7 Tips for Managing Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

By James Tredwell on September 23, 2019

We are constantly moving towards a sphere of modern technology, where it’s no longer a necessity for developers to separately write code for an application to make it work on different platforms. Developing an application for different platforms has become a lot easier with the introduction of cross-platform development tools. Cross-platform mobile developers make use of these advancements to create multiple applications in quick time,

However, things are not that easy as they look from the outside. Managing cross-platform mobile app development is a hell lot of a task in itself. This could really push you to the end of the rope, but don’t worry as we are here with the perfect solution for you. Here are top 7 tips for Managing Cross-Platform Mobile App Development that can help you manage cross-platform app development with ease.

Platform Specific Development

Platform-specific development must be your primary goal when you are working with a cross-platform development tool. Why? Well, if the application you are developing is not platform-specific or platform-oriented then what’s the use of even going for cross-platform development. There are certain standards and features that users expect while using an Andriod or an ios application. As there are things which you can do with Andriod but not with ios and vise-Versa. So you need to make sure that your application has been properly customized accordingly with respect to the platform-specific features. 

UI Frameworks

When you are working with a cross-platform development tool, trying to create the same application for two different platforms, its not easy to manage things especially the UI components. You have to work with tons of patterns, styles, animation, etc and developing all of these without a UI framework is probably something every developer would want to avoid. So it is recommended that you make use of the UI framework and get things done more quickly and smoothly. As a matter of fact, there are a number of frameworks available in the market that you can use such as Kendo UI  a commercial framework, Open source framework Ionic, jQuery,  Sencha Touch, etc. Whatever you do make sure to choose your frameworks wisely this can really affect the flow of your work in the future. 


Performance is a major issue with apps developed using cross-platform development tools. Although cross-platform really saves a lot of time it does make things a little slower with all the animation, high pixel images, themes, and most important backend compatibility, etc.  So you have to be a little extra careful with this and take care of things like backend javascript code, Optimizing DOM and CSS, reducing rendering time, cache, etc. This will really help you improve your application performance. 

Native Header Bar

It is the small bar that allows the users to simply navigate within a section of your application. Now every platform uses different header bar and this creates a major problem for developers, as most of the popular cross-platform development tool does not have pre-built header for different platforms. However, this does not mean you cannot customize your application header as you can do it through HTML and CSS. This does require a little work where you will have to add minimal DOM and a few lines of CSS code for each mobile OS platform. 

Manage System Fonts

Android, Windows, and ios all use a different font system and scheme. So you have to manually customize your font system for each of these or else it’s going to cause a major problem. 

Touch Gestures

Make your app compatible with the different gestures a platform provides. Especially ios as they have a different set of gestures that can really improve your app UI and UX. 

Monitor Feedback

You can’t hope to make a perfect application in the first try. And it’s not about making it perfect it’s about improving the existing one. User feedback plays an important role here, so make sure to constantly monitor your application feedback and improve accordingly.  

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