Instagram For B2B Brands: How To Increase Brand Reach And Discover New Opportunities

By James Tredwell on August 4, 2021

Are you wondering how to build an engagement rate for your Instagram Business account?

Instagram is one of the great platforms that offer businesses to promote a brand or product globally, acquire a loyal following, and develop a circle of people that upholds your business.

That said, let us check different ways to level up your brand reach and gain new opportunities.

1. Write up a Perfect Bio

Writing a clear bio must be the first step after business profile creation. It will help you get more new followers. To increase your following, they have to feel why to hit that “Follow” button instantly. A perfect Instagram bio must speak about your business straight to your potential audience.

That way, you could impress more followers connected to your brand and are likely to convert into your customers. Instagram allows you to jot down up to 150 characters in your bio. Coming up with a brief and thorough biography could be a challenging task even for experts. 

2. Include Fun Element on your Posts

Although Instagram stories and in-feed posts take time and effort, you can always add some fun to creating them. When you share content with fun factors, you get auto likes on Instagram, also comments and shares, which help you build brand awareness, gain engagement, increase sales. You are free to create unique ideas to post content.

3. Follow a Schedule

A business person better knows the worth of time and money. Do you spend hours a day exploring through pictures, writing captions, or placing hashtags, etc.? Or spend just one to two hours in a day to schedule your Instagram posts for the whole week? 

Studies show correct posting times on the platform. There are no such rules to post content at the same time or same day. Initially, ensure what you want your audience to see? That lets you know what exactly to post rather than scrambling over the internet for ideas.

Don’t stress anymore! For that, you have to post consistently at the time that suits you and feels comfortable to you. Scheduling posts on Instagram lets you save time, create attractive captions, and decide on a perfect feed.

4. Add Location Tag to your Post

To improve your brand exposure and gain engagement, you have to use location tags in your posts. A lot of studies say that posts with location tags acquire a great engagement rate. To discover products or services nearby, people look for businesses that are local on Instagram.

Fortunately, Instagram provides the best feature for businesses, location tags. When someone is looking for specific content in their neighborhood or town, they will discover yours, and that’s a perfect way to get connected and begin communication.

 For instance, if you share a story from a party, festival, or reunion, try tagging that location using stickers. Your story gets featured on the respective location’s page for stories.

5. Respond to Direct Messages

Responding to DM’s is essential!

Maintaining a good relationship with your followers is essential, as they put effort into texting you. Small or big business doesn’t matter; always make sure to allocate time to listen and respond to their comments and feedback.

That simple act of response from you towards followers shows that you give importance to them, which helps build community, trust in the brand, and increase communication. Make them aware that you have heard, reply with a sorry, and make that right.

More the comments, shares, likes, and DM’s to your posts means the more it would get ranked as quality content, and it gets featured to a broader audience on the explore page.

6. Initiate conversations with Stories Stickers

Engagement on Instagram is not limited to just comments and likes; instead, it considers engagement from stories, people following your brand hashtag, IGTV views, etc.

Stickers on Instagram Stories play a vital role in motivating people to chat and post opinions with you. Question Sticker lets your followers know about your brand or gain information on your products. Besides, it’s a great way to ask queries to your followers,

Since opinion from followers matters, you could use poll or vote stickers that help understand their views related to your products or services.

7. Create Relevant Hashtags

Many changes took place on Instagram since 2010, yet one feature hasn’t changed at all Instagram hashtags. Using relevant and targeted hashtags on posts and stories is a great way to get observed by new people on Instagram. And, this absorbs high engagement, additional followers, and new customers for the business.

Hashtags on Instagram perform by grouping and categorizing pictures & videos. Branded hashtags provide an excellent way to look for brands or products on Instagram. Your loyal followers may start using your brand’s hashtags to their posts, display products, or communicate with you. Remember to check tags for your branded hashtag to don’t miss out on responding to every post that includes it. 

As hashtags, used to find products or services, the perfect ones will put you in front of the target audience, although they haven’t seen your profile before. Bear in mind, Posts from private accounts won’t appear publicly on hashtag pages,

  • Hashtags can have numbers but no spaces and special characters.
  • Instagram lets you add hashtags just to your posts and not tag others’ pictures or videos.
  • You could place up to thirty hashtags on a picture or video post and ten on stories.

You will have to define goals to get the best out of using hashtag marketing. Suppose you want to build engagement, then you need to understand those hashtags that drive new audiences to your business. It is vital to use your branded hashtags on every post you share. Create hashtags for,

  • Promote products
  • Updates on products
  • Contests
  • Sponsored events

8. Analyze your Analytics

How would you measure the effectiveness of marketing on Instagram? Do you know how it communicates with overall marketing strategies?

Understanding what content or post works best and what doesn’t is a crucial part that helps improve engagement rates. You could use tools on Instagram to analyze post-performance, check comments, and scale the likes count received by your posts. Acquiring new followers and increasing likes must be a continual aim that needs time and a well-planned strategy.

Instagram analytics lets you find:

  • The number of visits to your profile in the past week.
  • The count on “Taps” your profile or specific posts received within a week.
  • Number of “Website clicks” followers made right from your account in a week
  • The total number of “Get Directions” or mobile calls received from your Instagram profile.

9. Edit Short Captions

Have you known that Instagram lets you type up to 2200 characters in captions?

Whatsoever, it is not necessary to utilize all characters to create post captions.

Data says that it is good to write captions of less than ten words and to incorporate fun emojis in them. How the audience engages with your content is one of the criteria that your post performs in the Instagram algorithm.

So, how would you extend the time spent by folks on your posts? Type appealing and compelling captions. It is an excellent way to tell your audience about the product and brand goals, mission, or anything you cannot convey with a one-liner and some emojis.

10. Use Right Photo Size on Instagram

Instagram offers many options to post content, from posts to stories to IGTV clips. Each type has different image guidelines that you have to follow. Nothing is more frustrating than posting a photo that gets trimmed off or not uploaded the way you intended. Ensure that your pictures are perfectly sized and attractive, as studies suggest that bright images tend to obtain more likes and dull ones.

Some standard Instagram sizes are,

  • Profile Pictures – 320*320 pixels
  • Square Pictures – 1080*1080 pixels
  • Portrait Pictures – 1080*1350 pixels
  • Landscape Pictures – 1080*566 pixels
  • Stories/IGTV – 1080*1920 pixels

11. Place a link in your bio.

Inserting a clickable link in your Instagram bio is crucial as it takes followers to other helpful content. Your primary goal is to drive traffic to websites or other content you share. As you know, having a link inside captions doesn’t allow followers to click on it; that’s why you must add a link to your bio, one link that directs them to an external website, generating possible leads for you. 

Adding a link to the biography is easy; move on to your profile, tap “Edit Profile” in the Website textbox, place the URL, and save the changes. If you want your audience to visit your website, sign in for newsletters, check your blogs or get insights into your business, then consider placing a link into your profile bio. Make sure to inform the audience of the purpose of the link and that it is available in your bio. 

Final Thought

To spread brand awareness, gain opportunities and build engagement to your business, you have to incorporate these methods in your Instagram strategy!

Author Bio:- Sarah James is a Content Writer at VoxCorp with more than 8 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. In her free time, she loves to talk with her friends about food, travel, and ancient culture.

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