7 Mistakes to avoid while backlinking for SEO

By Guest Contributor on March 10, 2019

Those who are somehow related to the digital world, know about SEO. Well, for a quick reminder, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing plan which is focused on growing visibility or appearing in the right search results in organic (non-paid) search engine.

SEO covers both technical and creative basics which are definitely required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines results.

So, those who are striving hard to create a digital presence identifies SEO.

But this is not enough, you need to know everything about SEO. This includes the mistakes which are common in the organic search results. These mistakes are so grave that they can lead to getting the site penalized.

Most of the mistakes are related to back-linking.

Back-linking is complicated and with the new Google updates every year it is getting tougher.

Google updates are frequent and the worst part is, they are secret. Google never discloses it, and the SEO managers do the nerve ranking job of understanding or decoding it.

So, instead of doing blunders and getting completely erased from the search results, you need to work hard, and figure out the complicated mistakes while doing back-linking for SEO.

We here present some of the common yet grave mistakes

#1. Too Much Emphasis on The Anchor Text

Over-stressing on the anchor text do spoil the back-links for SEO and is a grave mistake. Though the anchor text has an important place in SEO, yet too much stress on it reduces and dilutes the effect.

Over optimizing shows that the site is desperate and wants to appear in the search results which means manipulating the results.

This should never be done and avoided at any cost.

SEO experts should know the right emphasis they need to give on the anchor text.

#2. No Tracks of The Back-links

There will be plenty of back-links which you have created in the past. You need to keep track of those as they are quite important for you. They tell you what works for your site and what fails.

They also inform if any competitor is trying to manipulate it or tamper it.

Always keep a track of these back-links as they are very crucial for your site. It also helps to replicate the link that is working the best.

#3. The Content Is Poor in Quality

Content is the lifeline of SEO. But poor content is suicidal for a site. The quality and quantity cannot be compromised as Google is always looking for a site which is providing quality content. Back-links with poor content always fail as they are not approved by the Google algorithms.

People come to your landing page to find a solution or help and if you fail to do so, they will immediately shift to another site. The bounce rate will increase and you find not your spot in the search results. This is a competitive age and you need to give them information-rich content which is full of relevant information.

Thin and useless content is a very bad mistake.

Try to start giving the information answering all the “why”, “where”, “when”, “how” and even “if”.

#4. Too Many Back-links in The Short Period of Time

In the excitement to gets early results, the SEO guys prepare too many links for the site. So, every now and then if Google crawlers find themselves linking back to the same page, they understand it is manipulating their results.

Anything natural and not offensive is never highlighted with the crawlers, so stay sober and be limited with generating the back-links for your site. Do not overdo the process and take your own good time for it. It is a safe and precautionary method.

#5. Vouching for Paid Links

The paid links are always grey for google- neither approved nor disapproved.

But, in general,Google does not approve paid links. Money invested to get the desired search results is always a strict no-no.

In fact, earlier those people who used to pay money to create the back-links are now removing the old ones. It is so as Google find sit offensive and penalize them for getting their site affected by it.

#6. Free Directories Submission

There are directories which offer back-links and some are mostly spammers. So do not enter the trouble zone and take the route to get the directories for free submission.

Furthermore, your website may get penalized as Google has an aggressive approach with low-quality SEO tactics. These tactics can include free directory submissions, which does and mostly impacts your site in search ranking. In fact, 50% of the free directory submission websites are no longer there and are really wiped off.

So, the smart SEO expert knows that it is better to avoid such low-quality tactics or submit your website only on trusted directories.

#7. Auto Back-link Generator Tool

Tools are to bring ease to your work and you cannot give the entire work on the tool. This is a mistake which is actually very tough on the quality of the site and back-link. They actually spam the back-link which is very bad for google rating.

As google quality ratings hate spamming, the newbies’ sites get penalized for this. Try to avoid using this tool at any cost.

 Word of Caution

Back-links are like playing with fire, everything has to be carefully planned and programmed or else it will backfire you.

Anything overdone or less effort will not generate the desired results.

To make things safer and better, research and deep study are always recommended and it is helpful in the long run as well.

The digital world is complicated, the search engines have their updated frequently and regularly. The worst part is that there is never any notification for the same. It is the expertise of the digital marketer to figure it out and work upon it.

Back-links are very sensitive, and so they need to be created, used and implemented very carefully.

This article is contributed by Brij Bhushan Singh, Professional Blogger and Content writer at Ranking by seo.

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How to Create Top-Notch Content for SEO?

By Guest Contributor on February 26, 2019

There is no doubt in the fact that creating content for SEO is very important in today’s day and age, especially for businesses.

It helps them in getting the right amount of traffic and leads and not just that, it also helps them in knowing that for exactly which search query they are ranking the highest in the search engine results page.

But before that, we will have to understand the importance of SEO content and what exactly is SEO content?

So, what’s SEO content?

This is the type of content which is friendly for search engine results page and helps the bots find it, index it and then rank it easily.

However, if you are not familiar with the terms like SEO and content then:

SEO is the methods and the strategies which we use so that it becomes fairly easy for us to rank on the number one page of major search engines like Google.

What does this do is that it will be helping you getting leads from your business and also getting more awareness as a brand?

Content is something which provides value to the users and helps them solve their problems. If you are able to do so then chances are your blog or website would be getting a high amount of traffic undoubtedly. This will help you in creating top-notch SEO content.

Understanding a few basics of SEO terms

Keyword Research: This is the best SEO practice to start with. For targeting the right keywords, you will have to get a good amount of research and then come with a good SEO strategy.

Keyword Optimization: This is very important to know. It would be helping you a great deal when it comes to seeing how to use keywords in your content for a maximum amount of search ability.

Content Organization: It is very important to understand that all your content is logically and strictly organized in a logical way. However, this is not just good for SEO but will also be helping your visitors find other related content easily.

Defining SEO Content Strategy

It is certainly not right to create and produce content in a manner which is not up to the mark. So, how to define your content strategy? These points might just be helping you in this case.

Defining your goals

Firstly, you would need to determine your goals as a business. You will have to understand the intent of the users and then start working on them. And if you follow the right strategies and put your effort on them then it becomes quite easy for you to rank for certain search queries and then rank on them.

Considering your audience

It becomes very important to consider what your audience is looking for? And it is only by specifically understanding their needs that you would be able to provide them with the right value. For this, what you can do is that you can develop certain marketing personas and characters which would be representing your ideal customer.

However, if you aren’t able to manage it all by yourself or even with your team then hiring an SEO agency would be the best option to go with.

It is a great way to ensure that you are able to target the right audience for your content and thus successfully generate leads.

Analyzing is also an Imperative factor

It becomes quite important for you to understand that analytics is a very important part of your website. It helps you correctly analyzing and seeing that what essentially works for your website and what exactly doesn’t.

And for this, you will have to specifically study your website and get to know that what exactly affects your website and doing that it will be getting a good amount of traffic. All this will be helping you in creating top-notch content for your website.


There is no doubt in the fact that creating the best content out there will significantly help you in getting higher rankings for your business. For that, we also need to follow certain factors like analyzing your site, consider your audience and work on a core SEO strategy.

Local SEO Strategies to Boost Your Business Success

By Guest Contributor on January 15, 2019

Local SEO is quite beneficial for those businesses who operate their work in a small region. People who are running a well-established company focus on getting higher rank in searches across the country whereas local SEO always gives priority to appear in search engine results for a specific location

Doing local SEO means generating more website traffic and leads. This kind of strategy is more suitable for local customers. If you are small-sized business, you can consider this kind of strategy as a foolproof solution to compete with bigger brands. When you start following local-SEO trends, it can be easy for you to neutralize the importance of established companies that regularly optimize the broader keywords and depend on brand recognition and concentrate on just bringing in traffic.

Further, it has been tracked that more than 30% of the traffic is local according to the surveyed data of 2017. When you don’t take help of local SEO, you can lose a number of interested audience.

Best methods by which your local SEO will be successful:

Google My Business Account should be optimized

For a better start, your business needs to be listed on Google My Business. It helps you establish your online business presence for free on the search engine and you can see the information about your business on Google Maps. Your business will start showing up at the top of search engine result on every device.

To optimize your Google My Business account, you make sure that you have provided accurate information and have verified the listing. Also, it is mandatory for you to use the logo, mention products or services you sell, multiple images of your product including payment methods.

Focus on third-party visibility

It is necessary for you to apply efforts to be on websites that can facilitate you with local listings. You should pay close attention to these sites and identify whether they are trustworthy or not. To show your presence on these websites, you need to provide your address details, a little description about what you do and the registered phone number, To improve your visibility on search engines, you should encourage customers to leave a review on these websites regarding the kind of service they have obtained through you.

Take advantage of social media

Social media has an important role in maintaining the position of a brand. On social platforms, people like and share posts. They share images and videos which can help your business to gain authenticity on your third-party website. It would be better if you register yourself with numerous platforms and interact with the local followers at regular intervals. You should advertise local events and offer better discounts to be on the top.

Do optimization for voice search

The demand for voice search is only going to enhance in the upcoming years. In local SEO, it is quite crucial for you to know how people ask questions when they speak on the device than the way they type out their searches.

Usually, the result seekers use long keywords when they implement voice search. Due to such kind of situations, you should adjust the SEO of your content in such a way that you can easily fit in. It can be easy for you to do SEO if you hire SEO expert. It would be great when you consider user intent while doing the optimization for voice. When a regular customer uses voice search to ask a question like what your business’s hours are, this information should be available there.

Impressive content

In case, you have done anything associated with SEO, it would be already clear to you that the most influential factor to optimize a web page is the content. It is even true that a blog post with full of keywords cannot help you attain a suitable rank. You should always use a quality content with relevant keywords to get the attention of local customers. To be on the top, it should be your priority to use a conversational tone that most audiences can relate to.

Shouldn’t waste time on spams

You can’t deny that spam still works but as Google is getting better every day, there are chances that it will shut out in the upcoming days. It would be great if you stop using this spam trend. You can’t get enough business and customers can switch to other websites that are dealing in similar kind of products.

Decide the targeted keywords

Choosing the right set of keywords is crucial for local SEO, but when it will not be used in a proper way, it can have an adverse influence on rankings. Search engines have been designed to identify pages that are filled with a right set of keywords especially for the purpose of SEO. There is no need to mention that website visitors don’t like to go on pages fully stuffed with keywords. They like to go on the website page having proper title tags, and meta-descriptions.

It is the biggest truth that when you focus on correct keywords, it can be easy for you to go a long way. It can be easy for you to ensure your success in local business in the near future. Deciding the right keywords can be easy for you when you hire SEO experts with right set of skills.

Offer A Google Virtual Tour

Google virtual tour is a tool for businesses and is associated with local SEO. You will just have to add a 3-D photo tour of your business to your profile created on Google. Search results integrated with photos are quite interesting and are highly capable to generate the interest rate. According to the new rules of Google, it gives preference to such profile that has added this feature through its search algorithms.  


Now, it has been already clear that how local SEO strategies can help your business, you can easily maintain your online presence. Following all these above-given guidelines can help you build up a better client base. After adding an SEO team to your marketing team, you can boost your local SEO and boost your organic search engine rankings for your website over your competitors.

Author Bio:- Bryan Lazaris is an SEO expert at HireWebDeveloper & holds multiple years of experience in the relevant field. He has helped different businesses to enhance their position on search engines and generate expected revenue.

SEO Agency vs. SEO Freelancer: What is the best for your Business?

By Rahul Som on January 5, 2019

As a business owner, you want to maximize all your resources to achieve your online goals. This means finding the least resistant path to success.

One of the best and most reliable ways to generate online buzz about your business with little effort is through search engine optimisation (SEO).

In a nutshell, the goal of SEO is to get your website to appear on top of search results for your target keyword. According to a study conducted by Chitika, the top result on Google gets the 33% of the clicks from users, the second position receives 18% of the clicks, and the third gets 11%.

To get to the top, you must apply the best and latest on- and off-page practices on and for your site. If done correctly and your site reaches to the top of Google Search, you can enjoy increased traffic, better awareness, and, possibly, more clients.

Since you as a business owner may not have the predisposition to learn SEO or have little time to study it, it is best that you hire someone else to do the optimisation job for you.

The biggest question that you must ask yourself now is this: should I hire an SEO agency or a freelancer for my business?

To answer this question much better, we need to understand the different factors involved in the decision process:

  • Cost – Does the service package and promised results offer to you justify their pricing?
  • Expertise and efficiency –How learned about SEO are the people working on your website? Does their service have a structure and process in place to ensure that the appropriate work is carried out?
  • Accountability – If the service does not deliver the results promised or meet your expectations, do they offer a discount or a guarantee as compensation?

SEO Agency

An SEO agency consists of different people who will be responsible in developing a strong SEO strategy for your business. The agency will most likely assign a dedicated content writer/optimiser, link builder, and a specialist to help optimise your website for your target keyword.

The specialist will conduct a site audit to determine the keywords to be used and areas of your website in need of optimisation.The writer will take the keywords and use them for creating high-quality content for your site. The created content will then be used by the link builder to help you acquire backlinks from authoritative sites. The specialist will then oversee how the SEO tasks applied to your site affected your site performance.

You can also expect regular SEO reports from the agency to keep you updated on the progress of your site. You should see the ranking position of your site for your target keywords and the backlinks created so you know what works and what doesn’t. Based on the findings, the specialist will make further suggestions on how to improve your site performance on site engines.

Given that an SEO agency has more people working on your site, you will have to shell out greater money for their services. The specialisation alone by each warrant a higher pay since their focus is on certain SEO tasks only.

Also, the agency has a much more organised process in place, given the numerous people they have, which leads to better efficiency regarding getting more things done.

Usually, you can expect something in return if the agency does not provide you with the promised results. Examples include but are not limited to discounted price for the next month of SEO services or a money-back guarantee policy. The contract you signed up with the SEO agency must express this. If not, make sure to discuss this issue with them to ensure that you are covered if the agency fails to live up to your expectations.

SEO freelancer

An SEO freelancer offers the same services as an agency, but probably not as comprehensive. However, unlike an agency, a freelancer is responsible for tasks that take at least three people to complete.

The freelancer should, at least, be knowledgeable on how to create content that will be used develop an effective link building strategy based on your niche. He or she will also have to conduct an SEO audit to pinpoint areas that need improvement, track the relevant metrics about the accomplished SEO tasks, and analyse the results to get a better insight on the right courses to action.

The tasks may seem impossible for one person to finish, considering that the freelancer entertains more than just one client at a month. Therefore, the SEO freelancer will be using different tools and resources to accomplish the tasks for you. The tools make the job of an SEO freelancer much easier as it helps him or her automate certain SEO tasks to save up time and focus on more time-consuming responsibilities.

Also, there is a chance that the freelancer is just a jack of all SEO trades and a master of none. As a result, the freelance may reach out to other freelancers for tasks beyond his or her skillset. This way, he or she works as a middle man between client and other freelancers and compiles all performance and data that will be reported to and analysed for the customer.

While this working process may not be as efficient as opposed to in-house specialists in an agency, the cost of hiring a freelancer is much more affordable. The freelance is aware that they cannot provide the luxury that a more organised agency can offer, so he or she comes up with a more cost-effective solution for people looking for SEO services.

As far as performance is concerned, an SEO freelancer should deliver the results as expected from him or her. Therefore, you need to prepare a contract with the freelancer to ensure that the job is done within expectations and on time. You just cannot afford to rely on the words of a freelancer, as you need to protect yourself from possible harm that he or she may do to your business.


If you have money to shell out for SEO, then choosing an agency may be the most cost-efficient choice. Its ability to provide you with a more streamlined SEO process along with its policies to ensure that your business gets results makes it a smart decision in the long run.

However, this does not make an SEO freelancer a lesser choice. If you manage a startup or a small business and are in need of affordable SEO services, a freelancer can provide you quick and easy solutions to an otherwise technical problem.

While your choice depends on the needs of your business, the most important thing to consider is doing your research before choosing an SEO agency or SEO freelancer. Make sure to ask both the right questions to gain a better understanding of their knowledge about SEO and their business practices. Through these questions, you will see which one is the most skilled and reliable enough to take on the SEO challenges that you business presents.

Tips to Improve Backlinks Pointing to Your Website

By Guest Contributor on January 4, 2019

Link building is one of the key SEO strategies. It is a key factor that determines your standing in the SERPs for which you need to constantly improve backlinks leading to your webpage. If you have bad quality links, it does not only pull your ranking down but you can also be penalized for this.

The rules and skills required for link building have been changing and if you are not able to keep up with it, you may not be able to appreciate the value of this technique and give up on it. That would be a mistake. The right way to go about it should be constantly learning and improvement of backlinks. Here are a few ways, which can prove helpful:

1. Ask for Backlinks

If you have been facing disappointment from your backlinks, it is time to start with some fresh backlinks. You can remove the old ineffective ones and ask for fresh backlinks. A good place to start this is your contact list. It could be your friends and acquaintances who are administrators of their own websites or have a blog of their own. They can always offer a backlink to your webpage or blog. But, it is important to ensure that backlinks come from a relevant source. Do not try to get backlinks for perfumes from a technical webpage or blog. This could be harmful to your business. You should request for the links to be a part of the content rather than a footer or sidebar for better results.

2. Focus on Building Relationships

Good relationships can take you a long way in link building. A healthy give-and-take policy would prove helpful for both the parties. Along with your existing contacts, you will need new contacts. You can source these from the blogs, forums and social groups belonging to the same niche as yours. A digital agency can help you get such relevant contacts too.

The first step to build a relationship with the right sources is to visit their pages and leave behind some relevant and interesting insights or comments. Active participation on these platforms will help you build contacts, which can be very useful to improve backlinks in quality.

3. Testimonial in Exchange

Providing a website with a testimonial for the services is a great way to help the recipient build customer trust. For you, it could be a great opportunity to get potential traffic with a backlink to your page. This method proves to be much more effective than sending requests for a backlink via email. Also, this is a beneficial move for both the parties involved.

4. Have Your Own Blog

You can improve backlinks and great quality ones from a blog of your own, but you will need to keep the blog alive and kicking. If you start a blog but do not post regularly, the blog will do you more harm than good. Write regularly on topics relevant to your industry as well as your clients. Keep the posts up to date, useful and interesting. This will help you establish yourself as an authority. This will not only help increase the traffic to your blog but also get others linking to it. You can have all the links you want from your own blog. You can also create great guest posts for others.

5. Choose Your Listings Carefully

Don’t list your website on just any of the many directories available online. You will end up paying for the listings and not get any real value from them. Choose your directories after careful scrutiny. A good directory should not only provide a link to your website, but it should also provide useful information to the consumers looking for services similar to yours so that they are able to make an informed decision.

It is important to get rid of the bad quality backlinks before you start afresh on a hunt for improved links. Take help from experts to take the first step and follow the tips listed above to get better backlinks. This will help your website gain more visibility shortly down the lane.

Author bio:- Micheal Anderson is a digital marketing expert with Techmagnate, being a blogger he likes to share his articles on various aspects of digital marketing services such as ASO, Video SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing for link building.

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