Top Mobile App Testing Tools For App Developers in 2020

By Guest Contributor on March 21, 2020

Nowadays, the mobile app testing tool has become one of the most common and important tools of every application developmental life cycle. It has majorly influenced the professional and personal lives of the consumer. A revolution has been followed in the mobile app testing industry with the acceleration of mobile app testing tools.

During the testing period of the applications, the developer and programmers look about the functionalities and operational outcomes of the application such as scalability, security, agility, measurement, and execution.

Certain troubles and hindrances are then reported with a sign to the application creators to get them over with as early as possible.

The mobile app testing tools are applicable for the operating systems like iOS, android, windows, HTML 5 and various web interfaces.

There are certain implementation and integration are regularly taking place at the heart of various technologies. That is why it is important to know about the mobile developmental tools.

That is why below mentioned are some of the grand mobile app testing tools which can help the user to choose amongst them and also for the developers to get benefitted for solving the issues.

#1. Appium

Appium has been considered as one of the very usual test automation tool for testing the mobile applications which has been greatly recommended by the developers, programmers and creators for its user-friendliness.

Generally, appium offers the provision of an inbuilt browser like chrome for android and safari for iOS. Appium has been recognized as a cross-platform automation tool which has enabled the developers to check on several platforms with similar application program interface.

The several features of it empowers it to be an open-source tool where the automatic up-gradation of similar applications as well as complex applications has been made possible in the android and iOS systems.

You can choose the tools and frameworks. It intakes certain contributions as well as a resolution from the campaign made by the developers. It has the ability to automate any mobile application from the back end towards testing. It provides also access to back end application interface program and databases to run the test code.

The backend of the Appium is made of Selenium thus provides the selenium functionality.

#2. Kobiton

Kobiton offers the provision of ultimate control over the real-time mobile devices. It offers this provision during the manual testing period with various touch gestures, orientation facilities, device connectivity maintenance, camera plus speaker authentication, GPS stimulation. Kobiton well manages and captures all the activities performed during a testing session so that the problems can be measured and provided with a resolution as early as possible.

There are certain benefits towards using Kobiton. Those are respectively; real-time cloud-based devices and their accessible configuration, centralized test history and database log providence for concerned cooperation, originated support toward using Appium 1. 6. 4, integral lab device management for effectively using the internal devices, User-friendly experience for basing up the test sessions.

#3. pCloudy

pCloudy is specifically a California originated mobile application testing platform that is backed up by technology emergence of Artificial intelligence and predictive analysis.

It is a complete life cycle testing platform for the mobile application creators with quality assurance and mobile developmental team benefits.

It offers the provision of various tools which are respectively; automatic testing, manual testing, device-based testing, performance measure testing along with browser combination for various websites and mobile application.

Here the mobile app testing tools make the system capable of testing a bigger segment of real mobile devices. It also enhances itself into a constant integration with the continuous integrating instruments.

From another viewpoint, pCloudy offers the provision of public, private and on real-time premises cloud resolutions from where the enterprises and firms can choose depending upon their necessities.

The industry analysis has been presented which has shown that it is inclusive of all products and services according to the final report.

#4. Robotium

Robotium is a free android testing device, by which the automation of black-box test cases is easier to comprehend. It is specifically designed for Android applications.

There remains a very minimum amount of need for pouring additional data and checking out for the process of execution and chalking out the framework of the application.

It is also considered as the library of units where the principal data and path attached to obtain it is mentioned.

There are certain features that make Robotium all the more attractive. Those are respectively; Without the least learning process, the builders can create supportable test files.

The android practices are well handled and managed by it through automation. The stronger test files are demonstrated within a moment.

Generally, Robotium utilizes the Java language. The syncing is done with Maven and Ant where the tests are functioned and operated with immense connection to continuous integrating momentum. The relatively large test files are run on already installed applications.

#5. TestProject

TestProject is reckoned as the beginner of a free cloud-oriented automation platform that is backed up by the community which makes the users capable of testing and executing website, iOS and Android applications on all of the operating systems.

It concentrates on speed having a predefined quality with the usage of Selenium and Appium. Here you are optimized with the usage of progressed inbuilt recording features.

You can as well demonstrate and utilize add-on. You can also develop test codes from the scratch.

Certain benefits make TestProject all the more usable. Those are respectively; There are no compound configuration and set up, coding skills for the developers are not required for getting started, you are able to again utilise the add on and custom functions with the neighbor, community and entire team, the dashboards are filled with minute details, transparent integration capability with the operational workflow.

#6. TestComplete Mobile

The developers of TestComplete can demonstrate and operate repetitive user interface testing across the complex and native mobile applications.

It is accessible with the provided support of Android and iOS devices The automation of user interface has been made possible in real-time mobile devices, emulators or virtual types of machinery.

The breakage on a phone or tablet is not required with TestComplete. You are as well enabled to utilize without script records as well as you can also originate replay actions for creating test scripts that have a certain kind of automation.

Those are as well can be selected from programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and VBScript.

#7. Test IO

Test IO is considered as a primary SaaS platform for the program of crowd testing.

It utilizes the real gadgets. It has the capability to evacuate quality assurance with accessible demand-full testing that measures tester’s requirement.

The testers offer the provision of coverage to various platforms, devices and original individuals in an original world situation.

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