How to Use AR in Your Mobile App to Attract Prospects?

By James Tredwell on May 21, 2019

Pokemon Go has hit the digital industry by storm. An excellent gaming app backed by the technology of Augmented Reality has been into trend past few years. The tech giants believe it to revolutionize the mobile industry. Owing to the fact that AR aids support to the wearable technology, a plot of research follows. Technological experts are meddling deep in the study of AR looking for insights that would layer up the massive scope of the technology.

According to a survey, the total market value of AR sums up to $3.5 billion and is anticipated to rise to $198 billion by the end of 2025. Also, the market size of AR embedded apps would surpass $ 8 billion by the end of 2021.

Sure, the numbers are convincing enough to integrate the technology of Augmented Reality to your apps and give a boost to your business. The technology is furnished with extraordinary features that gel well with the requirements of the varied industrial domain. Given the fact that technology has tremendous scope, app developers are aware that AR technology would narrow down the process of human interaction and in a way improve the overall user experience.

3 Ways to Use AR in Apps Driving User Attention

No doubt the technology is not too old and so are its benefits. Integrating different AR rich features in your app might help you build a huge user base and likewise enhance user engagement. So, now without blabbering much, we will straight forward see the top 3 ways by which you can use AR technology in your app.

#1. Promote Product Testing Via Free Trials

Gone are the days when you had to pitch hundred of emails to notify your potential customers about a product or a service. The current digital age allows you to introduce the feature of virtual testing of a product on your website. Users can use this method to walk through the buyer’s journey. Additionally, you would cut down on the cost of manually approaching a customer for product testing.

For instance, consider:

  • Trying clothes or makeup virtually on yourself before buying them. (Retail Sector)
  • A virtual visit to the property (Realty Sector)
  • Virtual traveling experience (Tourism Industry)
  • Giving the internal image of the hotel to the visitors prior booking (Hospitality Industry)

And the list goes on. Almost every sector has the scope to embed AR technology. Creating a virtual vision saves the cost and time of the organization with the added advantage of enhanced user experience.

#2. Build A Better Portal For Higher Engagement

Immersive User Experience, the term that seeks companies to break the engagement barrier and integrate technologies to boost user experience at your website. Like for example, deploy a 3D tour across your website. Such a feature is not common and witnessing one at your website or app would promote the popularity leveraging your app visit and additionally reduce bounce rates. Another idea could be using the AR technology to know user preferences and then display similar results. For example, e-commerce stores narrow down the suggestion list to the ones similar to the products purchased or searched for, by a user earlier. Providing users with a personalized experience instill a sense of trust and the probability of sales is undeniably leveraged.

#3. Customized Learning System For Employees

Customizing is always beneficial and not only for the user end but also for the employees. An organization is known by its employees and hence in order to drive sales, it is desirable to have a team of skilled employees. Training employees are helpful when it comes to marketing and convincing users to initiate a purchase. Instead of spending money on HR professionals, AR technology help organization deploy a system of personalized training helping employees perform better. Big firms such as Walmart and Verizon had already implemented the system of personalized training to boost their employee productivity.


A digital interface all around us, AR technology layers up a virtual image on the existing picture. Amplifying the digital experience, AR technology has transformed the way people view and use smartphones. No wonder why the technology is pacing at a tremendous speed edging out the opportunities for business owners to succeed. And, the options are not limited. AR technology has been used in a range of ways helping the business owners scale high on their success graph.

This article is contributed by Naiya Sharma, Content Manager with Apptunix.

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