How artificial intelligence can revolutionize mobile app development

By James Tredwell on May 8, 2019

Customers are currently relying on mobile apps for immediate solutions, AI’s adaptability and learning capabilities allow businesses to satisfy the needs of clients while developing a personalized experience for every single user.

AI is a powerful tool because it increases insight from each user’s data, searches and purchasing habits. Everyone that uses programs built on artificial intelligence has a unique experience because the program provides personalized recommendations based on individual preferences. As more companies witness the power of AI, more apps will come to advertise utilizing artificial intelligence to increase engagement and improve consumer satisfaction. These programs pay attention to the behavior of consumers, predicts what they enjoy and follows their orders by placing orders.

The front-end and back-end app experience will become more private with AI because artificial intelligence generates algorithms by teaching machines to process data such as the human mind. Machines can naturally find out what’s favored by consumers on the front-end, but app developers will use AI more intentionally for the automation of repetitive tasks, applications testing, and deciding how to move into the next development phase.

App programmers will have more opportunities to deploy code distinctively

Artificial intelligence is changing app development in historic ways. As the demand for AI continues to rise, app developers with an extensive understanding of automated learning will probably be in higher demand for their understanding and creativity. Hire mobile app developer, then will have more option to deploy innovative code frequently thanks to the flexibility of AI, making a change in how mobile users collect and access information.

Consider Quick Response (QR) codes

Similar to a conventional barcode, these black and white squares are scan able and transmit data to an individual’s mobile phone after the scan. Information like location, prices and internet links to videos and content are available through QR code. Developers create QR scans potential by deploying code in mobile apps that work as QR readers. With AI integration, clients can receive over basic information from a QR scan.

Machine learning does more than raise brand awareness and encourages sales. It works for customers to make their lives easier while keeping them informed. By studying how users act, AI can notice irregular behavior and diagnose problems so.

Businesses must shift gears to remain relevant

The immeasurable impact of AI will result in intelligent apps getting the new norm for companies. Building applications that adapt to the requirements of users mean that businesses must direct their focus to information. How will information be collected? How will the information be fed into machines and how frequently will data enter be needed?

Standard algorithms don’t fortify the connection between customers and brands including AI, inspiring startup organizations to come up with wise apps that improve user retention. AI integration will be the solution for many companies to expand into new markets and provide improved client service, setting the stage for a substantial return on the investment into the development procedure.

Major companies such as eBay prove that AI raises customer loyalty. The eBay program has been downloaded over 370 million times worldwide. The company generates a romantic shopping experience with AI using structured data to create customized homepages, eBay also utilizes AI-powered visual search features to locate items matching social networking images or pictures from an individual’s mobile phone, helping buyers find products without looking for lengthy intervals.

The reach of AI is extending beyond mobile applications into smart home technology, computers and a diverse selection of items intended for professional and personal use. Artificial intelligence is changing the ways developers build apps and the way that consumers interact with products. Deploying apps with a conventional code is no more enough to appear modern customers who are becoming more familiar with advanced technologies daily. Keeping up with the continuous advancements of AI has become necessary to remain relevant in the industry.

If we see in the tech world, everyone is talked about the latest Android or iPhone at this time. What’s new brand Android or iOS mobile app regards to the current market. Since now people use mobile apps to have things done fast without wasting a single second, companies should now begin investing in something large to hit the landmark.

Artificial Intelligence has begun a completely different manner and redefined the idea of human-machine interaction. It triggered by machines, compared to the organic intelligence exhibited by humans and other creatures. Smart Watches, security system, house appliances are linked with each other, for this, AI functions as the mediator for the consumer to control the things

The company growth and the growth in user participation are because of the rising usage of AI in mobile app development. Somehow, various devices and programs using a fixed algorithm don’t adjust dependent on the consumer’s observed behavior.

Here are a few tips about how AI helps overcome this barrier

AI gathers and stores information from the consumer by assessing the operation and utilization pattern of this program. Everything began with Siri, and today AI is enabling expansion with its powerful presence in app development. Let us have a glance at a few of the situations, where AI empowered mobile apps can assist the companies to make an excellent UX for their own customers.

Personalization Ability

AI may understand the client behavior in a brief length of time supplying in-depth insights into their client tastes. Among the recent cases is, Starbucks developed the AI mobile app called My Starbucks where consumers merely need to inform what they desire via voice message and sequence could be put immediately. Offering more customization consistently help the organizations to expand traffic and earnings ultimately which leads from the program engagement and also the increase in ROI.

Voice-based search

Soon, the entire world will be like in which no human effort will be needed to move your hands to get a job done. You are only going to need to talk. In accordance with the research of this ComScore, by 2020, 200 billion searches each month is going to be achieved; producing the industry chance of voice hunt of 50 + billion each year.

Better predictive response

Here comes the idea of predictive response. A predictive response is communication between the consumer and the apparatus where AI technology knows the message and reacts it precisely. AI extracts the data from the recent data sets to ascertain the present condition and predict the results.

For Example, Google Developed a Gmail program. Its principal feature was that the ‘Smart Reply’ using artificial neural networks to deliver appropriate answers to the email messages. This attribute by Gmail is incorporated with machine learning which analyses the emails and urges prompt messages you might choose to send. The forecast for answers helps in quickly chatting that makes it effortless for the clients and brands to solve the questions in significantly less time. Additionally, the chat-bots interacts with the consumer in a true way leaving a great effect on the consumer’s mind.

Machine learning

For example, Machine learning AI infused mobile apps enables the physician to track the health of the individual and enables the physician to alert the drugs necessary on the special date.

  • The self-driving automobile of google
  • Merchandise recommendation on Amazon
  • Understanding exactly what your client will say on Social Networking
  • Fraud discovery


It assists companies to create maximum revenue with user-friendly UI. The development of AI is enabling new chances in the applications firms and has started to dominate the program marketplace long before.

This article is contributed by Ashish Goyal, Digital Marketing Analyst at Xtreem Solution — mobile app development company.

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