6 Important Reasons Your Business Should Invest in SEO

By Guest Contributor on November 18, 2019

Nowadays, having a business website is not just necessary. It is one of the best investments that you could do. That said, you need to make sure that it is visible online in order to attract more potential customers.

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

But aside from making your website appear on relevant search engine results, SEO comes with a lot of benefits that we will discuss below:

1. To drive quality website traffic

As mentioned earlier, SEO allows your website to be visible on relevant search engine results.

For example, you own a bike repair shop in New York City. When someone types in “bike repair shop NYC,” your website should appear on the search results. And that is how you can attract Google users to visit your website.

So, why is website traffic important for your business?

A few decades back, many digital marketing professionals believe that No Website Traffic = No Business Revenue. However, having a lot of traffic does not necessarily mean an increase in revenue.

When implementing proper and well-thought SEO tactics, you are enabling your website to generate quality website traffic. And by “quality website traffic” we mean people who are more likely to make a transaction with you.

And these transactions can either be sales, downloading your exclusive content in exchange for their email, or sharing your content for brand awareness.

2. To build brand awareness

Using our “bike repair shop NYC” example earlier, it can be challenging to decipher the user intent behind this keyword without the help of analytics.

It is possible that the person is just looking for bike repair shops in his area. But it is also possible that he needs to get his bike fixed now.

Regardless, it is important to practice white hat SEO tactics in order to make sure that your website will be visible on the search results. Keep in mind that it takes 6 to 8 touchpoints before a business can close a sale. And one of those touchpoints could be seeing your website on search results.

So, whether or not someone intends to have their bikes fixed, he will see your website on the result with the help of SEO. And when the time comes that a potential customer is ready to make a transaction, your business will be one of his considerations.

3. To establish your authority

The goal of SEO is not just to make your website visible on the search results whenever someone types in your target keywords. Being visible online is just one part of establishing your business as an authority in your niche.

For instance, if your website keeps on appearing on search results when someone types in “bike repair shop NYC,” then users are more likely to associate your business as their go-to resource or service provider.

But other than SEO, digital marketing elements like content, social media, and website UX (just to name a few) also come into play. After all, these elements have a strong correlation with your search engine ranking.

Just keep in mind that establishing your business’ authority takes a while. So in order for you to build credibility, make sure that you provide the best user experience to your website visitors, provide relevant content, and connect with your audience and potential customers through social media.

4. To boost your sales

As mentioned earlier, you need to generate quality website traffic in order to drive sales for your business. But aside from that, SEO can help you boost your sales by optimizing on-page elements and web content.

On-page elements are any content or HTML source codes on your website. Some on-page elements that you can optimize are your title tags, meta description, and image ALT texts.

Here’s the thing: The title tags, meta description, and image ALT texts allow your content to appear on relevant search engine results.

So, one reason your website appears when someone types in “bike repair shop NYC” on Google is because you have “bike repair shop NYC” (or a variation of it) somewhere in your on-page elements.

How can that boost your sales, you may ask?

Your on-page elements allow search engine users to figure out what your website is all about. Not to mention that you can use these elements to encourage site visitors to take action (i.e. book a bike repair schedule).

Thus, the more relevant your on-page elements are, the more likely they are to become a paying customer.

5. To maximize your budget

FACT: It does not cause a dime for your website to rank on search engines such as Google.

Sure, you might need to hire an SEO consultant, SEO reseller services, or white label SEO services, but you do not need to pay Google in order to rank. Unless, of course, we are talking about pay-per-click marketing.

And since it does not cost money to rank on Google, you can use your marketing budget to other important things like running a contest or giveaway on social media. You can also opt to use your budget for PR ‒ whatever works for you.

6. To reap long-term benefits

When done right, SEO can help you reap long-term benefits regardless of search engine algorithm updates.

Again, SEO can help you build your authority and credibility online. And when your authority is established, along with providing the best service possible, your customers will keep on coming back to your website. They will keep sharing your content. They will keep following you on social media.

According to Andreea Sauciuc, it can take about 6 – 12 months before you reap the benefits of your SEO efforts. However, it is important to know that these benefits can last you for years.

It is important that you invest in SEO because it can help your business stay visible and relevant online. As a result, you will see an increase in leads and sales.

What is Dark SEO, and How is it Affecting Your Business?

By Guest Contributor on November 16, 2019

In the domain of digitalization, SEO is the path into any business. Dark SEO furthermore knows by Black Hat SEO, suggests numerous practices that use to grow a website or page’s situation in web crawlers through infers that dismissal the web crawlers’ terms of organization.

As of late, it’s utilized all the more frequently to depict PC programmers, infection makers, and the individuals who perform illegal activities with PCs. The expression “dark hat” began in Western motion pictures to recognize the “troublemakers” from the “heroes,” who wore white caps.

What Is Dark/Black Hat SEO?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the way toward planning a site to rank higher in web search tools like Google, Amazon or the App Store.
It’s an innovative technique to “improve” content, paying little respect to whether you’re a media association or an online retailer, to drive traffic normally rather than paying steep advancing charges. There are two chief sorts of site structure improvement
White top and black top SEO
>- White hat SEO destinations use genuine frameworks to rank for catchphrases that apply to its substance.
>- Black hat substance is equipping towards web lists, not individuals. These suggest misleading both the peruser and the computations.

Recognized Black Hat SEO Tactics

The accompanying SEO strategies are viewed as a dark cap and ought not to practise at all if you need to remain above board with Google as a search engine:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Content Automation
  • Doorway Pages
  • Hidden Text or Links
  • Reporting a Competitor
  • Cloaking
  • Sneaky Redirects
  • Link Schemes
  • Article Spinning
  • Link Farms or Link Networks
  • Rich Snippet Markup Spam
  • Automated Queries to Google
  • Creating pages or Subdomains

Let’s see some of the Dark SEO tactics to be improved:

1. Keywords Stuffing

Consider your site has authority over a subject, it’s okay to incorporate pertinent and as much data concerning it. Be that as it may, including catchphrases after every 2 sentences on each page makes your site look nasty, and bother your web index crawler as well as your Website’s human guests.

This system may have worked back in the past, however not any longer with Google’s hunt and positioning calculations. One ought to incorporate the principal appropriate and adjusted amount of catchphrase Meta labels and ought not to go over the edge in doing as such.

2. Doing link exchanges

This method used to be compelling in the days of yore, until Google formulated calculations to demoralize such movement. Sites should concentrate on building joins, as opposed to trading joins that are, for the most part, low quality and unessential. Look at what Google website admin rules for connection plot.
It can genuinely decrease your site’s rankings. Link exchanges make sure to get you bunch of connections in lesser time. Yet this won’t assist you with improving your position and is bound to put your SEO endeavours to squander.

3. Duplicating or copying content

Copy content is not at all accepted by a search engine. It may cause damage to the business by a decrease in value as the audience search for fact and unique information as compared to competitors. Content from the similar Website or copied from any other source is worst Black Hat SEO techniques.
Google modifies its algorithm and come up with some new rules each time and then to index original and unique content only. Search engines as per the rule, do not index the ‘original’ content more than once. So, if it develops by someone else, definitely your content is being copied.
All such copied content and information similar to other Website go to waste. Therefore, SEO efforts and content optimization are the most post-writing unique content on Website.

4. Buying Links

Links are free and paid, as 80% determinant of your Google positioning. The online market loading with such promotions who call individuals to purchase a great many connections for a couple of dollars.
Google’s Penguin Update works in discovering such spam sites whom purchase connects in return of cash. After the dispatch of this update, not exclusively did such locales endure regarding their rankings, yet different destinations that paid to highlight on punish them.

5. Hidden text

Text that you have white content on a white background to stuff new catchphrases on your site. Be that as it may, we as a people can not track or see the same shading content on same shading foundation, yet Google’s bots can.

-> Before Google discovers bots out, and you get punished for it, it is smarter to guarantee. your source code and logs are ‘shrouded content free’.

Bots have a mechanized framework that experiences your source code to follow even the smallest of mistakes. It may likewise be that due to not having enough site security, your site might be full by heaps of concealed content.

6. Link farms

Link farms is a site or a group of sites that exist and fill for the individual needs of expanding the connection fame of another site through link trades. What may resemble an ordinary page load with hyperlinks which are frequently not crucial to the connected site?
Google doesn’t care for disconnected links and connection cultivating all in all. Thus, your site undoubtedly followed out and punished.
Maintaining a strategic distance from underwriting from connection ranches is far superior to harming your rankings.

7. Low-quality Content

These are not many dark hat procedures which result in deindexing of your site in Google web index. You can lose your site’s believability and positioning through the low quality or spun content.
Such substance will more probable send the guest away, so it is smarter to compose new, blunder free and unique articles. A decent practice would be, pursue quality rules from Webmaster device, and maintain a strategic distance from any transient positioning plan.
On the different websites, you discover tips and hacks to get higher positioning for your Website, and shockingly they do work for a present moment. Yet, sooner or later your exertion squanders, as Google search complex calculation, distinguish any such black hat SEO procedures, and push your site to the dark gap.

8. Writing for Search Engine

There is nothing incorrectly recorded as a hard copy for web search tools, yet numerous sites use spam strategies to distribute a post. That included replicating article content from an alternate source, and utilizing text rewriting programming to turn the article. Or then again utilizing robotized approaches to produce content.

Google’s Panda Update would now be able to distinguish such spam substance and expel them from the rankings or record. Rather than dealing with such strategies to create a new substance, the best approach composes valuable and applicable substance that pulls in increasingly more focused on a group of spectators.

How To Report Black Hat SEO?

There are two motivations behind why you may report dark hat SEO. Either your site has assaults through a pernicious hack, infection or negative SEO battle of nasty connections, or you see malicious web results on an aggressive keyword your site is positioning on.

For the last mentioned, you may document a webspam report through Google Webmaster Tools. It is ideal if you utilize this device with carefulness. SPAM doesn’t represent search positions over mine! Erroneously detailing web spam could be viewed as dark cap SEO.

Why Should You Avoid Black Hat SEO?

There are several black hat SEO tactics that you should avoid to save your Website from the penalty and save Website banned from Google and other search engines.
Now the question to you is, with millions of users and businesses searching on Google, can you afford to be deindexed? As Google penalties are getting more and more strict by changing their algorithm for content, images and SEO and ignoring these effects on your rankings and traffic.
To be safe from dark SEO, there is some short-term success that even increases website traffic.

Black hat SEO and Its Effects on Business Rankings

Today, Google runs on an algorithm and crawling right things. It works based on some calculations that are probably the most refined on the planet. This is something beneficial for business people and qualified improvement organizations attempting to rank for significant keywords.

For individuals utilizing untrustworthy advancement procedures, the odds of getting a Google punishment for black hat SEO increment with each update. With the assistance of a certified optimization firm, you can assemble a blasting on the web business.

It’s critical to understand that actualizing Black Hat SEO strategies and procedures can get your Website prohibited from web search tools, barring you from the primary traffic referral source on the Internet — all SEO’s need an appropriate comprehension of Black Hat SEO and its results.


By and large, the ideal approaches to build your web index rankings are to make instructive substance and adhere to Google’s guidelines. Dark SEO methods are very unsafe to rehearse because they are caught eventually.

Thus, a site can be restricted or punished. Being prohibited is uncommon because it implies a final expulsion of a specific site from the SERPs. Punishment is a considerably more typical outcome to pay for negative SEO and includes bringing down a site’s position.

Author Bio

Kaivan Shah is a content marketer with a decade of experience in marketing and strategy who formerly work to boost the traffic. A good reader and practitioner into digital marketing used to describe updated stuff for small-medium organizations and start-ups. With industry experience, he is always ready to help people with online marketing.

White Hat SEO Techniques 2020

By Guest Contributor on November 15, 2019

Search engine optimization is a technical process of enhancing your business by promoting a website so that it rank higher on online search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. As Google is the most extensively used search engine, the prime objective of search engine optimization is to rank your business website on the 1st page in a Google search for particular keywords. In simple words, Seo is a technical method to ensure that website is ranked amongst top ten results for particular keywords on Google. The technique is focused on increasing traffic to your business website & maximizing awareness about your brand. It is cost-effective as well as long term internet marketing strategy which expands your ROI over a period of time.

How can we achieve effective results through affordable SEO services?

SEO Audit

We do an extensive SEO audit for your website to understand the present scenario. Mentioned below is what a typical SEO audit seems like:

Initial Review And Analysis
Preliminary SEO Check
Detailed SEO Strategy & Plan
Keyword Research & Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Initial Backlinks Analysis
Google Penalty Check
Working on HTML Source Code
Website Loading Time
Checking Page Size
Checking Broker Links
Duplicate Content Checking
Canonical Tags
W3C Validation
Redirection Issues
404 Custom Error Page

Keyword Planning

Keyword planning is the most analytical or critical phase of any SEO strategy. It is important to delicately adequate time & efforts to select the appropriate keywords for your website. This will directly help you in achieving higher ranking on search engines like Google for targeted keywords. If done inappropriately, the expected result of SEO can be harmful or ruinous even if your website temporarily ranks well in Google.

Google AdWords keyword planner, an effective feature produced by Google, assists in finalizing the targeted keywords for your website. The criteria for choosing keywords should be done through creative mind factors which include sufficient search volume, business relevancy which helps to turn business value effectively in a long run.

Keywords planning looks including the following elements:

Avg. Monthly Searches
seo company
seo services
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seo marketing
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best seo company
professional seo services
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top seo company
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seo specialist
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affordable seo services
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On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO plays an important role in the overall ranking process. Our On-page SEO services are focused on ensuring your website effective appearance with good authority for almost every industry. It also helps your customers or clients to identify your business products & services quickly. This is done in strict observance of the Google guidelines.

Our On-Page SEO services are an elemental mix up of the following:

On-Page SEO
Meta Tags Optimization (Title & Description)
Robots.txt Creation & Analysis
Creation & Implementation of XML Sitemap
Google Analytics setup and Conversion Tracking
Image Optimization (Alt & Title Tags)
Anchor Tag Opimization
Heading Tag Optimization
URL Mapping

Off-Page SEO

This discriminates our services in entire SEO process which demonstrate to be the most critically effective in ensuring long-term benefits to our clients.

In this part of the optimization, Google is able to analyse the relevancy of your business website in the respective industry, which provides higher ranking in the result page.

SEO results need to be monitored frequently & closely to analyse output in terms of actual performance.

We do not give fake promises of quick-fix SEO techniques which may result in higher ranking quickly, as resorting to such improper practices can lead to the elimination of website from the search engine permanently. Once removed, it is almost impossible to bring a website again to the top of Google searching results. This is the reason why off-page optimization plays a critical part in overall SEO process.

Off-Page Optimization
Link Wheel
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Classified Posting
Article Posting
Article Promotion
Blog Posting
Blog Promotion
Guest Writing
Forum Posting
Search Engine Optimization
Image Submission
"No Follow" Link Check
Profile Creation
Social Media Promotion

A long-term white-hat technique may take almost 3 months or more to bring out the best-expected result but also pays a little cost in the due process. Though expected results take a little time and patience surface, clients can the keyword performance by improved keyword rankings, frequently on a weekly basis. We have successfully achieved terrific long-term results by applying above mentioned techniques for our valuable clients.


What Kinds of Businesses Use PPC Advertising?

By Guest Contributor on November 6, 2019

PPC advertising or pay-per-click is one of the effective ways to boost your business. Many of the marketing experts say that PPC advertising either prints money for your business or it can be a complete waste of time and money.

However, in reality, it has been found that, PPC plays a major role in helping the business grow.

There are several factors that determine the success your company can have with PPC. But, most importantly, you need to decide that whether it is right for your business to begin with.

PPC Advertising- Definition

PPC is a form of online advertising where you need to pay or set a bid amount for each time that customers click on your ad. These ads generally pop up on Google search engine and therefore also known as paid search.

It goes without saying that PPC advertising has benefitted a wide range of businesses. Read on to know what benefit you can enjoy when you opt for PPC to boost your business.

 Amazing benefits of PPC

Before we take the tour to know which business can benefit more from PPC, let’s take a primary look on the benefits that PPC has to offer.

  1. Immediate traffic to the website:

Generating organic traffic to your website is not an easy task. You may have to wait to build a good amount of traffic generation on your website. However, PPC will reduce your effort. If you go for the right selection of keyword, you can bring in more customers to your website via PPC within minutes.

  1. Increase brand’s visibility:

PPC advertising through Google Adwords will put your brand’s name at the top of the search result. Therefore, customers can notice the name of your brand more. It will increase visibility and as a result ensure more traffic on your website.

  1. Better Relevance and Timing:

PPC advertising helps ensure that your brand will be found by the customers whenever they search for it. The search engine PPC ad relies on targeting keywords. When you invest money, leads are ensured for your business. It increases the relevancy and the timing as well.

As these three amazing benefits make the PPC ad an effective way to boost the business, there are no such entrepreneurs in the digital marketing world who do not rely on this tool. Let us know which businesses should consider PPC as their best policy to generate sales.

Which Businesses Should Use PPC?

Every entrepreneur use Google nowadays. Therefore, every business can rely on PPC. However, there are certain businesses that can benefit from this tool more than any other business. Take a look to have a vivid idea.

Type 1: Local Businesses

Many local businesses top Google pages with the help of PPC advertising. Small businesses struggle a lot to establish the brand name.

Therefore, PPC is the best way for them. As it increases traffic as well as visibility, it is a great idea for these businesses to run ad on Google Adwords and opt for PPC advertising.

As more traffic drives into your website, leads and conversions are inevitable. Hence, small businesses must go with PPC without giving it a second thought.

Type 2: Business with a High Customer Lifetime Value

Business with high CLV can get customers for repeat purchases. Sometimes, customers also prefer to stick with one particular brand. Some of such brands are like:

  • Medical services or doctors
  • SaaS Companies
  • Colleges
  • Cable or Internet service provider

Therefore, these companies can get a lot of ROI by sticking to PPC.

Type 3:  High Margins Business

Businesses with high margin can also get a lot of benefit from PPC. Businesses with high margin always think a higher ROI with a lower conversion rate. Business operating on higher margins can rely on PPC to bring in customers. Some of the high margins’ brands are

  • Technical Software
  • Luxury Brands
  • Furniture
  • Electronics

Companies with high margins products will never waste any budget on PPC. If one purchase is also confirmed, the ROI is ensured. Therefore, this is indeed a huge advantage for these businesses.

The Final Thought:

If you indulge in PPC advertising for your business, people can find your business more easily. However, always keep in mind that people can only find your business if you optimize your campaign effectively.

You may not make a single sale if the campaign is set up incorrectly. Therefore, it is important to do your research properly before you begin with it.

You can hire a marketing expert who can manage your campaign for you. Try out and get 100% profit for your brands. All the best to you!

Author Bio. :- Maria Baeza is a Content Marketing Manager at TopMobileTech. It is a blog where I cover all the tips & tricks related to Mobile and more related to tech.  Stay connected to the rest of the world with Top Mobile Tech. We bring latest and critical news to your mobile and computer devices.

6 Non-Spammy Link Building strategies

By Guest Contributor on November 4, 2019

Why are Backlinks are so Important?

The backlinks are very important from the SEO point of view, it not only increases the Domain Authority of a website, but it also helps Google to find your website. Good and relevant backlinks increase your credibility, reputation, and drives more traffic to your website.

Google crawlers use backlinks to find, crawl, and index on your websites.

Google has become smarter with its new algorithmic update; it can understand the quality of backlinks and content. It gives more importance to the number of websites linking to it.

Google not only examined a webpage’s content but also gave priority to the number of websites linking to it.

Link Building Tips

  1. Build Genuine Connections

If you want to survive your online business and want to scale it, then you need connections or relationships. You need to create relationships if you would like to get more shares that are social. If you’d like links in higher quality and great quantity, you guessed it; you need to invest in relationship building.

Without good relationships, you cannot survive your online business presence.

Remember- “Number of social shares is directly proportional to the number of relationships.”

For building connections, you should regularly publish high-quality content that solves a particular problem or add value.

This will help you to gain good quality links, and you won’t have to ask for the links because your content will attract them.

You should follow the bloggers or influencers of your niche. Start following them on social media like- Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Ask questions or comment on their blog posts.

You can also ask for the backlinks from the people or websites of your niche.

This process may be time taken, but it is a good way to build connections and to gain relevant backlinks.

  1. Include infographics

Infographics are the visual presentation that presents your data in a more precise, accurate way and covers all the key points of your business or products.

Infographics are the easiest way to get backlinks, but for this, you have to more creative. Some of the common features of infographics are they are unique, instantly connects with the audience, simple and easy to understand, and the most important- they are easily shareable.

Some of the common steps to build attractive infographics are-

  • Write unique and catchy headlines- Make sure that your headline instantly grabs your audience’s attention.
  • Avoid adding too many graphics- Include white spaces in your infographics.
  • Avoid too much text- Keep minimum text and more visual elements or images.
  • Avoid too much topic- Focus on a single topic, and avoid adding more than one topic.
  • Mention URL- Use relevant URL’s in your infographics
  • Add logo- At last, don’t forget to add your company logo.
  1. Include case studies

One of the best ways to write content is to include case studies and factual data especially if you are writing a type of content that is difficult to create but in future has a great chance of gaining backlinks. For this you have to do research, you can read books, or ebooks to find appropriate articles.

Including real and relevant case studies in your content increases the quality and credibility of your content and ultimately increases the chances of gaining more backlinks. It will also differentiate your content from the regular content.

You should check that the information that you are providing should be real and avoid adding too many technical details.

To improve your audience involvement, you should include images that help readers comprehend the data in a way. Don’t forget your audience language; try to write the content that your audience can understand and connect with.

I am sure that any blogger or publisher in your niche who wants to deliver more value, increase the trust, and to improve the engagement of their readers won’t hesitate from linking to your content.

  1. Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the valuable, best and effective ways to get backlinks. Focus on the guest posting websites of your niche. Avoid using the same content to publish on different websites. Ask the publisher to include a follow backlink from their website to yours.

  1. Give Genuine Testimonials

Testimonials can be used to build links and is a verified technique that you can implement. You should write reviews or testimonials for the business or product that is relevant or related to your niche.

  1. Comment on blog posts

Commenting on the blog post of your niche or industry can increase the chances of backlinks. By this, you get the links and can also build the relationships. Avoid overgenerous; you can write a comment that compliments the author and adds insight into the topic.

Tips to avoid during link building

  • Avoid Irrelevant Links
  • Avoid irrelevant links to your website and focus more on relevant links. Avoid Do-Follow blog comments.
  • Avoid buying links

Buying backlinks is easy on the web, but Google knows everything with its algorithmic update it can identify the private blogging network and puts that in its bad link list. The paid links may drive traffic to your website, but this traffic will be low quality and irrelevant. The paid links are unethical, irrelevant, and Google never favored them.

  • Only building do-follow links
  • Avoid too many anchor text

Author’s Bio

Hitesh Khurana is a Digital Marketing Executive at Quantum IT innovation, a reputed Mobile app development company in the USA. Along with writing for the company he is an admirer of classic literature, drama, and a true cinephile. You can find him writing meaningful poetry when he is not busy with his dog.

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