How to Select the Right Backend Technology for Your Business?

By James Tredwell on August 31, 2020

When it comes to developing a mobile or web application, there are several factors that need to be considered to make your app witness skyrocketing success. Choosing the right backend technology is one of those crucial factors because it ensures the sound functionality of the app. Moreover, backend is also responsible for data storage, security, and the logic of the app/website/software.

Backend builds as well as maintains the technology that fuels up the frontend of an app and helps to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Let’s check out the trending backend technologies that you can choose for your app development project:

Backend tech stack

The backend or server-side of an app includes a server, programming language, web framework, and a database. Here are some of the most popular tech stacks that developers in 2020 are using:

Programming languages and frameworks

  • Python

Python is known for its speed and the capability of handling and processing several requests in minutes. Instagram, Spotify, and many other popular companies are using Python and its frameworks (Django, Pand, Flask, Numpy, Pylons, and Sklearn) to run their applications.

  • Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a perfect choice for building websites such as data services, social networking, e-marketplaces, and more. Airbnb, Bloomberg, Groupon, and Fiverr are a few sites developed using Ruby on Rails.

  • PHP

PHP is known for its syntax consistency; it is a perfect choice for developing a blog or SAAS applications. With Laravel, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP, Phalcon, FuelPHP, and other frameworks, the language offers a plethora of opportunities to developers.

  • js

Node.js is a suitable choice for developing push capabilities required to build real-time websites.

  • Java

Due to features like high security and ease of development, Java is a suitable choice for developing the backend. Depending on your specific app requirements, you can either choose Java+ Spring Boot or Core Java.

  • ASP.Net

ASP.Net offers developers the freedom to be versatile; it is an apt backend framework for developing web or mobile applications.

Trending databases

  • PostgreSQL

You can select this database when developing manufacturing, R&D, finance, and science-based applications. Due to its built-in analytical capabilities, PostgreSQL can process a vast amount of data in minutes.

  • MySQL

MySQL is preferred for its great performance and scalability. Besides this, it also enables multiple-row transactions in various finance applications.

  • MongoDB

Due to its exceptional geospatial feature, MongoDB is an apt option for developing applications related to distance calculation or finding geospatial information. This database can also be used while building gaming applications, event management apps, or eCommerce applications.

  • Middleware

Besides this, developers also need a middleware to support the web or mobile application development. This middleware facilitates communication between the data and the database. Some of the other functions of the middleware include authentication and parsing. Developers, nowadays, are using TIBCO, MQ, CICS, and Virtia for their project development.

Tips for choosing the right backend technology

Consider these tips in mind to ensure that you select the perfect backend technology:

  • Through market research.
  • Don’t copy what your competitors are doing.
  • Choose the stack keeping in mind the scalability factor.
  • Consider time to market, mobile UI/UX design, and post-release maintenance of your app.
  • Consider the size of your app.
  • Don’t ignore your budget constraints.
  • Pay attention to the security of your app.

If you are new to the mobile/app development field, then it is recommended to consult a reliable and experienced app development company. They will guide you the best according to your specific app requirements.

In case, if you want to hire dedicated developers working only on your project, then consider establishing an offshore development center. There are various custom mobile app development companies that offer offshore development services. You can contact any of them and provide your specific project requirements.

The company will share profiles of the suitable candidates required to develop a web or mobile application for your business. By choosing an ODC, you can set up your virtual office without the pain of establishing the office with your own hands.

Final Words

With tons of choices available for backend development, selecting the right backend technology can be a real challenge for businesses. To help you make that decision, we have listed top and trending backend development technologies in this article. Besides this, we have also provided tips to help you find the right backend technology for your next web or mobile application.

After finalizing the same, you can reach out to a company that offers app development for Startup services to begin your project. You can also hire dedicated developers with considerable experience for developing your web or mobile application.

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