Facebook Messenger is not Just the App: It’s the Secret Weapon for Marketing

By James Tredwell on December 21, 2020

“Understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communications efforts.”

– Brian Reich & Dan Solomon, Authors of Media Rules

Today, marketing essentially deals with social media marketing. Entrepreneurs use different social media platforms to connect with their target audience and build their brand to drive website traffic and increase sales. Popular platforms on social media include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Marketing on social media involves posting content that leads to audience engagement by posing text and image updates, videos, or other graphics.

Researchers Maria Teresa Pinheiro and Jose Manuel, back in 2014, published an article emphasizing the crucial link between Digital Marketing and Social Media. The marketing managers have been keenly studying consumer behavior dynamics, and reworking the marketing strategies, focusing on the customer rather than the organization.

Messaging allows you to instantly connect with your target audience and build relationship-based interactions with them. It is important to understand the benefits and inhibitors of using the different social media strategies while you are in the transition phase from being a digital laggard to a digital leader. Salesforce reports that 69% of consumers prefer chatbots for communicating with brands for fast interaction.

Facebook for Business

Currently, there are more than 13 million people who are following Facebook for Business and connecting to a broader customer base through Facebook. Whether it is a large enterprise, having global clientele like Ericsson, Boston Scientific, Philips, etc., uses Facebook for Business to reach out to their clients locally and globally.

Since there are 2.45 billion monthly active users, designing an appropriate Facebook marketing strategy is crucial. SMBs and large enterprises have equal opportunities to market their products or services through a Facebook ad campaign and track your ads’ working.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most preferred communication methods and matches customers’ expectations during business conversations. Facebook for business and Facebook Ad Campaigns are mainly used to turn the target audience’s attention towards a brand. In a report published by Mordor Intelligence, “The chatbot market was valued at USD 17.17 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 102.29 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 34.75% over the forecast period, 2020 – 2025.”

Facebook messenger is one of the significant messaging applications used to establish a connection with customers to build a long-term relationship and earn revenues steadily. A study by Accenture Digital reports that 57% of businesses get higher ROI while making a minimal investment.

In this post, we see how firms are improving their digital marketing engagement by using different marketing strategies for Facebook for business.

Facebook Business Page offers businesses a free opportunity to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook. A Facebook Business Page can be created by merely logging into the personal Facebook account and clicking on the “Create a Page” from the drop-down menu. Users can follow the steps mentioned on the page – Facebook for Business to create their business profile.

Facebook Messenger

Launched in 2008, Facebook Messenger is a free instant messaging platform allowing users to share multiple files, including photos, audio, video, files, and interact to begin one-to-one or group chats. Commonly known as Messenger, it is one of the Best 2020 App Store winners and most downloaded apps of the year, declared by Apple.

According to Statista, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users and is the biggest social network worldwide. Also, it was the first social network to surpass one billion users, in 2012.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Marketing

The above stats and reports are impressive enough to choose Facebook, and it’s time to revamp your marketing strategies and leverage the business benefits of Facebook messenger marketing. Entrepreneurs are widely using it for the following reasons:

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Better user experience
  • More sales
  • Lesser cost per purchase
  • Increased deal value
  • Quicker conversion from lead to a deal
  • Higher NPS (Net Promoter Scores)

Innovative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

To start off, the first step is to create a Facebook Business Page that gives your target customer a basic understanding of your business. Once you have created an attractive and exciting page, there are ample chances that your target audience will be keen to understand more about your business and get in touch with you through the messenger.

Here are some of the creative ways to build rewarding conversions and convert leads to customers:

  1. Understanding customer queries

Everyone wants quick answers to their queries from the respective domain experts. Messenger allows connecting with the customers with just a few clicks and messages. As most users are already on Facebook, entrepreneurs use platforms like a Facebook messenger to improve response efficiency. For example, airline agencies can instantly use this portal to answer user and boarding details instantly. Customers also feel secure sharing their flight details and personal details on the messenger and saving time. In fact, some customers are delighted to receive their boarding passes through Messenger and save boarding time at the airport.

  1. Reducing Overheads

Faster response times are crucial if you want your customers to remain glued to your business. Facebook messenger proves to be way ahead of traditional platforms. Also, manual intervention is reduced due to automation using AI-enabled chatbots. The marketing teams and customer support teams are free enough to work on other challenging domains. Also, at times, their intervention is necessary to make adjustments and send replies via the same platform. It will increase the volume of incoming messages and make the process faster with chatbots.

  1. Convert potential customers

The main element to enhance the customer experience is to serve a frictionless customer journey. Facebook ad campaigns provide a streamlined shopping experience through chatbots. Businesses can improve conversations by guiding the audience through detailed e-commerce catalogs, offer gifts, share rewards, festive discounts, etc. The best moment is to capture customer attention when they have a maximum interest in your product. Like Lego, many companies got more than 3 times the return on their expenditure on Facebook Messenger.

  1. Encourage two-way engagement

Chatbots help in building great relationships as it allows the customer to be a part of the conversation. The traditional approach is mostly, a one-way sales pitch and customers usually lose interest in the conversation and the salesperson, due to long one-sided chats. Chatbots encourage two-way engagement, where the brand speaks about itself to the target audience.

  1. Drive brand affinity

Real-time chatting helps in positioning brands in a much better way. Being accessible is a welcomed characteristic that reinforces a positive image. Chatbots can drive brand affinity by aligning the bot’s personality with your brand’s identity. Customized and relatable bots, give a personalized feeling to audience, and help in creating a better and more relatable brand image.

  1. Filter out relevant content


Bots can help in filtering out the relevant content and saving time for your audience. Relevant content to the audience gives them a streamlined experience. On the other side, a large amount of content can confuse the audience and lead to frustration, driving them to navigate away from your business. Facebook messenger is an ideal platform to reduce noise and quickly find relevant answers to the audience’s queries. Responsiveness helps in creating positive and meaningful messaging experiences.

  1. Increased awareness 

It is a powerful and effective way to increase awareness amongst people about physical and mental health. At times, people feel uncomfortable to open up and share their problems on a person face-to-face platform. In fact, an automated response from the chatbots is accurate enough to capture the mood and feel of the target audience.

  1. Grow marketing databases

Businesses can grow their database by getting the email ids through Facebook ad campaigns. In case you want to start your small business or get your brand to reach maximum inboxes, or increase the marketing open rate, then Facebook messenger helps is the key tool. You can grow your contact list and turn them into subscribers and finally a customer. One of the ways is to gather emails and subscriptions through competitions.

  1. Lead generation

Ads on Facebook Messenger, especially during festivals can surely attract a major target audience, Catchy images, jingles, graphics and special deals and offers more attractive means to impress the customers. Facebook for business marketing tactic proves to be more powerful, and better results than the traditional approach.

  1. Enhance experiences

Entrepreneurs always strive to impress their customers and go above and beyond. It can be done by exceeding the audiences’ visual expectations in messaging through an augmented reality experience or through illusionary graphics. Today, branded AR camera effects are embedded in the Facebook Messenger platform. It helps to drive awareness, consider purchases, etc. It is really useful in online shopping where the user essentially needs to see the product clearly.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned ways are used by proficient digital marketing teams while using Facebook Messenger for marketing. This post provides in-depth knowledge on using Facebook messenger for business and aligning the same with a wider strategy. It’s important to choose the best digital marketing agency to effectively use trending marketing strategies and gain maximum ROI. Some of the prominent companies that use Facebook for business are Uber, SnapTravel, HealthTap, Whole Foods, KLM, Pizza Hut, Lego, Nike’s Jordon, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

If you too want to join the league of successful entrepreneurs, it is the right time to invest in Facebook Messenger marketing strategies and gain a competitive edge.

Talk to a digital marketing expert now to launch your Facebook ad campaign and see your business growth accelerate with unlimited dimensions.

This article is contributed by Liza Kosh –a senior content developer and a blogger at Seasia Infotech, a Digital Marketing Company

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