Essential Skills Needed To Be a Successful Digital Marketing Professional in 2019

By James Tredwell on July 17, 2019

Technology is constantly evolving, encouraging marketers to harness digital marketing in order to reach their target market, increase brand awareness, and drive sales and profits.

Being a digital marketer means possessing an in-depth understanding of the nuances of changing web paradigms and their impact on the company.

In order to be a successful digital marketing manager, professionals need to imbibe strong skill sets that includes both creative and technical expertise.

Following are the top skills one requires to thrive as a digital marketer:-

#1. Data Analysis:

Data analytics includes functional techniques that collect and processes an extensive amount of data. There are plenty of data analytics tools and software available that offer marketers relevant information that they need to understand their customers.

However, the data is useless unless digital marketers know how to effectively leverage it and make strong marketing strategies to grow the business.

#2. SEO and SEM Skills

While quality content engages the audience, SEO and SEM help people find the right content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are important strategies that drive traffic to the website.

Google continuously upgrades its algorithm and the usage of relevant and specific keywords have become extremely significant. Subsequently, it has become imperative for marketers to stay updated with the latest algorithms and factors affecting search ranking.

#3. Content Creation Skills

Content creation is in the heart of digital marketing. It goes beyond providing write-ups for landing pages and blogs. Content is about extending the right messages across to the target audience in order to convince them to take desired actions.

Having well-written content along with keyword optimization reinforces the marketing campaign and help a website gain the visibility and exposure it desires.

#4. Social Media Skills

Social media has become the biggest arena of public conversations. Digital marketers should know how to leverage these platform in order to generate communication between a brand and its targeted audience.

While everyone today knows about social media, a successful digital marketer knows that there’s more to it than just posting regularly and consistently. They should be aware of social media advertising, hashtags, boosted posts, business pages, groups, and other important aspects associated with it.

#5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build a strong relationship between the brand and the customer. To be able to create an out-of-the-box marketing campaign, a digital marketer should have the right understanding of tools, strategies, and metrics. A digital marketer should also be able to analyze click rates, run email campaigns and identify platform navigation.

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving profession. However, there are certain skills that form a strong foundation for digital marketers. The above skills are important criteria that every employer seeks in a digital marketing expert, and fortunately, these skills can be learned.

There are certified digital marketing programs offering in-depth knowledge that is required to be a digital marketer. Additionally, certification in digital marketing also offers credibility to the professional’s profile, thereby offering competitive advantages and boosting their job prospects.

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