Google My Business Optimization for 2020

By James Tredwell on July 13, 2020

Most of the entrepreneurs are looking to target the visibility of their businesses on Google listings. My Business is a free public listing or profile that appears in relevant search results on Google. Google My Business Optimization is an important factor for your business profile.

Claiming or creating your Google listing or profile allows you to provide immediate information about your company to Google as well as users. The process of claiming your account is quick and easy.

It helps your business by highlighting your special features and sharing more information about your business to attract more customers.

To optimize your website and Google listings you should prefer hiring the best local SEO Company like Hopinfirst. Here is a list of important optimization strategies.

Create your business profile:

The first and most important is creating a Google Business profile with detailed and updated information which helps to optimize your Google My Business page.

Make sure to fill out every section to complete your listing that includes, name, address, phone number, website, category, description, working hours, photos, questions and answers and some additional fields regarding your business fields.

The complete business profile helps your customers to contact you for transactions. The complete listing may also help you to increase your rankings in the search results.

Post relevant content:

In your business profile, the brief description made by Google is an editorial summary to ensure consistency. In My Business account dashboard, there is a section ‘from the business’ where you can post the description relevant to your business.

To optimize this section you have to mention the key information and use keywords that relate to your business that are mostly used in search results. Avoid repeating the information that is already mentioned on other sections of your profile.

On Google posts section you can post product promotions, blog articles, business announcements, and upcoming events that are related to your business.

Contact Information:

In your business profile, you should optimize your contact information. Ensure that the name of your business is the same as you use in the real world.

You should mention the address and business name exactly the same with other listings this will influence your credibility. Those consistencies are taken into account by Google.

Update your working days and holidays and also your working hours properly that helps the customer. It is essential to be consistent in keeping your contact number among your various Google listings.

Choose a category:

Choosing the relevant and a specific category related to your business is essential for optimizing your business profile. It decides the searches that belong to your business in local listings.

You are not granted access to create your own category since you have to select the available categories in the list relating to your business. The specific features are created for every category by Google you can make use of it for a more effective and attractive profile.

Use high-resolution photos:

It is important to upload the high-resolution photos to get more customers from Google Business listing and image optimization is inexpensive.

The business profile without photos attracts fewer customers to their websites compared to the pages with good pictures. Ensure your profile looks great with the good quality photos. Include your photos in local results as Google is advancing in image recognition.

For more calls, more website clicks, and more direction requests to your business you should upload more photos in your profile. Upload your logo as your thumbnail picture.

Image specifications:

When uploading pictures you should follow the specifications that are recommended on your business listing that includes.

  • JPG or PNG format photos are only allowed.
  • The size of the picture should be between 10 KB and 5 MB.
  • The minimum resolution of the picture should be 720 px wide and 720px wide
  • The photos should be high-quality and have no significant alterations and no excessive use of filters.

Google reviews and ratings:

Google reviews from customers are one of the most important factors to increase the SEO of your website and to boost the trust of the customers. The ratings of your business are displayed in the search results of Google search engine.

The rating stars for your business and services are appearing on the organic search results that help the customers to analyse. In Google algorithm, the reviews and ratings are the key factors for rankings in search engine listings.

The reviews that contain keywords may also display a business profile in search results. The positive reviews from the customers tend to get more potential clients.

Monitor your Q & A section:

The Google business profiles are offered with the special feature of the Questions and Answers section by Google. You should answer the queries for the significant questions regarding your business asked by the potential customers in this section.

It helps to get feedback directly from the customers. The response from your side for the queries can influence your business. You should try to respond immediately by monitoring this section often or setting an alert that helps you create a positive reputation. It is important for you to optimize this section for more business.

You should create your own Q&A section by making the FAQs lists. Including the organic keywords in the questions and answers section may help to improve your business ranking and avoid keyword stuffing.

Maintain your business profile:

To maximise your benefits you should optimize your Google My Business profile is the most important strategy. It is always important to sign into Google My Business account and update the recent information about business often.

Even a minor change will be updated in your profile. Trying to upload pictures and post contents relating to your business every week is one of the important factors to gain benefit.

The questions and answers section and review section is monitored and has to be responded quickly. Providing more quality information about your business is one of the best strategies for improving your Google My Business listings.

You can also hire the best SEO service like Hopinfirst for optimizing Google My Business.

Author Bio:- Harshal Shah is the CEO of Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He has an overall experience of more than three decades in the IT industry. His area of interest lies in writing interesting pieces of content mostly on topics relevant to different types of CMS platforms.

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