How AI is Transforming the Music Streaming Service

By James Tredwell on October 25, 2019

Artificial intelligence is already transforming every area of our lives, and music streaming is no exception. It is amazing how technology has fueled the music industry for growth in the past decades. From vinyl records and cassettes to compact discs and MP3s and the present digital disruptions, the music industry has undergone many technological developments.

It is tough to understand but easy to look at how technology is transforming the music industry right from the creation of music to its end consumption by users. Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in organizing the industry and making music readily available at our fingertips. So, let us dive deeper into how AI is transforming the music streaming services in the present era.

Rise of AI-based DJ system

Spotify’s discovery weekly, JioSaavan mixes, and Pandora’s music suggestions are some AI is helping music streaming services to develop powerful personalized features for their users. Music creators upload more than 300k songs on the internet every day. However, 90 percent of music is not found by the users due to its incorrect placement on the web.

Algorithms can help streaming services to recognize the interest and listening preferences of their users and show them related music in their feed. Applications like Muru music claims to be the first AI DJ brain that takes the personalization of music to a new level for its users.

Such apps enable users to generate customized playlists by connecting their favorite streaming company and selecting the artists and genre of their choice. The art of personalizing music experiences has been the primary goal of AI-driven DJ music services.

Music service to streaming service

In today’s digital world, there are many businesses that offer information in the form of text on their blogs and websites. However, many users don’t have enough time to read text content. Therefore, podcasts and audiobooks are a viable option for such users.

You need a special time to read the text content, but you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks anytime. Users can listen to what they want while commuting to the office, during a gym session, walking their dog, and even doing household chores.

Spotify has acquired Anchor, Parcast, and Gimlet in the podcasting shopping spree. The company has clearly transformed from a standard music service to a streaming service.

AI helps create music

Artificial intelligence helps creators to create and compose music. AI technology helps the creators analyze date from different compositions while creating musical pieces. The algorithm learns the patterns ad characteristics that can create music that mimics a genre and is more enjoyable. The technology also helps combine various elements of music to create innovative musical numbers.

AI-enabled smart machines that use natural language processing and computer vision software to understand and interpret text, images, and videos. This helps musicians and artists to connect their audience with the content they find most compelling. AI also empowers creators to share experiences that matter to a global audience in their daily lives.

AI Audio Mastering

Audio mastering is a process that optimizes the listening experience for users on any device. The AI-based audio mastering services offer the musicians a cost-effective alternative to human-based audio mastering. It is a creative process, and many companies still prefer relying on humans for audio mastering. However, AI makes these services accessible to those who might not be able to master their music otherwise.

AI helps identify new artists

For new artists to come into existence and sell their music, it is essential that users should know them. It is expensive for new artists to get discovered and market themselves before the audience. AI helps in determining which audience will enjoy the music of an artist and present the music before them. The AI-based features like Spotify Discovery Weekly present a refined list of music for every listener. Such features help the audience sort the categories of music to find the one that appeals the most to them.

Artist and Repertoire Discovery

AI also helps the music industry with the Artist and Repertoire (A&R) discovery. It has always been difficult to find the musicians and artists that have not signed to a label. A tech start-up acquired by Warner Music Group uses and algorithm to review touring and social streaming data to find promising talent. Companies supporting the A&R process are having a specialization in music data analytics.

Protects user data while streaming

In addition to improving user experience on streaming platforms, artificial intelligence provides space for industry advertisers. Even new artists, who want to reach a wider audience and get their music before the audience, will benefit from personalized feedback and improved search engines.

The information of users can be used for advertising purposes later. In the worst-case scenario, in the event of a malware attack on the network, the information may be exposed to a threat. Data breaches have, after all, become one of the most common online security threats. A secure VPN can encrypt and hide user data from hackers or third parties. It also prohibits the use of information for advertising purposes by the website.

AI can prevent copyright infringement

Protection of copyright is difficult when it comes to live streaming music. Regulators are searching for AI to stop copyright infringement of a popular song or music. Similar to how AI can boost indexing of music content and flag illegal content, learning-based tools are increasingly being used to search live music for copyrighted material.

Final Words

These were the points that show how Artificial intelligence is transforming music streaming services. AI is not only helping musicians and the music industry but also other types of content businesses. It helps the audio, video creators, product, and service providers to understand customer preferences.

Companies manufacturing products like guitars, kids microphone, drum sets, and other musical instruments also make use of AI to create the best products. Musicians and music streaming services understand the taste and preferences of every visitor and present them with relevant and appealing music for their audience.

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