Top 12 Chrome Extensions for SEO

By James Tredwell on October 22, 2019

Why extensions are important?

Extensions are designed to perform a particular function or task within the browser. They are designed to customize and make the task easy during browsing. Many extensions are available online. Let us discuss the top 12 chrome extensions for SEO.


It is the most powerful extensions in terms of finding popular content and about the new trends of content.

It tells the user the popularity of content on a particular topic. This tool helps in providing the best content idea about a particular topic and thus saves the time from the different websites and social sites.

Features of Buzzsumo

  • Modified interface
  • Open API available
  • Advanced Social Media Analytics
  • Data exporting
  • Alerts can be customized
  • Alerts about your trending topics


It is a free chrome extension and it makes it easy to get advanced metrics. MozBar also provides an SEO toolbar on your site and helps you to access important analytics through Moz.

It tells website domain authority. Mozbar shows the various types of links on every particular page, links like do-follow and no-follow.

 Features of MozBar

  • It shows under page elements and attributes
  • Advanced link building research
  • Provide technical support related to site audit and crawl
  • It shows page information like meta keywords, like headings, and descriptions
  • Tells about keyword difficulty
  • On-page recommendations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Gives advanced online marketing guides

Page analytics

 This extension provides information about how customers interact with your website. It provides valuable information related to your page including on what page customers click, and on which page they don’t click and from this information, you can optimize your website and its pages. It also tells how much time a customer spends on a particular page.

 Features of Page analytics

  • Tells about page views
  • Tells about time spend on a particular page
  • Bounce rate
  • Tells about where the customer clicks

Keyword everywhere

It is an SEO keyword research tool. It gives you information about valuable Google keyword search volume. This tool saves time from copying the data from other websites.

Features of Keyword everywhere

It’s free and there is no monthly and yearly charge · Once you marked a keyword as a favorite, the keyword everywhere automatically collects these keywords in a different list and you can see those keywords in the favorite keyword section. It provides you an Excel, CSV and in PDF format also· You can use this extension on multiple platforms like Ubbersuggest, Keyword Planner, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Google Search Console

Tag Assistant

It is known as Google Tag Manager and is used to creating tags, this extension has simplified the process of making tags to send user interaction data to Google Analytics. It saves your time, easy to use, and yet also provides you plenty of creative space to create customized, complex tags.

Features of Tag Assistant

  • It indicates the minor and major mistakes in a tag
  • It also indicates which tags have to be removed or need improvement
  • The built-in tag can be easily customized
  • You have the control on who can make updates to your websites
  • It also has version control built-in, whenever a change is made to a container, it automatically creates a new version, which is kept archived, and if you want you can easily go to the old version
  • You can make many tags, without any coding process

Similar web

This extension tells you about the website traffic like your keyword ranking, traffic source, and traffic rating. You can get information about what is the main source of the traffic to your website and about its popularity.

Features of Similar web

  • Shows the traffic details about last 6 months
  • Location of traffic
  • Shows the top inbound and outbound referral sites
  • Shows the sites with similar content
  • Industry analysis

Link Redirect Trace

This extension helps in identifying the problems in your website like problems in off-page/ off-page SEO.

Features of Link Redirect Trace

  • It checks your links after your site migrated
  • It reviews links from affiliate and advertising networks
  • It checks the load time of your website and also checks the redirect chain
  • Identify and fix problems in off-page/on-page SEO.


It is widely used online grammar and is open-source software, also has paid versions. Grammarly is based on AI and automatically shows what are the grammatical mistakes you have in your article or blog.

It has over 10 million users worldwide using this tool to fix their social media posts, emails, and articles.

Features of Grammarly

  • Grammarly can be integrated with almost every social media platform like Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, MS Office products and many more.
  • It checks the mistakes like Comma usage, Missing articles, Weak adjectives, Repetitive words, Misspelled words, Outdated spelling, etc.
  • It has also a feature that checks for plagiarism.

Alexa traffic rank

It reveals how a website is doing relative to all other sites, and hence is a great tool for benchmarking and competitive analysis. It measures the popularity of a website and it ranks millions of websites in order of popularity.

It calculates the popularity of a website on the basis of the site’s estimated traffic and audience engagement of past three months.

Features of Alexa Traffic Rank

  • It counts real traffic of your websites for this you have to download Alexa’s Certify Code on your site
  • It gives you a better analytics report
  • It monitors your website traffic and it shows where your website is not performing well

Seo quake

It provides you organic search data and provides useful tools like Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis, SEO Audit, and even social metrics. SEOquake helps you to look at metrics like Alexa Ranking data, SEMrush Ranking data,  current pages indexed by Google of this URL.

Features of SEO quake

  • It shows how your competitor’s domains are being advertised, it shows the number of publishers and advertisers for that particular domain.
  • It shows the keyword difficulty and keyword density
  • Shows internal and external links
  • It also gives you a diagnose report, and with that report, you can easily find problems related to the title tag, meta tag, meta descriptions and much more information about your website

Link Miner

It checks for the broken links and also helps in developing backlinks. It shows you backlink information and social data for any link on-page.

Features of Link Miner

  • It checks webpages for broken links
  • Check for the total number of external links are on the page you are viewing

Page load time

Site speed plays an important role in SEO and your site ranking.

Visitors leave the page that won’t load fast. Page Load Time measures and display the loading time of a webpage.

Features of Page load time

  • It shows the link links that are taking too much time load

It gives you the report and on the basis of that report you can take actions to speed up your page load time

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