Node.js Frameworks Which Will Rule in 2020

By Guest Contributor on December 24, 2019

Remember those days when web developers used to face challenges in JavaScript for enabling client-side scripting. Then came Node.JS, This technology was introduced in 2009, for enabling the utilization of JavaScript for server-side as well.

In this blog, we will focus on some of the best Node.JS frameworks which will be going to rule the web development services in 2020.

Before knowing the Node.JS frameworks, Let’s have a brief idea about Node.

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS framework is a combination of a few tools and libraries providing a scope of developing and using web applications more efficiently.

Node.Js creates a base layer for developing web applications. The most crucial element of Node.Js framework is its architecture and features. Features like compatibility with other frameworks, security, Flexibility, and work efficiency.

Let’s start the journey of knowing more about the Node.JS frameworks which will be ruling in the upcoming years.

1. Express.JS

Express is a unique and small framework for Node.js Development Services, helping developers in developing the most unique and efficient mobile applications.

Express is very fast and scalable. Due to its lightweight feature, it goes perfectly with many modules accessible from the database.

Features of Express.JS

  • Unique API and quick I/O for smooth working.
  • Easy to understand.
  • It can be customized for providing high performance.
  • Express assists more than 14 templates.

2. Koa.JS

Developed by the same team of Express.JS, Koa.JS is considered to be the tinier, stronger and expensive framework to develop APIs and web apps. The middlewares here in Koa.JS are progressively streamlined and each code line is granular and rich.

Features of Koa.JS

  • Easily removes the messy codes.
  • Very lightweight architecture.
  • More options for customization.
  • Restricts the uses of callbacks for improving error management.

3. Hapi.JS

Hapi is the most trustworthy and stable node.JS framework. This framework provides incredible features for developing a server with great features like onPreHandler on a particular IP.

The best part of this framework is that this is a single framework that doesn’t base on outside assistance and provides complete control over the code lines.

Features of Hapi.JS

  • Efficient third-party plug-in support.
  • Develops real-time chat apps.
  • Comprehensive API references.
  • Easy document creation.
  • Control over request managing.

4. Sock et.IO

This is a web-socket architecture that can be used by most of the programming languages.

Features of Socket.IO

  • Binary streaming.
  • Easy socket handling.
  • Real-Time Analysis.
  • Auto-creation of identifiers for all sockets.
  • Customizing the URL routing for all sockets.

5. Meteor.JS

One of the easiest full-stack Node.JS frameworks for developing web and mobile apps. This framework is compatible with both Android and iOS.

This has the capacity to serve big size projects.

Features of Socket.IO

  • Similar codes for different devices.
  • Lightweight structure.
  • Eliminates the requirement for updating the application.
  • Easy integration with MongoDB, Vue, Angular, React, etc.

6. Loopback.JS

This Node.JS framework is compatible with numerous databases like MongoDB, MYSQL, Oracle, etc.

Loopback.JS assists native browser and mobile SDKs for various browsers and operating systems.

Features of Loopback.JS

  • This has the capacity to turn on the cloud.
  • Add-ons for third-party login, file management.
  • Efficient documentation for faster development.
  • It provides a structured code.

7. Flatiron.JS

This full-stack framework enables developers to extend mobile and desktop apps with very reusable elements.

This framework intends to provide a developed collection of decoupled tools operating independently.

Features of Flatiron.JS

  • It contains a multi-transport async logging library for Node.JS.
  • Easy to use and is DSL free providing an unobtrusive tool for development.
  • It contains plugin managers offering a light-weight app extensively.
  • This framework has a buffered middleware kernel backward compatible with easy connect.

8. Diet.JS

This is a smaller modular Node.JS framework that develops quick apps and APIs. This framework utilizes the host controller for controlling many hosts and for developing good URLs and APIs efficiently and immediately.

Diet.JS is an open-source framework that permits the developer to become contributors whenever they want.

Features of Diet.JS

  • MVC and Middleware assistance.
  • Assistance for ES6 middlewares.
  • Response and request integrated into the signal.object ($).
  • Non-parallel error management with app.error routes.

9. Keystone.JS

This is an extensible and lightweight, open-source Node.JS framework designed on MongoDB and Express.Keystone.JS supports session handling, form processing and dynamic routing for easy development.

Features of Keystone.JS

  • Easy to handle, customizable and is having good UI.
  • Seamless integration with all online platforms.
  • Consistent management of the progress of development.

9. Total.JS

This is a highly fast Node.JS framework having little assistance. Till now Total.JS is not so popular but is trying to build a proper space in the web development market.

Features of Total.JS

  • Fast Prototyping
  • Builds real-time responsive apps.
  • Permits front-end development to React, Ember and Angular
  • Pre-developed components for smooth and fast development


Choosing the right Node.JS framework completely depends on the user. It mainly depends on what type of web application they want to develop.

If the customer wants to use Node.JS for web app development then they have a lot of options. Node.JS offers many options and benefits for web application development companies and is easy to learn and is highly extensible. This technology also supports a large community and many more.

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