YouTube Ads: How to Set Up a YouTube & Monitor Campaigns

By James Tredwell on June 26, 2021

We all know content is king.

Nowadays, video content is more powerful and it plays a great role in almost every field.

YouTube has approx 2.3 billion users and each day users spend most of their time watching videos.

What’s more? 

YouTube video reaches alone on mobile devices than any other cable network in the US.

If you are curious to know, how YouTube videos hit the market, this article is for you.

Firstly, you will have to learn these terms what is YouTube video, its advertising tips, and what are the different types of YouTube ads are available in 2021?

After that, we will discuss how to set up and run your first YouTube advertising campaign. Finally, I will show you some YouTube statistics & Tricks that will help you to boost your advertising skills.

Types of YouTube Ads

YouTube advertising is a way of advertising your content on the YouTube platform or shows in search results so you can increase your user’s reach or views. YouTube advertising is done via Google Ads.

  • YouTube TrueView Ad
  • YouTube Non- skippable Ads
  • YouTube Bumper Ad
  • YouTube Sponsored card Ads
  • YouTube Overlay Ads
  • YouTube Display Ads

Before starting your first campaign, it’s necessary to understand each type of YouTube Ads.

How To Advertise On YouTube

Gone are the days, that people were creating lengthy content and waiting for the response to permit. Nowadays, every marketer is aware of Advertising techniques and continues to grow their channels via using YouTube advertising.

Creating YouTube Ads is not like rocket science, are an easy method and a great thing it is completely free.

You can shoot it yourself at your home location or feel free to hire someone or one who is interested that will help you to add some crispy content and make a professional video.

Have some ideas?

Firstly, you have to choose your niche or do research to collect information and recording the content, otherwise, your content will look vague. So need to do extraordinary work and make videos in such a manner that will solve the user’s query or make sure it should be worth it.

Focus on Brand Awareness

In this, you will introduce your product. If people don’t know about your product then how they will be aware of it? To target people who are interested in this way you know the rough idea about it.

Influence your buyer’s decision

Videos are the only way that will justify your product and helps the audience, why this product is good for you? So video should be informative or attractive.

Grow Sales

If you can find your audience’s taste then no one can stop you. May you have never target your audience or using new techniques but if you want to grow more sales you should consider this.

Create Brand Loyalty

Discuss your product in your videos or describe every detail of the product or services in the description box as well as in video content. 

How to create First YouTube Campaign

Here, you will need to create your video with informative or useful content.

Then you need to create a powerful YouTube video ad. YouTube is the best Ad from around the world.

Step 1- Upload Your Video Ad to YouTube

Here, you will have to upload your marketing video to your YouTube account channel. Before starting your ad campaign, you have to login into your account and click on the camcorder icon which is located on the top right of YouTube. And finally, upload the video. 

But make sure your information like the title, description, and tags should be clear.

Step 2 – Create a New Campaign in Google Ads

Once you upload your video, now you are ready to set up your YouTube ad campaign.

Firstly, go to Google Ads account 

If you not adding your google account, then need to sign up for an account.

Once you are done with login, click on the campaign then click on the blue + icon to create a new campaign.

When you click on this, you will get a new window where you have to select a type of campaign.

Here 5 options will be present:

  1. Search
  2. Display
  3. Shopping
  4. Video
  5. Universal App

Once you clicked on the video, you have to select only one option from above.

So, how you will select?

If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website, you would select the Website traffic goal. If you continue this setup, then you’ll see features and settings that will help you to generate visits to your website.

Step 3 – Configure Your Campaign

If you start running multiple campaigns then It will help you to identify the campaign in google ads.

But firstly, you have to set your budgets and have to select Networks, etc.

Set Your Budget

In this, you should test your advertising campaign before done.

This will allows you to choose where you want to appear in your ads. If you create your video ad, there will be 3 options available

  • YouTube search results
  • YouTube videos
  • Video partners on the display network

Select a Language and Location

Here, you can select your country and language that you want to show your ad.

Select Your Bidding Strategy

Here, you need to pay for your campaign but have to select the process that how you will do that.  

Google Ads provides the 4 options

  • Maximum CPV (cost-per-view)

These costs are based on the number of views and interactions on videos.

  • Maximum CPM (cost-per-mille)

Here, you’ll get on every thousand impressions in your ad.

  • Viewable CPM (cost-per-mille)

If a user lands on your page and immediately bounces off, you can’t be charged.

  • Target CPA (cost-per-acquisition)

These costs are based on actions that are taken by viewers, such as clicking activities on your ad.

Our ultimate campaign goal is to increase the number of people who visit our site. In that case, Target CPA will be the best option.

Do you know that more than 2 billion people visit YouTube every month?

If you’re thinking about advertising on YouTube, they may question arise in your mind that, How much does YouTube advertising cost?

On average, YouTube ads costs from $0.10 to $0.30 per view or action. Per view or action means, if someone views your ad or engages with your ad by clicking on it, then you pay $0.10 to $0.30.

How much YouTube ads cost if someone clicks on your ad?

If you advertise on YouTube, this raises 2 questions How much cost you spend on YouTube ads and how much does it cost to advertise on YouTube?

If someone watches your full ad or clicks on your ad, you will be charged for this action. If you pay for views or clicks is dependent upon the type of ad that you create.

It is not a standard cost, but it is the normal rate that businesses experience when they invest in YouTube advertisements. This cost varies and depends upon the video quality, your target audience, and your campaign goals.

Whatever the amount you spend on the campaign will depend upon the budget that you set for your campaign. 

Most businesses invest $10 to run an advertising campaign on YouTube. 

In most cases, you have to pay on a cost-per-view scale. If someone views your ad, you will have to pay for that view. 

It’s important to set a fixed amount, you want to spend on views. So that, you don’t allow to spend more money on the campaign’s budget.

Is it worth your company’s time and money? 

Advertising on YouTube provides the best advantages and these statistics shows –

  • YouTube covers almost one-third of the Internet
  • Mobile ads on YouTube consider 84% than TV ads to hold a user’s attention
  • 90% of American Internet users use YouTube in daily life.

If you advertise on YouTube, you can increase instant access and able to gain more audience.

YouTube advertising allows you to create relevant ads for users and YouTube ads perform better than traditional advertising mediums, like TV. For the best results, you can create a professional video ad that attracts your audience’s attention.

Author’s bio:– Shikha Sharma received a Master’s degree in Computer science and now she is working as Content Marketing Strategist at Xtreem Solution, leading an eScooter app development company

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