Respond to your GMB page’s reviews smartly - Some do’s and don’ts

By James Tredwell on May 13, 2019

The modern-day society we live in makes us mostly reliant on the internet or precisely put, on Google. When it comes to finding the ways to flourish our local businesses, nothing better than google business clicks the mind. Google business is probably the most accessible pathway for our company to get noticed far and wide. In this regard, Google business reviews are the most important thing to contribute to what kind of fame our business gets. Unfortunately, companies do not usually bother responding to the reviews they get considering it inconsequential to do so. However, according to Google My Bussines Support Page itself, it is necessary to interact with your consumers by responding to their reviews about you and show that you value their feedback. In this regard, here are some tips and trick to keep in mind while responding to reviews on google my business page.

The do’s of responding to reviews on google my business

The success and marketing of your business are profoundly affected by your review responses to your customers. These responses to reviews can become your gateway to more and more achievements id handled adequately. Therefore, it is crucial to stay careful in your answers. Here are some things you can do to ensure a well-designed response.

#1. Show Gratitude

If your customers praise you through reviews or give some suggestions, it is your responsibility to thank them. Such thankful reviews responses demonstrate your care and love for your customers. These responses also show that you are active enough to listen to the reviews without any complaints too. Such positive reviews are often overlooked or ignored by businesses since they only care about resolving conflicts mostly. Answering to positive comments is an excellent way to show your company’s dynamic and respondent nature alongside attracting more customers.

#2. Offer quick and easy solutions

In case you get a bad review with a customer sharing their bad experience with you, respond very carefully. In such cases, a simple apology can never get the job done. Resolve whatever issue they faced and try not to burden them at all during the item is being resolved. In cases where you cannot turn back the clock to get the mistake corrected, offer your customers some extra credit or deal a compensation for their loss.

#3. Be Brief

Let us be real. No one has the time to read a whole long paragraph with your responding to a review. Try to be sweet, simple, and short in your review responses. In the case of positive reviews, a simple statement showing your gratitude or telling them about some new offers from your business would do. In the cases of bad reviews, apologize and then offer a short compensation. Great responses are not read by anyone and are, hence, just a wastage your both your and customer’s time.

The don’ts of responding to reviews on google my business

According to NDMR, the customers with bad experiences with your business are more likely to review on Google my business than those who enjoyed your services. A statistical analysis by marketing charts shows that the proportion of people who share their bad experiences with a business is approximately 10%-15% more than those who share good ones. Therefore, it is essential to be careful in your responses to a negative review.

#1. Never respond hastily: Think and evaluate before returning

Always remember that your response to a positive review is not only visible to the one who gave that review. Instead, it is apparent to a wide range of audience. Therefore, it must be very well-thought and well-calculated. It is better to calmly evaluate the review, be it good or bad, and then respond objectively. A single hastily made, a rude, indifferent, and negative response can take your business into great peril. Even if the customer is unjust in his comments, make sure you respond to him in a way he would expect you to.

#2. Do not hide your response

No matter how poorly justified you think your review response is, you should not hide it form public at all. We understand that sometimes businesses do make such mistakes that have no refund. In such situations responding to an angry customer’s review can get very tricky. The biggest mistake you can do in such cases, other than reacting rudely, is to hide your response from the public. Make sure you are not avoiding web confrontation, instead, tackle it carefully in front of everyone. Public reactions to hateful comments show that a company cares about its clients and is responsive in all the situations. This much help in increasing your value in customers’ eyes. A study done by Cornell University reveals that responding to negative comments increases to consumers positive view about your company.

#3. Do not respond like a robot

One of the most important things to make sure your response looks like the company’s respondent has designed it. Never write a comment that looks like it is automatically generated. Copying the same review over and over again or with a little change make it less authentic. It is better to use the customer’s name in your response to their review. Try to respond in a way that gives priority to their issues and makes them the center of your statement. This ensures the customer that his or her reviews are being taken seriously and individually. Refrain from using the cliched comments like “Thanks for reviewing us.” These don’t leave a good impact on the customer even when they have been responded subtly.


There are so many other tricks, tips, do’s, and don’ts of responding to reviews on google my business page. However, those shared here are quite enough to save your reputation if you follow these correctly while responding. Follow these tips and strengthen your game of responding to reviews online.

This article is contributed by Alma Causey, Freelance writer at Rizereview.

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