7 Mistakes to avoid while backlinking for SEO

By Guest Contributor on March 10, 2019

Those who are somehow related to the digital world, know about SEO. Well, for a quick reminder, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing plan which is focused on growing visibility or appearing in the right search results in organic (non-paid) search engine.

SEO covers both technical and creative basics which are definitely required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines results.

So, those who are striving hard to create a digital presence identifies SEO.

But this is not enough, you need to know everything about SEO. This includes the mistakes which are common in the organic search results. These mistakes are so grave that they can lead to getting the site penalized.

Most of the mistakes are related to back-linking.

Back-linking is complicated and with the new Google updates every year it is getting tougher.

Google updates are frequent and the worst part is, they are secret. Google never discloses it, and the SEO managers do the nerve ranking job of understanding or decoding it.

So, instead of doing blunders and getting completely erased from the search results, you need to work hard, and figure out the complicated mistakes while doing back-linking for SEO.

We here present some of the common yet grave mistakes

#1. Too Much Emphasis on The Anchor Text

Over-stressing on the anchor text do spoil the back-links for SEO and is a grave mistake. Though the anchor text has an important place in SEO, yet too much stress on it reduces and dilutes the effect.

Over optimizing shows that the site is desperate and wants to appear in the search results which means manipulating the results.

This should never be done and avoided at any cost.

SEO experts should know the right emphasis they need to give on the anchor text.

#2. No Tracks of The Back-links

There will be plenty of back-links which you have created in the past. You need to keep track of those as they are quite important for you. They tell you what works for your site and what fails.

They also inform if any competitor is trying to manipulate it or tamper it.

Always keep a track of these back-links as they are very crucial for your site. It also helps to replicate the link that is working the best.

#3. The Content Is Poor in Quality

Content is the lifeline of SEO. But poor content is suicidal for a site. The quality and quantity cannot be compromised as Google is always looking for a site which is providing quality content. Back-links with poor content always fail as they are not approved by the Google algorithms.

People come to your landing page to find a solution or help and if you fail to do so, they will immediately shift to another site. The bounce rate will increase and you find not your spot in the search results. This is a competitive age and you need to give them information-rich content which is full of relevant information.

Thin and useless content is a very bad mistake.

Try to start giving the information answering all the “why”, “where”, “when”, “how” and even “if”.

#4. Too Many Back-links in The Short Period of Time

In the excitement to gets early results, the SEO guys prepare too many links for the site. So, every now and then if Google crawlers find themselves linking back to the same page, they understand it is manipulating their results.

Anything natural and not offensive is never highlighted with the crawlers, so stay sober and be limited with generating the back-links for your site. Do not overdo the process and take your own good time for it. It is a safe and precautionary method.

#5. Vouching for Paid Links

The paid links are always grey for google- neither approved nor disapproved.

But, in general,Google does not approve paid links. Money invested to get the desired search results is always a strict no-no.

In fact, earlier those people who used to pay money to create the back-links are now removing the old ones. It is so as Google find sit offensive and penalize them for getting their site affected by it.

#6. Free Directories Submission

There are directories which offer back-links and some are mostly spammers. So do not enter the trouble zone and take the route to get the directories for free submission.

Furthermore, your website may get penalized as Google has an aggressive approach with low-quality SEO tactics. These tactics can include free directory submissions, which does and mostly impacts your site in search ranking. In fact, 50% of the free directory submission websites are no longer there and are really wiped off.

So, the smart SEO expert knows that it is better to avoid such low-quality tactics or submit your website only on trusted directories.

#7. Auto Back-link Generator Tool

Tools are to bring ease to your work and you cannot give the entire work on the tool. This is a mistake which is actually very tough on the quality of the site and back-link. They actually spam the back-link which is very bad for google rating.

As google quality ratings hate spamming, the newbies’ sites get penalized for this. Try to avoid using this tool at any cost.

Word of Caution

Back-links are like playing with fire, everything has to be carefully planned and programmed or else it will backfire you.

Anything overdone or less effort will not generate the desired results.

To make things safer and better, research and deep study are always recommended and it is helpful in the long run as well.

The digital world is complicated, the search engines have their updated frequently and regularly. The worst part is that there is never any notification for the same. It is the expertise of the digital marketer to figure it out and work upon it.

Back-links are very sensitive, and so they need to be created, used and implemented very carefully.

This article is contributed by Brij Bhushan Singh, Professional Blogger and Content writer at Ranking by seo.

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