Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

By James Tredwell on August 1, 2019

Artificial intelligence has provided enough room for the development of advanced mobile applications that simplifies our contemporary lifestyle. With more emphasis to heightened functionality and superior user experience, artificial intelligence is undeniably the future engine for most of the smart applications!

AI is the perfect way to build apps that can save a lot of your time and efforts while you are doing stuff like searching for a movie/song or accessing a particular functionality. When we talk about the applications that are already utilizing the potential of AI, the list isn’t small!

The internet is swamped with numerous games and applications that are empowered by artificial intelligence and here is the list of few apps supported by both iOS and Android devices.

Calorie Mama AI

Not sure about the calorie count of the dessert you are about to devour post-supper? Don’t worry; let Calorie Mama reveal the actual nutritive value of those scrumptious delights that you prefer to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Calorie Mama is a smart app that works on artificial intelligence and uses your device’s camera to identify a dish and provide accurate information about its nutrition. One can manage their calorie intake with weekly reports that further helps in maintaining a healthy weight.


For the ones who are always striving to bring a masterpiece out of their pictures, FaceApp is a perfect choice! Developed by Facebook, this smart application uses AI to transform an ordinary image into a stunning picture.

While you are using this application for capturing your photographs, you can eventually alter your hairstyle, facial expressions, and apply exquisite filters that enhance the overall appeal. Thinking about the price of the app? Don’t worry! This app is available free of cost on the official App Store and Google Play store for both iOS and Android devices respectively.


Most of the Microsoft Windows users would be familiar with Cortana, a personal assistant developed by Microsoft. The smart assistance is now available for iOS and Android platforms with improved functionality.

Cortana lets the user perform various tasks like synching the phone, transferring files, and playing media with a voice command. Moreover, setting an alarm or reminder has never been as amazing as it is with Cortana. The application utilizes the potential of AI in the most inventive way.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Still struggling with your device’s in-built keyboard that takes too long to type a message without a typo? Why not switch to SwiftKey keyboard? The smart keyboard automatically corrects any flaws in your text resulting in a quick and accurate typing experience.

Apart from the finest typing experience, you get some added advantages. One can change the fonts, text size, color, and theme. The inbuilt emojis makes this keyboard a perfect choice for the ones that believes communication isn’t just limited to texts!


Worried about your little one’s mathematics homework? Well, you need not think much about those fuzzy problems anymore and just need to download the Socratic app! This AI-based smart application helps your child in understanding the concepts of mathematics with ease.

The user needs to upload the picture of the problem and the app would provide numerous solutions and smart tricks to understand the concepts better. This app is available for both iOS and Android platforms on official stores.

ELSA Speak

For the ones seeking the perfect online English tutor for improving their pronunciation, ELSA Speak is a perfect choice. This application emphasizes the use of speech recognition technology that makes it easier for the user to learn and adoptthe American accent.

The user can start improving their pronunciation according to their current level, which is perhaps the best feature of this application. Feedback regarding your lip and tongue synch could surely help in refining your skills.


Sometimes you are too lazy to reply to those overlong messages besides knowing the fact that it shouldn’t be delayed for the eleventh hour! To get over this dilemma, you could consider downloading Robin, which uses AI for writing text with your voice.

You can always get adequate details like traffic status, weather details, and news without even taping on your phone! Yes, you just need to command your smartphone and the same would be executed! One can even make calls by speaking the name of the user.

Recent News

Recent News is yet another smart app that analysis your reading habits and delivers you the preferred news. One can stay updated with the stuff that they are interested in with this popular news application. A user can also sync this app with other devices to bookmark any blog or article that you wish to read on any other device.

It is a must-havean app for the ones that are always searching the relevant content and news to keep them updated without manually searching for the desired content.


Fyle is one of its kinds of B2B accounting software intended for unproblematic expense management. The user just needs to take pictures of invoices and the app would provide you detailed reports regarding your monthly expenses.

You can easily sync this app with accounting software for better management of personal or organizational expenses. You can get this app on the official stores of your respected mobile platforms.


One of the finest virtual assistances based on AI is DataBot that assists you regarding your queries in the most alluring way. You can ask questions based on your interests or regarding the trending stuff over the internet.

Moreover, you can share the answers offered by the app to your social media platforms or via instant messaging applications. Customization of this app according to your language and voice preference along with altered behavior is yet another reason why people admire this personal assistant.


Our smartphones deliver the finest experience by utilizing the perfect combination of hardware and software that work harmoniously. With the advancement of AI in the mobile application, we can expect some of the fascinating applications that could change the way we utilize technology for complementing our existing lifestyle.

The applications mentioned-above clearly showcase the best use of AI as of today for enhancing user experience in all aspects.

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