How learning can be improved with educational mobile apps

By James Tredwell on December 12, 2020

The technology of mobile app development can be used to improve the typical, a century old education system. Educational apps help parents and teachers to provide students with an easier way of learning various things. These apps can also be designed with the capacity that delivers lessons according to the grasping power of a student. Educational apps facilitate continuous learning freeing students to explore and practice lessons, course materials, and learn new topics anytime, anywhere.

Here are some points on how learning can be improved with educational mobile apps:

Interactive education content

Children are playful and, this is what they are loved for. It’s the nature seen in most children. But the same nature also distracts them from focusing on anything. They are attracted towards eye-catching details of everything.

Why can’t this playfulness of children be used for their own benefits? Apps, for an example, can be used to deliver the content in interactive formats that keep children engaged and learn more.

Yes, this is possible without any problem. Today’s mobile app development technology has got everything that allows adding a variety of interactivities to learning.

Gamification of education

Most of the millennials have now turned parents. They know how crazy they were for video games when they were kids. Games like Mario, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Space Invaders, and Street Fighter kept them very busy in their childhood; however, little these games did for the education.

But things are now unfolding quite differently. Today, we have many games purposely developed to educate kids. Smartphones are the best platform we have to realize the concept of educational gaming. In fact, some interesting educational games are already available in stores.

Online and live tutorials

With live tutorials accessible right from a mobile device, students can instantly clear their doubts without the need of a teacher. They do not need to depend on classroom study as online tutorials can provide them help anytime they need. Going a step ahead with live tutorials, students are even able to interact with tutors to ask questions live and receive answers at the same time.

Mock and Practical Tests

Tests help students discover their standing in learning. An app with this dedicated feature helps students take tests and know how much they know. By taking mock tests before the actual one, students learn to rapidly react to the final examination with better understanding of each of the topics and chapters.

An educational app providing mock tests and practical lesson help students develop the right strategy, learn new techniques and better manage their time, and practice and prepare themselves post examinations.

Social Media Integration

Parents often consider social media platforms bad for their kids. No doubt, they are concerned that their children waste time on social media platforms. Of course, social medial platforms consume a lot of time and distract students from paying concentration.

On the other hand, social media platforms can be a driving factor for students to learn more. An educational app, for example, can have the social media integration in such a way that allows students to use the social media according to scores they receive in mock tests.

Personalized User Experience

The classroom learning is delivered in a standard format. This makes equal learning opportunities available to every student; whether he or she is a fast learner or a slow learner. Teachers too do not have enough time to assess the learning ability of each of the individual students. But an app can do this quite smartly. An Educational app can have features that allow personalizing it as per the learning capability of individual students.

IT can involve simpler ways to delivery complex lessons so that slow-learners can too grasp topics by spending some extra time other than regular classes and align them with the pace of the whole class.

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