Landing Page 101: How to Make a Perfect Landing Page?

By James Tredwell on January 11, 2020

Landing pages are the backbone of websites. Several marketers have recognized the need to drive leads with the help of a landing page. Yet most companies pay more attention to the home page and concentrate less on the landing pages. It is quite common to give more attention to a home page because it is the first thing visitors see when they reach your website.

However, studies reveal that the landing page conversion rate is more than 15%. And we still tend to give more importance to the home page. So, the big question is why do we rely so much on a homepage to do the heavy work?

This happens because sometimes we fail to understand that visitors come to a page through various sources. We only focus on getting the customers to the website without paying attention to how visitors got there. People come to your website through various sources. This means that a visitor can land on the page by clicking on a call-to-action button, through an ad directed towards the specific page, or simply through search results.

So, overall, it is vital to keep in mind that a homepage serves a large number of masses and it is less focused on a particular task. On the contrary, a landing page will help you control how a customer comes to your website. And if you do it right, the page might help you drive more leads.

Let us put this into perspective, imagine you get 20,000 visitors to your homepage and receive 500 leads. But what if you send the visitors to a targeted landing page with the highest conversion rate (40%)? You would be able to generate more leads than you generated earlier.

So, what will you choose? The answer is quite obvious and this post will help you build a perfect landing page. Check out all the tips and let us know in the comment section below if all the tips were helpful.

A landing page should be clear, informative, and simple

The purpose of a landing page is to serve the customers with a specific set of information. So make sure that you give the information and limit yourself from stuffing it too much. Also, keep the objective of making the page clear in your head. You should know why you are making the page and what do you want the customers to do on a particular page. Once you are clear with the objective, create a powerful copy, add relevant images, and add links if you think they are necessary. The most vital part is to structure the page in order. For example, the content should be in a logical order and the call to actions should relate with the information you have provided. In entirety, a landing page should be crisp, clear and simple but at the same time do not leave the page empty with very less or no information.

These are the characteristics of a good landing page

A landing page will always consist of the following things:

       A captive headline with a sub-headline

       Short description of your services or what you are offering

       Image associated with your business, a video explaining exactly what you do, and testimonials.

       A form with precise details and a compelling call-to-action (CTA)

Delete or limit the options of navigation

A landing page is designed to receive actions from customers. When visitors come to your landing page, as a business owner you want them to convert. This also means that you don’t want the customers to wander from one page to another. If you think you have several navigation options and the chances are that the customer will wander to a different page, limit all those options to a minimum. It is necessary for you to do so because the attention span of your visitor is very short. The moment they land on a different page they will drift away from the possibility of clicking on a CTA or filling a form.

Do not promote but provide value

If you constantly promote your business and make it all about yourself. The chances are that the visitor will bounce off the website. First, because you are not serving what the visitor needs and second, promotion is an old school practice. Nowadays valuable content is more appreciated. If you are giving value to your customers they will definitely stay on your site for a longer period of time. So, never create a business-oriented page. Think about the customer’s requirements and offer something valuable. For example, a free demonstration of your services, a free-guide, or an evaluation. Depending on your business create a valuable page and give your customers what they need.

Make productive forms

One of the integral parts of a landing page is a form. You cannot miss this one. Therefore, when you are making a landing page just make sure you have a form with valuable information. In other words, ask only what your sales team needs. Do not ask them to fill extremely private or useless information. Like how many siblings do you have? or sensitive information that the user might hesitate from providing. Instead, you can ask them to fill little things like the name, gender, email id, and phone number. No one will have issues providing this information and make sure that the CTA does not directly say, SUBMIT. The CTA should serve a more valuable purpose. So, write something like ‘Get Your Recommendation’, ‘Download Now’, or ‘Join our Mailing List’.

Create several landing pages

It is definite that landing pages are good for your business. The more landing pages you create the better chances you have at driving leads. So, if you have a new campaign or a new product coming up. Create a separate landing page for it and while creating the page keep all the above-mentioned points in mind. This way you have a perfect landing page conversion rate.

Now, sit down and think about everything that your customer will need from you. Also, think about how you can make a person give up their personal information. Next, check your landing page and see if it has all the required elements (a solid format, powerful CTA, perfect copy) and then start working on each detail one by one.

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