Reasons: Why It’s Right Time to Redesign Your Website Logo

By James Tredwell on April 22, 2021

Until a few decades ago, it was believed that once created, a brand logo could remain unchanged forever.

Considerably, reliable companies do not change over time, they remain faithful to the traditions and principles.

There is a misconception that by changing the logo, the brand could lose some of its recognition, and competitors would take advantage of this.

However, nowadays, logo designing and redesigning has become a common practice. Moreover, not only in the progressive IT sphere, where many firms do not yet have a rich history but also in more conservative areas – the food industry, the automotive industry, etc.

Even the oldest and most popular brands decide to change their image because they realize that it is useful and even necessary to do this in modern conditions. Considering this, here, in this article, we are revealing to you what is the right time to redesign the website logo. But, let’s find out what the logo redesigning is?

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What is Logo Redesigning?

Many people mistakenly confuse redesign with rebranding and because of this, they think that redesign is a difficult, expensive, and resource-intensive process.

However, it is worth making a distinction between the two. Rebranding is a renewal of the entire brand concept, with its philosophy, mission, principles, positioning and, of course, design. Whereas, the redesign is just a visual update without any major changes. Generally, there are usually two types of redesign:

  • Taking into Account the Previous Logo

Here the existing image is simply updated, adapted to modern design quality criteria. Perhaps they simplify or, conversely, add a new element. But the essence remains the same.

  • From Scratch

Sometimes the logo is completely redone. This happens as part of the rebranding, which we wrote about a little higher. Here, the designer’s imagination is not limited by anything. They do not need to look back at the existing image, but a new one can be adopted.

Logo redesign, as a rule, includes font redesign, selection of a new color scheme, adaptation to the latest design trends. The type of logo is rarely changed, if it was previously in the format of an abbreviation or symbol, it is better to leave it that way, so as not to really lose recognition.
Then, the updated design should be replaced on all platforms and media: on the website, in social networks, on business cards, outdoor advertising, etc.

When Redesigning is Required?

Marketers recommend doing a redesign at least once every 10 years. Some businesses, especially at the dawn of their development, can change the logo more often; up to once a year. Below there are some criteria to help you determine when it is time to update your design.
Your Company has Grown Qualitatively and Quantitatively

A few years ago, you just started your business, you had several customers, a small office on the outskirts of the city and a small turnover. Then, you ordered a simple and inexpensive design from an inexperienced freelance designer, you explained to them what should be there, and accepted the first option.

Time passed, the company grew, and now you have a completely different level; branches throughout the region, dozens of sales offices and employees, large clients, and fame in your field. But, your logo remains the same as when you first started. In this case, it no longer corresponds to the new status of the company, and it is desirable to update it.

Design is Outdated

Another situation you look at the logos of your competitors, and they seem more modern, stylish, and reflect the essence of the brand. You remember that when you designed the first logo, volumetric letters, shadows, and gradients were in fashion.

The outdated logo gets spotted easily, even by the ordinary customers who do not have any idea about the specifications of the design. Basically, there are two types of design elements; gradients, or bubbly text, italicized fonts that are not used as before and make the logo design look filthy. It is not about the distinctiveness of the logo, if it is not fulfilling the basic trends, standards, or norms, then it is of no use. Sooner or later, it will become outdated. Do you remember the last time you gave a fresh look to the logo? And have you ever noticed the signs of aging on it?

The Company has Changed

It also happens that companies merge; one buys out the other. If these were two equal players in the market, it makes sense to reflect this merger in the updated design. So, for example, happened with the logo of Motorola, which was bought by Google. It has been updated to include Google’s signature colors.

It also happens that a company opens up additional areas of activity. For example, you started with a pastry shop, the business developed, and you went further by opening your own cafe or restaurant. And if at the beginning you had a cake or a roll on your logo, then such an image becomes irrelevant in the event of an expansion of activities, and it should be made more universal.

The logo is Complicated

The business logos that are more gradient and much detailed do not render appropriate to the digital. The existing companies (established a long time back before the evolution of digitization) could find the logo that is outstanding on the letterhead. Besides, they are not best in digital ad creative or as profile images.

The logo design these days is more minimal, simple, and is less complicated and indeed, appears good on the web. While looking at the web properties and checking that the specific logo is hard to decipher or see, then, there is a hint that the logo redesigning is needed.

Why Redesign a Logo?

This is not a tribute to fashion, it is an inevitable process that has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your marketing. Any action in business is aimed at increasing profits, and redesign is no exception. In addition to following trends, changing the image provides several other tangible benefits.

Shows Brand Evolution

With the help of the new logo, you can show the audience new company values, and a new philosophy. You will be able to build the necessary associations and reveal brand features. It is okay for a brand to change, grow, and improve, and it is good to talk about it and show that audience growth.

Will Help to Adapt Your Business to the Internet?

Previously, the logo had to look good only on outdoor advertisements, business cards, and other printed materials. Now it is equally important that it is displayed perfectly on the screens of computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Companies have websites and their own applications that translate their identity, and it is important that all visual elements are easily distinguishable and understandable in any medium. The design update will help you get rid of unnecessary details in the logo, simplify it, and make it clearly visible on all screens.

Where Will the Logo Appear?

We cannot ignore the importance of the logo going live. Several businesses are multivariate, and they use the logo in many places to market their business. The visitors check and associate with the business logo in several ways. They will check it on the social profiles and the websites as well. Even, it can also be monitored on magazine and billboards spreads.

Reason for Information Activity

Surely you have at least once met news or articles about the fact that some well-known brand has updated its logo or corporate identity. Indeed, a redesign can be a good news drive for PR and marketing activities. You can attach any competition, promotion to this event, or select several logo options and arrange a vote so that your audience can choose which option they like best. This will increase their loyalty and brand credibility.

Concluding Remarks

Do not be afraid of a logo redesign, because logo design specialists know all the intricacies of this process. The main idea that a logo is created once and does not change again was inherent in the first half of the 20th century. Experts of that time assumed that even minimal changes would negatively affect the merits of the logo, brand recognition due to the constancy of its shape. But it cannot be said that the logos of the companies remained completely unchanged, so the redesign of the company logo remained an exception to the rule.

Also, experts believe that to comply with fashion and changing conditions of the surrounding market environment, the logo needs to be corrected every 5-10 years. The axiom of the modern redesign is that a designer should carefully examine the old brand identity before embarking on a change. The search for the best logo image, proposals for replacing the old with an updated one should be supported by a deep analysis of the brand and its consumer.

We hope that our piece of article has shown you the appropriate time to redesign the logo. In case, you have some doubts or suggestions, then, let us know in the comment section below.

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