10 Amazing iOS App Performance Optimization Tips

By James Tredwell on June 6, 2021

The most important requirement for any app is a smooth and responsive performance. It is no secret that Apple devices boast of unmatched performance and superior design as compared to many of their competitors.

If you want to please the apple users with your application, you must design it in such a way that it gives quick response and better performance. With a number of iOS app development companies all around, developing and designing an app is not a tough task these days. 

The apple store is crowded with millions of iOS apps and to stand out, your app needs to pack a punch. In this article, we will discuss tips that will help app developers to optimize the performance of their iOS app.

Tips and Tricks to Optimize the iOS App:

Recognize your target market:

Most of the app developers make the mistake of developing an app without considering the end-user.

Developing an app without considering the needs and preferences of the end-user might not give the desired result.

It is important to have a defined target audience to develop and design the app around their needs and preferences.

You must start with the primary research that includes a general understanding of your target audience and their demographics such as age, gender, economic condition, relationship status, etc.

Then your secondary research covers the data from the existing company and competitor analysis to recognize the behavioral patterns of your target group.

To illustrate: you should know which payment mode your target audience prefers most? Do they prefer swiping or scrolling?

ARC- for managing memory:

“Automatic Reference Counting” also known as ARC was launched with iOS 5 and it helps in eliminating the most common kind of memory leaks- the forgetful ones. It automatically manages the release cycles in your code. With this, you don’t have to do it manually.

At times, it is very easy to forget the release call at the end of the code block. ARC manages this automatically and makes it easy for you.

Along with memory leak, ARC can also improve your performance by making sure that the objects are reallocated as soon as they are not needed. Using ARC in your projects will optimize over-all app performance.

Launch Screen:

Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) of Apple mentions that launch screens can be used to enhance the perception of an app’s responsiveness.

Many developers make the common mistake of using a launch screen as a splash screen to show branding or to add a loading animation. To increase the effectiveness, use the launch screen to be identical to the first screen of your app.

If the developers use the launch screen for loading or branding purposes then it might slow down the time of first use and can make the user feel that the app is sluggish.

To give faster experience to your users, you can design the launch screen in such a way that it seems to be similar to the first screen that the user will see.

The HIG of Apple also states to avoid including text on the launch screen because the launch screen is static and it becomes difficult to localize text to cater to different languages.

Perfect Layout of Content:

While developing an app, the main thing that one has to keep in mind is that the user doesn’t see the code behind the app, all they see is content and design. The content layout plays a very important role in maximizing the user experience.

iOS app developers must focus on the layout of the content as one of Apple’s rules is that the content must fit the screen perfectly. Navigating between the pages must be clear and easy.

The design must be fluid and instinctive. Make sure the images are aligned properly and fonts are of perfect size and style.

Avoid blocking the main thread:

App developers should never do any heavy lifting on the main thread. The UI Kit does all of its work on the main thread, such as drawing, responding, and managing touches.

The risk of doing all the app’s work on the main thread is that it might get blocked and your app will then appear unresponsive.

Most cases of blocking the main thread occur when your app is performing an I/O operation that involves any task that needs to read/write from an external source, such as the network/ the disk.

Apple ID Code:

It would be very baffling for you to have wrapped up an application just to discover that you haven’t finished the fundamental administrative work to deliver it.

Along these lines, however, your application improvement might be in its beginning phases, you ought to get an Apple ID code.

There is no expense related to making an Apple ID, however to have the application on the iOS application store, a yearly charge of $100 is payable.

An Apple ID can be associated with how you would sign your code. It labels you as the designer of the code and gives you admittance to look after it. By finishing this convention ahead of time, you will be set to deliver your application when it is prepared.

View Controllers:

State restoration in an app allows the user to return to the same UI state from where they left the app.

Most of the time, if the app doesn’t have state restoration, the app might lose the last UI state when the background memory of the device is cleared. This might result in losing the data or work.

Some apps might show a user interface different from the snapshot shown in the multitasking view.

This happens when the app hasn’t implemented the state-restoration mechanism, and the data wasn’t stored. This might affect the overall user experience.

The UIKit helps a lot to developers to simplify state restoration and preservation. It handles the loading and saving of an app’s state automatically at frequent times.

The developers just need to tell the app to support state preservation and specify which data needs to be restored.


We all are aware of the updates on Apple devices. The constant updates might affect your app and its performance. So, it is important to build an app that is compatible with all the iOS versions.

Some people may be using an old Apple phone while others might have the latest Apple phones. Thus, to improve the reach of your app, it is important to have compatibility.

If your app doesn’t have the compatibility then it won’t deliver you the desired results. So, it is important to ensure the compatibility of an app to get better performance.

Re-using Expensive Objects:

A few articles are delayed to introduce — NSDateFormatter and NSCalendar are two models. Nonetheless, you can’t generally abstain from using them, for example, when parsing dates from a JSON/XML reaction.

To dodge execution bottlenecks when working with these items, attempt to reuse these articles assuming there is any chance of this happening. You can do this by either adding a property to your group or by making a static variable.

Note that if you pick the subsequent methodology, the object will stay in memory while your application is running, much like a singleton.

Testing the app before release is essential:

Always remember, no matter what, do not release an app without testing. It is very important to test an app to know the result, performance, and response of the app.

Testing an app can address issues or problems of the app and you can fix those issues before releasing an app.

A/B testing is one such way to test your app before releasing it in the store. This testing method sends two versions of your app to different audiences. Through this, you can know which version is better than the other.

Using this testing method can minimize the problems by addressing it beforehand. You can change a few things based on the response received from the audience.


These were some tricks and tips that you can implement in your app developing process to optimize the overall performance of your app.

Before implementing these tips make sure that the app has smooth and responsive features. Spending time on optimizing the performance would be useless if the app is not built precisely.

So, recognize the parts that need better features and focus on those parts before jumping to these tricks. You need a properly built application to ensure better performance.

These tricks can make the app performance better only if the app has better responsive features and proper content.

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