Things Should Be Considered Before Setting Up An Email Marketing Campaign

By James Tredwell on August 26, 2020

Email marketing is a budget-friendly and robust approach. It is known as the most effective way to send marketing information out in the market. Though, it requires minimum investment but still needs a foolproof strategy for proper functioning. 

If you are just beginning your marketing journey with email marketing, look down to find out some useful tips that are required for a successful email marketing campaign.

The sole objective of email marketing

There are a lot of reasons for driving an email marketing campaign. Some digital marketing companies deliver emails about their new offers, some publish to inform about the latest collection and a few of them use it as a tool to inform about stock and availability. This channel is a great opportunity to elevate sales and lead conversion.

Here we have sorted out the reasons for sending an email to the consumers:

To subsisting clients

  • For welcoming new consumer on board and provide them with a 

a quick overview of the products.

  • To deliver updates on different products and offers.
  • If your website has acquired a new feature.
  • To enhance the relationship 
  • You can also send emails to consumers, who are inactive for a long time. Send them offers that might connect them again.
  • To elevate the conversion of trial users to potential customers.
  • Companies can target existing customers to initiate upscaled sales.

For would-be clients

  • Try to generate awareness about your product or trademark.
  • Offer deals to create a strong interest in the commodity and encourage clients to initiate a purchase.
  • Always try to send a message that can forge impact and helps in converting followers into consumers.
  • Prepare a strategy to target audiences that were left out while promotions.

These points are helpful in creating a foolproof strategy to connect more people to your brand. Always make sure to build separate strategies to target numerous clients. When you are confident about the brand objective, it will be much simpler to direct all your energies in achieving the goal.

Here are three ways to segment marketing emails for better propagation-

  1. Brand promotional emails- This category generally deals with proposals, sales, and branding.
  2. Connection establishment mails- In this category firms can create a weekly newsletter, caste studies on products, and essential information. It also deals with bounties and giveaway.
  3. Transaction based mails- This section focuses on received payments, purchase confirmation, receipts, and joining messages.

Analyzing the difference between these categories is vital to create a valuable marketing layout. The more you research the more benefits your brand gets.

Expressive catch lines elevating high mail opening

With the advancement in technology, people are inclined to smartphones for most of their works. This trend has proved to be very useful in email marketing. 61% of consumers use mobile phones to check emails. 

So you can try to use subjects that are mobile-friendly and catchy at the same time. Most people use Gmail or Apple Mail for checking updates. This makes it of the utmost importance to modify the subject and body of the mail according to these platforms. 

These platforms support 41 to 70 characters maximum. So, try to fit your content into this digit. Place the most crucial part in the upper strata, also try to put a catchy line in the first sentence. 

According to 2019 trends, the subject length plays a vital role. So here are a few trends that will help you to step up your marketing game.

Use emojis to stand out from the crowd

Few analytics showed that only 7 percent of email marketers incorporate emojis in their mails. So, if your email contains things that can go well with the emojis, start using them immediately. This tactic can be useful in elevating mail opening rates.

Emojis are the best way to convey emotions more informally. Incorporate them and witness outstanding results.

Employing personalized arenas

Some email marketing professionals do not appreciate overusing name personalized aspects. This is generally because some people find it very monotonous and conventional. You can utilize various other subjects to create a spark in the consumer’s mind. 

Try using these ideas-

  • Mention location and products that are accessible to clients.
  • Provide insights about your commodity or service or brand.
  • The data that is collected via reviews and general surveys.
  • Incorporate birthdays and anniversaries, as you have clients’ personal data.

Capitalizing the subject 

This is the most underestimated tactic, and many marketers often ignore that. There are four ways to master this trick and benefit your brand without putting much effort.

According to research, only 6% of marketers used conclusion capitalization. Inheriting this trick is essential because it is practical as well as a unique approach. It will make your content a class apart.

What to write in content that can lead to high conversion?

Content needs to be creative while approaching consumers via emails. Email marketing seems easy but is a little tricky when researching on a deeper level.

These below-mentioned points will surely help you in creating good content for your email marketing campaign.

Try personalization but in a unique way

The codes are similar to the subject line mentioned earlier. Refrain using surnames to address your client, when sending a promotional email. Personal data should be used only in emails that reach on a personal level. Utilizing the name regularly looks unprofessional. Avoid this as much as possible.

Digital marketing companies approach personal data in a smart and sophisticated way. Begin with these tips-

  • Mention the consumer’s location and tell them about the offer or deal.
  • Incorporate data that has been collected via surveys or reviews.
  • Try to be specific about business and the product used by them.
  • You can send birthday and anniversary emails, as it develops a deep connection.

Provide overall information about you

Nowadays, people receive more than 80 emails every day and remembering everything is impossible. So, try to create and customize your mails. Provide your personal information such as name, photograph, and other information that can build a strong relationship with your client. 

Share information and stories about the business journey and create awareness about your product. 

Digital marketing companies employ this trick and the results are worth the wait.

Precise and Productive content 

While writing content many writers often use words that are not only useless but also snatches a lot of space, eliminate those words immediately. 

Nowadays people do not have time to read huge chunks of words, so make sure to keep it small and straightforward. 

Many digital marketing companies issue a strict format for email content because there is a character restriction in mail platforms and customizing it is crucial.


Storytelling is the best way to engage clients positively. Many marketers use this trick because of its power of connecting clients on an emotional and logical front.

There are many ways to spice up stories such as using harsh opening lines, proverbs, words that are capable of driving emotions and more.

Last lines

Just by formulating a blueprint, you can rest assured that messages are not piling in the scam box. This strategy focuses on the subject and works for the common goal. Multinational companies use this strategy to establish a personal connection with users. Digital marketing companies help firms to build a two-way relationship. The more you send messages, the more consumers will incline your product.

Author Bio. :- Alice Martin is a Content Marketer Head in with 10years of experience. His passion is helping people in all the aspects of content marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides.

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