Social Media Stats for 2019

By James Tredwell on August 9, 2019

‘Social media’ stands for the websites and applications that let users create and share content to get involved in social networking. People make use of a myriad of applications and websites to interact with one another or to look for people with similar interests. The most popular social media websites/applications are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

This piece of writing is an attempt to take a glimpse at some of the statistics that a social media marketing consultant may require to carry out his/her work properly. In recent years, not just individuals but organizations have begun using social media to promote their brand, product or service, to engage with their customers, and to advertise themselves, etc.

The effect of social media on our lives has been profound. Never in the recorded history was it so easy to connect with millions of population using simple apps. It is possible to create worldwide campaigns like Fridays for Future and to immediately share information of any kind and in any form (text, graphics, audio or video) despite any number of kilometers between the sender and the receiver. Social media is an extremely powerful tool for an individual as well as organizations.

The users have gradually understood its importanceand since they have been utilizing social media for their advantage. Political elections have been altered by sites like Facebook, the Twitter handle of Indian Foreign Minister lent a helping hand to many Indians distressed in foreign lands, businesses of all scale and types are active on social sites to leverage its power to increase sales and carry out activities like customerservice. In short, the uses are varied of social media and its effects numerous.

A majority of the people, out of the 57% of the global population using the internet, identify social media with the internet.We go through some of the statistics that arguably are very important in the marketing world:


  • There are over 2.41 billion monthly active users on Facebook. That’s 27.8% of the entire world population! Facebook is The Most used social media website in the world. That means you can target more than 2 billion people using ads on the website.
  • FB is such a craze that more than half of all of its users, use it daily. It has 1.49 billion daily active users.
  • 500,000 users are added every day, that means 6 new profiles are created every second.
  • It is the world’s 3rd most visited website and that’s why its world Alexa traffic rank is 3rd.
  • There are more than 65 million businesses using Facebook pages for their interests.
  • The number of total people using Facebook as a medium of advertising is over 6 million.
  • 94% of Facebook users access it via the smartphone app.
  • More than a quarter of the world’s total online population, 26.3%, use FB.
  • 45% of people know about the news from FB.
  • 49% of users ‘like’ a FB page to support the brand of their liking.


  • There are over 326 million MAU on Twitter.
  • More than 500 million tweets are generated every day.
  • 80% access it via the app.
  • Over 100 users use Twitter daily.
  • Katy Perry is the most ‘followed’ person with 107.7 million followers and Barack Obama is the second most ‘followed’ celebrity with 107.2 million followers.
  • 71% of users read the news on Twitter.
  • Twitter is the number one social media platform for politicians.
  • 75% of B2B use Twitter for marketing.
  • 40% of users admit to making a purchase because of an influencer’s tweet.
  • 3pm is the best time to post a tweet on weekdays.


  • It is the world’s 2nd most visited website. And the most visited social media website now, overtaking Facebook.
  • If you spend about an hour or two on YouTube daily, ever wondered how much time does all the users spend on it collectively? That’s whopping 1 billion hours! Every day!
  • It has 1.9 billion MAU or monthly active users.
  • 96% of American internet users in the age group of 18-24 use YouTube.
  • In the US, not just the young but half of the internet users aged 75 and above use YouTube.
  • YouTube reaches 95% of the Internet as it is available in 80 different languages.
  • Most users are from the US (15.8%), then it’s India with over 8% of all the YouTube users.
  • It was the top iOS app of 2018.
  • Gamers are among the top YouTubers claiming 5 places among the top 10.
  • 70% of views are over a mobile phone.


  • The number of users here as well is big, with over 1 billion people using Instagram every month.
  • In the US 72% of the teenagers use Instagram.
  • 38% of the users use it multiple times a day.
  • 25% of the smartphone users have the app in their smartphones.
  • 95 million posts are posted every day on this social media application.
  • The ‘Story‘ feature is used up to 500 million times a day.
  • With 148 million followers, Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list.
  • 60% of all the users seek new products via the app.
  • FB bought Instagram for US$715 million.
  • There are over 25 million business profiles on IG.


  • 2 professionals use LinkedIn every second.
  • 154 million Americans have a profile on the platform.
  • 94% of B2B marketers that use other social media publish content on this platform as well.
  • 2 million posts are published every day.
  • Posts that contain images are observed to get more (double) comments.
  • 91% of executives rank this platform as their most preferred for relevant content.
  • 30 million companies have registered themselves on the platform.
  • 50% of the B2B traffic on the web coming from social media originates at LinkedIn.
  • Out of the total 87 million millennial users on the platform, 11 million of them are in decision-making positions.
  • 44% of all the users are women.


  • More than half of its users, 54%, log in every day.
  • There are over 100 million users who use Snapchat on a daily basis.
  • About 3 billion snaps are created every day on Snapchat.
  • This is mainly used by the young people aged between 12-24 years.
  • Close to 60% of the college students would be ready to buy a service or a product is they were sent a coupon on Snapchat.
  • Vertical videos are watched more in comparison to the horizontal ones, as many as 9 times more.
  • The app has added 13 million daily active users in the Q2 of 2019.
  • 75% of the users are below the age of 35.
  • For 41% of the US teenagers, it is the most important social network.
  • The app makes $1.68 average revenue per user.

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