6 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Explode Your Brand Awareness in 2019

By Guest Contributor on August 29, 2019

Over the years, the paradigms of online and digital marketing have experienced various shifts. This signifies that if one strategy worked well for you last year, it might not work for you this year given the ever-shifting trends and advanced tactics.

Sure some tactics helped you build a reputable and upright position in the market, but it might not help you achieve your ultimate goals. As a business, you need to keep up with the changing digital marketing trends and advancements.

There is no doubt that you are attracting the customer base and generating leads to run your business, but these two things will not expand the sales funnel, and you might not attain the optimal ROI with them.

In this highly saturated market, you can generate leads by building an intimate and trusting relationship with your target audience. This is to portray to them that you are the optimal choice for their needs.

To stay on the radar and expand the business, you need to be ubiquitous and focus on six top digital marketing trends of today such as;

Relevancy at the Top of Mind

Long gone the times when you had to win the race of having maximum email addresses and leads to become the hunter of the market and your relevant niche because it does not seem to work in 2019.

Today, people demand relevance and intimacy, and these things will help you become the leader of the highly saturated markets.

As a business, you must be thinking about generating huge revenues, and that is possible by creating an intimate and relevant relationship with your audience.

Relevancy signifies that you offer the right solution at the right time to the right person.

Attention Is Coinage

If you fail to capture the attention of your target audience, consider yourself out of the game right away.

It will not work even after investing hefty amounts in marketing and advertising because attention is way more expensive than currency.

The reason for this expensiveness is its high demand and less supply to the business given the high competitive natures.

So, once you capture the attention of your target audience, take hold of it because only then, you can win their money! 

There was a time when penetrating different markets signified expanded marketing, but today, you need to penetrate the market at the right time with the right solution to the right people.

Try To Be Tai Lopez

Yes, we are talking about the guy who is an advisor, investor, consultant, and financial planner of over 20 multinational businesses and that guy seems to be everywhere with his mastered skills. 

He has the skills to reach the target audience with such a coup that he defines the meaning of being pervasive or ubiquitous.

By ubiquitous, there is nothing about being in front of the public but being in front of the people who are the leads for the business.

This perfect combination of ubiquitous and relevance will earn you top of the mind position, which signifies that your target audience trusts you for providing the value of their money.

Go Multi-Platform

Dominating one channel is never enough. You can understand this with the fact that people on YouTube cannot see what you post on Facebook, and people on Facebook will not know about your web position.

Now, we understand that businesses cannot afford to create different content for each platform so, devise the content and re-purpose it as per the channel.

For instance, if you have created a vlog, you can re-purpose it into an article and upload on the website, re-purpose it into a podcast and upload it on Facebook, etc.

Later, you can take the fragments of this content to develop the micro-videos or social media posts.

Evolving Of Marketing Funnel

A step-by-step marketing funnel is old-school because your target audience probably has experienced it a gazillion times.

To expand the business channel, you need to stand out and create a marketing funnel which ensures a real-time performance along with trust-building and experience. Today, the audience depends on you for taking them to the ultimate step.

There was a time when countdown timers and scarcity made a big hit, but today, you need to engage your audience with the relevant content that is at their engagement and awareness level at the right time.

This step will build the trust among your audience, and you will experience the expansion of marketing funnel.

Invisible ROI Is Integral

Sales and lead generation were optimal to revise some years ago, but today, the ad spent for brand awareness are bringing an ultimate value.

However, this does not imply that generating leads isn’t essential, but you need to develop the audience base rather than being sale’sy for them.

If you don’t focus on developing the audience and keep investing in lead generation, there will be an expansion of ad investment, but the conversation rate will go down the hill.

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