How Car Rental App Development Assists Your Business to Grow

By James Tredwell on February 10, 2020

From booking a table into a popular restaurant during weekends to hailing a cab- an on-demand app can work wonder. In today’s mobile-driven world where people rely on mobile apps for almost all daily tasks, on-demand apps come to make their lives more convenient and comfortable than ever. Hospital, hospitality, utility, transportation, and retail- the on-demand app development touches all the major industries.

Let’s focus on private transport. On-demand taxi-hailing apps have brought revolutionary changes in the way we used to move from one place to another. On one hand, these apps have made cab-booking easy, and on the other hand, they have contributed to the growth of several startups. For example, Uber has written a success story on the basis of its highly popular mobile app. The car rental service also works similar to the taxi-hailing service.

However, car rental services are aimed at providing cars for a longer duration as compared to cabs. It is, for this reason, the corporate sector uses these services more than individuals. Talking about the car rental app solution, you may find the feature corporate billing to provide discounted fares to the bulk orders from the company. Let’s understand the importance of a personal car rental app and how it can benefit your business.

Importance of Car Rental App Solution

A personal car rental app can provide convenience to app users with enhanced safety. As an owner of a cab services company, you can bring automation and make your business more customer-friendly through an app. It is possible to control all business activities ranging from monitoring the location to ensuring seamless execution of the app user’s request to rent a car.

Also, the customized car rental app can enable you to get the user’s valuable feedback and rating to earn a loyal customer base. You can also run a referral program successfully through an app and offer a plethora of features to the app users. It ultimately assists you to expand the business. Here are major business benefits of the car rental app solution with desired features.

Business Benefits of Personal Car Rental App

Car rental mobile app development services can build a robust app that offers the following benefits to your business.

Simplicity and Transparency – The on-demand app development focuses on bringing simplicity and transparency in the business. It can enhance the confidence of customers and you can get a loyal customer base that can boost revenue.

Enhanced value – The car rental app can unleash the potential of your business and enhance the value of your company in the market. With a seamlessly running on-demand app, you can get a competitive edge over peers.
Automation and Convenience- Car rental app development can bring automation in the business and enables you to offer a convenient way to book the car. Such an on-demand app remains handy for the users as they can get real-time tracking and smart searching facilities.

Personalization – It is easy to offer a personalized experience to your customers through a car rental app. You can readily send push notifications and personalized messages about special discounts and other promotional offers. Also, users can track vehicles through GPS functionality.

Improved Customer Services – An app enables your customers to reserve the car on a 24/7 basis. Also, you can readily resolve their queries in a real-time and stay connected with customers and drivers alike.

Growth in Business – It is obvious that happy customers contribute to business growth. What’s more, a personal car rental app solution enables you to understand the customer’s behavior and approach that further translates into improved services.

Competitive Edge – With a personalized car rental app, you can stay ahead of the peers and face the competition efficiently. You can have a competitive edge over peers who do not have apps.

Top Features of Car Rental App Development

A tailored car rental app has three different panels. Here we mention the list of key features for each panel.

Admin Panel

-Dashboard to control the entire process

– Reporting and Analytics

– Customer and Driver management

– Tracking of vehicles and ensure their safety

– Payment Management

– Location-based charges

– Vehicle Management

Driver Panel

– Job Management

– Route Map

– Chat with Admin

– Advanced Notifications

– Accept/Reject Order

– Transfer or Accept the request of other drivers

– Attractive UI

– Call and Chat services between Drivers and Customers

User Panel

– Simple registration and Booking Management

– Tracking and Communication with Drivers

– History

– Schedule Booking

– Personalized Notifications

– Payment Gateways

-Nearby Pickup Points

– Fare Calculator and Options of Cars

– Safety Features

Apart from these main features, the app users can get social media integration, chat support, and document upload, multi-language support, CRM integration, and other advanced features in the car rental application. However, the integration of advanced features can significantly increase the app’s complexity and it results in increased app development duration. You can hire mobile app developers to finish your project rapidly and exclusively.

On-demand app development company can give you more information about other benefits and cost of a bespoke car rental app. You can contact a reputed app development company with your app project requirements and get a free quote. Also, you should ask for flexible engagement models that can help you save bucks on development.

Finally, you should hire mobile app developers from India to accomplish your project at reasonable rates. Indian app developers charge between $25 to $40 an hour, whereas there European and American counterparts charge much more. If you assign the car rental app development project to an on-demand app development company in India, chances are fairly high that you will get a high-quality app in a cost-effective way.

Concluding Notes

As the on-demand industry is booming, the transportation sector grows, and the corporate sector braces for new challenges, we can certainly expect that car rental services are here to stay. The on-demand application service enables you to get a robust car rental app with desired features. You can count upon such an app to grow your business through increased revenue and getting a loyal customer base.

As a reliable on-demand app development company, we have delivered a few on-demand solutions across various industry verticals globally. Our experienced mobile app developers can address your business needs efficiently through integrating advancements of emerging technologies in the on-demand apps.

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