems. That’s going to reduce a whole lot of customer loads. You don’t have to face a string of repetitive questions because your chatbots can handle them on your behalf.

Thus, your customer service management becomes easier, convenient and more effective.

  1. Chatbots help you to track user data

A 1-on-1 customer interaction gives you enough opportunity to gather several data about that particular customer which can benefit you a lot in setting up your marketing campaigns and strategies.

But to be honest, this task’s too difficult for a human being to perform especially when s/he is trying his/her best to give the customer a decent customer service.

Chatbots, on the other hand can do this task effortlessly. It can provide effective customer support on one hand and on the other, it collects several important data about the user like his/her buying patterns etc. for your marketing strategies.

Such user data will benefit your tremendously in developing smart marketing strategies for your customers either collectively or individually.

  1. Chatbots can improve your availability and efficiency

Want a 24/7 workforce? Chatbots can serve that purpose.

Want a workforce where customer load’s not going to be a problem at any instant? Again, chatbots come up as your viable solution.

Every customer who logs on to your platform is guaranteed of a response. The number of customers doesn’t matter to a chatbot. It can be 10 or 10000; yet, each and every one of them is sure to get a response.

  1. Chabots are cheaper and faster

This one’s pretty obvious; isn’t it? After all, they’re bots; they are machines not humans. That’s one of the primary reasons due to which they don’t get tired like we do. They don’t need sleep like we do.

If you are concerned with the price, I will say that they are inexpensive; TOO inexpensive in comparison to a live human agent. But that’s not the point. Human touches are always required in any kind of job because no machine can match their intellect.

But chabots can be easily deployed for handling simple customer queries. I can guarantee that they’ll tick all the basic categories that you require in that aspect.

  1. With chatbots, you are going to solve your customer issues on the messenger apps itself

Chabots are considered very versatile. You have full liberty to deploy them anywhere on the internet, especially in those locations where majority of your customers are.

You can implement chatbots in external outlets that require text based communication such as Skype, Facebook messenger etc. The bots will be able to handle all those channels effectively and efficiently.

Chatbots are only going to get smarter with time. With rapid developments occurring in the field of artificial intelligence, it’s only a matter of time before we get complete automated customer support in businesses starting from the smallest of the lots to the giants in the market.

Hence, it’s better to adapt to this chatbot trend as soon as possible.

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