15 Impressive Ideas For Business To Strike Through Instagram Reels

By James Tredwell on June 1, 2021

You have clicked the right option to know more about reel’s ideas for your business or brand on Instagram. Instagram reels are the newest trending feature for every business owner to utilize it.

Here, we have gathered 15 impressive Instagram reels ideas to spark up your business or brand on Instagram.

1. Instagram Reels

It is the new trending feature to engage high with your present audience and get a massive audience for your content. If you use Instagram reels for your business or brand in an effective way, you can reach more people on the platform.

According to the platform, an Instagram user gets a notification if their reel content is featured on the Explore page. It is chosen by the platform to make users discover more entertaining content to motivate them. If you need to do that, you want to grab an objective.

2. Behind The Scenes(BTS)

These video contents are more attractive because every person likes to get the natural face of a brand or business. An excellent BTS reel video content can be any bloopers or a video of product-making steps shared in the stories and feed.

For instance, Reels video creator and a famous photography artist, Jordi Koalitic, shared behind his perfect photography skills through reels on the platform.

3. Re-Introduction

The audience likes Instagram story content. Business accounts on social platforms want to keep social factors where users connect to their customers personally. Showcasing the teammates behind the business or brand is a great move and telling how it started is the perfect way to receive more audience.

For example, Marketer Natasha uploads perfect re-introduction reel video content with her fans.

4. BVA(Before vs. After)

It’s a great Instagram reel idea to showcase BVA video content since it clearly shows results. Every person in the world wishes to see the result, and so this content type receives abundant reel likes on Instagram that reach a wider audience for your content with stunning visuals. 

For instance, Blankslatereno’s video content perfectly shows their products in a raw manner and the exact final products. This content type with perfect visual factors brings more audience to your reel section.

5. TAT(Tricks And Tips)

Tips & Tricks video contents are more popular though it contains learning values or unknown info for the viewers. Share your thoughts and knowledge with your audience by uploading TAT video content to attain vast people and providing more knowledge to them.

For example, Sugar Geek Show brings reel videos more perfectly about how to decorate your recipes with simple tips, which gets enormous engagements for its stunning visuals.

6. Accept Challenges

It’s an excellent way to merge with the platform. Various challenges are happening daily on many social media. Dance video contents are the most famous one, and it is used to integrate with other video types for brand or business promotion.

For instance, an Instagram reel expert, Harrison, published perfect dance challenge video content that makes everyone inspired on the platform.

7. Work With Sneak Peeks

Most brands and businesses use influencers to showcase their product sneak peeks. It is the perfect way to grow a platform for every business and brand.

Grab the right influencers in your industry to publish sneak peek reel video content with showcasing your new products. A perfect giveaway is also welcomed if it relates to your promotional campaign. 

For example, Halys world is an influencer that brings collaborations with small and big companies for marketing and promotional purposes.

8. Merge With Latest Trends

Merging with the latest trends is a perfect idea to get a spark in the huge crowd on social media. Promoting services or products with famous trends is the perfect choice to get massive potential customers. Utilizing the trend strategy to your reel video contents sets the best opportunity to get featured on the Explore page.

For instance, Christopher uploaded reel video contents on the platform to showcase his every collection at his best.

9. Fashion Reel Contents

If you work with fashion content right, it is fun to get massive people to your reel content. Bringing fashion shows with a great twist is a great way to grab more views.

For example, Louis Vuitton publishes reel video content on the platform with stunning fashion collections.

10. Food Reel Contents

These reel contents are more interesting, and it’s a superb idea for every small business and brand that runs the restaurant or food shops. You could showcase how to cook favorite food recipes or how to decorate your food products brings the best way to grab more audience to your brand food-related contents.

For instance, Pura Indonesia, a cook, showcases food cooking contents to show how the product is excellent.

11. Travel Reel Contents

Travel reel video content is the most effective way to get an audience for your industry. And you don’t want to post travel-related stories simply; you can also upload traveling recommendations and tips from your experience or about any travel destinations.

For example, Savi and Vid produce stunning reel video content about their traveling spots. It’s a perfect fit for every brand or business that is related to travel agencies.

12. Evergreen Contents

Repurposing video content is the perfect way to showcase brands and businesses to new fans and provide a simple review of your latest content that they are less interested in getting in.

For instance, Brian and Dayna introduced their Insta page with an evergreen video reel. Consider micro-influencers to make this marketing campaign more effective.

13. “How-to” Contents

Tutorial or “How-to” video contents are the special ones that every audience wishes to watch on Instagram. The Reels section on the platform is the perfect slot for them if you have the right concept on how to bring your content.

For instance, the stunning photographer Kiel James Patric takes a lot of snaps about his life moments. 

Tip: The reel video content of “How-to” on the platform with some food or any materials might bring more likes and views.

14. “Do It Yourself” Projects

DIY is abbreviated as Do It Yourself. It’s the type of Instagram reel video content idea if your business or brand sells artsy crafts or products.

For example, Hometalk is perfect for showing storages transforming into a marvelous tank. 

15. Product Highlighting

You could attach Instagram shopping to your Instagram reels. Do live shopping on Instagram just like other brands. Only a few worked on this reel content, so you can utilize this to bring more crowd to your products.

For example, Marissa is an excellent example to utilize the reels on the platform for her business. She uploads her products and brings an excellent caption to get more attention from the audience.

Bonus Ideas

Employee And Community Spotlight

UGC(User Generated Content) is the best way to represent your products. Share the customers’ posts on your profile whenever they post content about your brand or product and provide a giveaway or any discounts for them to purchase more of your products.

For instance, Fenty Beauty is perfect for showing customer’s content on both reels sections on Instagram and TikTok. Don’t forget to post repurposing reel content in the right way.

Bring a Listicle

The listicles are a great way to make your content go viral. Bring up a list of your favorite places, events, TV shows, etc. If you are on the holidays, you could utilize the contents to maintain contact with your customers. Let every person on reel know the spectacular places that you are landing.

For instance, Erica produces more Instagram reel video content on holiday trips and contacts more customers. Each thing is based on your industry.

Every Day In Life

You could post whatever in the reel video section about your day. Merge professional and personal sides of your business or brand. Upload an interview reel with your employees or post unique things with your fans.

For example, Tom Daley, a famous Instagrammer, uploads his every morning and shares the positive points with his followers. Don’t forget to bring your reel more simply.

Answer Every FAQs

By answering every question of your followers, you could reach your brand for a massive audience. The reel video content of FAQ on the platform is just like a story content or normal video, but you should fit the reel into the correct time slot.

For example, Scout Paramotor produces various FAQ video contents answering their follower’s questions.

Teaser Reel Contents

Show to the Instagram reel about your next uploads on YouTube, Your website, or even another social media network. Bring teaser video content with stunning visuals so you could grab more audience attention to your content uploading in the future.

For instance, Singapore Guidebook always provides teaser video content and attaches Call To Action(CTA) so that every audience visits their YouTube network for the entire video content.


Reels on Instagram is the newest trending feature on the platform where most of the audience spends a lot of time rather than the story section and regular feeds. Take advantage of Instagram reels to bring up your brand or business in the crowd of social media audiences. 

Promote your products or business through Instagram reels so that you could reach more people than posting your products on a story or feed. Don’t waste time, bring up your reel, and monitor the success.

This article is contributed by Mary Kyle  – is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen.

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