How Mobile Technology effects more in Hospitality Industry

By James Tredwell on December 18, 2018

We are in an age where functioning without a phone especially a Smartphone seems to be impossible. Right from making monthly budgets to booking flight tickets & booking hotels, everything can be done using a small device. This is mainly because of the digital revolution we are going through currently.

There is no doubt about the fact that guests these days are more inclined towards more & more hotel mobile applications. Most hotels are adopting mobile Hospitality Technology these days as per recent studies. When it comes to serving guests, the hotel industry is experiencing benefits as mobility is now powered by the Internet.

As per a worldwide research firm, approximately 1.90 billion cell phone users were recorded in 2016 that hiked in 2017 by 12.6% to tap 2.12 billion. Another survey also stated that almost 50% corporate travelers regard free Wi-Fi as an important factor when it comes to choosing the hotel. From the statistics, it is quite evident how Technology In Hospitality Industry is posing a massive effect.

Mobile application features for hotel industry

A completely service based industry, new advancements in technology as nowadays observed in hospitality sector is crafting new parameters by generating personalized experiences for customers & guests.

The tech era compels hotels to embark on approaches that drive maximum growth. Attaining support from mobile applications seems to be now mandatory with seamless customer experience being the priority. These applications are equipped with features that can lead to customer loyalty that can lead to reviews & referral on the website; thereby driving growth.

Let us learn How Has Technology Changed the Hospitality Industry:

  • Mobile friendly applications & websites – Potential customers can now browse hotel services, book rooms, read reviews, check availability & also check hotel pictures with the help of a mobile app. A flawless browsing experience is ensured. Ongoing app notifications will also inform customers regarding the various events & offers. Applications authorize hotels to advertise their amenities to a wider audience in attractive ways.
  • Quick service – Most hotels find it quite challenging to respond to each and every guest query quickly. But with the ongoing utilization of Best Mobile App for Hospitality, the staff can respond & track every request rapidly. Thus, it decreases the number of interactions & phonecalls.
  • Predicting trends – Mobile applications will offer the hotels to be aware of Hospitality Technology Trends as then they can forecast customer behavior. Learning about their inclinations becomes easier. The management team can utilize this data for presenting personalized services and embark on better decisions depending on the current trends.
  • Live information sharing – Mobile apps enable hoteliers in utilizing CMS or Content Management Systems that offers them with access to real-time information for end users. With this any data can be deleted or modified within seconds. With a CMS, every modification will be right away reflected on the Smartphones of the customers. An automatic email also reaches the guests for keeping them updated.

Focusing on some future trends

Booking a hotel using a Smartphone is simply the beginning step for any guest. Hotels nowadays need to leverage robust technologies for generating customized experiences on Smartphone right from the moment a guest steps inside. This is the reason why learning about Future Trends in Hospitality Industry to Mobile Apps holds significance. Few points to focus on are as follows:

  • Experience followed by mobile booking – Most people start their search for hotels through search engines while others browse through branded apps for reservations. Website optimization for mobile use is must for hoteliers these days. Websites need to be easy to use, ensuring that minimum steps are needed by the users to land on the booking page from the landing page. Tapping three times must be enough for them to book a room. From this, the importance of Mobile Apps to Hospitality sector can be well understood.
  • Bettering In-Hotel experiencesFuture Trends In Hospitality Industry 2019 suggest that businesses especially that of the service industry must double down when it comes to the mobile experience for their customers. This can be done with the creation of engaging content via their own applications. Hotels must utilize sensors within the Smartphones for transforming the entire experience for the guests. There are some apps that even allow guests to book Uber directly while others just need to use their mobiles as a key card for entering the rooms. In the pace Technological Factors Affecting Hospitality Industry are advancing along with the integration of GPS, the upcoming hotel technology drift is promising.

Some branded hotel applications

Travelers are extremely tech-savvy these days. Hoteliers in response to that are nowadays crafting high-end applications with exceptional features so that they can offer their guests the best experiences ever. Some noteworthy functionality offered by these Best Mobile Apps For Hospitality Industry are:

  • Guests can access loyalty programs in the apps for reviewing member benefits, attaining complimentary bonus nights, exploring discount rates and a lot more.
  • There is no longer any requirement for over viewing the bill at the checkout as travelers can keep a track on the room charges via the app if they wish to stay longer.
  • Some apps even allow guests to discover the cheapest rates with the cost comparison features.
  • Rewards program contained by the applications allow guests to check in the hotel remotely when they are on their way. They can enter into their room straightaway by utilizing the mobile key for unlocking it.
  • Other apps let guests to select the room and the floor as per their requirement. Special requests such as extra pillows and ordering favorite food items can also be made through the apps.

Wrapping it up

From the above mobile app features, benefits and upcoming trends as discussed, it is evident how Mobile Application Development to Hospitality industry is significant. Mobile technology can not only streamline services but can present customers with value for money deals. Definitely this is the best way for hoteliers to gain more business as well as maintain efficient operations.

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